Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 46

Chapter 11: The Hunt for Giants (2)

“You know well.”

“Of course, I do. Whether it’s the Hydra or mechanical golems, or even the earth dragon we fought before… If it weren’t for my extraordinary gear, I would have lost my life within minutes.”

As Zeke said this, something made a ringing sound on the table.

“A spring clock?”

Yulgeum’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Ah, yes. I got it as a gift from the dungeon.”

“You received quite a precious thing.”

“Ah! If you like it, I shall give it to you, Yulgeum.”

“No, no. Why should I take what Zeke has received? Treasure it well.”

“It’s handy. It automatically rings when it’s time, useful when cooking.”

Zeke stopped the alarm and opened the oven door.

The sauce that had caramelized and was giving off a sweet scent was still sizzling on the crispy surface of the meat.

“Wow! That smells incredibly good.”

Yulgeum clasped her hands as if in prayer.

“It was a trial recipe, so I hesitate to serve it to guests. Please, give it a taste.”

Zeke served the meat, cut from the bone, onto a plate. The flesh, browned to a deep color, sparkled tantalisingly.

Next, Zeke presented a traditional drink of the dwarves. It was a foamy beverage made by fermenting barley potatoes that grew underground.

“Beer with pork knuckle? That could sell. It’s bound to be a hit!”


“Yes, yes, it’s genuinely delicious.”

Yulgeum gave a thumbs up.

“So noisy. Why don’t you hire a dedicated painter to capture these food moments, so you can keep them forever?”

“That’s a great idea. We could post it in the square for publicity.”

Yulgeum turned to Deus simply and spoke to Zeke.

“Shall we try that? If the painter is skilled, it might do well for promotion.”

“Later. I’m afraid we’ll get overwhelmed if there are more customers right now. After all, my main job is that of a hero.”

Laughing it off, Zeke then asked Deus.

“So, Deus… I’ve been quietly following you around up until now… I’ll continue to do so if that’s what you want. But…”

“If you have something you want to say, go ahead.”

“What are we searching for?”

“You’ve heard it all.”

“Yes. The story about the dragon making deals with the demon race.”

“That’s right.”

“The dragon we met in Joriks Village that day, when I first met you, is that dragon involved too?”

“Yes, that’s right. That dragon was also poisoned by the demons’ toxin.”

“I thought it was strange… given there’s a peace treaty between dragons and humans. I wondered why it suddenly attacked Joriks Castle.”

Zeke clenched his fist as he spoke.

“It was the demons’ doing.” Deus stared intently at Zeke’s face.

It was an expression rarely seen on him. The normally gentle Zeke had eyes distorted with anger.

His target of hate was, undoubtedly, the demon race.

A hero hating an enemy he had never even seen before.

“That’s why keep following me in silence.”

“Yes. It’s obviously a huge deal, a case involving dragons and demons… I must be here to protect the identities of both of you, right?”

Deus did not answer that question.

Zeke swiftly read the mood and bowed his head.

“I’m sorry. That was presumptuous of me.”


“Yes, Deus.”

“Live your life.”


“I won’t interfere much.”

“Interfere? But I…”

“I won’t interfere significantly. So even if you feel betrayed one day, not too far from now… Just let it go and live your life.”

Zeke tilted his head, puzzled.

It was a cryptic statement.

Yulgeum swallowed the barley-potato beer with a wry smile.

“By the way.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Do the six dukes have nothing to do?”

“Do you mean the seven dukes?”

“One is dead.”

“Ah! My mistake.”

“Nevermind. Let’s talk about the remaining five dukes.”

“My lord!”

“Do they have nothing to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“You, Mil… Ya, you’re always clinging by my side, taking up the role of a store manager. Is that really fine with you?”

“Why torment me on such a beautiful weekend morning? If you were to return to the demon realm, I wouldn’t have to pretend to be human in a place like this.”

“Don’t scrape the barrel. What would you do even when you return? You don’t have anything to do there either, you or I.”

“Why wouldn’t I have anything to do? You still have many combat techniques to learn, my lord. You haven’t yet mastered using demonic energy perfectly in mass battles.”

“I’m perfect as I am. I even beat a true golden dragon.”

“Don’t be arrogant! Arrogance is the greatest enemy of growth. You still have the potential to grow more in the next 20 years.”

“20 years… Don’t talk as if I have a terminal illness.”

“That’s not what I meant. I mean that you can keep growing until the war in 20 years.”

“I know that much. And what are you going to do?”

“I must strengthen the 100,000-strong Beholder Legion under my command.”

“Right, you’re in charge of all those looking like octopi. Krakens and jellyfish and such.”

“I command all spineless demon kinds.”

“Reptiles are Daloosh’s territory?”

“Including amphibians.”

“Is that bastard really dead?”

“Are we talking about this again? I saw him eat poison and die with my own eyes. Even attended the funeral.”

“Should we dig up the grave, then?”

“My lord!”

“It just doesn’t fit that he’d die like that.”

“That is true, but…”

“Dying from poison looks even more suspicious.”

“You’ve already avenged the death of the golden dragon; that should be enough. Wouldn’t it be better to stop there?”

“Stop what?”

“Causing friction with the dragons.”

Deus locked eyes with Alex.

Alex dipped his head slightly.

“There are laws in this world. When these are broken, God cast down divine punishment. We demons are not free from God’s wrath either.”

“Become the Demon King when I return?”

“That is the destiny of one born to be the Demon King.”

“Follow the path you’ve laid out, learn the strategies necessary for the Demon King?”

“That’s right.”

“And in 20 years, I should invade the human world and battle with the heroes?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“What determines the outcome of that battle?”

“We do not know that. We merely wish that you would become stronger and annihilate the humans, making the earth our own.”

“You think it’s a waste of time for me to wander around like this?”

“I hope there’s something you understand, my lord… Otherwise, I fear it will only increase the probability of losing the war in 20 years.”


“Yes, my lord.”

“Give up on me. Find a new Demon King to take my place, or have one of you six become the king. Hold an election among the demons, do whatever you want.”

“That’s not possible.”


“Because the demonic energy of all the past Demon Kings is sealed within you.”

“So should I return it?”

“Without them… you would become an ordinary demon.”

“You know what I’m asking. Should I give it back?”

Alex looked at Deus with a firm expression.

“My lord, why do you not wish to become the Demon King?”

“It’s trivial.”

“The victor of the world.”

“Is that so?”

“You are the strongest entity under heaven. There isn’t a being you cannot defeat on this earth. Even the gold dragon, who lived for more than 666 seasons and was the closest to God, was defeated by you.”

“My answer remains the same. It’s trivial.”

“My lord!”

“If you don’t want my demonic energy, how about we stop the chatter here? I plan to get to the bottom of this. What Daloosh intended, who was behind it.”

Alex quietly bowed his head.

“Proceed as you wish.”

Thud, thud, thud.

The sound of knocking spread throughout Joriks Castle.

It was no exaggeration. The sound of knocking really did seem to echo throughout the castle.

“It’s a giant!”

Peeking just his head over the 5-meter high castle wall was a giant, grinning with malicious teeth.

He was kicking at the gate. That was the source of the thudding resonance.

The gate swayed as if it could break any moment.

The knights of the castle were rushing to prop it with beams of wood, but it was only a matter of time before it would shatter.

The lord of Joriks, Mondonew von Joriks, hastily called for the heroes within the castle.

Many heroes had left the castle in search of earnings.

Even if that weren’t the case, there were no heroes within Joriks Castle who could stand up to a giant.

The strongest among the Joriks Castle heroes was Canadin von Holyoak of the Holyoak family, ranked A-class.

The head of the Holyoak family, Canadin, with his peers, had a grim meeting with the lord of Joriks.

“To speak frankly, this is beyond my capabilities.”

Lord Mondonew sighed at Canadin’s words.

“That would be the case. You are an A-class hero, and that monster outside is a giant.”

Everyone, including children, knew the G of G-class stood for Giant.

“Is it impossible even if all other heroes combine their forces?”

To the lord’s question, Canadin von Holyoak shook his head.

“Other heroes? You mean those ruffians outside? Most of them are B-class or below, not of pure blood. They might be called heroes, but they’re no different from other knights.”

“That’s unfortunate… What in the world is the holy order doing! Not long ago we had a dragon, and now a giant. If such monsters keep appearing, shouldn’t there be some plan of action!”

“The holy order is always dragging its feet, aren’t they? When the local hero management bureau recognizes a problem and submits documents, the hero management headquarters takes a year to grasp the situation, another year to report to the central order, another year for the central order to understand the situation, one more year to have a meeting, another year to reach a conclusion and then back to the headquarter…

“Enough, it just gives me a headache.”

“Mondonew, I too am a hero.”

“I know. I was your comrade in my youth.”

“A renowned swordsman.”

“Renowned! I lived comfortably in your shadow.”

“You’re being modest, Mondonew. You’re now the lord. Please, take care of this place.”

“It sounds like you’re saying goodbye.”

“Indeed. I am going to take a look.”

“Hey, Canadin!”

“Even in my prime, A-class was my limit. I don’t even have that level of skill anymore… Almost all of my comrades have scattered, leaving only a few left. But still, I am a hero.”

“Just try to buy us some time. The holy order should be arriving soon enough.”

“I’m not even sure if it will be a delay. Anyway, I must go. Mondonew, please take care of my daughter.”

Canadin smiled and turned his body.

Mondonew, the lord, got up from his seat to follow him but stopped after a mere one step.

“Good luck to you!”

Mondonew bowed his head and Canadin raised his hand.

In the garden of the castle, the warriors had gathered.

The emergence of the giant had sent a wave of tension across their faces.

When the dragon had appeared not long ago, it was dealt with so quickly that there was no time to call upon the heroes.

And now the remembrance of that mysterious bellboy was cut short.

Canadin von Holyoak, the representative hero of Joriks Castle, was returning to the garden, having just finished his meeting with the lord.

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