Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 32

Chapter 8. Fighting with the Dragon God (2)

Jinkyum-yong was the god of all dragons, an entity that had watched over the world since ancient times. With the exception of the Creator and the angels who served him, Jinkyum-yong was likely the being most knowledgeable about the true state of the world.

With her knowledge and power, she could easily fool the Seven Duchies of the Demon World.

It was Yulgum who had killed Darosu.

She must have used him to spread mold among the dragons, probably as a means to pressure the hardliners.

She was enraged by the fact that Darosu had died.

And she couldn’t bear the thought that she had been deceived and danced like a puppet at the hands of another.

“I never learned to hold back anger.”

With those words, he grasped Yulgum’s neck.

Her neck snapped weakly.

The dragons couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. They screamed and lifted their massive wings threateningly.

Deus was glared upon. But how could they possibly stand against an enemy even the Dragon God couldn’t defeat?

The body of Yulgum began to disappear into transparency.

Deus opened the hand that had slain Yulgum.

He growled.

“No one may harm my family.”

The devil walked amidst the dragons.

All were enraged, but powerless to stop him.

Yet, they could not let him leave alive.

The dragons in the direction Deus was headed chose to take their own lives and fell before him.

Their bodies. Deus coldly trampled over them and passed by.

Until he left the boundary, there was not a single being who could stop him.

Outside of the boundary, there was Alex.

As soon as Deus showed his form, Alex draped a heavy cloak over him.

“My Lord…”

“Darosu’s spirit has been placated. Do not concern yourself with it anymore.”

Alex’s eyes moistened.

“I thought… you had abandoned the Demon World.”

“I have.”

“My Lord!”

“I have abandoned the Demon World. I’ve shaken off my devilish work and am now living as an individual known only as Deus.”

“Then, why would you do such a thing for Darosu! Why would you try to deceive even me?”

Kneeling down, Alex looked up at Deus who shook his head.

“I am not deceiving you.”

“That’s contradictory.”

“Who doesn’t have contradictions in life? I do not wish to become the Demon King. But that is merely my selfishness… Just because I have turned my back on my duties, I have not forgotten my bond. Darosu is my family. Whether I liked him or not, the fact that he is family doesn’t change.”

Deus removed the cloak from his shoulders and handed it back to Alex.

“Because he killed my family, I took my revenge. That’s all there is to it.”

“My Lord!”

“Let’s return.”

“To where, if I may ask.”

“To Zoric Castle.”

“That place is not for you to return to.”

Deus did not respond to Alex’s words.

Laying on a makeshift straw bed in the back of a horse-drawn carriage, Deus looked up at the sky.

He had not thought he’d end up killing Yulgum.

Considering his perplexed expression, Alex spoke to him.

“Do you regret it?”


“Killing Lady Yulgum.”

“Regret seems slightly different.”

“Is that so?”

” …”

“Even if it isn’t my place to say this…”

“Then don’t.”

“But if I may speak.”

“Why pretend to be so cautious then?”

“With you turning the dragons into enemies, the war in 20 years will be incredibly difficult. Although the dragons aren’t accustomed to acting collectively and may not perform significantly in war, their individual strength far surpasses that of average demons and humans. If they were to leave their lands and form an alliance with humans, I fear the outcome.”

“What does it matter to me? I won’t be on that battlefield.”

“My Lord!”

“Why should I, who gave up being a Demon King, attend?”


“Why family?”

“Didn’t you say that you couldn’t ignore the death of family?”

“Think before you speak. Is it the same when a family member decides to rush out into the battlefield and gets killed, versus someone coming and killing a sitting family member at home? Who would stop someone hell-bent on dying?”

“Your choice of words… wasn’t that a bit much? It’s a war that is akin to a longstanding wish of the Demon World.”

“If the desire is to unify the world by force, then this is why we end up in this state every day.”

“You have a different method in mind!”

“Method my ass…”

Deus laid back down on the pile of straw.

“What a mess, really. It’s like a disease. Every hundred years, crawling up to the surface, millions die… Why struggle with that when we’ll just crawl back up in another hundred years?”

“We can’t live on false land forever. The Demon World has become a twisted world, creating its own light and altering flora and fauna to thrive in it.”

“A twisted thing after 666 centuries should straighten itself out.”

“That’s nothing more than the submissive compliance of a weak loser.”

“Listen to this guy. Are you saying I am a weak loser?”

“Absolutely not, my Lord! You have established one of the strongest records among all Demon Kings. You ventured into the dragon territories and vanquished Jinkyum-yong! When I think of Your Lordship’s accomplishments, my body still trembles with awe.”

Deus closed his mouth.

He had destabilized the order of the world.

It was something done in uncontrollable anger, but it seemed to be without much forethought.

“What now?”

“I don’t know either.”

“One thing is clear: we lost our revenue source.”

“Do you really care about that?”

“Of course, it concerns me.”

“I really can’t understand you, my Lord.”

“There’s nothing to understand.”

“Besides, my Lord.”

“What now?”

“What are your plans for Darosu’s successor? We can’t leave the seat of the Lord of Gluttony empty, can we?”

“Let the remaining five dukes handle it.”

“It’s not that simple. They all think too highly of themselves to just…”

“Let them fight to the death. Wouldn’t that be to your advantage? The remaining five dukes would be weakened.”

“Ah, yes, that’s one way too.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Hahaha. I do like the idea, but we cannot leave it be. It would weaken the power of the Demon World.”

Deus raised his head to look at Alex.

Steering the carriage, he seemed to have spent most of his life worried about the Demon World.

A loyal servant indeed.

“Whoever is the child of Darosu or whatever, let them inherit it. That would be the most natural choice.”

“May I relay that as an order of the Demon King?”

“Do as you please.”

“Then I will take care of it myself.”

After riding in the bumpy carriage along the rough path for half a day, the two were able to enter the grounds of Zoric Castle once again.

There were many things to be curious about, but Zike welcomed the return of his comrade (?) in silence.

Deus left a terse greeting and headed to the private chambers, while Alex checked the status of the shop in his absence.

The next morning.

As soon as Deus woke up, he opened his eyes wide and sat up in bed.

“Isn’t it time you showed yourself properly?”

“You noticed?”

“Of course.”


“When you died.”

“Perhaps my acting was lacking.”

The door opened.

From there, the woman with a calm demeanor, Jinkyum-yong Yulgum, revealed herself.

“Didn’t I look truly dead?”

Yulgum was smiling.

Seeing her smile, Deus felt a surge of anger in his heart.

“This damn woman…”

“I should be the one angry. It felt like being slapped out of nowhere as I sat.”

“You weren’t caught off guard, were you?”

“Do you still believe I killed Darosu, the Duke of Gluttony?”

“There’s no proof. But all the stories lead back to you.”

“Because of the reason that he created the mold?”

“Did you already know?”

“I recognized Darosu’s signature at a glance. But having seen it, I was the first to rule him out as a suspect.”

Yulgum cheerfully flopped down on the bed.

“You’re really simple-minded.” Deus frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“What did you think? That I was using Darosu to concoct some scheme?”

“Isn’t that the case?”

“Of course not.”

“And the proof?”

“You should provide proof. Just because I’m smiling now doesn’t mean I’m in a good mood. Haven’t you forgotten how many of my kind you’ve killed?”

Deus looked Yulgum straight in the eye.

“That’s not what you really wanted to talk about, is it?”

“Be honest, will you?”

“…thank you.”


“I’m grateful, you narrow-minded demon!”

Yulgum suddenly gave thanks.

Just as she said, Deus killed dragons and in front of everyone, attacked Yulgum as well.

Officially, Yulgum was now a deceased entity.

Yet, she was thanking Deus.

“Then let’s hear it. Why suddenly choose death? No, why pretend to be dead?”

“I thought you’d notice. I thought you’d see what I wanted.”

“I did notice. You were suddenly showing your weakness and begging me to kill you – how could any fool miss that?”

“The world is full of fools.”

“Well, I did as you wished and killed you, so tell me. I’m so curious I can’t even sleep.”

“You slept snoring.”

“Were you watching all night?”

“I told you, I tagged you with a feather.”

“You might as well take that off now.”

“I don’t want to.”


“Call me spy, at least.”

Deus felt the conversation meandering and steered it back to the main topic.

“I was fully intending to kill you.”

“I know. But it wouldn’t be easy, would it?”

“Shall we try again?”

“I surrender.”

Yulgum laughed and raised her hands.

Deus, out of energy, shook his head and gave up.

“You really…”

“I found Darosu’s signature too, just like I said. I couldn’t miss it. An archdevil who has built a reputation over 666 centuries as one of the Seven Duchies of the Demon World. I knew all his habits and powers.”


“But I still haven’t figured out why his name was on those fungal spores. Whether it was someone’s request or an imitation of his signature.”


“If it was really a request, I was actually considering you as the potential client.”


“Yes, because you’re the Demon King. I suspected you might have wanted to use the fungus to divide us dragons and humans.”

“That’s in the past tense.”

“When you crossed the boundary of Cheongokgyeong and began slaughtering my family, my suspicions were completely lifted.”

“Because you realized I’m suspecting you?”

“No, I really thought you were pretending to be a fool, then I realized you’re just a fool.”

Deus frowned.

Again, Yulgum laughed.

“It’s like you said. On one side Darosu, and on the other, both of us suspecting each other. Meanwhile, the real culprit is taking his own life… To find out the truth, I had no choice.”

“So that’s why you pretended to be dead?”

“Yes. Whoever was behind this didn’t expect the Demon King to kill Jinkyum-yong. That’s too big of an incident.”

“And if they did expect it?”

“It’s the same outcome. Now that the goal is accomplished, they’ll certainly start to act more openly.”

“You still suspect the hard-line dragons of conspiring with the Demon Realm?”

“That’s part of it.”

Yulgum sighed briefly and then spoke again.

“It’s truly an era of great chaos.”

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