The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 65

The Warrior's Rebirth

Chapter 26. The Guest from Sacheon Fortress -01

“Are you sure a rat’s tail came out of the food you were eating? I’ve been here for more than 40 days and not once has anything strange been mixed in.”

“Yes, there’s no place as clean as this one.”

“And the freshness of the food is excellent.”

Wi Seung-Cheok’s words were met with agreeing murmurs from everywhere.

It wasn’t the couriers of Sekpung Express that spoke, but the residents of Hwanghwa County.

These comments made Jang Han’s face twist with irritation.

“I’m telling you a rat’s tail came out of my food and you all have so much to say! You’re all in on it together! You might deceive others, but not me!”

“So, you’re a foreigner after all?”

“Yeah! So what? Wait, is this on purpose because I’m a foreigner? Using cheap ingredients trying to rip me off?”

Upon hearing ‘foreigner,’ Jang Han flinched for a moment, then shouted even louder, his fury evident.

Some tried to avert their gaze from his outburst, but Wi Seung-Cheok was not one of them.

Instead, he looked at Jang Han with an amused expression.

“Acting like that only makes you more suspicious. Maybe you put the rat’s tail in the food yourself?”

“Who are you accusing now!”

“It’s suspicious, the way you’re behaving. Getting worked up over nothing, and not accepting an apology or a fresh dish. No wonder it’s causing suspicion. So, let’s have a look. Show us what’s in your pockets. If you are as innocent as you say, you should be able to show us your pockets, right?”

“Why should I have to do that?”

Jang Han bared his teeth.

He was clearly the victim.

He felt he didn’t need to prove anything.

“You’re refusing the simplest way to clear suspicion? I don’t understand. It would be a slight inconvenience to clear up doubt, so why not do it? Your refusal only deepens the suspicion.”

“Enough. We could just beat him up and check his pockets. Have we not seen this kind of rascal before? Instead of wasting time babbling, it’s quicker to knock him down and find out.”

“What, what!”

Startled by Mok Chun-Gap suddenly lunging towards him, Jang Han let out a shocked cry.

But Mok Chun-Gap’s figure had already reached him.

With a swift grip, Mok Chun-Gap grabbed Jang Han by the collar and hoisted him up.

Then he quickly revealed what was inside Jang Han’s pockets.

With a ‘thud’, ‘thud’, and ‘thud’, an assortment of items fell out.

“Goodness me!”

“Are you kidding me? Did he actually stage this himself?”

“That’s what seemed fishy.”

The onlookers clicked their tongues as not just a rat’s tail, but also claws, ears, and heads came spilling out of the turned-out pockets.

But the one looking the most dumbfounded was Jeom So-Yi.

Having suffered needless violence from the misunderstanding, Jeom So-Yi looked on at Jang Han, his expression numb.

“Let go of him!”

“Damn it!”

With a jolt,

At the same time, about half a dozen men who seemed to be with Jang Han got up from where they were sitting.

Most bore tattoos or had rugged scars on their faces, cursing as they threatened to attack at any moment.

They drew their short knives or throwing knives, revealing their murderous intent.

Yet their menacing presence didn’t last long.

The couriers from Sekpung Express, already sitting around in various places, rose up with derisive expressions.

As their number was revealed to be no less than nineteen, the group of men’s expressions turned to shock.

Two or three might have posed a challenge even to a skilled martial artist, but not when outnumbered.

However, faced with twenty-one mocking gazes, the men swallowed hard.

Their primary concern was their own lives, not the misfortunes of their companions.

“Hey, you bastards!”

Jang Han screamed as his once-companions ran without looking back.

But no one paid any mind to his cries.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“You’re free to enter, but leaving is not the same.”

“Windows are no good either.”


Even though they desperately tried to escape, the men were stopped short.

As if the couriers had anticipated their move, they blocked the passageways as well as the entrances and windows.

“Let’s take these chaps outside. The other guests need to eat their meals.”


“So, how about we have a more private chat outside? Of course, we enjoy a bit of physical conversation.”

“We really do enjoy it. Hehehe!”

The owner of Ha-Jeong Guesthouse was So Ha-Jeong, but what mattered was that she was the nursemaid of Seok Jin-Ho.

Given how much Seok Jin-Ho cared for Ha-Jeong Guesthouse, it was unsurprising that the couriers stepped outside with sardonic smiles, taking the disruptive group with them.

Thump, thump, crack!

Though out of sight, everyone could hear the punishment being meted out to the troublemakers.

And yet, despite the satisfying sounds of blows, there was no panic or fear among the remaining guests.

In fact, their eyes all lit up with thought.

“A guesthouse guarded by the wardens of Seungcheon Martial Hall.”

“They had no idea who they were messing with, those clueless fools.”

“If they had the slightest clue about why bandits and riffraff are extinct in Hwanghwa County, they wouldn’t have caused this mess.”

“They were too dim-witted to even consider looking into it.”

“The business at Ha-Jeong Guesthouse is going to improve now.”

“It seems that way to me.”

“I’d like to meet the person responsible.”

“Are you talking about the owner of the Seungcheon Martial Hall?”

Looking perplexed, the aged servant spoke.

But the cotton merchant continued unfazed.

“Yes. Living in the same town, it wouldn’t hurt to know each other’s faces, right?”


The servant trailed off, concern written all over his face.

The person in question was infamous for talking too much, which made him uneasy.

So far, if not provoked first, there had been no harm done.

But there was no guarantee it would stay that way in the future.

“It’s beneficial to us to establish a good relationship.”

“That is true.”

“It’s your concern that the owner of Seungcheon Martial Hall might not think well of us, right?”


Sometimes it was necessary to be honest, so the servant named Heo No carefully replied.

However, the cotton merchant did not take offense.

Instead, she smiled warmly.

“If he were from a prestigious family or a major faction, perhaps, but the owner of Seungcheon Martial Hall comes from Seokga Estate. He has the blood of a merchant. There’s no reason for him to look upon us unfavorably. After all, merchants deal with everybody. So let’s give it a try.”


“Fortune favors us as we’re not really tied up with Seungcheon Martial Hall or the guesthouse in any way. He most likely won’t act hostile towards us. Actually, what man could resist?”

The cotton merchant beamed confidently.

Yet, despite her assurance, Heo No’s expression remained shadowed.

Late into the night, when the wardens of the guesthouse had returned, Jeong Ma-Ryong stepped out into the backyard alone, summoned by Seok Jin-Ho.

“You came.”

“Yes, owner.”

Seok Jin-Ho, who had been standing alone majestically, looking up at the full moon, turned around.

To Jeong Ma-Ryong, the sight seemed almost mystical.

Bathed in moonlight, Seok Jin-Ho appeared as if he were in a painting, creating an aura reminiscent of a distinguished martial artist.

Jeong Ma-Ryong couldn’t help but feel envious of the magnificent view.

“What’s there to envy now?”

“Hehe! You look like you belong in a painting, owner.”

“What painting?”

“But, did you summon only me?”

Jeong Ma-Ryong glanced around.

Typically, his brother Tak Yoon would be called as well, but since he saw no sign of him, he blinked his small eyes in confusion.

“I have something to discuss with you alone.”

“Could it be additional training?”

Though it was late, Jeong Ma-Ryong didn’t shy away from more training.

Being less talented than others, it was natural for him to work harder while others slept or rested.

Particularly because he couldn’t claim to have started practicing martial arts early, he believed he needed to exert at least double the effort of others just to close the gap.

“A new martial art; I want to pass it on to you.”

“A new… martial art?”

“That’s right. It feels like it’s time for you to move on to it.”

“Does that mean I’ll be learning a first-rate martial art now?”

Jeong Ma-Ryong stuttered, thinking that any martial art higher than the Happy Thirteen Techniques could only be a first-rate one.

“Yes. If you master it, you could even achieve sword energy mastery.”

“Sword energy mastery!”

The first barrier that frustrated countless martial artists, sword energy mastery was a state only reachable by surpassing the ultimate peak.

It was a realm only accessible to the select few, achievable with the proper martial art, apt environment, and capable master to reach the league of super-first-rates.

Yet the ultimate realm was different; efforts alone weren’t enough to reach it. Therefore, not many surpassed the peak even in the great factions and top families.

With the possibility of attaining such a realm, Jeong Ma-Ryong involuntarily swallowed.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. Remember, I said ‘if you master it’.”

“If I do, will you teach me even more advanced martial arts?”

“I can advise you. At that level, you’d be better off developing your style rather than learning different martial arts. But aren’t you getting too carried away when you haven’t even started learning?”

“Apologies! I’ve spoken out of turn!”

Jeong Ma-Ryong raised his voice with vigor, echoing through the backyard.

This prompted Seok Jin-Ho’s brows to knit.

“Sor, sorry. I just forgot.”

Jeong Ma-Ryong belatedly remembered it was time for So Ha-Jeong to sleep and repeatedly bowed, lowering his voice.

Then Seok Jin-Ho relaxed his frown.

“The Happy Thirteen Techniques must have been challenging, but the Thunder Chaser’s Nine Forms I will show you today are even more complicated. They are easy to understand intellectually, but not so simple to perform physically.”

“Chasing thunder? That name is amazing. So, will my nickname be the Thunder Chaser Blade?”

“Stop the nonsense and focus, will you?”


Jeong Ma-Ryong immediately snapped back to reality, regretting his jests.

The crucial issue here was whether or not he would receive the martial arts, not the name of it.

So he straightened himself and prepared to learn.

“The Thunder Chaser’s Nine Forms are divided into the Former Three Forms, Middle Three Forms, and Latter Three Forms. If you do not completely master the preceding phase, you cannot progress to the next. However, if you reach mastery, you’ll be capable of unleashing relentless, lightning-fast strikes.”


“Watch closely. I’ll demonstrate the Former Three Forms for you slowly.”

Seok Jin-Ho performed the Former Three Forms of the Thunder Chaser’s Nine Forms with his sword, leisurely moving through them.

Despite using a sword for a technique that sounded like it should involve a blade, Jeong Ma-Ryong felt no dissonance at all.

Instead, he was captivated by the sheer beauty and mastery of the forms.

‘That is the martial art I will learn…’

Jeong Ma-Ryong’s eyes became hazy with longing.

And before he knew it, he was envisioning himself as Seok Jin-Ho, gracefully executing the Thunder Chaser’s Nine Forms.

End of Chapter 26. The Guest from Sacheon Fortress -01

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