Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 3

3. Renouncing the Demon King

As Deus strode out of the ruined royal palace, his steps seemed enervated. Alex followed by his side, reflecting on the deeds Deus had committed. The castle was destroyed, and numerous corpses screamed like hell on earth. Although humans couldn’t hear it, demons, who could meddle with death, heard it differently.

“You carried out quite a spectacle there.”

“What, this is nothing.”

“But have you considered returning to the demon world and taking up the role of the Demon King again?”

“No, I hate that. I’m not going to be the Demon King.”

“But are you not already an excellent Demon King? Upon arriving in the human world, you immediately tried to seize the biggest kingdom and claimed its princess.”

Without a word, Deus walked a few steps more before turning to look at Alex.

“Does this look like the work of a Demon King to you?”

“Of course.”

“And if I’m not the Demon King, then isn’t it normal for a human to attack a kingdom?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that… But do you wish to be an ordinary human?”

“No, not really. Anything but the Demon King is fine.”

“Hmm, do you have a specific reason you attacked this kingdom?”

“A reason?”

“Yes, perhaps for a land you considered as your territory, or out of vengeance for a loved one killed, or even annoyance prompted by the king’s nerve. An explanation for attacking their kingdom.”

“There’s no such thing. It’s just the biggest kingdom around. Since I intend to live in the human world from now on, I thought why not become a king? I certainly can’t be a slave.”

“That’s quite extreme.”

“If you’re going to be a king anyway, it might as well be of a large country.”

Alex stopped and clapped his hands.

“You truly are a splendid Demon King. How wicked is this line of thinking?”

“I told you, I’m not doing it.”

“So what will you do now?”

“That is…”

Deus fell into thought.

While observing him, Alex said,

“Maybe you’re considering quietly taking over a smaller country, being an inconspicuous ruler and such?”

Deus didn’t respond, so Alex spoke again.

“You’ve made quite a mess this time, perhaps next time you’ll do it quietly. Truly a thought process befitting a Demon King.”

“I’m not!”

“You’re silence is answer enough.”

Deus closed his mouth then.

Alex offered his loyal counsel.

“Please return to the Demon Castle. Just 20 more years of training in the Demon King Martial Arts (魔王武) and your power will be complete. Once that happens, the demon world will be entirely yours.”

“I don’t need it. I’m not going to be the Demon King.”

“Return to the demon world and strengthen your powers. Become the ultimate Demon King and conquer the human world. Perhaps this time, our Demon King army could triumph.”

Deus’s eyebrows twitched.

“What do you mean perhaps? Not even sure of it yourself? Not much confidence, for the Demon King’s closest confidant?”

For the first time, Alex looked flustered.

“Well, it’s because… we’ve always lost.”

Deus’s face contorted in anger.

“Quiet, Alex.”

Silence lingered between the two for a while.

After deep thought, Deus broke the silence.

“I’ll become a hero instead.”

“Pardon? I didn’t hear you correctly.”

Shooting Alex a glare, Deus repeated,

“A hero.”

“As in a type of bear?”

“Stop joking around.”

“You must be joking. A hero, really?”

“It’s a good idea, actually. The best place to hide a tree is in a forest.”

“But you are not a tree; you’re the Demon King.”

Deus wasn’t listening anymore.

“Is there a training center or the like? If a war with the demon world is planned in 20 years, there might be a huge shortage of people by then.”

“Do you even know what being a hero entails?”

“How would you know how to become a hero?”

“Even though I’m your demon nanny and private tutor.”

Alex cleared his throat and began,

“First of all, you need a special birth.”

“I am special. Born to a father who can impregnate with just a touch.”

At this, Alex grimaced.

“That’s— And then, trials from evil!”

“Weren’t you a devil? You tormented me plenty during my tutoring.”

“That was discipline!”

“All those who strike claim that. From the other side, it’s plain persecution.”

“I’m aggrieved.”

“Anyway, what are the next conditions?”

“You need a call from the gods.”

“Well, let’s assume that happened. It’s between the gods and me, not something others would know, right?”

“That’s obviously too much to ask for. The Holy Chancery will demand the sacred stigmata.”


Alex bowed his head again.

“Please return with me. Your Highness, there is much you still have to learn. Your duties are like a mountain.”

“I said no.”

“How can a Demon King be a hero? Only Bloods can be heroes.”

“Ah! That’s it!”

A realization dawned on Deus’s face.

“What nonsensical thought have you come up with now?”

“I didn’t say I’d be a hero.”


“But what about being the hero’s companion? It doesn’t matter if you’re not a Blood for that. Heroes overcome the crises, companions just fall first and take care of the rear.”

“That’s a crooked way of thinking… but not entirely removed from reality.”

“Let the hero do all the hard work, I’ll lie low and just sip on the spoils. How about that? Glory for me, the toil for you.”

“You are truly wicked.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

Deus continued, smiling.

“A real hero won’t be active until 20 years from now. They’ve either just been born or are about to be. The level of the current Bloods is just outdated models from a generation ago.”

“There are no completed heroes yet. That means it’s now time for the 4th generation.”

“The scale of adventures at present is diminished. Even if they slay a dragon, they can’t defeat a Name.”

“Wait, so you seriously intend to accompany a hero?”

“Are you smelling with your ears? Why don’t you understand?”

“Smell is the fifth tentacle’s responsibility.”

Ignoring the joking Alex, Deus spread his wings widely in anticipation.

“Let’s forget about the remarkable offspring who’ll fight the Demon King and join the ranks of an average hero, say around the 4th or 500th spot. I’ll mix in there, gain fame hunting moderate monsters. That should certainly lead to a top 2% lifestyle amongst humans, right?”

“That’s a modestly specific dream of a lesser scale.”

“Don’t scoff at the top 2%, imp.”

“With a population of 100 million, 2% is 2 million. If there’s something more ambiguous than the Demon King living as the 2 millionth wealthiest person in the human world, please enlighten me.”

“Happiness comes from within.”

“Don’t gloss over with the words of a sage. Sages are our enemies; prominent in holy crusades against the Demon King.”

“Ah, can’t hear you. Let’s go, but where to?”

All Alex could do was sigh in response to Deus’s question.

They stood on a hill overlooking Akoma Castle—a fortress with an octagonal wall surrounded by a deep moat, throngs of caravans moving to and fro. The stronghold stood magnificently, symbolizing the prosperity of the continent.

From the hill where the kingdom was within sight, Alex busily drew on the ground, explaining.

“This is Horseshoe Continent.”

“It looks like a horse.”

“That’s why we use the ancient word for horse for the continent’s name, as I’ve explained to you several times.”

“I didn’t remember well since my intent was to destroy it all and drench the place with the blood of its people once I descended. The geography would change anyway.”

“Even for a Demon King, that’s a bit much.”

“Can’t change the geography?”

“You could destroy or remove a mountain or two with consistent digging and wreckage, but is that your intention?”

“No, a single explosion!”

“One or two castles, maybe, but nature operates on a different scale.”

“Demon King Martial Arts is nothing much then.”

“You have strange notions, my lord. Anyway, the Verde Kingdom is located near the heart of the horse. Central to the entire continent. This location with thick forests is the Horseshoe Spine, where the Holy Chancery is hidden.”

“So what?”

“It means heroes will have to gather in the Verde Kingdom.”

“Too high level?”

“Yes. The average heroes that you seek will cluster near the horse’s head or hindquarters.”

“And the entrance to the Demon Castle is here.”

“Yes, around the horse’s foreleg.”

“Then let’s go to the back leg.”

“That would be Gellon Kingdom.”

“Good, let’s go. Fetch a horse.”

Alex shook his head.


“Is it a matter of money? Should I go back to the castle and pick up some?”

“In Horseshoe Continent, only nobles are allowed to ride horses. The available transportation is carts.”

“What’s so troublesome about that?”

“That’s just how humans are. Shall we return to the demon world instead?”

“Forget it. Just get a cart.”

“It’ll be faster on foot. Or you could ride one of the kingdom’s long-distance carriages.”

“Oh, I’ve ridden that before.”

Deus nodded, arms crossed.

“Then let’s take that.”

“Luckily, you didn’t suggest walking.”

The Thorneado family, which operated between the national capitals, owned the large carriages. Renowned for their shock-absorbent design, the Thorneado carriages were being marketed as comfortable for long journeys, sparing the traveler from buttock fatigue. Even the waiting area boasted large signs proclaiming, “Ride the Thorneado carriages without an aching rear.”

The atmosphere in the carriage terminal was chaotic. Soldiers examined each passenger and rummaged through their belongings.

“A criminal might have escaped.”

“What exactly?”

“You really are oblivious to your surroundings, my lord.”

“I don’t care about trivial matters.”

“That grandeur! Truly befitting a Demon King.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“It’s not flattery.”

As the two engaged in banter, the soldiers approached.

They inspected them from head to toe and demanded sternly,

“We are the Akoma Guard. Show us your identification.”

Deus waved off indifferently.

“Move along. I am no suspicious person.”

Alex let out a dry laugh.

“Endlessly suspicious, if I may say.”

“Quiet, imp.”

“Our castle’s business isn’t trivial!”

Despite the soldier’s tough talk, Deus showed no reaction, merely glared.


Most don’t move just because they’re told so, but, astonishingly, the soldier saluted.


Then he moved on to interrogate the neighboring passengers alongside a colleague.

“Should you really be using your powers like that? Weren’t you intending to assimilate into the human world?”

Alex asked, still watching the soldier.

“Me? Assimilate?”

“Yes. You fled the demon world because you despised being the Demon King.”

“You thought I wouldn’t use the power of the Demon King?”

“Don’t most hide their power, live as ordinary humans, and then awaken in a moment of peril?”

“The money in my pocket is mine. The power in my body is mine. What’s wrong with using what’s mine?”

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