The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 63

The Warrior's Rebirth

Chapter 25. Grand Opening. -02

Seok Deok-Wol’s expression showed a sense of relief.

Though he didn’t make it obvious, Seok Poong-Pyogukju had also been deeply concerned about this matter.

There was a risk of only doing favors for others at his own expense.

However, Seok Jin-Ho had promised to honor his loyalty, putting Seok Deok-Wol at ease.

“From now on, it would be better to focus on strengthening your foundation. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.” “I’m aware of that. The problem is that things don’t always go as planned. But perhaps with your help, things might start to look different.”

“We can’t be complacent just because we have five years. You know how fickle the human heart can be.”

“But you know what? You don’t look like you’re just eighteen.”

“Shouldn’t you be used to it by now?”

“All talk.”

Seok Deok-Wol shook his head at Seok Jin-Ho’s response, which was not flustered but rather cheeky. Sometimes, he missed the old days when Seok Jin-Ho was infinitely kind and obedient. ‘No, even back then, he wouldn’t listen properly. He was so stubborn.’

Nevertheless, Seok Deok-Wol reminisced fondly as Seok Jin-Ho, who had been holding back, finally served him tea.

“Have you only brought the couriers?”

“Yes. Second and third-class couriers. They make up the majority of the personnel within the Pyoguk, and if they grow stronger, it will be a visible increase in strength.”

“Don’t set your expectations too high.”

“But how can you not expect great things after seeing Ma-Ryung?” Seok Deok-Wol chuckled.

Despite the considerable amount of money involved, neither Seok Deok-Wol nor Seok Poong-Pyogukju hesitated because of Jeong Ma-Ryung. Having seen the results with their own eyes, they might have hesitated over the price, but they had no doubts.

“As I’ve said before, there will be no refunds if anyone runs away during training.”

“That’s not something to worry about. They all have remarkable willpower. No one knows the bitterness of being weak better than the second and third-class couriers. So don’t worry about that. If training kills them, so be it, but none will run away.”

“I assume that similar terms are included in the contract.”

“Ahem!” Seok Deok-Wol didn’t reply.

However, it wasn’t difficult to infer from his expression and reaction.

“Well, that matter concerns the Pyoguk’s internal affairs and is not my concern.”

“Here, take this.”

“Thank you.”

“Please take good care of our people. The Pyogukju has high hopes for you, too.”

Seok Deok-Wol said as he handed over an envelope, presumably filled with money notes. It wasn’t a joke; Seok Deok-Wol truly had great expectations for Seok Jin-Ho. If Seok Jin-Ho could fill the gap in the lack of strong fighters within Pyoguk in the short term, the spot as the industry leader would solidify even more. Moreover, this could also prevent further loss of high-level personnel, leading Seok Deok-Wol to look at Seok Jin-Ho with eager eyes.

“I will do my best.”

“While you’re at it, make sure you get good results. You hear me? Oh, by the way, I’ve heard a rumor.”

“A rumor?”

“Yeah. They say you’re selling something special to Mi-Ryong.”

Seok Deok-Wol spoke in a suggestive tone. But Seok Jin-Ho was not taken in by his probing words. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“Hey, acting like this between us?” “Even if there was something, it wouldn’t be something I could carelessly speak about. Trust is as important in contracts.”

“Argh!” Seok Deok-Wol looked disappointed by Seok Jin-Ho’s firm boundary.

But even faced with Seok Deok-Wol’s anticipation, Seok Jin-Ho remained resolute. Seok Deok-Wol, feeling like he had raised a tiger cub, could only lick his lips, and instead, he placed a thick manual on the table.

“What’s this?”

“It’s our Pyoguk’s basic martial arts techniques. It’s for the newcomers who aim to become couriers. You might not need it now, but we’ll be sending carrier warriors too, so you might as well read it beforehand.”

“Is it alright for you to show this to me?”

“Why would you covet martial arts that barely scrape by as first-class? Sure, these arts aren’t readily available, but they also aren’t sublime enough to be called Ascent Peak Arts. Feel free to enhance them if you find any shortcomings.”

Seok Deok-Wol chuckled cunningly. Of course, Seok Jin-Ho firmly declined.

“I won’t need to.”

“How cold-hearted.”

“It would be inappropriate to expect too much for the price. Please separate business from personal matters.”

Seok Deok-Wol looked like someone who had raised a tiger cub, as Seok Jin-Ho’s words were cold and clear.

“Pant, pant, pant!”

“Aaaah!” The front yard of Seungcheon Mugwan was unusually noisy from early morning, buzzing with the addition of Seok Poong Pyoguk couriers.

Among them was Chae So-Kang. “Heh! Huff!” Chae So-Kang clenched his teeth, fixating on Seok Jin-Ho, Tak Yoon, and Jeong Ma-Ryung, who appeared unaffected as they ran.

Though he had been training his stamina on his own, it seemed there was a limit to following others, as he was already running out of breath.

However, Chae So-Kang did not give up. “Eeeugh!”

“How much longer do we have to run?”

“Save even the strength to speak!” Pitiful groans constantly erupted around Chae So-Kang. The couriers, who started training that day, moaned everywhere. Nonetheless, no one showed signs of giving up. Knowing what an enormous opportunity this was, and having signed contracts, they all stubbornly followed the three men.


“Are we still going to keep running?” As running continued, their faces turned deathly pale. Unable to use their internal energy as asked, they all reached their limits.

But even as they suffered miserably, Seok Jin-Ho did not stop running.

“Run! Don’t stop for anything!” With most of them hobbling, Jeong Ma-Ryung shouted out.

They couldn’t afford to stop moving, even if mere walking, so Jeong Ma-Ryung urged them on with loud commands.

Conversely, Seok Jin-Ho watched the new disciples with steely eyes.

“Eeeugh!” “Gaghh!” After another ten laps, everyone except Tak Yoon and Jeong Ma-Ryung retched.

Vomiting up everything they had eaten in the morning, Jeong Ma-Ryung wore a smug smile.

It was familiar to him; when he first trained properly, he had incessantly vomited just like them.

And he had repeated the cycle of running and throwing up. ‘They will probably follow the same path as me. Heh heh heh!’ Jeong Ma-Ryung let out a malicious laugh at the clear future of the couriers.

Then, Tak Yoon approached Chae So-Kang, who had collapsed as if out of nowhere. Couriers being of a low level, had basic martial arts knowledge and internal energy, but Chae So-Kang was different.

He was practically a commoner, so Tak Yoon cautiously checked up on him.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m, I’m fine.”

“You don’t need to push yourself on the first day. You don’t have internal energy, and your body hasn’t fully grown yet, so it could be harmed by excessive strain.”

“I’ll manage for now.” Despite the truth of his words, Chae So-Kang was not at his limit yet.

Furthermore, unlike the couriers, he just finished warming up, and mentally prepared for the next training.

“Yoon, help So-Kang with the basics. And as for the new disciples, it’s time for an initiation match.”

“Are you serious, right now?” A courier, pallid after his violent retching, barely opened his mouth to ask. He was the eldest among them and seemed even paler from the vomiting.

“Yes. Since you’ve thrown everything up, you’ll be lighter, which you can use to your advantage.”

“Ugh!” A courier in his mid-twenties looked nauseated. However, he did not refuse.

Having been informed that intense training was expected, the courier clenched his teeth and rose.

“Place your swords down and use wooden ones. We all love sparring as if it’s a real fight, but we can’t waste time healing injuries. Time is money.”

Seok Jin-Ho gestured toward the front of the building. Before running, he had Tak Yoon prepare various weaponry, now neatly laid out. “Understood.” “Ma-Ryung, take care of the people.”

“Yes!” As the labored courier staggered off, Seok Jin-Ho also gave instructions to Jeong Ma-Ryung.

The disorganized disciples strewn about required some order. Watching others spar was also a form of training, so Seok Jin-Ho herded the gasping disciples to one side.

“Then, shall we begin?” “It’s an honor, Guanju!” The courier, gripping a wooden sword similar in size to his steel one, approached and respectfully addressed Seok Jin-Ho. Though young, Seok Jin-Ho was already notorious in the Jianghu.

Bearing the nickname “Wall-Wind Thunder Tiger,” the courier paid his respects with a concentrated expression.

“You may attack first.”

Returning the formal salute, Seok Jin-Ho dangled his arms at his sides. By surrendering the first move, he acknowledged the skill gap.

However, none observing thought this was arrogant. Instead, they all watched the duel between Seok Jin-Ho and his fellow with haggard faces.

“I’ll go now.”

As this was a sparring match to learn rather than a fight to the death, the courier maintained proper decorum and charged at Seok Jin-Ho.


Sadly, the courier couldn’t take even a single hit from Seok Jin-Ho. Without displaying any special moves or exceptionally swift movement, Seok Jin-Ho neutralized the courier in mere seconds. The courier lay on the ground, grasping at his collar, groaning belatedly.


“I’ll go.”

Despite witnessing a sight that seemed to scream ‘instant defeat,’ none mocked or ridiculed what they saw. After all, they knew too well the vast gap in their skills. Bang! Boom! The couriers continued to fall helplessly one after the other.

None could land a successful hit on Seok Jin-Ho, nor evade his counterattacks. Yet, despite the harsh beatings, they all smiled. With so harsh a lesson, what they learned was clear.


“Surround him!”

After the one-on-one duels, all the couriers charged at Seok Jin-Ho. As couriers often faced many foes, they simulated this condition and collectively attacked. Thud, thud, thud! Nevertheless, Seok Jin-Ho was still untouched.

Though moving at the same speed, no one could hit Seok Jin-Ho. None even managed to dodge. ‘Hmm.’ Seok Jin-Ho let out a hum of contemplation. Considering they were picked for their qualities, it was disappointing to see their performance.

But having already signed contracts and received payment, Seok Jin-Ho faithfully carried out the agreement. After a full day’s work, Seok Jin-Ho entered his office. The cries of still wailing disciples floated in through the open window, but Seok Jin-Ho didn’t bat an eyelid as he sat down.

Nyaaong! As if on cue, Heukhwi appeared. Silently crossing the window, the cat made its way to Seok Jin-Ho.


As he rubbed his head against Seok Jin-Ho, who responded with a chuckle and scratched his forehead, Heukhwi immediately flipped, exposing his belly. Purr. Purrrr.

“It’s almost feeding time, huh?”

Seok Jin-Ho let out a smile at Heukhwi’s full display of affection. He knew why Heukhwi was suddenly so affectionate.

“But first, I have some work to do.” Seok Jin-Ho said, his gaze drifting to the desk where two letters lay.

Yet his look turned icy when he noticed the seals stamped on them. “These two shouldn’t have any reason to send me letters.”

Looking at the letters sealed by Seok Jin-Ryong and Seok Ki-Ryong, Seok Jin-Ho reached out decisively for the first one from Seok Jin-Ryong. The tightly sealed letter was finally opened.

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