Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 66

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

Chapter 16: The Growth of the Warrior (1)

Deus soared to the peak of the mountain in a single bound. The rugged terrain of Agaiatta continued its harshness all the way to the summit. However, such difficult terrain meant nothing to Deus. The summit was flat as if cleaved by something. It could have been magically carved out for all one knew. Dragons were the ones behind it, easily capable of slicing through mountains in an instant.

On the flat mountain top stood a throne. It was a chair made of gold and was laden with jewels so extravagantly that one would wonder what the purpose behind it was. Beside the throne, a single laurel tree had been planted.

Deus looked down at the shadow of the laurel tree. A girl with blood on her lips lay collapsed beneath it, her life force had faded long ago. And there, weeping beside the golden-haired girl, was Yulgum, his tears falling freely.

“Is she dead?”



“That’s right.”

“It’s over then.”

“Over… Yes, it’s over.”

“Don’t cry, damn woman.”

“I’m not crying.”

“Then what, sweating from your eyes?”

Deus squatted beside Yulgum.

“I’ve killed some and captured others.”

“Thank you.”

“Thanks aren’t enough.”

“I know.”

Even as they spoke, Yulgum’s tears did not stop.

“What conclusion did you want?”

“What conclusion?”

“Everyone lived happily ever after, isn’t that what you left it all to? Until the abscess festered here.”

“Is that so?”

“Or what? Some guy named Sept said it. The Golden Dragon overlooks the dragons’ deaths because humans need the Dragon’s artifacts. It’s a believable tale. I’ve told you stories about the remains of dead dragons, right? But you never sought them out. Using the non-aggression treaty as an excuse.”

“That’s not an excuse, it’s a matter of principle.”

“Is that so?”

“You can curse me for being indecisive. The position of a Gold Dragon isn’t something that can be held by those swayed by the world’s criticism.”

“So it’s about maintaining the world order?”

“Doesn’t it sound grand?”

“Saying it while crying.”

“That’s the point.”

Yulgum wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

Watching him, Deus remembered what Sept had said. If Yulgum had been the one to procure poison from the demon realm, and if he had used a Gold Dragon named April as his pawn…

Then, the reason that child is now dead…

It was such an annoying assumption that Deus stopped his thoughts there. Prejudice leads to misjudgment.

While the business with the dragons might have been concluded, the matters of the demon realm were not.

“Let’s go.”

Yulgum nodded in agreement, turning April’s body into light and collecting her soul.

Deus watched Yulgum’s own form of a funeral ceremony briefly before his eyes were drawn to the golden throne.

“Are you going to throw this away?”

“Hm? I’m not sure…”

“If you don’t need it, I’ll take it.”

“What will you do with it?”

“Use it as a nap chair.”

“Isn’t that excessive?”

“Don’t you think it would give good dreams if you sleep here?”

“Do as you please.”

Deus glanced back.

The laurel tree, symbolizing an emperor’s coffin, swayed as if it were a hollow dream.

Upon descending the mountain, Zik and his new butler, Skatul, greeted them.

“What is that?”

Originally, Zik had a myriad of questions for Deus, such as whether they had won and how matters had been resolved. However, after seeing the chair put down by Deus, Zik forgot all his questions. The chair was incredibly brilliant with gold that gleamed and jewels that jangled.

“A chair.”

“So it is, a chair.”

Deus concluded with one word and then looked at Skatul.

“Anything to say?”

“Thank you for your hard work, Master.”


“The body of the Copper Dragon has been well organized. From the dragon’s heart to the scales, flesh, and carapace, there’s a considerable quantity.”

“That’s better than the predecessor.”

After taking a jab at Alex, Deus then told Skatul,

“Then shall we finish this off by going to the fairies?”

“As you command, Master.”

Deus asked Yulgum,

“You’re not upset if I take that, right?”

“The dead have no words.”

“Then it’s permission granted.”

“But could you give me the dragon heart?”

Skatul spoke out.

“The dragon heart is a material that can create a great artifact that enhances a magician’s mana. It would be better to give it to Magician Yulgum.”

Deus sighed briefly.

Yulgum probably planned to use the Dragon Heart to resurrect his fallen kin. Deus found the idea of cherishing the rebels who had even caused an uprising to be an incomprehensible sentiment.

Soon the group headed to Elphilum.

The fairy warriors expressed their admiration for Zik, the hero who managed to solve the dragon problem in just one day. Poets composed songs, and painters painted portraits of Zik.

Imam Robsha received the party grandly and reassured them of the promise made earlier.

After completing their schedule there, the party returned to Jorix Castle with three carriages loaded with the body of the Copper Dragon.

It wasn’t until well past nine in the morning that Deus awoke from his bed. Normally, Alex would have come to annoyingly wake him, but the new butler did not play the part of a nanny.

Although he wore human skin now and thus required sleep, his condition was better off for it. But oversleeping was not a common occurrence for him; fighting dragons must have tired him considerably.

“Come to think of it, what exactly is a ‘hero’…”

Even considering his own abilities as a Demon King, if he were to fight against a thousand dragons, all he would need was time to sort them out. He had even fought with Gold Dragon before and did not feel outmatched. Whether or not she gave it her all was another question.

Dragons were calamities unto themselves.

Now, thanks to the peace treaty, things were a bit better, but once, fallen fortresses due to the occasional appearance of a mad dragon were so common that they couldn’t even be used as material for novels.

Hunting these dragons was the measure of a first-class hero.

“One hero for one dragon. A thousand dragons would be sorted out before lunch after breakfast. Then why does one lose in a fight with a hero?”

It wasn’t as if humans had hundreds of thousands of heroes on hand.

Fighting the Demon King came down to the last hero and their party.

At most, there would be five to ten members in a party.

The rest of the heroes were with the human armies, fighting against the armies of the Demon King.

It was a strange thing to lose in such a fight.

Could it be that the last one has power that overwhelms the Demon King?

Deus thought of Zik.

In terms of Blood ratio, he seemed rather exemplary.

If Zik and himself fought?

Adding a few who were around the level of a magician like Yulgum in his human form…

He was confident he could neatly wrap it up in less than 10 seconds.

Knock, knock _

“Who is it?”

“The butler, sir.”

“Come in.”

Skatul entered, smiling and bending slightly at the waist.

“Good morning. It seems you were tired.”


“Human bodies are not that efficient after all. Would be better off as a bear or a tiger, even.”

“How about fairies?”

“Not much different from humans. Same with dwarves.”

“Well, that’s fine then. I have no interest in living as a bear.”

Skatul served water that had been poured on a tray for Deus.

“So you’d rather live as a human?”

For some reason, Skatul knew Deus’s real identity.

“Better a human than a bear, right?”

“When you ask like that, I have no choice but to answer yes.”

“So, did you handle everything I asked for?”

“Yes. I’ve sent the dragon scales we had and some of the leather and gorpi from the newly acquired Copper Dragon to the coal worker clan in the south. It should be enough to fit Zik with a set of armor.”

“You got the color right, right? If everything is blue and only the armor is brown, it’d look horrid.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve made sure to specify the colors so blue and black harmonize well.”

“I’ll be watching to see that you have good sense.”

“You won’t be disappointed.”

“Hm… So only the helmet is left, huh?”

“Why was that omitted from the order?”

“If it’s done too soon, where’s the fun in that?”

“…What a definitive answer.”

“My answers are always correct.”

After quenching his thirst with the cool water, Deus left the inner quarters for the corridor that led to the shop.

The store was still full of customers. The inventory was looking good too, with all of the artifacts Yulgum had ordered arriving one after another. Furthermore, communication with the little coal workers was now direct, making it easy to maintain a continuous supply of artifacts.

“Zik has a school observation day today, right?”


“You made sure he’s dressed properly?”

“Yes, just yesterday before opening the stall, I went out to town to get him fitted for clothing.”

“Good job. That kid still can’t spend a silver coin on himself.”

Deus mumbled to himself before asking Skatul again.

“How’s his swordsmanship? Improving?”

“His basics are quite solid. He must have learned well from his parents.”

“Speaking of which, isn’t it tradition for heroes to marry saints? Does that mean Zik’s mother is also from a family of heroes?”

“I have not heard such a story, sir.”

“Might inquire about that later.”

“But largely, heroes contracted for a job often do not marry saints.”

“So, they’re not pure then.”

“The distinction between pure and half-blood is simply whether they have inherited the sacrament or not. What does kinship with an ancestor 666 centuries, over 66,000 years apart, mean anyway?”

“That’s true. It’s not as if they were born through mitosis. And that first hero probably married a woman who wasn’t a hero.”

“Indeed. At that time, there was only one hero.”

“But it’s weird. Why are there so many of these Holy something bloodlines now? The surname of the first hero was clearly…”



“The name variations started after the first hundred years. They didn’t expect the Demon King to invade again, and when he did after a century, they began assigning surnames to all children with even a drop of hero’s blood.”

“Like a clearance sale?”

“Rather, more like a discount. As these continued in the next century and the number of Holy bloodlines crossed a thousand, the Celestial Court began to sort them out. Even now, about a thousand families are managed.”

“So, at Zik’s current level, what ranking would that be?”

“Zik is only 14. He needs to be at least 18, maybe even 20 before his abilities can fully manifest. At present, his rank would be between A and B.”

“That’s quite high, isn’t it?”

“Yes. If his potential unfolds… With his latent power being high, and if he attains enlightenment with his sword, he could leap straight to D-grade.”

“Isn’t that an interesting story? A hero of D-grade born out of a perennial contractor family.”

“It’s thanks to you, Master. It’s a world where one can’t rise on talent alone.”

“Speaking of which, if Zik is like this, does it mean his little siblings also have decent potential?”

“It can’t be said for certain with heroes.”

“What a mess of a world that is.”


Deus glanced casually at the store and then went out to the yard.

He removed the old rocking chair that used to be there and placed the jewel-laden chair in its spot, leaning back with his legs propped on a table.

The breeze was pleasant, and not a bad feeling at all.

“Now, let’s get to work.”

“Yes, Master.”

With Skatul sent away, Deus looked up at the sky.

“D-grade, huh… With his body covered in Dragon artifacts, maybe he’d become a little stronger?”

Raising Zik was purely for fun. Initially aiming for a roughly B-grade level, but as he went along, Deus wanted to see it through to the end.

It may be slightly a dangerous game,

Yet, unable to stop, it must be instinct.

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