Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 30

Chapter 7: Resolving to Duel (4)

Zeke laughed awkwardly.

At that moment, Deus waved his hand towards Yulkim.

“Let’s stop egging this on just for kicks, shall we?”

“It’s not teasing I’m after.”

“You’ll just become a plaything for the powers that be. A fifth-generation hero might be of use in war, but a fourth-generation hero is hardly the same, right? Even if you were to participate in war, you wouldn’t be on the front lines.”

Resources were concentrated in the fifth generation.

Even if a fourth generation had pure heritage, they were simply too old to be heroes now.

Human energy was not infinite.

While skills could improve and muscles could strengthen, the energy of life invariably waned from its peak in one’s teens.

Deus continued speaking.

“That headmaster or whatever he is… surely he knew this when he tried to give you a C grade. I thought he was acting weird, but overwhelming a hero who lacks a family’s support with a high grade is just torment. A hero with just 10 percent. Sure, everyone may welcome you warmly at first. But what comes after? Ultimately, a fourth generation is just a stepping stone for the fifth generation heroes.”

Yulkim shrugged his shoulders.

“You win fame and wealth, at least.”

“Those are not given by others, they are won by myself. Novices often don’t end up well, you know.”

“You come from such novice notoriety yourself,” Deus snorted.

“I earned all this myself.”

“Nothing was handed to you? Not even from the previous generation.”

“The legacy of the previous generation? That’s mine too.”

“Greedy, aren’t you?”

“And this is mine too.”

Deus picked up the biggest skewer that had just come out and took a bite in one go!

Yulkim puffed his cheeks, trying to stifle the urge to burst out in anger, and sighed.

“B grade might be better. Climbing too high is…”

Hero and Demon King.

It seemed a brutally cruel fate to Zeke when Deus had to cross swords with each other.

Yulkim put a skewer into his mouth.

What do I care about what happens 20 years in the future?

The liquor is delicious, and the side dishes are even better.

Sitting on the bed, his head thumping, Deus looked ahead.

There was Alex.

What a subtly complicated expression!

He had woken up from sleep, stretched refreshingly, left the house to eat brunch, and found the sun was setting. That was the look he had.

“So what’s up?”

“My lord.”

“Why bring in a dark mood all of a sudden?”

“For 666 centuries, we, the seven dukes, have served the Demon King’s lineage.”

“Six dukes.”

“…Yes, we six dukes have loyally served our Demon King with one heart.”

“Tell that to the previous 665 Demon Kings, not me.”

“It’s the same now.”

“You’re weird.”

“My lord.”

“Stop trying to be heavyweight, it’s not working. I’m tired of it.”

“Darosh has taken his own life.”

“Whether Darosh killed himself or whatever, I don’t…”

Deus’s voice stopped.

“In my presence, he took his life at dawn today.”

The hangover vanished.

Deus’s face resembled someone who had just woken up, stretched comfortably, and then realized the night had come.

“He took his own poison, unable to speak or reveal, worried only about burdening you, my lord.”

Alex continued speaking with a wry smile.

“Now you truly have six dukes.”

“Ah, this is insane.”

Deus sighed deeply.

“My lord, whatever you may think, we dukes are not mere pawns to be used and discarded. We pride ourselves on being the pillars that uphold the Demon Realm.”

That’s not it.

But these words did not come out.

“My lord, tonight there is a funeral for Darosh.”


“Yes, my lord.”

“Prepare black attire.”

“Yes. As dark as night, as deep as the abyss, I will prepare it.”

The city of a thousand towers.

Magic city Aidós.

A city created by the Demon King, and one that continued to evolve.

High towers and bridges connecting them formed the landscape of the Demon Realm.

From the Demon King’s tower, seven roads branched out, each leading to one of the seven dukes’ towers.

One of these towers, Darosh’s, would have its lights out tonight.

Those not permitted to ascend and those seated at the mourning hall would equally feel a mix of sorrow, pain, grief, and resentment.

After the funeral, Darosh’s body was transferred to the purgatorial flames.

Deus, cloaked in profound gloom, walked along the Demon Realm’s streets ensnared in odd sentiment.

He had no desire to be a Demon King. But…

He did not dislike it here.

Nor did he dislike those living here.

Deus was at the forefront of the funeral procession.

Beasts with the heads of creatures.

Demons shaking their long horns.

Demi-humans with blue and greenish skin.

In front of all these distorted and twisted beings, the 666th Demiurge walked with weary steps.

In that place where scarlet lava swirled, Darosh’s coffin was thrown into the flames.

The fire consumed black, white, yellow, and blue to its own color.

After the funeral, Deus immediately left the Demon Realm.

Countless questions were swallowed in each and every mouth, and the Demon Realm lost its new King to an inexorable fate.

“Looks like someone’s passed away?”

Alex stayed underground to close the funeral proceedings, while Deus, returning alone, collapsed into a late-night street stall.

With just the fragrance of tribute and a stark black suit, death was intuitively apparent.

To Zeke’s inquiry, Deus nodded.

“There was this crocodile-looking funny guy. Could you roll me a beef noodle soup?”

“Yes, Lord Deus.”

Thick noodles were immersed in boiling water.

Broth simmering with fish cake was poured over, topped with a sprinkle of chili powder and green onions.

The spicy broth had an addictive bite that caught slightly in the throat.

“He didn’t deserve to die. There must be thousands, no, millions across the world who would want him dead, yet nobody succeeded. But today, he just vanished pathetically.”

“That is indeed regrettable.”

“No need for such grown-up words.”

“Is that so?”

Deus slurped the noodle soup. Something stuck in his throat seemed to wash down with the noodles.

“Never teach anyone your broth recipe.”

“Is it good?”

“Do you think I’d come here every day for fun?”

“Thank you.”

“I do have the time, though.”

“That so?”

“But man, I don’t need a reason to be at this place if the food is bad, right? I haven’t really tried food from elsewhere.”

“Which is it, sir? Good or not?”

“It’s good.”

Deus took another sip of the broth and addressed Zeke.

“But you know.”

“Yes, Lord Deus.”

“I have no interest in letting those who touch my family live.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Who could it be? There are enough beings capable of killing Darosh, but not many that could drive him to suicide in desperation.”



“All clues point to that damn woman. She approached me out of the blue and handed over her problems to me. She’s made sure that I can’t help but suspect her by involving Darosh’s Spider Venom as a catalyst.”

As Deus muttered, swirling his drink, Zeke shivered with a fearful emotion.

But that was not the end.

As Deus grew more fearsome, Zeke found a light growing inside him.

It became the source of courage to overcome fear.

“Instead of suspicion, engage in dialogue. That’s what I learned from my father.”

“That stage has passed. The dead do not return.”

“Lord Deus…”


“Yes, Lord Deus.”

“I’ll be gone for a few days.”


“There’ll be no master or steward.”


“I’ll leave the armory in your care. Take good care of it.”

“Is there anything I can do to help…”

“No, you mustn’t get involved. Managing the shop well is enough.”


Deus poured another glass to the brim, gazing straight at Zeke.



“If I don’t return, the shop is yours.”


Deus got up and turned away.

His adversary was Jin Geum-yong.

Could he win?

He couldn’t answer that question.

The demonic energy seethed deep within him.

He planned to use all his strength.

Until either she fell or he did until that very last moment.

The Boundary of Scenery.

The Boundary of Scenery was a portal leading to the realm where dragons lived, often called the entrance to a dungeon.

Humans unaware of the boundary point simply remembered it as a dungeon.

The Boundary of Yulkim’s residence, Hwang Ok-kyung, was unknowable.

He had been there once before, but had not passed through the Boundary of Scenery, having been led by Yulkim.

Wondering how he should get there was moot…

Deus stepped resolutely into any Boundary of Scenery.

A mild resistance was felt.

“Minor trickery.”

He raised his nails and scratched forwards.

The sharpened blade of darkness tore through the boundary’s barrier.

Step by step.

He shed the weak and petty guise of humanity.

His form did not change dramatically. Horns did not grow, nor scales sprout on his skin.

Darkness spawned from him, coloring the surroundings.

Blue flames danced upon his body.

The ground he stepped on lost life, and his exhaled breath turned poisonous, destroying living things.

The 666th Demiurge.

Not perfect but infinitely close.

The day the Demon King set foot in the Blue Jade Scenery was about 20 years before the Descent Day.

The rulers of the Blue Jade Scenery were blue dragons.

In Horus, these creatures were called Blue Dragons.

With four long triangular wings unfurled, their two tails wielded powerful blue magic.

Approached by a dragon sensing his nearness to the boundary, it attacked.

“How dare you violate the boundary of Blue Jade Scenery! You are out of your mind!”

“I ask.”


“Tell me the way to Jin Geum-yong. If you refuse, your life is forfeit.”


The Blue Dragon bared his teeth with a hollow laugh.

“Crossing the boundary to assault our kin. You won’t beg for your life later, will you?”

Deus addressed him again.

“I ask. Where must I go to meet Jin Geum-yong?”


The Blue Dragon swiped his sharp claws, attempting to crush Deus’s head.

The insignificant being would burst like a fly!

Amused by the overreaction, the dragon slowly raised his hand.

Yet, the human adversary remained unscathed.

Unperturbed, the man lifted his head with an expression devoid of emotion.

“Colossal beast, you’ve lost your last chance.”

He raised his hand.

The Blue Dragon was disintegrated by the black energy that emanated from him, down to the molecular level.

What remained were a few pieces of flesh, emanating a foul stench as they crumbled, and the man continued deeper into the Blue Jade Scenery in search of the next dragon.

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