Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 19

5. Equipment Alignment ⑴

True Golden Dragon, Yulgeum.

She was the sovereign of all dragons.

Just as there was a Demon King in the demon world, she served that role in the dragon world.

It was an event unknown to her that transpired among the dragons.

To think that a child of their kin had died without her knowing, it was enough to bring the position of the True Golden Dragon into question.

And the underarm hair, no, the mycelium.

A strange fungus was growing on the body of the dragon, driving the host into a rampage.

Somehow it all felt connected rather than separate incidents.

“The bottom line is that it turned out to be good business for me.”

She spat out the words and looked to her side.

Before she knew it, Yulgeum was once again there.

“Isn’t that so?”

“It does seem so.”

“By the way, about that scale—”

“If it’s information you’re worried about, I’ve already memorized it. It’s up to the buyer how they use it.”

“Where have you been?”


“To find the dead dragon?”

Yulgeum nodded.

“Does it truly exist? Or could it have just shed its scale?”

“It’s dead.”

“And the True Golden Dragon didn’t know?”

“Nobody knew.”

“Well, it’s understandable if a dragon or two died hidden away somewhere without anyone noticing. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“It’s not a matter of feelings.”

“Yet your face is filled with that very emotion.”

Yulgeum stroked her face.

“That’s right. I’m depressed.”

“Wasn’t the True Golden Dragon one of the strongest beings in the world? What’s there to be down about? If there’s someone you don’t like, just tear them to shreds.”

“Must be nice, being you.”

“What’s nice?”

“Being foolish.”

“I give you decent company, and this is what I get.”

“Wasn’t it business anyway?”

“Well, yes, but—”

Deus gazed at Yulgeum’s face for a moment.

Yulgeum, sensing his gaze, turned her head in confusion.


“Are you really the True Golden Dragon? Or are you just pretending as a joke?”

“Young Yellow Dragon playing tricks?”

“That would be better. It’s nice for a child to only enjoy rights without responsibilities or duties.”

Deus seemed irked by her mocking tone.

“I don’t live an easy life either, you know?”

“I wasn’t particularly speaking about you.”

“Alright, let’s say you are the real True Golden Dragon.”

“It’s not ‘let’s say,’ I am.”

“Even so! The more I think about it, the stranger it seems. You’re the king of dragons. Why not just gather all dragons and reprimand those who are causing trouble? Tell them not to venture into the human world, not to get involved in pointless disputes and die.”

“Sounds simple. Problem solved! Thank you, Demon King.”

“I’m not joking.”

“I was. It’s not resolved at all.”

“Is the king’s power not that strong among dragons?”

“It is to some extent. There’s a council formed by the eldest dragons from each species. Think of it as the Senate of Dragons.”

“So is the True Golden Dragon more of a figurehead?”

“Not exactly. The elders can only make recommendations, but the final decision is mine.”

“Then there’s no problem.”

Yulgeum looked at Deus.



“Never mind. You really are unique. But then again, that’s probably why you quit being the Demon King.”

“What is?”

“Nothing. Anyway, I can’t proceed with anything by breaking protocol. That’s something only you can do, Mr. Thunder Unsung.”

“Even a Dragon God is unable to handle such tasks,” Deus said, putting his hands behind his back and leaning against the sofa before opening his mouth again.

“Use me. If you pay me properly, I will move for you.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

“For real.”

“For now, I’d like you to keep tracking that Blue Jade Dragon that died a few days ago.”

“Should I break into Hollyper again?”

“It might not be there. There are plenty of knight families who would covet a dragon’s gear, regardless of Hollyper.”

With a bitter expression, Yulgeum offered this bit of advice:

“They wouldn’t have been able to transport it by carriage. Too many eyes watching.”

“I think so too. They must’ve used an airship. Oh! Maybe I should track the movement of airships?”

“And the little blacksmith gremlins too. Those stubborn, cantankerous little creatures live underground and move only by their own greed. But to craft the gear of a dragon, you’d need their strength.”

“Why didn’t you tell me all of this before?”

“You didn’t seem interested in listening.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s too exhausting to tell a story to someone who has no intention of listening.”

Yulgeum changed the subject.

“Anyway, do you really plan to use that boy named Zieckra?”


“He’s a Blood.”

“It’s okay. It’s a contract job, so no one will pay any attention.”

“Is it really a contract job?”

“That’s what he said.”

“I’m relieved, but… it would be good to be cautious. Just as you enjoy human blood, heroes have a fondness for demon blood.”

“If things get dicey, I’ll just have to eliminate him.”

“If you’re prepared for that, then there’s no issue.”

“What, are you worried about me?”

Yulgeum snorted.

“I just don’t want to lose a good business partner.”

“There you go, being bashful again. I understand. The Demon King is naturally perfect in every aspect. It’s only natural to be charmed.”

“In your case, you are full of flaws in every aspect. Anyway, I hope you can help.”

“But you keep popping in and out like this—will it continue?”

“Is that a problem?”

“If you pop up while I’m bathing or flirting with a lady…”

Yulgeum chuckled briefly.

“Who would you be flirting with? Rumor has it that even princesses are too intimidating for you and that you flee.”

“Who said that?”

“Alex did.”

“That little—!”

“Alright, I’ll make a door and knock for sure before I pop up.”

Yulgeum was about to vanish into a different dimension but stepped back and gestured with his head.

“It’s quite bothersome.”

He waved his hand, creating a door.

Yulgeum then opened a sumptuously decorated golden door and disappeared beyond the dimension.

Alex did not return until the next morning.

Entering through the window, he was carrying a large, cloth-wrapped item in a paper shopping bag.

“Is it finished already?”

“Are you awake?”

Alex smiled as he placed the shield on the table.

“It’s been made to perfection.”

“In a single day?”

“Don’t underestimate the power of the demon world. If it would take days just to make a shield, then it would be utterly impossible to invade the human world.”

“After only suffering defeats for 665 centuries, you really do talk a big game.”


Alex’s dry laughter faded.

He silently opened the cloth to reveal the shield.

There was no sign of any dragon scale.

Thinly sliced blue gems were inlaid onto the pitch-black shield, forming geometric patterns.

The jewel reflected different colors at different angles.

From deep blue to the color of the lake water, the sparkling shield was incomparably beautiful.

With a diameter of about 50 centimeters, it was on the larger side, but it seemed easy to use.

“Is this made from dragon scales?”

“Yes. Using the mother-of-pearl inlay technique—”

“What about its ability?”

“It can withstand a blow from the Demon King. It might not hold up against multiple hits, but it should be able to defend against three or four direct magical attacks from the front.”


“Yes. Would you like to test it?”

“No need. It would just decrease its durability.”

“Do you fancy it?”

“Why would I? Call Zieck.”

“Yes. I will also check on the progress of the construction site and return.”

After 30 minutes, Alex returned with Zieck.


Zieck greeted energetically.

“Come here, sit.”

“Yes, Lord Deus.”

Zieck sat on the sofa and noticed the shield in front of him.

It felt more like an art piece than a piece of armor.

“Try it on your arm.”

“Yes, sir.”

Zieck rigidly reached out his hand to the shield, his nerves tensing.

As his fingertips touched the blue gems, a flash of lightning sparked and struck his fingers.

Startled, the boy stumbled backward as Deus laughed at the sight.

Now, Zieck hesitated to reach for the shield again, not wanting to become the butt of the joke once more.

He looked at Deus.

The moment he saw Deus’ eyes, a surge of strength pulsed through him.

He could do it.

He felt like he could do anything.

That even before the Demon King, he would not be intimidated.

He had not flinched before a dragon in reality, either.

‘Thank you, Lord Deus, for giving me courage!’

With internal gratitude, Zieck tightly grasped the handle of the shield.

Electricity surged, coursing through his body.

He didn’t realize this was the imprinting of mana, but Zieck held onto the handle even tighter.

-A name for me? Dooms, I presume! I shall accept you as my master. As long as your life persists, I will serve you loyally.

Such words came to Zieck’s mind.


But as if it had been a fleeting illusion, the shield didn’t speak again.

“Hold it properly.”

Deus said a word, and Zieck instinctively extended the shield forward.

Although he was a forsaken young boy hero from a small town, his fundamentals were solid.

His father hadn’t given up the dream of becoming a hero and had passed on all the family’s techniques to him.

Zieck braced his shield and extended his stance firmly.

At that moment, Deus tossed a small ball of flame at Zieck.

The shield and fireball collided, and the flame quickly extinguished.

Zieck was dumbfounded, not understanding what had happened, while Deus uttered a short breath of amazement.

“It’s true then. I downscaled it to 1/100, but to block Doomsphere so effortlessly—”

Alex spoke up.

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“Speaking of lies, that reminds me. What have you been telling Yulgeum? Why would you say I fail at nighttime activities?”


“Start one more rumor, and I’ll cut yours off.”

“It’s not as if the truth dissipates if you twist my neck. It would have been better to treat it when I was a year younger—”

“I said enough. So when will the construction be finished?”

“Oh, if we’re talking about that, we’ve almost finished the exterior work and have started on the interiors. Yulgeum’s carriage has also arrived. Shall we go together to check on it?”

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, my lord!”

Deus’ weapon shop, tucked away in a back alley, had already become a local landmark since the dragon had fallen there.

They had used that point for promotional purposes, and people frequented the place even though it hadn’t officially opened.

Deus glanced over the progress of the construction outside the shop. In any case, he had left the work to Alex, simply overseeing things from the side.

Feeling bored already, Deus looked around.

In his line of sight, he caught Zieck fidgeting alone in front of the shop.

In front of the armor shop, there was now a simple stand.

Zieck stood behind it, draped in an apron, his head tied with a cloth, holding a bowl of noodles.

It was clear at a glance that he was cooking.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, since the courtyard would be empty until we open, Zieck asked if he could sell some noodles there, so I gave him permission. Of course, he’s paying rent.”

“You’re charging Zieck rent for space?”


“You devil of a guy.”

Deus walked towards Zieck’s noodle stand.

“Welcome! Oh, Lord Deus!”

“Serve me a bowl of noodles.”

“Right away, sir.”

Half of the makeshift benches constructed from leftover planks and nails were handmade, and the other half were scrounged up.

They had been cleaned and polished, giving a pleasant feel, reminiscent of an old, established restaurant.

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