Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 44

Chapter 10: Encounter with Earth-Dwellers (5)

“Then, are you inheritors of the Legacy of the Age of Silver?”

“Correct. We dragons live by magic. Without it, we wouldn’t even be able to fly.”

“You don’t use wings to fly?”

“Have you ever seen birds that big? And there are dragons without wings, too.”

“Is that so?”


Yulgeum stroked the chest-shaped indentation in the door several times. Each time, small lights mixed together creating tiny shards.

The light turned into gold and formed a long line.

The line of gold wove into the fabric like clothing and slithered like a snake into a small hole.

“What are you doing with the golden snake?”

“I’m repairing the circuit.”


“Yes. Circuit.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a technology from the Age of Gold. We create paths for lightning to travel and use it to do magic-like things. It’s a lost technology now, though…”

“You know how to use it?”

“Roughly. I don’t fully understand the principles, but I learned how to do it.”

“You knew members of the Gold Tribe?”

Without an answer, Yulgeum moved her fingers as though conducting an instrument.

The golden lines twisted into more complex shapes, and dozens of them intertwined like threads. Finally, the door began to make a small beeping sound.

“Stupid dwarves. They try to open the door by smashing the handle with an ax. Of course, that’s not going to work.”

Yulgeum sighed and removed her hand from the door.

“Now, it’s your turn to take action.”


“Yes. It requires strength. The lock is open, but the system is still broken. The door is too heavy. I can’t open it with my strength alone.”

“Because I’m human?”


“And yet, you’ve managed to repair the door with magic quite skillfully.”

“It’s okay. I can use magic because I’m human.”

“But if we open this door… won’t something bad happen? It’s a relic from the Age of Gold.”

To that question, Yulgeum smiled.

“Don’t worry. There won’t be anything significant.”

“How do you know that?”

“It’s written above. It says ‘Emergency Food Storage’.”

Deus looked up, seeing something indiscernible clearly on the upper side.

“Let’s open it.”

However, Deus withdrew the hand he had placed on the door.

“No need. I’m not interested in emergency food.”

Yulgeum stepped back and looked up. The view widened, allowing her to see better.

“Keter, Binah, Chokmah, Geburah.”

“What’s that?”

“The roots of the Sephirot.”

“Ah, this place was also called Malkuth, wasn’t it?”

“The end of human civilization created ten arks in order to escape from this planet. That’s the true identity of the roots of Sephirot. Probably, this block was used as a storage for their provisions.”

Deus recalled the southern roots he had recently seen. However, it was just a giant rock shaped like a column.

“The fiery blast that melted the earth must have also destroyed this ark. Its original form is gone without a trace, leaving only a skeleton.”

“What exactly… are you?”


“Why do you know such stories?”

“My name is Yulgeum. A normal human. A beautiful woman with a good personality.”

“Bet you haven’t eaten a lot of swear words, have you?”

“Ah, you’re embarrassed again.” Deus looked back at the door.

“It seems there really is something in this world beyond my knowledge.”

“Does that upset you?”


“Even a Demon King should be quite formidable, but it seems you still have much to learn.”

“It’s not so much about feeling upset, but rather strange. What is this power in my hands? If I was a frog in a well, I could understand. I’ve been told since childhood that I am an amazing being, and I learned all sorts of things, but in reality, I’m nothing compared to the world. If that’s the setting, then I understand. But still…”

“You’re strong, aren’t you?”

“Strong enough to kill even a real golden dragon. If that was an act, I don’t know…”

“I can’t say for sure that I would win against you in a real fight.”

Deus scratched his head as if to shake off his thoughts.

“Anyway, that’s it. I’ve quit being the Demon King. If there’s a small and certain adventure ahead, I’ll just enjoy that. Small but certain adventures are in vogue, right?”

Yulgeum exhaled a short sigh as she watched him return to their accommodations.

“Freedom to choose one’s fate… For him, it must be the greatest luxury of all.”

The next day, Deus sat Zieg down as soon as he woke up.

“What’s the matter?”

With sleepy eyes, Zieg looked at Deus.

“Let’s arm wrestle.”


“Do it quickly.”

Alex, perplexed, watched them, wondering if his lord had been stricken with some sort of madness.

Zieg clasped Deus’s hand and got ready.

“Try using your strength.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Full power.”

“Understood, sir.”

Zieg exerted force in his hand. But as expected, Deus’s arm didn’t budge.

“Is that all?”

“Yes… Sorry.”

“What’s there to apologize for?”

Deus released Zieg’s hand and examined his own grip.

“It seems you’re stronger than a normal human as a warrior…”

“Why are you doing this?”

Unable to bear it any longer, Alex spoke up.

“Last night, I opened that door’s lock.”

“Oh, I see… What?”

“It wasn’t me.”

Deus’s answer naturally led Alex’s gaze toward Yulgeum.

“I found the method to open the relic door in ancient texts I read as a child.”

“That’s remarkable! No, even that’s an understatement. To think you effortlessly resolved a door that dwarves couldn’t open for thousands of years.”

“I was lucky.”

“The resilience of humans is indeed boundless. Such a talent like Miss Yulgeum cascading like a waterfall!”

“This guy is nothing but flattery whenever he speaks.”

“Are you jealous?”

“You should really stop talking. Anyway, I wanted to leave the dramatic door-opening scene to the warrior, but his power is just too weak.”

“That can be easily resolved.”

Alex looked at Zieg and said.

“The gauntlet that Sir Zieg is wearing is made from dragon scales. Dragon scales are not just highly prized for their durability. If Miss Yulgeum knows a suitable spell…”

“I can do strength enhancement. Then, shall we go open the door right now?”

Alex caught on to Yulgeum’s words.

“If we’re going to do this, we might as well roll out the carpet properly.”

“Planning on spouting more lies?”

“Please call it staging.”

Alex stepped out of the lodging and looked out. Already a considerable number of people were bustling about for excavation work.

The R42 area, where they were, had already yielded quite a number of relics from the ancient era.

Relics from the Age of Gold, albeit usable but unreplicable, often sold for high prices.

Hoping to find even a clue to open the door, the excavation teams dug into the earth day after day.

Alex walked in front of the door, cleared his throat, and shouted loudly.

“Demiurge, the Demon King, ascended to the surface world to become the true ruler of all. Like a volcano furiously erupting, he burned the world, turning the greens, yellows, and all to black ash.”

Alex’s loud voice invoked the epic poem of the first Demon King and the Warrior.

The lengthy epic shaped and arranged by countless bards and poets was still widely sung today.

“The Warrior who confronted the Demon King was named Holywoods. Sacrificing himself in the same way as his name, he dove into the roaring flames and turned to ash. But, who would have guessed? Ash won’t burn again. Ash would block the fire!”

The beautiful singing voice had a compelling power that transcended race.

Laborers stopped their work and gathered around Alex.

Among them were Baron Kielce and his knights.

As Alex’s song ended, the workers and knights cheered and clapped.

Alex bowed like a jester, then announced to everyone.

“Sir Holybiche, who is adventuring with us, is a distant descendant of Holywoods, the hero of that song. In this world, there is no problem a Warrior cannot solve, I believe. If God permits this door to open, it will indeed open by Sir Holybiche’s hands.”

“Well done!”

“Do it! But it won’t be easy.”

“Who knows, maybe God truly arranged it to be opened by human hands.”

“Are you saying we dwarves are inferior to a human hero?”

“It’s not about superiority or inferiority; it might be God’s will.”

The dwarves shouted variously.

Just then, Zieg made his appearance.

Holding a gauntlet that emitted magical light, Zieg walked through the crowd toward the door.

He seemed to be illuminated by dawn’s light, and in fact, his shield was emanating a faint glow, part of Alex’s staging.

Defying the stature of the dwarves around him, Zieg stood before the door.

There, he took a moment to catch his breath.

– You’re going to have about ten times the strength of a strong man.

Remembering Yulgeum’s words, Zieg focused on his hands.

Can he really open it?

Hesitation made his fingertips tremble.

If he failed to open the door… he would embarrass the companions who had arranged this event for him.

At that moment, Zieg thought of Deus.

‘Deus, give me courage!’

His prayer was answered. The moment he thought of Deus, a powerful flame surged from his heart.

For now, he felt like he could do anything and be anything.

He felt like Holywoods himself, overflowing with heroism.

The gauntlet responded to his spirit.

Magic burst forth energetically, and energy flowed from his hand into his body.

Muscles swelled, bulging enough to puff up his clothes.

He inserted his fingertips into the gap of the door and pushed it apart.


Long years of sediment obstructed the door’s movement, but it could not resist superhuman strength.

An inch became a foot, and the door opened wide enough to pass through.


With a powerful shout, Zieg exerted energy, and a colorful radiance burst from his gauntlet, dazzling the onlookers.

The dwarves were so astounded by the sight that they momentarily forgot to express their amazement.

“That one should be used as a marketing director rather than the Grand Duke of Pride.”

Deus, leaning on a window sill, quipped casually.

“What a spectacle. Should we give up being warriors and organize a troupe of poets? If we go on a national tour, we’ll rake in money like harvesting with a sickle.”

“That sounds fun.”

“What’s with that trivial response?”

“Something feels off.”

“What is?”

“Surely it’s a granary over there but…”


“There’s something moving.”

Before Deus could finish his statement, Zieg was flung backward.

With an enormous impact that kicked up dust, Zieg rolled several times on the ground.

But Zieg wasn’t completely unskilled.

In that brief moment, he pulled out his shield to block the unknown assailant’s attack, effectively defending against any fatal blows.

Thanks to the strength-enhancing magic, he managed to maintain his grip on the shield.

Just before he fell in an unattractive manner, he balanced himself and halted.

“Dwarves, to the front!”

Baron Kielce immediately called for a battle stance.

Alex also approached Zieg to help him up, a surprised look on his face.

Watching the whole situation, Deus glared at Yulgeum.

“You said it was okay?”

“Ehehe, my mistake.”

“Don’t try to be cute and brush it off. What the heck is that?”

“Someone might have put something… not quite dried, in there? And over tens of thousands of years, it mutated into a new life form…”

Whatever the cause was, it didn’t matter.

The issue was the identity of the immediate threat.

From the opened gap in the door emerged a silver creature with four long legs.

Its body was not composed of muscles and veins, but of metal and oil.

It was a mechanical golem.

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