Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 31

8. Battling the Dragon God (1)

Dragons, unlike humans, did not have a government. They were deeply engrossed in their own affairs, trapped within myriad sceneries akin to grapes on a vine. The interiors of these realms were interconnected by twisted corridors as complex as the branches that bind the grapes together. Deus walked along one such pathway.

While dragons were known for their individualism, they were not indifferent to external invasions. Deus was blocked by three Blue Dragons; one amongst them was of Elder rank — akin to a human elder or senator with thousands of years of powerful existence.

“What are you?” an Elder Dragon asked, eyeing Deus suspiciously.

But the only response returned was, “Where is the True Gold Dragon?”

“You must be a demon,” the Elder Dragon discerned.

Deus did not refute the statement.

“A demon dares to cross into the boundary of the realms, attacking the Azure Jade Realm! Do you understand the gravity of your actions?”

“Gravity? That’s none of your concern. Summon the True Gold Dragon. That alone will suffice as the right to continue your existence.”

“How audacious!”

“Who is the ignorant one here? You or me? I ask for the last time: where is the path that leads to the True Gold Dragon?”

The Elder Dragon furrowed its brows. The dragons beside him, also Blue Dragons, had long been itching to attack Deus.

However, the Elder Dragon took a more cautious approach due to the unnerving aura emanating from their opponent. In fact, invaders were already reported in the Blue Dragons’ domain within minutes, and casualties were inflicted by the same individual. He was powerful, but dragons were even more so.

“Depart, young demon. Your strength has been noted. The blood debt you incurred today shall be claimed by your king in the future.”

Deus raised his eyes to meet the Elder Dragon. A spark ignited within his indifferent gaze; his lips twitched.

“The blood debt,” he murmured, a hint of anger in his voice, before slowly closing his eyes. “You, too, have forfeited your last chance.”

“What do you mean…?”

The Elder Dragon was unable to finish his sentence. Death came swiftly. The darkness unleashed from his foe’s fingertips reduced the dragon’s massive form into black ash.

Deus pointed at a younger dragon nearby. Paralyzed by the sight of their kin dying without resistance, the young dragons froze.

“Speak. How do I meet the True Gold Dragon?”

The Blue Dragon, under Deus’s pointed finger, clenched its jaws. Despite trying to appear calm, the tremors could not be stopped.

“Who are you…?”

“Do not expect any further mercy. Answer me. Where is the True Gold Dragon?”

Hesitant, the dragon glanced to the side. The two Blue Dragons exchanged a look and soared into the sky, leaving behind a trail of blue light and disappearing into the distance through the Azure Jade Realm.

Deus did not bother to chase them. He would rather they return with more comrades, for that would only serve his interests. It was, after all, a shortcut to the True Gold Dragon.

If asked whether Deus had any particular affection for Darosh, he would unequivocally deny it. He had thrown off the fate of a king and had no interest in petty squabbles with the human world. The seven Dukes of the demonic world were the vanguard of war, and Deus had not a shred of agreement with their proposition to conquer humanity.

Yet, if asked if these were his family, he would nod without hesitation—not out of affection or dislike, but as a matter entirely separate from personal preference. Deus continued on his sticky journey. The Azure Jade Realm, filled with blue gems, was so complex that even Deus could not navigate it.

He knew not the way back to the realm’s boundary. But it did not matter. His only objective was to crush every opponent in his path. Moments ago, six Blue Dragons had joined forces to attack him. Despite their formidable combat prowess, the disparity in strength was clear. They were dispatched as easily as one kicks away pebbles. With this, the number of dragons slain by Deus in this place had reached double digits.

The Elder Dragon’s words of a blood debt and the weight of his deeds grew heavier. It was just right for Deus—slaying and destruction fit him best.


“This monstrous fiend, daring to wreak havoc in the Azure Jade Realm.”

“Accursed demon, I shall tear you apart and drench this land with your blood!”

Three platoons, a total of thirty dragons, surrounded Deus. He turned to face them. No joy in such a moment; yet, he smiled. The scent of the enemy’s blood on his hand became a powerful stimulant, exhilarating his spirit.

“Pitiful mortals! Tell me, where is the True Gold Dragon?”


Led by the commanders of the three platoons, the dragons charged at Deus en masse, like hungry beasts swarming their prey.

But it was a grand start that led to a dismal conclusion.

“Shadowy Spirit Spiral Burst.”

A whisper barely audible, and hundreds of meters were swallowed by a vortex of darkness. The green trees, bejeweled with blue, disappeared without a trace along with every life inside them.

In one strike, a full platoon vanished.

The other dragons hesitated, instinctively backing away at the sight of hell unfolding before them. Even the bravest combatants among the Azure Jade dragons were paralyzed before such devastation.

The platoon leaders shared a desperate look. There was but one path left before them: death. Only a contest of who could die the most valiantly awaited.

“By the gods…”

A dragon’s murmur was met with the disapproving glares from the others. One platoon leader glared openly.


The blasphemous dragon shuddered at his own words, realizing too late the taboo he had spoken.

“Do not blame him.”

A woman sighed as she walked between the dragons. It was the True Gold Dragon, Yuulgeum. The sight of the golden woman brought an air of sorrow with her gaze upon Deus.

The dragons’ deity, the True Gold Dragon. To call upon her was surprisingly simple: a dragon only needed to earnestly seek divine help.

Deus sneered, revealing his fangs in a smile, meeting Yuulgeum’s challenge.

“Damned woman.”

Yuulgeum sighed again.

“Unfortunate man.”

Soon after, Deus and Yuulgeum vanished from the sight of dragons.

Surrounded by the fragrance of gold, Deus found himself in a realm crafted by Yuulgeum, an illusory space.

“You seem to be cultivating molds under your arm.”

Yuulgeum’s opening remarks drained the strength out of Deus’s shoulders as if deflated.

“I am not in the mood for jokes.”

“I’m not really joking, either. You’ve slaughtered dozens of my children.”

“Blood must be repaid with blood.”

Yuulgeum’s expression darkened at his words.

“The aggressor masquerading as the victim—what case is this?”

“You’d like to believe it’s all a reversal of roles.”

“Are you stark mad?”

“I am mad. To be deceived by the likes of a True Gold Dragon—only a madman could endure it.”

“Are you saying I deceived you?”

“Or did I deceive you?”

“What exactly are you talking about?”

“Let’s drop it. There’s no point in admitting to anything. We are demons and dragons, after all. We’re not meant to resolve this through conversation.”

Deus slightly lifted his head to look down on the True Gold Dragon.

“For the deceit I suffered, pay with your life.”

“Fine, let’s see. Let’s test the power of the 666th new Demon King.”

Yuulgeum said, smiling yet her eyes hardened with fury. A demon had invaded the Azure Jade Realm, taking dozens of lives. There was no rationale for her not to feel enraged.

Deus clenched and unclenched his fists. His opponent was the True Gold Dragon, one of the deities that divided the world into three: the god of dragons. Whether Yuulgeum truly possessed the power she was said to have, Deus did not know. But he did not need to fear.

Like the dragons’ deity, he was the deity of demons.

His fist shot out, sharp as a spike. No need for tricks; he concentrated all his force into a single point.

Soul-Quelling Shadow Piercing Strike.

Into this blow were melded the fighting spirits of the Demon Kings over 666 centuries.

Yuulgeum danced. In her name was the word rhythm, and her movements were as musical as her name suggested. Sometimes lively, sometimes gentle.

Expanding and contracting, the dance enveloped the entire space gently.

Both Soul-Quelling Shadow Piercing Strike and True Gold Dance mingled together.

Spindle and sack.

One sought to envelop; the other to pierce.

At every clash, both suffered wounds.

Blood flowed from Yuulgeum’s lips, and half of Deus’s face was torn apart, flesh hanging in tatters.

The fight between life and death shook the very fabric of existence.

Countless dimensions were born and perished between their fists and palms, and innumerable chains of causality were destroyed within.

Deus looked at Yuulgeum again.

She was strong. This woman was indeed formidable, bereft of any apparent weakness.

But I am stronger.

He poured all his demonic energy into the Shadow Piercing Strike, concentrating a relentless flow of darkness into a fine point.

For an instant, Yuulgeum’s dance faltered. Though the tremor was momentary, Deus seized it.

He swung his hidden hand.

The Shadow Piercing Strike compressed power; Shadowy Spirit Spiral Burst unleashed boldness, pulverizing all in a blast of void.

A massive explosion writhed around Yuulgeum’s form like a whirlwind.

Her body was swallowed by the darkness. Pulled into a vortex and then torn apart by broken space-time, she dispersed in all directions.

Staggering from the intense shock, Yuulgeum crumpled to the floor and spat blood. She glowered at Deus with pent-up fury, then collapsed forward.

The True Gold Dragon was defeated.

The golden aura that she had created shattered, like flaking frescoes from ancient ceilings, tearing apart until nothing remained.

The Blue Dragons were horror-struck.

The demon had seized the True Gold Dragon’s neck.

Seemingly on the verge of snapping it, Deus held the frail neck of the True Gold Dragon and looked around.

News of Yuulgeum’s defeat and capture swept through the countless realms.

Elder Dragons convened in the Azure Jade Realm, and dragons by the tens of thousands encircled Deus and Yuulgeum.

No one dared speak, fear of provoking the enemy silencing all.

The standoff stretched on indefinitely.

Deus, still clasping Yuulgeum’s neck, stood frozen as if turned to stone.

With an indifferent gaze, he looked at the woman in his grasp. With a squeeze of his hand, the True Gold Dragon would be erased from this world.

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