The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 66

The Warrior's Rebirth

Chapter 26. A Guest from Sichuan Province -02

“Have you memorized it all?”


“Lost in fantasy again, this guy?”

“Ah! My apologies!”

Knowing that lies wouldn’t work on Seok Jin-ho, Jeong Ma-ryung quickly prostrated himself.

However, unlike his usual self, Seok Jin-ho did not scold him.

Understanding Jeong Ma-ryung’s feelings to some extent, he simply smiled wryly.

“Let’s go over it again.”

“This time, I will engrave it in both my eyes and my brain!”

“Don’t expect much.”


With those harsh words, Jeong Ma-ryung’s face fell.

But the sulkiness lasted only a moment.

Jeong Ma-ryung stared intently as Seok Jin-ho demonstrated the Cheotreugusik’s Jeonsamsik again.

He was focused, determined to memorize it.

“Let’s see what you’ve memorized.”

“I’ll give it a try!”

“Alright, don’t sweat it since I’m not expecting much.”

“I’ll show you more than expected!”

Since Seok Jin-ho demonstrated slowly, memorizing wasn’t as difficult.

Like the Hwankyeoksipsamsik, it was a martial art that focused on speed, sharing some similarities.

But the confidence faded in an instant.

“Keuk! Kkekkek!”

“Uh, what? I did it just like you… “

With Seok Jin-ho’s stifled laughter, Jeong Ma-ryung’s face filled with confusion.

Even though he followed what he remembered, the stance came out sloppy.

Especially his footwork and martial posture, which were a complete mess.

“Didn’t I tell you? It’s easy in theory but difficult to perform physically. I’ll demonstrate each move separately. Watch and follow.”

“Is it not just me who’s lacking?”

“If it were me, I would have memorized it in one go.”


A heart-hitting statement darkened Jeong Ma-ryung’s face.

His excitement about learning a new martial art shattered in an instant.

Yet, despite that, Jeong Ma-ryung silently followed Seok Jin-ho’s instruction on the Jeonsamsik.

“It looks like you’ve roughly memorized the form. Try performing it in sequence.”


His confidence rapidly shrinking, Jeong Ma-ryung cautiously displayed the Cheotreugusik’s Jeonsamsik under Seok Jin-ho’s watchful eye.

Though still awkward in places, Seok Jin-ho unexpectedly did not point out his flaws but simply watched with a neutral expression.

“Not bad.”


“Yeah. Maybe my low expectations helped. It’s actually not bad.”

“You’re being too humble…”

“But you did well to get this far. Honestly, I thought it would take more time. I expected it to be next year before teaching the Cheotreugusik.”

Jeong Ma-ryung’s head snapped up at the unexpected praise.

“You’ve worked hard to get here. The journey ahead will be tougher, but persevering will yield good results.”

“Th-thank you! This is all thanks to you, valley overlord!”

“There’s no need to emphasize that since I’m already aware. Besides, how are the students? Any troublemakers?”

“They are all diligently training. And I am training desperately to not fall behind.”

Jeong Ma-ryung replied, eyes shining with determination.

Though not stated outright, he had long been aware of what the other students were thinking.

It would have been nonsense not to notice, given their daily interactions.

“There’s no need for me to elaborate on that.”

“Though I may lack talent, I’m considered a senior here and have no intention of being surpassed.”

“That’s the right attitude.”

“And with the valley overlord thinking so highly of me, I must repay you with results!”

As if his drive had never faded, Jeong Ma-ryung clenched his fist and exclaimed.

Yet, Seok Jin-ho shook his head at the display.

“Do these words have to be kept in your head only?”

“Hehehe! I believe sincerity should be spoken and shown, hence my thanks. Thank you truly, valley overlord! You are the savior of my life!”

“Quiet down.”

Seok Jin-ho shook off the increasingly clingy Jeong Ma-ryung and began to walk away.

Having finished teaching, he intended to return to his room.

However, Jeong Ma-ryung continued to pester the clearly reluctant Seok Jin-ho to the end.


Seok Jin-ryong slammed his desk with a livid face.

The action made his close aide flinch.

Seeing Seok Jin-ryong’s temper, the aide’s body instinctively tensed up.

“So there’s still been no response?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Are you certain that the message was properly delivered to that Ascending Martial Hall or Soaring Martial Hall?”

“I made sure your letter was handed over by the courier service. Even confirmed the recipient.”

“But still no reply.”

Seok Jin-ryong ground his teeth.

The more he thought about it, the more anger surged, but what irritated him even more was his powerlessness in the current situation.

‘I’ve disliked everything about the Northern Pang Family from the start!’

He recalled being turned away by Pang Mu-geon, an experience that was one of the most humiliating of his life. Seok Jin-ryong’s fury reignited anew.

‘Barely worth a passing servant!’

While other places may not strictly differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate, the Seok family did.

Only legitimate sons could hold a claim to succession.

Thus, Seok Jin-ryong was unwilling to accept the upstart Seok Jin-ho.

It was grating that even without his antics, relying solely on martial power was enough to provoke him.

‘And he’s even teamed up with the third?’

Seok Jin-ryong’s eyes flashed.

Two people he disliked seemed to be joining forces, which only fueled his anger.

However, the problem was the growing influence of Seok Mi-ryong.

The formerly disregarded third brother was now rising rapidly, and Seok Jin-ryong felt a sense of crisis, albeit slight.

Amidst the rivalry with his second brother, he worried that Seok Mi-ryong might benefit from their conflict.

In the arena of influence, Seok Mi-ryong’s presence was indeed expanding swiftly.


Even so, Seok Jin-ryong refrained from acting hastily because of his cunning second brother, Seok Ki-ryong.

Knowing that if he made a move, the second would seize the opportunity, Seok Jin-ryong held back.

“Shall we send someone again?”

“Send them. Keep sending until there’s a response.”


As the aide hurried out of the office, Seok Jin-ryong bared his teeth.

He longed to smash whatever it was, Ascending Martial Hall or some such, into oblivion, but with the Seokfeng Courier Agency in the way, it wasn’t possible.

Nor was it feasible to starve them out, so Seok Jin-ryong’s face contorted with frustration.

“Just wait. When I become the head of the Seok family, I’ll repay this humiliation in full!”

Engaged in competition with his brothers, he was certain that ultimate victory would be his.

Although his brothers’ power was growing rapidly, they weren’t yet a match for his own.

Thus, he firmly believed that he would be the one to ascend to the position of family head.

“When the time comes, I will sweep them all away.”

Seok Jin-ryong clenched his jaw, promising never to forget the humiliation of this moment.

Rustle rustle.

“Who let a dog bark?”

Squinting against the sunlight that was now hotter than pleasant, Seok Jin-ho picked at his ear.

Oddly, his ear itched as if someone was badmouthing him.

“What’s this carriage?”

Looking out the window and watching the students diligently sparring in shifts, he noticed a carriage approaching the gate.

And not just any carriage – one bearing the flag of the Seok family.

At that sight, Seok Jin-ho slowed his steps.

“Cease training!”

Startled by the unexpected arrival, Jeong Ma-ryung hastily called out.

Given the speedy approach of the visiting carriage, he herded the students aside and, together with Tak Yun, approached the panting horses.

“Whoa, whoa. Settle down. You can’t create a commotion here.”

Soothing the foaming, breathless horses, Jeong Ma-ryung looked at the coachman.

The coachman, a lowly servant in the Seok household but respected here, bowed politely in greeting.


Just then, the carriage door opened, and Seok Mi-ryong emerged.

She was not alone but was accompanied by a middle-aged man with a peculiarly chilling aura.

“Long time no see, Ma-ryung.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Where’s Jin-ho?”

Feeling an almost petrifying chill, Jeong Ma-ryung awkwardly replied while Seok Mi-ryong inquired after Seok Jin-ho.

It was as if she knew something about Jeong Ma-ryung’s condition.

“Why the sudden visit? And why bring, of all people, someone so dangerous?”

Seok Jin-ho, coming down from the building, eyed Seok Mi-ryong with displeasure in his voice.

Upon hearing his words, a glint lit up in the eyes of the middle-aged man next to her.

It seemed he had recognized himself in Seok Jin-ho’s description without any formal introduction.

“Isn’t that too cold, considering it’s your sister who came to visit?”

“If she had come alone, I would have been hospitable. But bringing that person? Did she think I’d welcome him?”

“Do you actually know who he is?”

“I may not know who he is, but I know where he belongs. He’s from the Tang Clan in Sichuan Province, isn’t he?”

Seok Mi-ryong’s pupils dilated instantly – shocked that Seok Jin-ho had recognized the man so quickly.

“I heard rumors of a hidden dragon appearing in Haebuk Province. I didn’t expect them to be true.”

The middle-aged man, surprised yet composed, started speaking, but Seok Jin-ho spared him no glance.

His attention was fixed solely on Seok Mi-ryong.

Seok Jin-ho preferred not to allow a person from the Sichuan Tang Clan on his premises if possible.

Members with the toxic arts (Dok-in) were that threatening.

“Well, I’m here because… “

“It’s true, Valley Master. Desperate to see you, I humbly requested her aid. May I ask for some of your time? The concerns you hold should not come to pass, I assure you.”

The middle-aged man, Tang Gun-myeong, dressed in black attire, bowed gracefully.

Observing the unexpectedly submissive Tang Gun-myeong, Seok Jin-ho showed a trace of surprise, as this demeanor seemed starkly at odds with what he knew of the Sichuan Tang Clan’s nature.

“I also request your time. Neither my mother nor the others will be harmed. Look at me, riding in a carriage with Tang Great Hero, and yet, I am unharmed.”

“Because you have something to ask for. If you had troubled him along the way, you’d have been poisoned long before.”

“…Let’s not say such chilling things.”

Attempting a smile, Seok Mi-ryong managed to reply, her face turning pale despite the facade.

“Come in then.”

After staring at the uncharacteristically humble Tang Gun-myeong for a moment, Seok Jin-ho turned away, considering at least to listen since he had made the effort to come.

“What’s going on? Someone from the Sichuan Tang Clan is…”

“The atmosphere is no joke. The vibe is intense…”

“I’m seeing someone from the Sichuan Tang Clan for the first time. Even after roaming around the Central Plains.”

As Seok Mi-ryong and Tang Gun-myeong followed Seok Jin-ho into the building, the students began to whisper among themselves.

They had often heard of the Sichuan Tang Clan, but this was their first time encountering its members.

The curious atmosphere was not lost on Jeong Ma-ryung and Tak Yun either.

“Is it true that even the saliva of the Tang Clan people is enough to poison on contact?”

“Well, I haven’t seen it personally.”

At Jeong Ma-ryung’s question, Wi Seung-cheok scratched the back of his head.

Even though he was the most experienced among the students in terms of traveling, this was also his first encounter with someone from the Sichuan Tang Clan.

Thus, he couldn’t provide a definitive answer.

“Will it be alright?”

“Our valley overlord? Of course, he’ll be fine. Did you see him tense up at all? If anything, he looked more annoyed than anything.”

“Come to think of it, that’s true.”

Tak Yun blinked, realizing the truth in Jeong Ma-ryung’s words.

Indeed, Seok Jin-ho displayed no anxiety before Tang Gun-myeong, only visible annoyance.

“I’m curious. Why did he come?”

“We all are.”

Chapter 26. A Guest from Sichuan Province -02

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