Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 12

Chapter 3: Meeting the Hero (3)

“Why? The dragon was caught and carved up. It seemed like they were planning to make weapons or something from its scales and claws.”

“Probably so.”

“And it was just a child.”

“Yes, a 70-year-old one.”

“Dragons are only considered adults after they turn 100.”

“That’s right. And they live for about a thousand years before they die.”

“You’re just going to let the murder of such a young one go?”

Yulgum cradled her knees, gazing down at the ground.

“Will you avenge me? Take revenge on the humans who killed my child in my stead.”

“Was it your own offspring?”

“Not directly. But all dragons are like my children.”

“Alex said when he saw the Hero, he tucked his tail and ran, right?”

“We ran together.”

“That was…—”

Upon realizing, a fresh wave of anger surged through me.

“That bastard humiliated me.”

“Maybe you saved face. With your current power, you couldn’t kill all the Heroes.”

“They seemed weak?”

“Heroes inherently possess anti-magic resistance. The purer the bloodline, the stronger the resistance. For an heir to the Holyper family, you’d have to discount their magic by 20 to 30 percent.”

“Even so, it would mean I could kill them with one or maybe two blows.”

“There’s not just one Hero. Once they learn you have appeared, Heroes around the world will unite and come at you.”

“So, you’re saying I won’t win?”

“You might. The final one hasn’t shown up yet. But isn’t that also a problem?”

“No problem at all.”

“You know there’s a problem, that’s why you’re currently masquerading as a human.”

Yulgum laughed. In contrast, Deuce grimaced.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Yul laws. You don’t have the courage to break them either, do you?”

“What’re you talking about, woman?”

“Will you avenge me? Avenge my child killed by the Holyper family.”

“Why should I do that?”

“Because I can’t.”

Deuce glanced at Yulgum.

Her gaze to the ground appeared somewhat pitiable.

What was her story?

Her secret investigation of the dragons suggested she too had her burdens.

Then, Yulgum looked back at him.

Her face blossomed into a grin, or rather, she wore a mocking expression as she pointed.

“You’re thinking of helping now? Because I look pitiful?”

“Wha, what?”

“You pity the dragon race? Maybe you’re the type to take a fall for a damsel?”

“What’re you saying, woman?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for me? Does your heart race when a woman talks to you?”

“Ah, this woman is really annoying. Just go. The contract’s broken, so just remember that.”

“Ow, how harsh! Fine, I won’t tease you. Just don’t cancel our contract.”

Yulgum clasped her hands as if praying and bowed her head.

“Aren’t your apologies coming too fast?”

“I’m just honest.”

Deuce sighed at Yulgum’s shameless attitude.

He had a feeling he would continue to be manipulated by this woman.

“So why aren’t you protesting?”

“It’s the law of the world. Neutral rules. If a dragon breaks them and runs amok in the human world, humans can’t be held accountable for killing it. Just like nobody’s held accountable for the Hundred-Year War that you cause.”

“Who decided these laws, anyway?”

“The Executors.”

Deuce felt nauseous at the mention of the Executors.

“If gods and Executors are so great, they should manage the world directly rather than just tossing yul laws at us and telling us to follow them. So self-righteous.”

“That’s up to the gods.”

With that, Yulgum asked Deuce,

“So, how was it? Was that small dragon infected too?”

“I didn’t see. It was hiding something desperately?”

“What a pity. If only we had confirmed that information, we could have made another deal.”

“Are you saying you’d pay for that?”

“Of course. It’s good intel to know if they’re a militant faction or just mad from infection.”

“Alex, that idiot. I’ve lost 1000 gold. I’ll have to squeeze it out of him.”

Yulgum smirked at Deuce.

“You’re really unusual. So, why did you quit being the Demon King?”

“What? Why is everyone so curious about that?”

“Wouldn’t you be?”

“Not really. It’s someone else’s business.”

“If it’s nothing major, I guess that’s fair. But being the Demon King, you’re used to attracting attention.”

“Just drop it. Instead, I’ll ask you. Why are you sneaking around behind the dragons?”

It was a suggestion to keep each other’s secrets.

But Yulgum opened up all too easily.

“I’m concerned about the mycelium. There have always been militant factions causing trouble in the human world. But lately, it’s… getting out of hand. During these times, I’ve seen mycelium on some of my kin and I’m researching this connection.”

“Isn’t that sensitive information to share so openly?”

“It’s between you and me.”

“We don’t have that kind of relationship.”

Deuce ran his hand through his hair.

“So someone is intentionally infecting dragons to push them into the outside world?”

“Or it might just be an infection. The world of the dragons, the Mandala, and the human world are different.”

“If it’s intentional, by whom?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m suspicious of the militants.”

“Are you trying to expand your team?”

“Something like that.”

“It’s your turn now. Why’d you quit being the Demon King?”

“When did we agree to exchange?”

“Don’t play cheap. Just tell me.”

Deuce licked his lips and then began to speak.

“It’s not that I quit for any… significant reason.”

“I’m so excited right now, you know?”

“What about?”

“It’s the first time in 666 centuries. A Demon King quitting. I bet the Executors are panicking. Breaking the rules of the world. They might ignore it for 20 years, but when war breaks out between the demon and human worlds, even the gods will take action.”

“That so?”

“Of course. There has to be a compelling reason for such a huge incident. I’m excited to hear the story. Come on, tell me.”

“Huh? Well, so…”

Deuce’s mind raced.

According to Yulgum…

The yul laws laid down by gods and Executors. He had become the first to shatter them.

“Listen, Yulgum.”

He lowered his voice.


“What do you think of this world?”

“Which world?”

“Don’t you find it strange? What’s the Demon King? What’s the Hero? There’s a king for the demons, so it makes sense there’d be one for the humans. The king attacks the human world, thus Heroes are born. But why do they do it every hundred years as if it’s an appointment?”

“You would know best, wouldn’t you? You’re the Demon King.”

“The rules of the world, you say?”

“In a nutshell, yes.”

“What are these rules we have to follow?”

“It’s the will of the gods.”

“And what are gods?”

“The supreme beings who created everything in the world.”

“Don’t you think that’s odd?”

“Is it odd?”

“Why wait for the final Hero? There are bloodline descendants of the Heroes now. If you killed all the blood descendants now, the so-called final Hero wouldn’t be born.”

“That would be cowardly.”

The word ‘cowardly’ stung near the heart.

“There’s no such thing as cowardice in war!”

“Are you saying you broke out early to eradicate the seed of the Heroes? Wow, that’s a dangerous thought. The Executors won’t let it slide.”

“I’m not doing anything like that.”

“Sounds like you are. Hey, look over here. The Demon King’s planning to assassinate the Heroes!”

Yulgum formed a megaphone with her hands and shouted aloud.

“It’s not like that! I’m going to be Hero’s ally A!”

“Does Hero’s ally A suit the Demon King, or does ‘Hero’s assassin’ suit him better? People of the world! Here’s the Demon King!”

If an Executor were to hear her cries, everything would unravel.

In a hurry, he tried to cover Yulgum’s mouth with his hand.

Yulgum dodged, stepping back, and as they tangled, their bodies twisted together.

On the flat rock.

Yulgum had fallen backward, and the Demon King, Deuce, had tried to cover her mouth.

It would have ended with blushing faces if there’d been no witnesses…

“My lord! The carriage is, huh!”

Of course, the role of a witness is to arrive at just the right moment.

“Was Yulgum Lady the goal all along? I can barely contain my tears of joy. I’m not quite sure about the pregnancy rate when covering the mouth… But taking the Puregold Dragon as a wife would guarantee that the next Demon King can conquer the human world!”

Alex hurriedly unpacked the carriage.

“Come on! You two, to the secret room!”

Deuce lifted his hand from Yulgum’s mouth and stood up.

He then stepped towards Alex, his body emitting a dark aura. The terrifying presence even made Yulgum flinch.

“Having seven dukes in the Demon Realm is too many. Let’s switch to a system with six starting today.”

Alex forced a dry laugh and backpedaled, eventually fleeing somewhere.

Yulgum remarked, looking at the pair.

“You two are never dull to watch. Traveling together during leisure would be enjoyable.”

“Go. I don’t want to be involved. Just make sure to bring the weapon you promised.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already spoken to the small dwarfs living in the mountains. Heading to Gelon, I hear?”

“Yes. Somewhere quiet. Somewhere inconspicuous.”

“Perfect for a successful assassination.”

“I said no.”

Too tired to discuss further, Deuce waved a hand.

“Then farewell. I have my own path to take. Let’s just meet as allies in public.”

“Hohoho, we’ll see about that.”

Leaving behind a single golden feather, she disappeared into the Mandala.

“That escapee… dares to carry on with ‘my lord, my lord’.”

“It’s been five days since that happened.”

“I wonder how long the shelf life of a heart’s scar is.”

“It’s already passed and thrown away.”

“What’s this place?”

“This is Zorix Castle.”

Zorix was located roughly at the rump of the horse-shaped continent of Horsae.

It wasn’t a particularly notable castle.

Far from the sea, near the edge of the mountain range but not rugged, it was neither a trade hub nor a military stronghold. It was plainness personified.

That very plainness was why Deuce had taken interest.

“Is that Zorix?”


“Who are the living Heroes?”

“Just two families. One nearly G-grade but closer to A-grade, and one completely in decline. And for those who simply take up hero work as half-bloods and common adventurers, there are about twenty combined A, B, and C-grades.”

“No D-grade, I see.”

“If every castle had a Dragon Slayer, our Demon King’s armies wouldn’t dare to invade the surface.”

“Are they that strong? The D-grade?”

“Haven’t you already met one?”

“Oh, that guy? Felt like if I squeezed him hard enough, he’d just burst.”

“They don’t die so easily. They are Heroes, after all.”

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