Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Quitting Being the Demon Lord

“The demonic energy in your body comes from what the demon tribe has gathered for you.”

“Once given, it should be the end of it. Why try to take it back?”

“It’s not much for each member of the tribe individually, since it’s all pretty standard.”

“Then don’t flaunt it.”

“I’m not boasting, I’m simply stating a fact.”

“You know about rain, don’t you?”

“Are you referring to the rain that falls from the sky? Of course, I know about it.”

“Whoever receives rainwater owns it, whether it came from the sea or a river. What does it matter?”

“So, the container it’s collected in is also… from the Demon World…”

“It’s my container. So the demonic energy is also mine. If you have a complaint, try taking it back with force.”

“Your power is already the greatest in the Demon World.”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Something feels off about accepting that, but let’s leave it at that.”

Deus scrutinized his subordinate’s face from top to bottom.

“You seem to have many grievances against me. Is there a thorn in every word you say to me?”

“Oh my, it’s time to board. Let me clear the way. Make room, our lord is passing through!”

“That son of a…!”

Deus clicked his tongue and followed after him.

The carriage raced down the smoothly polished road.

It was a twenty-seater carriage pulled by eight horses. Although it occasionally jolted, it was comfortable as carriages go, so no one was inconvenienced.

Deus sat by the window, leaning against the frame.

Alex stood by demurely at the seat next to him.

“How long will it take?”

“To reach the neighboring kingdom’s capital, more than five days. To the Gellon Kingdom, at least a full fortnight.”

“Even by this carriage?”


“I’m already getting bored. Isn’t it?”

“Thirty minutes have passed.”

“The scenery is mundane, too. Wouldn’t it be perfect if a volcano erupted over there?”

“A river of lava flowing by.”

“Yes. Imagine watching little goblins driven mad by the screams of spirits, dancing and eating their own kind. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?”

“Weren’t you the one who fled the Demon World to live an ordinary life?”

“Ordinary? I have no such intention.”

“Well, if that were the case, you would not have attacked human kingdoms from the start.”

“Don’t ask too much. It’s annoying.” Alex shook his head.

“I’m just curious. You are Demiurgos 666th, the literal 666th Demon Lord.”

“A mass-produced item every hundred years or so.”

“One every hundred years should be considered the finest artisan’s luxury good. Everyone in the Demon World is too busy for a hundred years just to create one Demon Lord.”

“Apologies for the inconvenience. It’s an unforgivable sin.”

“Why do you take it all so negatively?”

“But why do you talk back to me so staunchly when you call me your lord?”

“Because I’m your nanny and your tutor. Haven’t you heard of the concept that the monarch, the teacher, and the father are one?”

“Are you also my mother then? It seems I should address you with respect. My apologies for not recognizing you, Lady Alex.”

Alex smiled brightly, somewhat different from what Deus expected, which slightly irritated him, causing him to crumple Alex’s body.

But as a Beholder, an invertebrate, it had no particular effect.

At that moment, Deus caught sight of the scenery in the distance through the window.

It was a wide mountain range wearing a white cap, a series of peaks covered in perpetual snow.

“That’s Horsepine.”

After Deus’s energy had dissipated, Alex returned to his original form and spoke.

“Sounds right.”

“Mountain valleys are best for laying low.”

“Who’s planning on laying low?”

“Of course, you dream of aiming for the top 2% of the continent.”

“Now that I think about it, I’m penniless.”

“That’s correct.”

“To qualify for the top 2%, I’d need at least a grand estate, wouldn’t I?”

“You’d need a house in the first-class residential area of the capital.”

“Does being a hero pay well?”

“It varies. Rich get richer, and poor get poorer. D-rank is the highest, but…”

“What’s that stand for?”

“Dragon Slayer.”

“Ah, so it’s a title you get for killing dragons?”

“Not exactly. Dragons are neutral, so we demons generally don’t mess with them unless necessary. No need to make more enemies.”

“But just the name D-rank is provocation enough towards the dragons?”

“It hasn’t been too long since the dragons turned neutral.”

Alex suddenly sighed deeply.

“Look at all this. There’s still so much left to learn… and you, trusting only in your magical power, have charged out into the world; what were you thinking?”

Deus raised his hand.

“That’s enough for me. Not like I’m bringing doom to the surface.”

“Don’t you want to fill this land with fire and lava? You said that landscape would be beautiful, didn’t you?”

“Quiet, just keep talking. What’s below D-rank? E?”



“Giant Slayer.”

“Oh, you mean giants?”

“Giants mainly live to the north of Horsepine. They form villages in each valley, and when food runs out in winter, they attack the human world.”

“G-rank… Getting to that rank would put me in the top 2%, but it also seems a bit too conspicuous.”

“Have you decided on retreating to the mountains after all?”

“And the rank below that?”

“It goes from Human to B-rank, skipping to C.”

“What’s C? Cockatrice? Chimera?”

“Just C-rank in alphabetical order.”

“Why does it go like that?”

“The Imperial Hero Administration Department made that decision.”

“They have their own way, too.”

“There are also contract heroes.”

“Are they rejects?”

“Like fallen fruit. Good only for making jams.”

“Pity them.”

“But what’s more important than a hero’s rank is their bloodline.”

“Of course..”

“Even with less merit, if one is closer to pure blood, their rank rises. Some who can’t even kill a chicken start at D-rank.”

“Is that really possible?”

“Rare, but it seems it happens. In those cases, the Imperial Administration sends out top-notch companions to assist.”

“That’s cheating.”

“Anyway, their goal is to produce the ultimate hero.”

‘Heroes fight the Demon Lord.’

To fulfill this cliché, both the Demon World and the human realm were doing their utmost.

Feeling queasy with this unpleasant revelation, Deus looked out the window.

“Aren’t you going to do something about those people?”

Alex glanced around.

All the passengers and crew on the carriage seemed hypnotized, staring straight ahead.

There were people who hadn’t moved in 30 minutes, still with tea cups pressed to their lips.

“It’s too bothersome to be careful with my words.”

“Exposure to demonic hypnotism for too long isn’t good for mental health. Even the Princess of Verde would be going mad by now.”

“Who’s that?”

“Have you forgotten already?”

“If it’s not important, I don’t bother remembering.”

“What to you is important then, my lord?”

“It’s obvious.”

Deus said to Alex, who tilted his head in puzzlement.


When God created the world, for some unknown reason, demons were born.

If He was flawless, why did demons come into existence?

If He wasn’t flawless, then why can’t demons defeat God?

For 66,500 years.

For such a long time, the Demon World accumulated power to attack humans.


“Are you so curious why I quit being the Demon Lord?”

“Of course.”

“The reason I…

Deus slowly began to speak.

The truth wasn’t so remarkable – it was a bit embarrassing to say out loud.

“The reason I quit being the Demon Lord was….”

Just then, searing heat brushed Deus’s cheek.

More than simple warmth.

It smelled like home, kindled enough to be called a fire.

Deus turned his head to look outside.

“What’s that?”

“Dragons,” replied Alex.

At Alex’s answer, Deus leaned out of the carriage window.

The plain was scorched black, the vegetation turned to charcoal.

Where the monster’s breath had touched, hell had erupted in its wake.

“The castle is under attack, isn’t it?”

Alex stated the obvious.

“Didn’t you say dragons were neutral?”

“Hahaha. That’s knowledge from a hundred years ago. I haven’t been out in the human world for 80 years.”

If it was 80 years ago, it was precisely during the war in which the previous Demon Lord had been defeated.

The passenger carriage, carrying fear, moved relentlessly forward.

Its destination was the castle under the dragon’s assault.

Because of Deus’s brainwashing, none of the passengers screamed.

“What are you looking at so intently?”

Alex peered out the window and asked.

“The flames are consuming the castle. It’s the first beautiful sight I’ve come upon since arriving on the surface.”

“Well, it may be, but let’s undo the hypnotism first. This carriage is far too unnatural.”

“And then what? People will start screaming. ‘Please save us!’ and all that.”



“But how pleasing is the sound of human death throes?”

“Is it?”

“Try listening. It makes you unable to stop destruction and slaughter.”

“I guess it was like that.”

When Deus attacked Akoma Castle, he felt a light excitement.

He flicked his finger. For 3 seconds, people looked around, bewildered.

But soon after, the carriage was filled with all kinds of screams.

“Not a bad sound to hear.”

Deus murmured as he leapt from the carriage, with Alex hurrying after him.

“Now that I think about it.”


“I hate being pitiable.”

“No one likes that.”

“There’s no need for those striving for the top 2% to be completely devoid of hidden assets.”


“Dragons are said to be wealthy.”

“They are greedy creatures.”

“You know what I’m about to do, right?” Deus asked, scratching his cheek.

“I suppose, but…”

“Will you stop me?”

“Would it work?”

“No. But didn’t you say we’re neutral with the dragons?”

“Now you worry about the Demon World?”

“Who said…?”

Just then, Deus made eye contact with a flying dragon overhead.

Standing amidst the charred fields, Deus gazed at the dragon with his demonic eyes.

Alex felt a chilling thrill from the demonic energy pouring from Deus.

Truly, he was of a caliber befitting a Demon Lord.

The land where the dragons lived was not on the Horus Continent.

Through a crystal portal, it was possible to travel to their original world, and a dragon’s lair meant exactly that portal.

Usually located inside caves with labyrinthine entrances to deter adventurers, it was also a popular training ground for them.

However, if one disturbed the temper of a dragon, it could incite a catastrophe for whole nations.

The disappearance of a castle was expected, and only by sacrificing to the king could they narrowly resolve the situation.

Or possibly, a D-ranked hero would emerge to vanquish them.

Standing atop the castle battlements, Deus stared at the sky.


“Yes, my lord.”

“Are dragons really rich?”

“They live over a thousand years, so…”

“A thousand years.”

“Even doing the simplest jobs daily for a thousand years, one would accumulate a vast fortune.”

“Do dragons do such things?”

“Who knows? They enjoy transforming into humans and blending into the human world.”

“Why would they enjoy that?”

“Dragon lands are tucked inside a dimensional pocket. To reach each other’s nests, they must pass through the Horus Continent.”

“So they have no choice but to traverse the human world.”

“Yes. If they stomped through as dragons, war would be pretty much guaranteed, so they prefer to pass quietly in human form.”

“Then why is that one out there doing this?”

“Just ask it directly. Isn’t that what you’re about to do?”

“I’m not interested in stories; I just want to know if it’s got money.”

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