Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 22

After sending Zeke off, Alex pressed his ear up close to the door, seemingly resigned to eavesdropping since going back in felt a bit awkward.

“… press gently there. Yes, that’s right, that spot. The small protrusion. That’s the most sensitive area.”

“Is this the spot?”

“Just press it lightly. If you press too hard, you won’t feel it. Draw a circle gently, like this.”

Alex quickly removed his ear from the door, deciding it was best unheard, and turned to walk back to the store.

“It does seem a bit different.”

“Like fingerprints, every dragon’s scale pattern is unique.”

“Is there a meaning behind it?”

“I don’t know. The gods designed it that way.”

“It’s not like they help find lost children or anything.”

Deus added as he put down the scale he was holding,

“Well, thanks to them, we did find a lost child. Though it was just a dead body.”

“Kids went missing from time to time. We could never track them down and had nearly given up… finding this in such an unexpected place.”

“Are the heroes poaching dragons?”

“Let’s not put it so directly, shall we?”

“Then how should I phrase it?”

“Hah, does the embellishment of words really matter?”

“Don’t get too serious. This blue and black might not be related after all.”

“We still need to address the issue of the Black Dragon. Why are the remains of missing dragons circulating among humans?”

“Maybe the missing dragon caused trouble in the human world. Nations are neutral towards each other, but killing an aggressor is permissible, isn’t it?”

“That’s impossible. This child just passed the age of a hundred. How likely is it that a young dragon alone would cross into the human realm and attack humans?”

“Humans covet dragon bodies, and dragons are curious about the human world. Combine these two, and such events occur.”

“Still, hunting a dragon that does not attack is a violation of the ceasefire agreement.”

“So what? Will you gather all your kin and set the human world ablaze?” Yulgum clenched his fist.

“If there’s evidence.”

“Should I fabricate such evidence?”

“No, we must find it.”

“Don’t tell me… you’re not actually asking me to do that, are you?”

“Find that Azure Dragon for me. The request isn’t over yet.”

“That is true.”

“May I take this Black Dragon scale with me? I want to bring it to its mother.”

Leave 115 gold and go.

The words did not come out.

It was the look of deep melancholy on Yulgum’s face that stopped him.

“Take it. I won’t lose anything.”

“It’s stolen money anyway.”

“That too.”

“Still, I can’t just take it without giving something in return. Here, take this.”

Yulgum reached out and seemed to pull something from another dimension.

A longsword shrouded in a blue darkness was suddenly in her hand.

“It’s a sword.”

“Didn’t you need a set in blue?”

“Yes, but this… it smells familiar.”

“It should. It’s from the demonic realm.”

“Yes, the smell of a Blue-Horned Rhino’s calf.”

“It’s a sword made from the bone of Cheonggakwoo. It’s a treasure sword you’d hardly find pairing in the human world.”

As Deus took the sword, he rubbed his head, feeling strangely about it. After all, it was a weapon fashioned from the body of a demon. Yulgum must feel the same when looking at dragon-made armor.

Yulgum went back through the door to the Amber Orb’s passage.

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, Deus watched her back.

Humans make weapons using dragons and demons.

With those weapons, they fight against demons to protect their realm.

Every hundred years or so, demons launch a massive invasion to take over human lands.

Dragons do not interfere in any of it.

When might this play-like series of events ever end?

“Talking like you’re some kind of god.”

Deus flopped onto the sofa.

What is this sticky melancholy pressed into his chest?

“Today, we’ve finally settled everything.”

Alex reported as Deus tilted his head on the sofa.

“What’s settled?”

“The weapon shop. What else could there be?”

“Ah, that.”

“It’s your first store, aren’t you being a bit indifferent?”


“Yes, Master.”

“Do you not know my heart yet?”

“I’m not quite sure.”

“I want to earn money, not to run a store.”


Alex slapped his palm with his fist.

“I’ve had a great epiphany.”

“But we need to check it out sometimes. What about Zeke?”

“He’s at the shop today.”

“He quit the noodle house?”

“He says he’ll run it after the shop closes for the evening.”

“True to his name, he’s got two jobs.”

“That he does.”

“Why does he need so much money? It’s more than both brothers need, isn’t it?”

“He has debts, and above all, it seems he’s sent both brothers to private hero elementary schools and hero kindergartens.”

“What are those?”

“As the name implies, educational institutions designed to nurture heroes.”

“Are there that many heroes to warrant schools?”

“If you include those with even a droplet of Blood, there are hundreds in this vicinity.”

“The age of great heroes, huh.”

“We must be vigilant. Humans are that desperate.”

“It’s none of my concern anymore. I’ve retired as the Demon King.”

“Why did you retire, then?”

“I’ve told you before.”

“No, you haven’t.”

“Guess I’ll keep it a secret, then.”

“You can’t do that!”

“Watch me.”

Deus rose from his seat.

“Then let’s go.”

“Sigh. Understood, Master.”

“Oh, did I tell you? I sold one of the dragon scales to Yulgum.”

“You didn’t mention it.”

“I sold it. In exchange, I received this.” Something rod-like peeked out from under the sofa.

Alex bent down and picked it up, only to find a sword.

“The horn of a Blue-Horned Rhino made this blade. It’s worth at least 300 gold.”

“Is that acceptable?”

“It’s not a loss.”

“So I still have two scales left. What should we make with them?”

“With a shield and a sword, the next would normally be armor, but that might not be enough.”

“Then we’ll collect more.”

“You plan to continue, then?”

“Of course. I can’t just ignore the requests I’ve accepted.”

“If I may advise…”

“What is it?”

“Even as a dragon, you can impregnate. Keep fighting.”

“It’s not like that at all.”

“Of course… I do understand, albeit with some shortcomings.”

“It’s not deficient at all! In fact, it’s full of pride every morning! Standing tall, shouting out that I’m alive!”

Alex could barely hold back tears at his words.

“I understand, Master.”

“Why’s this bastard spreading rumors about me, first thing in the morning?”

“For your information, your father, the 665th Demon King, had produced twenty-seven princes by your age.”

“That’s news to me.”

“Demonic craftsmen lined up to fight bloody duels for succession. Only you survived.”

“…All those kids who studied with me in the same room, they all were…?”

“Yes, they were candidates for the Demon King.”

“And I was the only one with the true lineage to be the rightful heir to the Demon King?”

“As the pusher of your nomination, that’s how I presented it.”

“I didn’t hear that.”

Deus took a step towards the shop, with Alex bowing his head and following behind.

The Deus Trade Company had an arched gateway between the wide square in the front and the store in the back.

The square was mainly used for parking carriages.

In a corner stood a large stone statue commemorating where the dragon had fallen, and in front of it was Zeke’s stall.

After scanning the exterior, Deus headed right inside.

The interior was immaculately organized. The high-end store gleamed with its reflective marble floors.

The displayed weapons were top-notch, attracting several groups of customers even at this early hour.

Zeke was still the only clerk, but with his extensive part-time work experience, he deftly managed the two sets of customers by himself.

When Deus appeared, Zeke scurried over to greet him.

“Have you arrived?”

“Yes, did it open today?”

“Yes. The neighboring stores are praising the quality of the merchandise.”

“Of course they would.”

Deus surveyed the shop.

He had no interest in trade per se. All he needed was legitimacy to live in the human world.

“Sell well and you’ll get a bonus. Work hard.”

“Yes, Lord Deus!”

Alex then guided Deus to the back of the store.

A small inner courtyard was at the center, with a square corridor laid out around it, and a house encircled the garden like a ring.

“What’s up with this doghouse?”

“It’s for you to reside in, Lord Deus…”


“You plan to keep staying at the hotel?”

He frowned.

“Commuting from here?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Paying over 300 gold a year in rent? That’s several times the amount spent to set up this shop.”

“Is it expensive?”

“Yes, very.”

“Still, not this house.”

“If you dislike it, then earn money. If you sell everything in the store’s warehouse now, you could make around 1000 gold.”

“Then go and sell it quickly.”

“If only it were that simple, my lord. This isn’t the capital Pomez, and it’ll take a long time to sell armor worth a thousand gold.”

“Having stock doesn’t guarantee a sale, I see.”

“Just realizing this now?”

“But Butler.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You’re quite prickly today.”

“That can’t be true.”

“Something must be up.”

“There’s nothing.”

“Feels like there is.”

“Well, perhaps I should live here? Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Deus had only ever needed a place to sleep, even if it was just the back of a luggage cart.

He had a taste for the splendid but didn’t particularly mind simplicity either.


“Yes, Master.”

“Is there a god?”


“I mean, does a god really exist?”

“What has prompted this sudden inquiry? Have you encountered some philosophical quandary about the existence of god?”

“It seems that even when a Demon King is overthrown, no one really cares.”

“That’s true.”

“And god created this world?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“And demons live under the sunless earth because of that?”

Sunlight could barely filter through to the underground via volcanic craters, collapsed cave openings, or the narrow paths of deep valleys.

Demons that had never seen the sun often found themselves yearning for it, lost in the rare warmth.

-Tear down kingdoms, slaughter humans, and claim the surface.

This was a reasonable aspiration and dream for a demon.

“Being the Demon King doesn’t seem to be much of anything. Quitting and wandering around like this doesn’t draw any attention.”

“If I may ask impudently…”


“Did you quit being the Demon King to draw god’s attention?”

“Why would that be the case?”

“God truly exists. I’ve seen it myself.”

“You are incredibly old, after all.”

“Please say I’ve lived a long life.”

“I’ll put it how I like to say it.” Deus plopped down into a swing chair at a corner of the garden.

He settled into the slowly rocking backrest and looked up at Alex.

“Did god create us too?”

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