The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 58

The Warrior's Rebirth

Chapter 23: The Price of Provoking the Tiger’s Whiskers – 02

“I’m disappointed. It seemed like you were at least at the level of a top-class assassin, but to think you’d scream. Isn’t it the basic quality of an upper-tier assassin to not utter a sound in any situation?”


The blackness disappeared from Sibsa-ho’s eyes.

In terrible pain, he merely moaned and writhed.

It was as if he wasn’t in his right mind.

Seeing that, Seok Jin-ho stopped pushing his Honyeon Cheonraegi.

“Who is it?”

“Pant, pant!”

As the blackness slowly returned to his eyes, Seok Jin-ho asked.

But there was no reply—Sibsa-ho only sweated coldly.

“Well, I didn’t have any expectations.”


Shrugging, Seok Jin-ho pushed the Honyeon Cheonraegi again.

One of the world’s most powerful and fierce lightning energies ripped through Sibsa-ho’s entire meridian system in an instant.

But this wasn’t enough to kill a person.

He might lose his martial arts skills, but his life wasn’t at risk.

Moreover, he wasn’t the only one with such injuries.

As if to prove that, Heukhwi brought Esipsa-ho, whom he had single-handedly subdued, dragging by the one leg.

He had pulled him to Seok Jin-ho with his left leg.


“Good job.”

As if asking for a compliment, Heukhwi rubbed against Seok Jin-ho’s leg, who then proudly patted him on the back.

Esipsa-ho watched this with frightened eyes, realizing how powerful Seok Jin-ho must be if even a demonic cat like Heukhwi was fawning over him.

Especially after witnessing the scene where Sibsa-ho, who was known as a strong figure within the Heuksalmun, had been overpoweringly subdued, Esipsa-ho felt a chill.


Esipsa-ho’s guess was clear when seeing the other with foaming at the mouth—Seok Jin-ho did not hesitate to torture.

‘What we knew was too little. Especially about his level of martial arts skills. It’s not just at the peak level.’

Esipsa-ho clenched his eyes shut.

But knowing this now changed nothing.

“You have two options. One is to tell me who hired you and die comfortably. The second is to endure unbearable pain until you tell me, and then you die. Ah, I don’t mind either. The night is long.”


Esipsa-ho shivered at Seok Jin-ho’s chilling words.

He reflexively glanced at Sibsa-ho, who was lying unconscious.

“… If I tell you, will you kill me without pain?”

“I promise. I have a reputation to uphold in that regard.”

Esipsa-ho closed his eyes.

Though he wanted to negotiate, that required an equal playing field.

In a situation where the scales were decidedly tipped, especially from someone in such an absolute vulnerable position, he had no right to speak.

Therefore, Esipsa-ho chose the next best option.

“The Heukwigroup, Cheongeumbang, and Buyaloo hired us.”


“We were to meet at the designated place with the target’s head to receive the rest of the payment. You can confirm it for yourself if you go there.”

“Not much time then.”

“That’s correct.”

Having made his decision, Esipsa-ho told everything he knew.

There was no need to be uncooperative at this point.

After all, Sibsa-ho, who had been listening, was already as good as dead.

“I’ll send you off without pain, as promised. It will be much better than dying from the poison.”

“Thank you…”

After hearing about the place, Seok Jin-ho kept his promise and sent Esipsa-ho off.

He then slung Sibsa-ho over his shoulder and leaped away.

At Buyaloo’s top floor, three people glanced anxiously out the window.

The assassin from Heuksalmun had yet to appear, even as the promised time was nearing.

“Could it have failed?”

“That’s impossible. We were so sure of it, and we’ve invested a big amount of money.”

“Let’s wait a bit more. There’s still some time left until the agreed hour.”

Hwano tried to maintain his composure despite also feeling nervous.

He was certain the assassin would show up to collect the remaining payment.

“I have a bad feeling.”

“Did he really fail?”

“Shut up! Don’t say such unlucky things. Words can become reality.”

Hwano shouted angrily out of superstition.

But just then, a roaring sound reverberated from outside, followed by something flying through the window and into the room.

A man, his mask removed and covered in blood, had landed precisely between the three of them.


“What, what is that!”

Startled by the sudden appearance of the stranger, both Cheongeumbang’s boss and Hwano jumped from their seats while Hyeolgui quickly drew his sword, sensing that things had gone awry.

“So it was you guys? Plotted together to kill me?”

“You, you are!”

The pupils of the three people dilated beyond capacity upon discovering Seok Jin-ho, who had silently entered through the window.

They were all taken aback, as they hadn’t expected Seok Jin-ho to appear.

“You’re prepared, right?”

Ding, ding, ding, ding!

Sensing the direness in Seok Jin-ho’s cold words, Hwano hurriedly shook the small bell he had carried inside his robe, signaling an emergency.

Soon enough, dozens of people began to gather in the spacious room.

The fighters from Buyaloo, Cheongeumbang, and Heukwigroup had all come up.

“Since it has come to this, kill him!”

Encouraged by the appearance of his followers, Hyeolgui lunged forward.

Knowing that Seok Jin-ho’s mere presence meant he was aware of everything, Hyeolgui didn’t hesitate.

“Good. I was wondering whether I should start talking nonsense, but if you approach me like this, I like it.”


The moment a sword appeared in Seok Jin-ho’s hand, about a dozen bodies were sliced apart.

A single streak of sword energy had cut through them all, both weapons and flesh—such was the devastating cleave that those from Cheongeumbang and Buyaloo who had come at Seok Jin-ho froze in terror.

“What, what is this…!”

“This can’t be…!”

“Be quiet.”


Seok Jin-ho casually swung his sword, unbothered by taking any formal stance.

And none could withstand his strike.



The ease with which Seok Jin-ho slaughtered dozens appeared effortless to Hwano, who collapsed to the floor stricken with the meaningless of further resistance.

He had thought that with the top warriors under his command from three organizations working together, they could inflict significant damage and even kill Seok Jin-ho.

However, it was all arrogance and delusion.


That truth was also realized by the boss of Cheongeumbang, who could only swallow dryly without uttering a word.

He even avoided eye contact with Seok Jin-ho.


Suddenly, the people who had gathered at the top floor of Buyaloo began frantically retreating.

Knowing that attacking Seok Jin-ho would only bring certain death, they chose to flee.

But, regrettably, escape was not permitted to them.

“Where do you think you’re going!”


At the first floor stood Jeong Maryung and Tak Yun, prepared by Seok Jin-ho to ensure that no one would escape.


“Don’t push! It’s blocked ahead!”

As Jeong Maryung, now able to wield his Baekdo with permission from Seok Jin-ho, mercilessly laid waste to his opponents, no one was spared.

He didn’t hesitate, knowing that they had all conspired to take Seok Jin-ho’s life.

Tak Yun was no different, genuinely enraged by the fact that they had targeted not only Seok Jin-ho but also Sohajeong, ruthlessly crushing the enemies before him.

Thud, thud, thud!

Amidst the screams and death throes echoing below, both Hwano and Cheongeumbang’s boss shivered.

The sounds seemed like a premonition of their own fate.

“Master, please spare us! Foolish as I am, I dared to harbor thoughts against the great one! If you spare me this once, I will do whatever you ask! Please, I beg of your mercy just this once!”

“If you spare me, I will pay you tribute! I will faithfully offer you 80% of the net profits!”

Not undermining the power of experience, Hwano was quick to act.

He was the first among the three to bow his head to Seok Jin-ho.

Following suit, Cheongeumbang’s boss desperately prostrated himself, mentioning tribute money. Knowing that everyone has a price, he hoped that Seok Jin-ho would be swayed, even slightly.

“Tribute money, eh.”

“I’ll give 90%! I’ll give you 90%! Moreover, whenever you visit Buyaloo, I’ll prepare a top-class wine feast and the most beautiful ladies for you!”

“Trying to live the easy life, huh? You think money solves everything. Well, that’s probably why you hired Heuksalmun for an assassination. You can avoid dirtying your own hands and leave no evidence behind. You thought this through well. But you went too far. If you had stayed quietly like a dead mouse, you wouldn’t have met me this way.”

“Please, just give me one chance…!”

Sensing something in Seok Jin-ho’s tone, Hwano quickly tried to speak again. But upon making eye contact, he had to close his mouth, realizing that Seok Jin-ho had made his decision.

“If you kill us here, the same kinds of men will appear. Criminals are like weeds. Rather than that, if you leave this to us, we will not let such an incident happen again! We will also ensure that we never catch your attention!”

Cheongeumbang’s boss, who had bowed all this time, now spewed excuses like a flowing river, desperately trying to survive by tossing out meaningless words.

“Weeds can be weeded out one by one. And I’ll set an example so clear that what you fear won’t happen.”

“But to go through all that trouble…”


Cheongeumbang’s boss began to lift his head, but his words were cut short. Seok Jin-ho’s sword had beheaded him.

And at that moment, Hyeolgui, who had remained silent until now, charged in. He seized the moment when Seok Jin-ho swung his sword, desperate for a mutual death.


Hyeolgui’s momentum was murderous, his will to accompany him to the netherworld unmistakable.

But his all-out last strike did not reach Seok Jin-ho; his beloved saber was torn like a sheet of paper by the sword that had been swiftly retracted.


However, Hyeolgui’s true attack was hidden.

With the closest proximity he could manage, Hyeolgui spat out the poison needle he had prepared in his mouth.

‘This cannot be dodged!’

Throwing his ace up his sleeve, Hyeolgui sneered confidently.

He had overcome countless brushes with death using this technique.

Thus, Hyeolgui believed his hidden needle would save him once again.


“Do you think you’re the only one in this world who can do that?”

Hyeolgui’s eyes bulged as he suddenly realized what had encircled and vanished around Seok Jin-ho’s body in an instant.

“Body, bodyguard…!”


But Hyeolgui’s words did not continue, as a corpse cannot speak.

After killing both Hyeolgui and Hwano, Seok Jin-ho went down to the first floor and wiped out all the fighters from Heukwigroup, Cheongeumbang, and Buyaloo.

Just as he said he would make an example, Seok Jin-ho left no room for mercy.

End of Chapter 23: The Price of Provoking the Tiger’s Whiskers – 02

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