Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 37

9. Uncovering the Traitor (2)

June nodded and pulled a small bottle from her sleeve.

“Poor thing will go mad with frenzy… but take solace in the fact that there are no grieving families.”

Meanwhile, Deus and Yulgeum were standing on a cliff, having overheard the entire conversation between the two women.

Even an Elder Dragon could not detect the Demon King’s art of concealment.

“Why not just capture and kill those two?” Deus suggested.

Yulgeum furrowed his brows at his words.

“…Why would they…”

“We can think about the why later, right? First, we kill…”

“Let’s spare the talk of killing.”

“Should we let them live then? Dragon law is so lenient. They betray their kind, poison them to feed humans, yet they live?”

“Their crime is great. But what matters more to us is causality.”


“We must consider why they did this, and what future it might lead to.”

“So, forgive them if their crimes, however minor, benefit our race’s future?”

“Of course.”

“What about the one who suffered?”

“That compensation must be deliberated by all our kin.”

“Pity the dead.”

“We are part of a grand order. Without this awareness, we could not endure the long, lonely eons.”

The mention of lengthy epochs touched a nerve in Deus.

The Demon King was the opposite.

120 years.

The span from birth to death.

Most of it spent in slumber while being pumped with demonic energy.

A victory in the century-long war might grant eternal life…

But not a single Demon King for 666 centuries had ever been so fortunate.

“Shall we consider the second plan?” Deus said, tilting his head.

“The second plan?”

“Kidnapping, imprisonment, torture.”

“Wow, just hearing it…”

“Exhilarating, isn’t it?”

Yulgeum offered a slight smile.

“Perhaps a bit.”

“Then I’ll take your agreement and choose one. Personally, I think the red-haired one would be easier to handle.”

“Julie it is?”

“No, the black-haired one.”

“You said the red-haired one would be easier?”

Deus laughed at Yulgeum’s question.

His laugh held a meaning that made Yulgeum nod in understanding.

“You’re wicked.”

“Why do you say that, client? We’re only doing what’s been requested. It’s the client’s duty to take responsibility.”

“That is… true. This is my doing.”

“Shall we observe a bit more?”

June and Julie.

The two hard-line dragons spread fungal spores over the young dragon’s sleeping body.

The dim black hue stained the dragon’s body before disappearing quickly.

Now, settled in a damp spot, it would soon cause the dragon to go mad.

After completing the task, the two women transformed back into dragons and soared into the sky.

Julie the Red Jasper Dragon flew south, while June the Black Pearl Dragon swept her wings powerfully into the northern sky, vanishing beyond the clouds.

Deus too took flight.

A pair of black wings unfolded.

He closed the distance to the Black Dragon in an instant.

Deus folded his arms, flying alongside the giant dragon for a while.

The dragon noticed Deus only after seeing two shadows cast sharply against the clouds.

She looked up into the sky. In the distant sunlight was the black demon.

June drew a long circle in the sky, aiming to strike down the winged foe.

The dark matter beam cleaved the heavens. Clouds split across tens of kilometers, leaving a gaping chasm.

Deus merely smiled, performing a half-twist in the air.

He wasn’t hurried. His body was not one to be injured by mere dragon breath.

He savored this flight with her.

It wasn’t a romantic courtship of birds.

But a despair for the weak.

A humiliation worse than defeat.

He stretched his hand into the clouds, feeling small ice crystals against his palm.

Casually grabbing a few, Deus flung them towards the Black Pearl Dragon June. The sound of piercing ice followed.

June hastily veered to alter her course.

But the ice had already pierced her wings.

She shuddered at the pain.

To think a few millimeters of ice crystals in the clouds had such power!

Operating her vocal cords like an organ, she discharged a dark matter beam, widening with her breath.

Within a few hundred meters, everything was engulfed in her exhale.

Soon after, she tucked in her wings and began flying at high speed.

Confident nobody in the world could follow, she reached beyond the northern coastlines of the Horse Continent in an instant.

But her foe was already waiting there.

The demon with wide-spread black wings smiled at her.

“Who are you?”

“Shouldn’t you already know?”

“The devil who killed the True Metal Dragon, you are.”

“Ding! Dong! Dang!”


“I offer you a choice. First, you accompany me as you are, with two wings. Second, I could inconveniently tear off your wings and carry you. Mind you, I’m not very patient.”

Deus raised five fingers.


“What are you doing!”


“Who do you think you are…”


“Do you intend to battle the entire dragon race?”




She tried to shoot upward into the sky.

But contrary to her will, her body began to plummet down.

Her two wings no longer visible behind her.

The last sight she had was the demon licking his blade with a smile.

The stickiness on it undoubtedly blood of the Black Pearl Dragon.

The black dragon fell into the sea, creating colossal ripples.

Deus slowly descended, stepping on her fallen body.

“You chose the inconvenient option. Now let’s go.”

The brief trip back to where Yulgeum awaited took merely five minutes.

Gazing at June’s disheveled form, Yulgeum frowned.

“Do you feel pity?”


“Even for a traitor?”

“As I said before, causality…”

“So for what cause do you think they acted? Hard-liners, right? They obviously harbored a deep grudge against humans. Desiring vengeance, but the blond female leading the dragons wouldn’t listen, so they had to take matters into their own hands.”

“I had that scenario in mind too.”

“Are there other scenarios? I’m curious.”

Yulgeum sighed, waving her hand. A golden light emitted from her palm wrapped around the black dragon’s body.

Her shoulder healed, and wings began to regrow.

Still merely buds, but in time, they would grow back to their original form.

Yulgeum moved her hand again.

June’s form shrank and shifted into a human.

Watching this, Deus nodded.

“Right. The human form suits imprisonment and torture.”

“Should I revert it?”

“It’s perfect as is.”

“Her fate is severed only by me. In this world, she is as dead as I.”

“So I can torture her as I please?”


“My choice. I’ll torture until the story I like is told.”

“I want the truth, not a pleasing story.”

Yulgeum spoke, shaking her head.

“What a tangle I’ve gotten into with you…”

“Mind your words. It’s not that I’m entwined with you, but that you are with me. You’re the main culprit, and I’m merely the co-conspirator or accessory at most.”

“Don’t worry; I won’t make you take responsibility.”

“That wasn’t my intent. Anyway, I’ll begin, so go hide somewhere suitable.”

As Yulgeum hid behind some brush, Deus signaled with his hand.

June’s body lifted. Multiple vines bound her arms and legs.

Deus slapped her cheek lightly, awakening her.

She stirred and opened her eyes, immediately struggling with her arms.

But the vines held her fast.

No matter how forcefully she pulled, the vines, mere stems, would not break.

“It’s futile. You can’t escape with your strength.”

“What are you doing?”

“What shall I do for you?”

Deus retorted, making June look down.

She noticed she was now in a human form – evidently forced by the man.

Apart from the shock of the transformation, the reason for this was just as frightening.

The black dress she wore had a long slit up the thigh which, whether it was just a feeling or not, seemed to catch the man’s gaze. She twisted her thigh, clad in stockings, but her tied feet made movement uncomfortable. Instead, her actions caused the dress’s hem to roll up, revealing her thigh.

“Don’t look…”

“You don’t like being seen.”


“Then should I do the opposite for you?”

Deus summoned a small flame at his fingertips.

The living flame left his hand, fluttering like a butterfly, and landed near her ankle.

June squinted from the sharp pain.

The flame moved upward, drawing a long line but leaving no scar—just a manageable stinging sensation. Following its path, the intricately woven stockings were cut through.

The small ember persisted, burrowing upwards. The torn stockings lost tension and slid down.

“How dare you commit such shameless acts!” June shouted angrily.

“If there’s anything else you dislike, tell me. From now on, I plan to do only the things you hate.”

Deus kept a tantalizing smile on his lips.

He deliberately looked at places she didn’t want him to see, recited words she hated, and acted with contempt.

The bound June shivered with a mixture of anger and shame.

“Stop it.”

“Do you want me to stop? Then I must continue.”


Deus gently brushed her cheek with his palm.

“Why should I stop such an amusing game?”

June turned her face away. Deus forcefully grasped her chin and pulled it back.

“Don’t resist. We haven’t even really started.”


“You already knew that, didn’t you?”

“I curse you!”

“I’m better at cursing. Always got an A+ in that class too.”

Letting go of her chin, Deus took a step back.

“Now, shall we start with the first question? What’s this?”

In Deus’s hand was a small glass bottle—the very one containing the fungal spores.

June examined her sleeve in shock.

“Rifling through another’s body like a thief!”

“Thief, huh? But aren’t you the one who stole this?”

“It’s not stolen!”

“Trying to lie to a demon? By the way, I got an A+ in…

Deus paused, looking at the bottle in his hand again.


This was not Darush’s fungal spores.

As a Demon King, he wouldn’t have been unaware. This wasn’t an item from the demon realm.

The complexities of the situation began once more.

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