Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 1

**The Resignation of the Demon King (Part 1)**

Among the following, which does not fit with the Demon King?

Destruction (파괴)

Chaos (혼돈)

Hell (지옥)

Running away from home (가출)

Good and evil.

Light and darkness.

Cliché as they may feel, in the end, these two were destined to clash.

Light abhorred darkness, and evil envied good.

They attempted to seize each other’s lands and aimed for destruction.

They were bound to hate—being born for that sole purpose.

The Demon King’s palace was bustling in preparation to greet the new Demon King awakening after 80 years.

Since birth, countless curses and magic had been poured into him.

The demonic realm, inhabited by billions of demon beasts, devoted all its energy for this one being.

Once he was born!

The new Demon King would surely slaughter the heroes’ party.

The vile surface dwellers, who always cowardly formed groups and invaded, I pray he would crush them with the tip of his fingers.

But it took less than a day for the dreaded wish of the demonic realm to turn into despair…

“Your Majesty! Disaster has struck!”

The one who rushed in was a demon race called a Beholder.

A higher-ranking demon with one large eye and countless tentacle-like legs. He had served closely under the Demogorgon 666th.

The Beholder bowed deeply, with four tentacle legs raised, lying flat on the ground.

“Right after awakening from his slumber, the Demogorgon 666th has left the Demon King’s castle!”

The entity he bowed to was an empty set of armor.

The armor, housing the spirit of the previous Demon King, replied with a low rumbling voice.

“Is he already off to attack the humans? However, it’s too soon. He has not fully matured.”

“It’s not that. A letter, he has left a letter! His Excellency the 666th declares he’s resigning as the Demon King.”

The previous Demon King’s throne chamber trembled with rage.

“Chase after him! It must not be allowed! It must not be allowed!”

The demonic realm, which had been eagerly awaiting the birth of the new Demon King, was suddenly plunged into chaos.

As Demogorgon 666th shed off the demonic realm, he discarded his name first and foremost.

He could hardly introduce himself as ‘I am Demogorgon the 666th’ to someone else.

It was the name of a Demon King. Cursed, its mere mention garnered hatred from all.

The human world was warm.

Compared to the dark demonic realm, where not a speck of sunlight penetrated the underground, and only volcanic lava provided what they called light, it was irrefutably better.

Reclining in the backseat of a multi-passenger carriage with his legs spread wide, soaking up the sun was enough to ease his mind.

‘Who would want to be the Demon King anyway?’

An overly concerned old man sitting next to him struck up a conversation.

“Young man, are you heading to the capital as well?”

« O » “O’.

He scanned the man with a look of disfavor and muttered to himself.

“Seems you’re from the countryside. We’re about to enter the kingdom’s capital—be careful. The laws are strict.”

“Laws? I couldn’t care less. I am the law now.”

He snapped his fingers after speaking.

The old man sitting next to him stared blankly outside afterward, as if he had forgotten the very fact that they had just been conversing.

It was bothersome.

Demogorgon 666th didn’t resign as the Demon King to continue such cheap conversations with insignificant humans.

The carriage came to a stop at Akomar Castle.

Akomar Castle was the capital of the Verde Kingdom.

This kingdom was the most powerful in the human world.

With a 30,000-strong White Dragon Knights troop defending the capital like an iron fortress, no nation dared to offend Verde.

The Verde Kingdom governed eight duchies as vassals and also hosted the Holy Imperial Court, which managed the world’s heroes.

He looked up in front of the bridge leading to Akomar Castle.

The spires shone dazzlingly.

Holy crosses adorned with innumerable treasures were visible.

A cross! The symbol of the heavens and the cursed artifact representing the antithesis of the demonic realm.

It irritated him just to see it. He felt like retching.

Then, knights guarding the bridge approached.

“Who are you?”

They frowned fiercely and pounded the ground with their spears.

Ignoring them, Demogorgon 666th continued to gaze at the crosses on the steeples.

“This bumpkin!”

Once again, he was treated like a country bumpkin.

He glanced at himself.

‘Is it because of my clothes? My face can’t be the issue.’

No, to state it clearly, he was handsome, almost offensively so.

While he was stroking his face, a trace of unease crept in.

The face decided on a hundred years ago might be out of fashion now…

“Bumpkin! What are you gawking at? You there, you. Tell us your name!”

The guard spoke roughly, threateningly brandishing his spear at him.

“I just decided. Removing a few letters, let’s go with Deus.”

“What insane…”

The guard’s outburst was cut short as his expression suddenly went blank.

Then, dropping to the ground, he prostrated himself.

“Greetings to His Majesty, the new king of Verde.”

The man he bowed to was Deus, the 666th Demon King.

It was unlikely that the king’s castle guard was nothing but a pastime for retired veterans.

The duty officer of the guards was of baronial rank. Such an important position was the king’s castle guard, headed by an earl.

Stunned when his subordinate suddenly prostrated himself, the duty officer blinked in utter disbelief.

The guard’s captain immediately emerged from the sentry post, bringing along all ten members of his team.

“This fool, drinking in broad daylight. That explains why his face was so red.”

He kicked his prostrate subordinate to the ground. The subordinate rolled away like a log.

The duty officer was a true noble, a baron by the name of Bruer.

“Who are you?”


“You dare to blaspheme the name of an ancient god so brazenly. Have you forgotten this is the capital of the Verde Kingdom? I’ll forgive your ignorant mistake if you leave at once.”

Despite Baron Bruer’s authoritative warning, the response from Deus was indifferent.

“Is the Verde Kingdom powerful?”

“The mightiest in Horus continent!”

“Becoming the king wouldn’t be so bad.”

Baron Bruer drew his sword in furious outrage.

“You wish death upon yourself! Reveal your identity. To insult the royal family is unforgivable unless you have a valid reason; you shall die here.”

“Me? Or you?”

Deus laughed mockingly. And suddenly, Baron Bruer’s head rolled onto the ground.

Not a single witness could comprehend how it happened.

Confused and panicking, they raised their spears to strike him, but their spears turned to serpents and bit their holder’s necks instead.


With a soft remark, Deus leisurely walked across the bridge.

The weighty gate of the castle turned into wings of a bat and folded itself shut.

As he stepped forth, everything beneath his feet submitted willingly.

The Descent of the Demon King!

Precisely as the term suggested, such an event unfolded in the heart of the Verde Kingdom.

The Royal Knights of the Verde Kingdom were known as the Azure Dragon Knight Order.

Excluding those on leave, every member had assembled in the royal garden to face this unprecedented foe.

No oracle had been issued by the Holy Imperial Court.

The enemy had appeared out of nowhere, suddenly pointing a sword at the country’s heart.

Leader of the Azure Dragon Knights was Earl Ukyu.

There were only fifty earls in the Verde Kingdom, each a force to be reckoned with. As the captain of the Azure Dragon Knights, who always resided in the castle protecting the king, his position was of the highest importance.

Standing with the holy cross sword planted on the ground, Earl Ukyu faced Deus.

“Who are you?”


“You dare claim the name of an ancient god…”



“Would you be more surprised if you knew my real name?”

“Real name?”

Earl Ukyu furrowed his brow.

What could this be?

Baron Bruer was known within the palace for his swordsmanship.

Even though he wasn’t a strong Blood, to be slain so effortlessly without even sending a warning!

It was clear his identity was being concealed, but what it was exactly, Ukyu couldn’t even guess.

“What is your real name?”

“I’d hate to reveal it to a character that will be forgotten in the next chapter. Just die.”

He flicked his finger.

Earl Ukyu and the neatly-formed thousand knights behind him.

A black curtain enveloped them. The eerie darkness gnawed away at the weakest part of humanity’s resolve.


Indiscretions from youth unspeakable to others.

Irreversible blunders committed in a drunken haze just nights before.

Personal weaknesses of each human were amplified upon meeting the black curtain.

One knight reversed his sword and impaled his throat. And he wasn’t the only one.

Within moments, a hundred knights had thrown away their lives.

They shook, prayed, and screamed their mothers’ names.

Horror spread like a plague, eating away at everyone’s hearts.

Without lifting a finger, the enemy pushed the knight order to their death.

A being capable of annihilating a thousand knights single-handedly – just what caused Deus, the 666th Demon King, to forsake his fate?

Half the knights were dead. Continuing like this would spell annihilation.

As his lieutenant scratched his face to death, Earl Ukyu placed a hand on his grim heart.

Rosario, clutching the small silver cross, Earl Ukyu looked heavenward and cried out,

“O God!”

The earl’s body shone brightly.

“O God! Grant this lamb your strength!”

Holiness wrapped around Earl Ukyu, pulsing with magical power. He swung his bastard sword fiercely, striking at the enemy.

Deus opposed with two fingers, effortlessly neutralizing Earl Ukyu’s blow.

Excitement flickered in his eyes.

“Blood lineage?”

“Not pureblood, but…”

The Earl’s sword launched a ferocious assault.

A storm-like sword aura tore open the earth.

From the beginning, he was no match for Deus.

Yet Deus seemed to be in deep thought, just casually dodging Earl Ukyu’s sword without counterattacking.

It looked as though Earl Ukyu had the upper hand.

The hearts of the knights, ensnared by the darkness, purified. With renewed courage, they clutched their swords once again.

“For the Verde Kingdom!”

“For the one true God!”

The darkness Deus planted within the knights dissipated.

His brow furrowed with irritation.

“How bothersome.”

Deus shook his hand.

And then there was no one.

Only the lower half of Earl Ukyu’s body lay sprawling on the ground.

The knights, who had been emboldened by the earl’s light, were gone, leaving only dust in their place.

Deus walked forward again.

“Light… cursed light.”

The inner gate folded into wings of a bat, and he continued his unhurried pace into the inner sanctum.

With the Azure Dragon Knight Order gone, there was no more military power left to call upon.

Only the Royal Guards were left, but they served merely as a ceremonial guard.

Higher in rank than the Azure Dragon Knights, their prowess with the sword nevertheless fell short.

The Royal Guards surrounded the king.

The king’s audience hall, once a place to assert royal authority, now held none of that authority.

The king sat on the throne with a gloomy look, observing the man before him.

“Who are you?”

“It’s all the same question, isn’t it.” Deus sighed.

“Well, fine. Since I’m here, shall we talk, king?”

The Royal Guard Captain fumed and shouted.

“Can you not address His Majesty properly?”

His words were cut short as the Captain was torn into seven pieces, scattering across the audience hall.

Splattered blood and viscera emitted a nauseating odor.

The Royal Guards gasped.

The peaceful Horus continent, where war was rare, and where the kingdom’s palace, the strongest of nations, witnessed such a ghastly scene!

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