Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 47

11. Hunting the Giant (3)

“Warriors assembled to face the giant,” Canadin’s voice boomed as he raised a fist high.

“The lord has placed a bounty of one thousand gold on the head of that giant!”

The warriors roared with excitement.

No more than a hundred people had gathered here.

If the hunt was successful, each would net about ten gold coins.

There would be differences based on contributions, but even the least would get five gold!

It was a sum one would hardly earn after dealing with C-class chores for a whole year.

But the problem was how to achieve this.

“Sir Canadin! While waiting here, we have united our wills! We shall confront the giant in seamless coordination, obeying your commands, until the very moment we slay it, becoming as one team!”

The crowd of heroes shouted, chanting Canadin’s name.

Canadin felt a twinge in his heart as he watched them.

They couldn’t win.

Not with such a ragtag group.

Yet, a hero could not back down from such a fight.

That was the essence of being a hero.

“Let’s go!”

With Canadin’s call, as he lifted his fist, the village’s warriors raised their voices in a cheer.

Meanwhile, in the lord’s castle, while efforts were made to devise a plan, Deus was tormenting Alex.

“It’s noisy.”

“What do you expect me to do about it?”

“Did you build the house wrong? The noise from outside is seeping right into my room.”

“Shall I go and sever the giant’s head, toss it into the sewer?”



“You think you can win?”

“Hahaha, such an underestimating question.”

“But can you win without drawing attention, without revealing that you’re a demon?”

“Ah, that would be difficult.”

“Then just deal with the noise in my room.”

“Aren’t you going to intervene?”



“Is there money in it?”

“Ah, that… Well, not exactly. But surely your reputation would soar.”

“Zieck should handle it.”

“That’s right.”

“Zieck is a B-class. How’s a B-class going to catch a giant?”

“It seems he’s caught quite significant things so far.”

“But that wasn’t in front of people.”

“You’re stuck on details.”

“Of course.

At that moment, the door opened, and two figures revealed themselves.

“Lord Deus!”

“What is it? Zieck?”

“A giant!”


“Well, you must fight it. All the city’s heroes have gathered at the lord’s mansion.”

Deus turned his head to look at the person beside Zieck.

It was a familiar face.

A young woman. But who was she?

“It’s Senior Lexia.”

Upon Zieck’s brief explanation, Deus responded disinterestedly.

“Planning on going out?”

Lexia gripped her fists as she interrupted Zieck’s words.

“Jorix Castle is in peril. As fellow heroes, you should be preparing for battle.”

“What will you do?”

“I, I…”

Lexia’s words trailed off.

“Not going out, I take it.”

“The Hollyoak family will have my father represent us.”

“Is that so.”

“Why do you talk as if it’s none of your concern? I want to… I want to be part of this fight too. I have no choice but to step back because of my father’s adamant opposition.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it.”

“What do you mean ‘yeah, yeah’?”

“I mean I get it. Stay quiet as you seem irrelevant.”

“Hey! Does the Hollyoak family appear that trivial to you? Indeed, we’ve been hovering around A-class recently and our influence within the guild has diminished, but in the 665th era, we were a G-class hero family. We’re not so insignificant to be laughed at by some nameless merchant!”

“Who’s laughing? I said I’m not interested.”

“I’m not either!”

Lexia’s clenched fist trembled visibly.

Deus looked at Zieck and asked in a low voice.

“What’s with her?”

“Lord Deus.”


“I will join this battle. Jorix Castle is the land of my birth.”

“Do you really have to go?”


“Just so you know, neither I nor Alex will be helping you. As for Yulgum… although I’m not certain, it is highly likely that he won’t help either.”


“No use of armor either. Don’t stand out too much.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ve said it before, but we don’t want your rank to rise too much. If you ended up as G-class after killing a giant, it’ll be a nuisance to us.”


“However, I will allow you to take some gear from the store.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you truly planning on going?”


“Without weapons, you’ll be exceedingly weak.”

“Heroism isn’t about repelling evil due to strength.”

“Wait a minute.”

Lexia raised her hand, interrupting their conversation.

“What’s this conversation about, acting as if you could defeat a giant just by wearing armor?”

“Obviously. Do you think armor made of dragon scales is a joke?”

“We also have armor made from dragon scales in our family. The sword my father wields now is crafted from a dragon.”

“Hasn’t that been overused for like ten thousand years? It must be barely hanging together by now.”


“See? You can’t compare it to something like that. How can a sword that’s been stuck in a rock for thousands of years be a legendary blade? It would have eroded under the elements. Don’t underestimate the sun. Exposed to it for even a few years, materials like leather degrade.”

“Don’t dodge the issue with wordplay.”

“I’m not joking.”

“Then prove it. I will join the fight.”


Zieck raised his voice.

“The Hollyoak family has already—”

“Family doesn’t matter. I, Lexia Van Hollyoak, have to see for myself what kind of a hero Zieck is. To verify whether the day you conquered the dragon was by chance or if there was a reason.”

While Zieck hesitated, Lexia spoke again.

“I’m also a hero.”

“That’s interesting. What rank did you say you were?”

“I’ve achieved A-class.”

“Then you might be worth a try. One A-class and one B-class, with dragon armaments… Alex.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Prepare them.”

“But Lord, if I may—your words just now differ from before. We agreed not to draw too much attention, did we not?”

“That’s why it’s not Zieck who should be drawing attention.”

“Ah, I see!”

Deus looked at Lexia with a smile.

“If you die, don’t blame me.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“If your skills are counterfeit, you’ll certainly die. Zieck, lend your shield and gauntlet to that woman.”


“You will use the weapon and war boots. It’s fair to both have two pieces, so fight to your heart’s content.”

Due to Deus’s spontaneous decision, a separate detachment was born, distinct from the official company of castle heroes.

The heroes consisted of Zieck and Lexia.

To support the heroes from behind, the roles of mages were undertaken by Alex and Yulgum.

From a secluded spot atop the city walls, Lexia, her face obscured by her helmet, asked Deus.

“What will you do?”

“Me? I’ll be a spectator.”

Yulgum yawned and joined the conversation.

“I stayed up late yesterday… do we really have to fight now?”

“Take it up with the giant. Ask why it decided to invade now.”

“Since when have giants been living around here?”

As Yulgum stretched and asked the question, Zieck and Lexia looked at each other.

She opened her mouth again.

“Well, places they inhabit can change. What’s the plan?”

“I’ll take the vanguard. Zieck, you… find an opening and attack. You always placed well in swordsmanship tests at school.”

“That’s grade school you’re referring to.”

Zieck donned a steel shield and breastplate. Each was a durable, moderately high-quality piece made by the short blacksmith Yulgum in the past.

“Then, let’s go!”

Lexia lept from the battlements, the only thing in her possession a long rope.

She descended to the ground, swinging down supported by a rope she had previously secured to the battlements.

Zieck followed suit, clumsily bouncing off the walls several times as he made contact with the ground, unlike Lexia who resembled a graceful swan in her descent.

Yulgum looked back at Deus.

“What’s the strategy?”

“Just a spectator for now… Butler.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Ensure Zieck doesn’t die.”

“Shall I protect the young lady too?”

“Who cares.”


As Lexia touched down, even she found the situation unbelievable.

How could she think of facing a giant with just Zieck amidst warriors numbering a hundred discussing strategies?

Doubt birthed hesitation.

Such a foolish act.

Though claiming to be made from dragon scales, Lexia was the one wielding the shield.

An A-class hero.

Could she be certain that family influence played no part in her standing?

Had she been without backing, such as Zieck’s Hollybiche family, she’d likely have received a lower rank than A.

Hesitation turned to fear’s progenitor.

Without realizing, she began to retreat. When their eyes met with the giant’s, her body froze.

Flee. Even now, give it all up.

That thought crossed her mind as she glanced aside.

There was Zieck.

Clutching a steel shield and adorned with a breastplate fit for purchase in any store, he stared steadfastly at the giant.

His unwavering conviction was palpable in his expression, the gleam in his eyes, and even the ground beneath his feet and the breath he exhaled.

Was he really the bellboy Zieck?

Or was someone else lurking within that frame?



“I went through school looking up to you rather than the heroes of old tales. You, among all the heroes born in Jorix Castle, have the highest potential. It’s rare for one to receive A-class at merely 18 years old.”

“Why bring that up now?”

“Please use this sword.”


“Doomsryno, it’s able to cut through even the neck of a hydra.”

Lexia instinctively accepted the sword from Zieck.

“Then I’ll try to create an opportunity!”

Zieck noticed Lexia had tensed.

She was clearly overwhelmed by the giant’s immense size.

She was A-class in both her combat skills and physical strength.

Intending to pave the way for her, Zieck resolved to act as a guide.

With shield in hand, he unsheathed his dagger.

And without a moment’s hesitation, he began to charge toward the giant.


Lexia shouted his name, exactly as the giant’s colossal fist descended upon Zieck’s head.

“Sigh, such a troublesome hero,” mumbled Yulgum, snapping his fingers.

His will took the form of magic, blessing Zieck’s body.

Giving him just a bit more strength.

Lightening his steps, honing his senses.

Combining several simple spells magnified by an average mage, Yulgum awakened Zieck’s potential.

“Oh my! Such skill, to cast so many spells at once!”

As Alex praised Yulgum, who simply shrugged it off.

“You flatter me.”

“My lord would certainly be taken by you.”

“Taken by who, for what?”

“Ahaha, I thought as much!”

“Did this brat end up being one who needs to be showered with three sets of insults within three minutes after every meal to make it through the day?”

“It can be quite difficult to recognize one’s own heart, you see.”

“I can clearly feel my desire to kill you, though.”

As the arguing gods exchanged barbs, Zieck’s solo combat continued.

Watching him, Yulgum remarked,

“Zieck must have already surpassed B-class.”

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