The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 42

The Warrior's Rebirth

Chapter 18. The Incident at Seokpung Courier Service -02

“So different in those clothes, it’s like I don’t recognize you! You look like a proper noble warrior now.”

“Thank you. But aren’t you busy? There must be many guests looking for you.”

With the sudden appearance of the owner of the Seokpung Courier Service, Seok Jin-ho stood up from his seat to greet him.

However, the owner waved his hand with a smile, indicating it was fine, and sat down in front of Seok Jin-ho.

“No matter how busy I am, I must see Jin-ho’s face when he’s here. A guest is just a guest, no matter how important. But aren’t we family after all?”

“You are right.”

Seok Duk-wol, who had accompanied the owner, chimed in agreement with what was said.

Although their true intentions were quite obvious, no one found it odd.

“I appreciate you saying that.”

“It’s not just lip service. If there’s anything you need my help with, just say the word. If there’s anything Seokpung Courier Service can do, we will help without hesitation.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Haha, good good!”

The owner of the Seokpung Courier Service laughed heartily as he looked at Seok Jin-ho, his eyes filled with affection and anticipation.

Seok Jin-ho was already more prominent than any of the other young successors in the Ten Couriers.

That’s why he was keen to maintain a connection with Seok Jin-ho.

‘I doubt the Seok family will let him go easily, but the Jin-ho I saw is not to be underestimated either.’

He had already noticed that their relationship had significantly deteriorated.

Thus, he planned to establish a strong bond slowly but surely.

Talent is always better in abundance, and there was no need to mention the benefits if it was from the same bloodline.

“Lord of the Courier Service.”

“Ah, yes, I think I will have to drink tea some other time.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Enjoy your meal, and let’s meet separately tomorrow.”


Showing that he had squeezed time out of his busy schedule, the owner of the Seokpung Courier Service waved his hand and departed.

And following him, Seok Duk-wol gestured with his eyes that they’d see each other later. Seok Jin-ho smiled lightly and picked up his teacup.

“It’s truly touching every time I see this. Madam should have witnessed how much recognition the young master is receiving.”

“The nursemaid is watching, and mother is looking down from heaven.”

“She would be so proud.”

“Even so, I’d prefer if you didn’t cry. I’d like it more if my nursemaid didn’t cry.”


So Ha-jung, who had been sniffling, wiped her eyes with her sleeve and then smiled brightly again.

Then she began to refill the plates in front of her.

Seeing that Seok Jin-ho’s plate was empty, she filled it with new dishes.

Seok Bi-kang sipped his tea while watching his long lost son.

To the outsider, he looked indifferent, but he knew.

He knew that Seok Myung-il’s mind was in turmoil.

“You seem to have worries.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“I am your father.”

“It seems my training is still lacking if my emotions are showing on my face.”

Seok Myung-il smiled bitterly.

He was of an age now that people would call him experienced, but apparently, he still couldn’t fool his father’s eyes.

“You’ve grown up a lot. You are leading the clan well on your own.”

“I’ve been working hard.”

“But raising a child isn’t easy, is it?”


Seok Myung-il readily admitted it.

He heard it so often growing up that child-rearing is challenging, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Now he felt the truth of those words keenly.

“The real heir will eventually be the most successful one. The problem is the others.”


“Do you think things will turn out well?”

Seok Bi-kang didn’t give advice recklessly.

Although he was a father, he had stepped back from front-line duties.

Since Seok Myung-il was now the leader of the Seok family, Seok Bi-kang preferred to ask his son’s thoughts rather than give advice.

“I am trying, but the response is lukewarm.”

“That’s to be expected. He speaks his mind to me as well. By the way, have the people from Ha Buk Peng family left?”

“Yes. They returned to Ha Buk Peng as soon as Jin-ho left for Seokpung.”

“Tsk tsk! It seems like Jin-ryong ended up like the dog chasing chickens.”

Seok Bi-kang laughed.

It was a well-known secret that Jin-ryong, the eldest grandson, had been pursuing Peng Na-yeon, and he was aware of it.

“Despite a formal marriage proposal, he was ignored.”

“Well, it’s expected of Ha Buk Peng family. The father is famously devoted to his daughter.”

“But the rejection was not pleasant.”

“No helping it. We may have influence in the upper world, but not in the martial world. But are you still in contact, even if Jin-ryong isn’t?”

Seok Bi-kang spoke as if it was no big deal.

To Jin-ryong, burning with ambition, human relationships are not something that can be forced.

Especially not with Peng Na-yeon’s family, who were not powerful enough to do so.

In the end, all that Jin-ryong could do was accept defeat, but Seok Bi-kang didn’t think the experience was necessarily bad.

“That’s why I’m more worried.”

“You don’t want to do favors for others?”

“I am a businessman, after all.”

“I’m the same, but now that I think about it, it’s not always good. As a leader, it is natural, but not as a head of family.”

“I plan to do what I can.”

Seok Myung-il’s expression was resolute.

To give up now would be a waste of Seok Jin-ho’s talent.

“Weren’t they calling him ‘Wall-breaking Thunder Tiger’?”


“They say Peng Na-yeon’s Black Spur Hawk came looking for him.”

“I couldn’t confirm it myself, but it is highly likely they fought each other. You too know the fervor from back then. And now his sister is involved too.”

“I wonder who won.”

Seok Bi-kang was genuinely curious.

Objectively, he wanted to side with his grandson, who had subdued the Black Armor Bandit, but a renowned family is a renowned family for a reason.

Peng Mu-gun didn’t make it to the Six Dragons, but if a list of the top ten young masters were made, he would surely occupy one spot, indicating that known skill was not to be trusted entirely.

“I was curious, but I couldn’t find out. The duel happened too suddenly.”

“If we could grab him, he could take our family to the next level.”

“The problem is that his heart has already left.”

Seok Myung-il sighed softly.

Efforts were made, but the effects were unfortunately minimal.

Of course, it is difficult to change one’s mind in a short time, so he is investing in the long term, despite feeling regretful.

“It seems Seokpung Courier Service is also aiming for him.”

“If I were the head of Seokpung, I would target him too. If I didn’t, I would lack insight.”

“I don’t think it’s bad for Jin-ho to go to Seokpung Courier Service. It’s a good place to gain experience as a warrior. Besides, Seokpung Courier Service is also part of the Seok family. Ultimately, the problem is that Jin-ho is not keen on the idea of going to Seokpung Courier Service.”

The best scenario would be for Seok Jin-ho to stay here and make waves, but Seok Bi-kang thought gaining experience at Seokpung Courier Service was not a bad idea, considering it is still under the Seok family’s control.

Yet the problem was that Seok Jin-ho wanted to leave the Seok family’s sphere of influence.

“I can’t figure out what he’s thinking.”

“He definitely has a plan, but we don’t know what it is.”

Seok Bi-kang stroked his chin, which was his habit when frustrated, and both of their expressions were remarkably similar.

“We need to know what he wants, but we simply can’t figure it out.”

“Maybe he just wants to leave. It’s unlikely, but he could just be a late bloomer in puberty.”

“Do you really think that?”

“Doesn’t puberty seem the most plausible from our point of view? Rebellious without reason.”

Seok Bi-kang gave a wry smile.

He himself didn’t believe that, but it was the only explanation that made sense for Seok Jin-ho’s actions.

“If only. Then he would return home once his adolescent phase passes.”

“It wouldn’t be bad for him to experience hardships by leaving home. Have you checked on the other kids?”

“Yes. I thoroughly revisited in case there might be another child like Jin-ho. But, unfortunately, there are no kids who stand out.”

Seok Myung-il shrugged.

Wondering if there were any others like Seok Jin-ho, he had re-examined all the neglected children.

But there was no one comparable to Seok Jin-ho.

“Having one would be a blessing, but it’s unlikely. That’s why we’re so persistent with that kid. Ugh!”

Remembering a meeting that seemed anything but like a typical grandparent and grandchild encounter, Seok Bi-kang clicked his tongue.

It wasn’t typical because the grandson was anything but typical.

Yet he couldn’t be angry, for it was they who were responsible.

If he were in Seok Jin-ho’s shoes, he would have done the same.

Moreover, Seok Jin-ho was not a merchant but a warrior.

‘If he was a merchant, that would be a different problem altogether.’

Seok family has always had clear distinctions of priority among the children, and a new competitor’s emergence would have caused various issues.

Competition could lead to progress, but the problem was that successful cases were rare.

“Is there no good solution?”

“The clan head is you.”


Seok Myung-il coughed at the straightforward response from his father.

However, Seok Bi-kang was equally frustrated.

It wasn’t just Seok Myung-il who had a strong desire to keep him; the grandfather also couldn’t let go.

As time passed, the atmosphere in the banquet hall grew more heated.

The elders enjoyed themselves with other elders, while the younger ones displayed their youthful vigor in every corner, fostering excitement.


As if to prove it, martial contests were in full swing throughout the banquet hall.

For the sake of their couriers’ honor or to showcase their skills, bouts were held incessantly from all sides.

Although formally requesting duels with courtesy, Seok Jin-ho could see through them.

Every one of them was ablaze with ambition and greed, particularly around beautiful women, where the intensity of the battles heated up even more.


“Are you bored?”

“Are you having fun?”

“Hehe! Yes. It’s my first time seeing such a spectacle.”

Jung Ma-rang’s eyes darted around non-stop, witnessing the unfolding duels.

While these confrontations weren’t as high-level as the one Seok Jin-ho had shown him, they were all the more instructive for him.

Because the fights took place at a level he aspired to reach, he learned a lot just by watching.

“Surely this is beneficial for you.”

“That’s right. Even imagining the encounters feels like an accumulation of experience. In fact, the duel between the young master and Peng Miss was too advanced for me, leaving me amazed rather than enlightened. Their movements were far too quick to see.”

“It’s still hard to see even now, isn’t it?”

“At least now it’s somewhat visible. I can predict their trajectories somewhat. Of course, seeing them doesn’t mean I can avoid them, but at least there’s some trace.”

Filled with confidence, Jung Ma-rang spoke.

His growth wasn’t rapid, but he could feel it.

He was developing clearly with each passing day.

“That’s good. Just keep it up.”

“I’ll work even harder!”

After reassuring Jung Ma-rang, Seok Jin-ho turned his head.

He could feel a piercing gaze from the right.


A young man in a black martial outfit with an embroidery of a rampant white horse was gazing at him from afar with a particularly cold look.

Then, with large strides, he approached Seok Jin-ho.

Chapter 18. The Incident at Seokpung Courier Service -02 The End

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