Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 2

1. Quitting the Demon King (2)

Deus asked the stunned knights,

“Anyone else dissatisfied?”

As if on cue, the knights shook their heads vigorously.

“Good, then let’s continue the conversation, Your Majesty.”

“What is it you want? Money? A title? I’ll give you anything I can!”

“Hand over the kingdom.”

“That’s…! An absurd request.”

“Absurd? What else did you think I’d ask for in this game?”

“It’s nonsense.”

“Then die. If I kill the king and take his family, it naturally becomes mine.”

“Are you coveting my daughter!”

“Why does the conversation leap there?”

“My daughter is out of the question! April is the pride of the Hors continent and the flower of our Verde royal family.”

“No, I don’t need her. What I need is the royal family.”

“Why covet something that isn’t yours?”

The king’s words had Deus staring at him for a long time.

“So, is this yours?”

“The kingdom belongs to the royal family!”

“Since when?”

“That… that’s…”

“Since the world was born or what? Fine, I’ll admit it.”

The king’s face turned pale.

“You too, have taken something from someone else, right? What’s so royal about that? After sitting on it and sucking the honey for hundreds of years, it’s time to give up. I’ll relieve you of it.”

“Do you think the Celestial Empire will approve of this?”

The king’s shouted question was met with Deus’s laughter.

“What do I care?”

Black lightning struck like a storm. The audience chamber, once regal, was now a hellish landscape from the Demon Realm.

Everything burned black. The king and the knights around him became coal sculptures.

“There’s no Blood, I see.”

Had there been Blood, even a baron like the one from before would’ve been able to resist for a few seconds.

Well, even a Pure Blood couldn’t use much power at this stage.

It was still 20 years away.

The day the true Demon King should have descended.

A scream tore through the room.

Deus, lost in thought in what was now a coal mine, turned his head towards the noise.

At the entrance stood a young girl, her hand over her mouth.

Even without asking, he seemed to know her name.

April le Verde.

She was a beauty, as if stepped out of a painting, her splendor enhanced by the royal family’s expensive dress.

“What on earth… who are you!”

“Deus. Insanely, I’ve assumed the name of an ancient god.”

April looked terrified at the blackened audience chamber.

Then she screamed again when she saw the statue of coal that took the king’s place.


She dared not touch it, fearing he would crumble into black dust.

“What have you done to my father! Wicked sorcerer, can you reverse this?”

“It’s carbonization. He’s already dead.”


“Well, it’s not incorrect. Since they call me a demon, I must act the part, right? Now that the king is dead, it’s time to take his daughter.”

Deus waved his hand.

The glitter in April’s eyes faded. Her eyes turned dull as if her pupils had vanished.

“Come this way, my lord.”

She walked herself and led Deus to a secret chamber.

All the maids and servants met along the way stopped in their tracks and bowed their heads.

Every human within Akoma Castle had long since turned into mere marionettes under Deus’s magic.

“I will cleanse my sullied body and return, lord. Please wait a moment.”

Deus sat in a chair by the window, leaning back.

He heard the sound of her undressing. The silk rustled as it moved.

April emerged from the bath and was assisted by her chambersmaids in dressing.

Once the preparations were nearly complete, the maids withdrew.

The expressionless woman spoke.

“Master, I am ready for you.”

Deus twisted his mouth into a smile and approached her.

At that moment, Deus stopped his advance and looked back.

“Are you going to come out, or should I shove your cephalopod head into the dimensional rift?”

The space split open, and a man emerged from the gap.

Wearing a black suit, he immediately knelt before Deus to show respect.

“Loyal Alex, at your service, my lord.”

A cephalopod was an unduly harsh assessment.

Other than his narrowed eyes, he was a handsome young man with no obvious faults.

“You caught up quickly?”

“Quickly? I’ve been with you from the start, my lord.”

“Funny. You served my father, not me.”

“I was given to you by the previous generation. My service is now yours alone. If needed, I can stake my life on it.”

“Life? Your kind, the Beholders, have heads for arms, don’t they? How many do you have again?”

“We only have one pair of appendages that could be called hands, as I’ve told you time and again.”

“Anyway, scram. I’m not going back to the Demon Realm.”

“Lord! I will follow your commands. As a child, I was your wet nurse, your tutor during adolescence.

Having no day without thoughts of you in the 80 years of my Devotion Period (畜靈期), please don’t doubt my loyalty and proceed with your business. I shall take my place back there.”

After his long speech and a bow, Alex stood and moved towards the window.


“Pay no attention. I’ve even changed your diapers.”

“I never wore diapers, okay?”

“Just do it.”

“Ah, quit it, it’s annoying.”

“Is this your rebellious phase after 100 years?”

“Shut up.”

Deus settled on the edge of the bed.

Although the continent’s greatest beauty was at his side, he felt disgustingly uneasy.

“I’m not playing the Demon King.”

“As you wish, my lord.”

“Nor returning to the Demon Realm. I’ll stay in the human world, living as I desire.”

“Yes, my lord. I will do as you command.”

“Men as slaves, women as yours. That’s okay, right?”

“Yes, go ahead.”


“Yes, my lord.”

“What’s up?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s your angle? No matter how I think about it, it feels wrong.”

“There’s no angle.”

Deus raised his hand. With a squeeze of his fist, Alex’s body contorted.

Beneath the concealed clothing, he had not limbs but numerous tentacles. They twisted grotesquely.

“I’ll explode you.”

“Do as you please, master.”

Although his pronunciation was off, the message was clear.

“If you don’t speak honestly, I’ll really kill you.”

“Your wet nurse…

The Demon Force (魔靈氣) he had kept sealed due to aggravation was released.

“I’ve served as your wet nurse and tutor. Now, if I am to die by the hand of the Demon King, my duty is fulfilled. Do as you wish, my master!”

Deus scratched his head and set Alex back on the floor.

Straightening his wrinkled clothes, Alex stood.

“So, speak truthfully. Why just watch?”

“Should I keep a record to disseminate somewhere? I could make good money selling it.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Alex let out a short sigh and said,

“You’ve always been curious since childhood. I yield, my lord. You’ve decided not to remain the Demon King, haven’t you?”

“That’s right.”

“In 20 years, a new Demon King should descend. That’s the law of the world.”


“And is not enough. The Demon Realm is in disarray. Some successor must be set in place.”

“Why not leave that to my father?”

“Defeated by the hero, he’s nothing but a soul now, no physical body left.”

“He can control the Demonic Energy (魔氣).”

“Even with a solid body, he lost to the hero; what can he do as just a soul? He’s barely managing a voice from inside an empty suit of armor now.”

“You’re harsh.”

“I haven’t decayed enough to flatter a severed power.”

“What are you driving at?”

“Anyway, you don’t want to be the Demon King, do you?”

“Yeah, I don’t.”

“Then present an alternative. As it happens, there’s a woman right over there. If she could bear an heir to take on the role of the Demon King, I would raise your son to ascend the throne.”

Deus was so confidently confronted that he didn’t even know where to direct his anger.

“That’s doable, right? Right now, of course!”


Deus exhaled wearily. Then a curious thought crossed his mind.

“But, can that even work between a demon and a human?”

“Are you speaking of intercourse?”

“No, it’s that…”

“What, too shy to say?”

“It’s about pregnancy!”

“Pregnancy? Oh, do you have someone in mind? Then go at once!”

“Forget it. Anyway, can pregnancy happen even with different species?”

“Yes, it happens. Quite well, in fact. The reproductive process between demons and humans is entirely different. In humans, the male produces sperm in the testes, ejecting it through the penis. If it meets an egg in a woman’s uterus during ovulation, it can implant in the placenta, pass through the embryonic stage, and after around 40 weeks emerge as a newborn.”

“Spare the sex ed.”

“Anyway, ovulation is irrelevant for a Demon King. When your heart moves, demon essence within you automatically passes into the woman’s body. The essence residing somewhere within you—for example, with direct sexual intercourse—has a 99.999% chance to transfer. It’s not necessary for the recipient to be female, but if it fails it’s considered a dysfunction. By chance…”


Unfazed by Deus’s outburst, Alex frowned with a repulsive smile.

“There aren’t detailed statistics, but even deep kissing carries a 50% pregnancy chance. For a peck, about 25%.”

“Kissing can result in pregnancy?”

“Even handholding sometimes does. If you’re afraid, just hold hands with the woman you fancy. While the chance of conception is lower, there’s still enough probability that your child could resemble the man next door.”

“What’s with that useless and distasteful analogy? What the hell is this demon essence you mentioned? And why do you know so much about human pregnancy but demon reproduction sounds like kindergarten sex ed?”

“The Demon King’s bedroom activities aren’t exactly detailed knowledge among the subjects. It’s just conjecture based on testimonies and some statistics.”

Deus sensed that delving deeper might lead to co-authoring a sex education manual, so he turned his head away.

The woman stood there, staring blankly at him.

He was almost successfully ensnared.

The grandiose dream of a lifetime, just to live freely, was on the verge of becoming a father in an instant.

And the thought of his child taking on the role of the Demon King was even more horrifying.

This miserable job was something that had to end in his generation.

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