Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 24

6. Searching for Dragons (Part 2)

While Zeke marveled at the underwater world, Alex guided them forward.

“A whole dragon?”

“Yes. There’s one that hasn’t been disassembled yet, submerged not far from here.”

“The one we were looking for?”

“I’m not sure. I only confirmed that it was blue.”

“That increases the likelihood.”

Deus strode with purposeful steps toward the deeper parts of the lake.

A depth of roughly 100 meters—more than any ordinary person could reach without diving gear.

It was the middle of the night, and the absence of light made it feel like they were fumbling through darkness.

Upon reaching a certain spot, Alex lifted his hand, and a dazzling light materialized, forming patterns in the surroundings.

Zeke stepped back in surprise. It was a sight one would not easily forget—the lifeless dragon was entangled in chains, floating in the water.


“It’s merely a corpse after death.”

“That’s no excuse to disregard respect for the deceased.”

“My apologies for the oversight.”

Deus stepped forward, caressing the nose of the deceased dragon.

“Dragons and humans have a non-aggression pact. We only have the right to kill a dragon if it attacks a human first—it rarely happens. In theory, dragons shouldn’t be dying.”

“Yet hardliners among the dragons sometimes attack humans.”

“Their numbers are few, aren’t they?”

“That’s true. Maybe one every few decades.”

“Human greed knows no bounds. One dragon per few decades must have felt insufficient.”

“Are you suggesting humans are behind the fungal spores?”

Deus hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Did Yulgeum suspect as much and thus contacted me?”

“There’s no way for her to act without evidence. Given her significant presence—”

Alex’s monologue trailed off into a wry smile as he gazed at the entity before him.

He had said that True Golden Dragon Yulgeum was a substantial figure, but it did not necessarily mean that the Demon King was any less imposing.

What had compelled him to act?

“I feel like I’m being used for some absurd task.”

“It’s too late for regrets now. Let’s collect some scales and head back.”

“How many should we take?”

“Enough to not arouse suspicion.”

It seemed out of character for them to not skin the entire hide at once, likely indicating another plan was afoot.

Alex detached about three scales from various parts of the body, storing them in his bag.

Returning to Jorik Castle the next day, Alex nonchalantly went to work at the shop.

Deus observed passersby while sitting on a rocking chair in the shop’s garden, and Alex scurried around receiving updates on the shop’s activities while it was unattended.

Zeke continued to skillfully tend to menial tasks.

From cleaning to stock arrangement and sales, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Though his abilities as a hero were subcontracted, he excelled as a handyman.

Deus rocked in the chair, feeling drowsy.

Disguising as a human seemed to have influenced more than just appearance—he was even emulating their tendencies.

After an indeterminable period, perhaps having dozed off, he woke to the sense of the sun being obscured.

“Are you here?”


It was Yulgeum.

Under her parasol, she held a melancholic smile.

“You received a report from Alex?”


“Tell me the truth. You already knew, didn’t you? What became of it.”

“I’d rather not answer.”

“So, are the scales black or white?”


Yulgeum’s response momentarily tensed Deus’s body.

The Violator of the peace treaty was a hero’s family—the ones responsible for killing the unconscious dragon.

But was this violation alone enough to start a war?

Or seek retribution from the Holyspruce family as the responsible party?

Even a moment’s contemplation was headache-inducing.

Deus shook his head.

“All I need is my payment.”

“I’ll give it to you. Work has already started on forging weapons worth a total of 3,000 gold coins.”

“That’s quite the sum.”

“It’s your bonus.”

“As it should be.”

Deus motioned to Yulgeum.

“Don’t shade the sun. Think a little more brightly.”

But Yulgeum did not appear inclined to agree.

She stood still, offering only a compassionate smile.

“That look won’t work on me.”

“What kind of look is it?”

“Like a hungry puppy.”

“Do you prefer cats? Then shall I make this face?”

Yulgeum rounded her eyes wide like marbles.

“It’s even more irritating.”

“You favor dogs, I see.”

“I don’t subscribe to either.”

“Will you at least listen?”

“No need.”

“You seem awfully averse to discussing the clandestine dragon hunting by humans.”

“Transforming back into my true dragon form to scorch the land should settle it. After all, I have both the right and the power.”

“Can’t do that.”


“Because the dragon that died had attacked a human village first.”

Deus caught himself at his words.

The blue dragon that died had assaulted Joriks, and it was none other than Zeke behind the masked hero disguise and himself who had subdued it.

While the subduing was an act, the dragon’s frenzy was real—whether controlled by malevolent magic or driven mad either way.

Deus rumpled his hair. If they hadn’t found a resolution alive, this dire outcome was inevitable.

“I appreciate it.”

“What for?”

“Just finding the whereabouts is enough.”

“I didn’t do this for praise or thanks.”

“Then what can I do for you?”

“Why persist so tediously? I won’t accept any overly complicated requests. Money is good, but there are things more important than that.”

“And those are?”

“My peace of mind.”

“Then you must help me more so.”

“If this matter worsens, human tranquility will be utterly shattered.”

Deus looked at Yulgeum.

He could see a trace of ire in her eyes—The wrath of the Dragon Emperor, slowly leaking through a carefully maintained exterior.

“The hardliners have started to take notice. Dragons that don’t align with them are dying out amidst human realms, even juveniles not a century old.”

“Youths are known for their disobedience to parents.”

“Would be a relief if that were the case, but no dragon is buying that.”

“Do dragons intend to wage war on humans?”

Yulgeum sipped her condensed milk-laced coffee instead of answering.

“Everything is at the mercy of the gods.”

“Aren’t you the god of dragons?”

“That included.”

The war between dragons and humans.

The mere thought electrified Deus with excitement.

How much blood would be spilled? A river of human blood would carry dragon corpses downstream.

Should such an event occur, it would merit a hilltop tea party, right amongst the dead—the perfect view.

“Don’t revel in it.”


“Yes, your eagerness is obvious.”

“Far from it. Regardless, if you want war, have it. The dragonkind rising would erase humans in an instant, wouldn’t they?”

“Unfortunately, not the case.”


“Let’s flip the question. If the Demon King led his army to the surface, couldn’t he instantly erase humanity?”

“Ha, ha, ha.”

Deus laughed dryly.

A dream unfulfilled over the past 665 centuries.

“Demons are no less formidable than our dragonkind. Each human is pathetically weak—a mere squeeze would pop them.”

Yulgeum gestured at a passing pedestrian with her fingertips.

“They could be flicked away like a booger.”

“How vulgar.”


“Clearly, I wouldn’t do such a thing. What do you take a lady for?”

“Was she a female?”

“What have you been looking at all this time?”

“No, I wondered if dragon gods distinguish between male and female.”

Yulgeum did not respond; she deflected the conversation.

“Humanity has heroes. Bluerodes are mighty—not just in strength, but an indomitable will that eventually turns defeat into victory. With them around, humans shall never truly lose.”

Deus observed the humans passing by.

The descendants of the first hero and saint, bluerodes scattered among the populace.

Most had diluted, becoming virtually indistinguishable from ordinary humans, but purebloods with significant bluerode lineage exhibited immense capabilities.


“You’re keeping Zeke for that reason, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“To study the hero.”

“Let’s assume that’s the case. It’s tedious to explain.”

Deus uncrossed his legs and leaned forward.

“What are you suggesting?”

“Find it for me.”

“What’s that?”


“Customer, your service agent is someone’s cherished family. Continue being unreasonable, and this call ends.”

“You’re capable.”

“Not to point my finger at an unknown.”

“Find who is spreading disease among dragonkind.”

“That seems more your specialty. Honestly, I’m clueless about dragons.”

“You may not know, but the archmage with you should. An evil being who slaughtered over a hundred of my kin in a war 10,000 years ago.”

Deus let out a short sigh at her words.

“That butler who rattles on about nonsense like nipples couldn’t possibly have such capability.”

“Nipples? What’s that?”

“The deeper you know, the more it hurts. Anyway, this job won’t settle for a mere thousand gold coins.”

“Then ten thousand.”

“It’s not a matter of money.”

“Then what?”

“I’ll consider my demands later.”

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