The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 3

The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 3

Chapter 2: Establishing Resolve -02

So Hajung let out an exclamation as a cool sensation began at her shoulders.

Her expression melted from the skill that seemed divine, as though reaching the realm of gods.

“How is it? Refreshing, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it truly is like melting.”

“It’s because I do everything properly when I decide to do it.”

“I know. I’ve always trusted you, Young Master. Ah!”

Unintentionally, a moan slipped out as hands pressed and poked across her back.

The sensation was both refreshing and thrilling, instinctively drawing out her sounds.

Realizing this belatedly, So Hajung hung her head, her face burning red.

“It’s okay. It’s a natural reaction. From now on, I will give you massages more often. Considering how much I have been pushing you, your muscles must be quite tense.”

“You don’t have to. You’ve been very busy lately.”

“I am busy, but I still have plenty of time to give you a massage.”

“You seem to be sleeping much less than usual, are you alright?”

So Hajung asked with concern, noticing that his sleeping hours seemed to be dwindling.

“How did you know?”

“I saw you training in the early morning.”

“Ah, I see.”

“You’re still growing, you should sleep properly.”

Seok Jinho grasped her hand, speaking to her.

It was good to enjoy martial arts training, but too much could be as bad as too little. So Hajung tried to express her concern without offending him.

“I understand the importance of growth and make sure to sleep during those times. So, don’t worry.”


“Do I look tired?”

So Hajung gazed at Seok Jinho closely.

Far from looking tired, his face was radiant.

Furthermore, the acne that once dotted his face was nowhere to be seen.

“Your skin has become so much healthier.”

“Well, I am purging all the impurities from my body. Should I teach you some martial arts?”

“Nah. Martial arts for me? I’m satisfied with my current life. The Young Master is healthy, and Yun is also doing well.”

“Then at least keep getting regular massages. Not to boast, but my massages are of a different class.”

So Hajung smiled warmly.

His proud manner was just too adorable. She nodded her head.

It was her first massage, but the skill was real.

“You can give me a massage whenever you have time. There’s no need to do it too often.”

“I have to. I’ve been asked to take good care of you.”


So Hajung widened her eyes in surprise.

In this remote place, the only people Seok Jinho could meet were herself and Tak Yun.

Occasionally, servants would come to bring ingredients, but they seldom spoke to Seok Jinho.

They would answer reluctantly, only when absolutely necessary.

“Yes. So don’t refuse. In a way, it’s all for my benefit. You have to be healthy to cook for me.”

“Since you put it that way, it’s not wrong. Ho ho!”

“I will need you to cook until I marry. So stay healthy for a long, long time.”

“I could be eligible next year.”

So Hajung remarked, subtly joking.

Eighteen years old was certainly an age sufficient for marriage.

Although Seok Jinho was born out of wedlock, he was still part of the Seok family line.

If acknowledged by the Seok family patriarch, he could even engage in a political marriage.

“No chance of that. I have no intention of marrying anytime soon.”

“Heh, we’ll see if it goes your way.”

“It will. Maybe others won’t manage, but I will.”

“…You look really good, Young Master.”

“Nothing strange about that?”

Seok Jinho asked jokingly.

His character had changed dramatically since his near-death experience, quite different from the original Seok Jinho.

Since the two were as close as family, they overlooked this and understood, but others might have had their doubts.

“At first, it seemed odd, but the fact you’re still the Young Master hasn’t changed.”

“Oddly enough, that warms my heart.”

“Then how about a hug? I’m over fifteen and you haven’t hugged me even once.”

“A hug is nothing.”

Seok Jinho, now a head taller than So Hajung, embraced her with a playful face.

She smiled contentedly in his arms.

“You’re warm.”

“Let’s endure a little longer. A lot will change next year.”

“I’m already quite content with how things are.”

“I am not. You deserve a more luxurious life. I’ll see you later. I have something to say to Tak Yun.”

Seok Jinho grinned and left the kitchen.

Like a gust of wind, he vanished as abruptly as he had arrived.

Yet, So Hajung gazed at the entrance of the kitchen long after he had left.

“Tak Yun.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Tak Yun, sweeping in front of the moon gate, came running at Seok Jinho’s call, his voice booming.

With each step of his colossal frame, the courtyard shook.

Yet despite his size, his face was simple-mindedly honest.

“Sit down here.”


As if to show his current status, his living quarters were modest.

However, even in the small courtyard, everything was neatly in place; Seok Jinho sat on a wooden veranda and tapped the seat beside him.

“Tak Yun, would you like to learn martial arts?”

“Martial arts?”

Tak Yun blinked his huge eyes in confusion, startled by the sudden offer.

“Yes. Martial arts. I know one that would suit you perfectly. It’s an external qi practice that isn’t constrained by age. It’s not easy to master, but with your patience, you should be able to learn it. It’s a martial art tailor-made for you.”

“Well… Would learning it be of help to you, Young Master?”

In an age-inappropriate display of innocence, Tak Yun cautiously asked back. Instead of questioning whether Seok Jinho really knew such martial arts, he wondered if it would help him.

“Of course, it will help. But it will benefit you even more than me. You’ll become healthier and less prone to injuries.”

“If it will help you, Young Master, I’ll learn.”

“I should warn you, it will be excruciating. The external qi practice I want to teach is difficult because it’s high-level. You can refuse. There won’t be any negative consequences for declining.”

“I’ll learn. If you say it will help, then I will.”

“Are you not pondering this too lightly? Even though you must follow me.”

Seok Jinho gave a playful smile.

It wasn’t unexpected, yet the trust he had was almost too much to handle.

“No, Young Master. I know you would not do anything to harm me. Hehe!”

Embarrassed by his own words, Tak Yun scratched the back of his head.

But those words fortified Seok Jinho’s heart.

The deceased Seok Jinho despaired, feeling he had nothing, but Seok Jinho’s thoughts differed.

He had more than enough already.

‘He just didn’t know it.’

Without effort, nothing would change.

If it doesn’t exist, one must find a way. If he had given up due to lack of talent, the Seok Jinho of today wouldn’t exist.

“Shall we start right away?”

“Um, Young Master, I have chores to do right now.”

“Oh? Then let’s do it in the evening. Before sleep, upon waking. You’ll do the physical training with me.”


Tak Yun beamed with a bright smile.

The prospect of learning martial arts was one thing, but the fact that he would be training together with Seok Jinho seemed to bring him genuine joy.

Time flowed like a river.

Winter’s snow had subsided, and it was now a time when flowers began to bloom.

Although it was still chilly in the mornings and evenings, the breath of spring was already in the air.

“Hurry up!”

“Speed up! Don’t you know the guests are coming from tomorrow?”

For days, the usually peaceful manor was buzzing with controlled chaos, but Seok Jinho observed the scene quietly, his own quarters remaining tranquil, unlike the frantic servants.

The celebration of the current Grand Elder and ex-Seok Family Head’s seventieth birthday was only days away, but it felt distant to Seok Jinho.

“It’s busier than ever.”

“Will you be alright?”

“With what?”

“Meeting your brothers.”

Even though his personality had changed, his nature remained largely the same.

Seok Jinho always felt inferior when facing his brothers, staying alone in a corner.

Thus, So Hajung worriedly asked.

“They are the ones who should be worried.”

“Is that so?”

“Too noisy. Can’t concentrate. What’s all the commotion about?”

“Perhaps this could be the Grand Elder’s last birthday. He’s quite old now.”

Usually, people did not live past sixty, and as So Hajung had said, it’s possible this celebration might be his last.

“He’s been consuming healthy things since he was young. He’s fine for another decade at least.”

“You never know with the elderly. They can collapse unexpectedly.”

“That is true.”

“Will you go pay respects?”

“I must. Although not invited, we are still blood. If forbidden, there’s nothing I can do.”

Seok Jinho shrugged.

Considering past events, being barred from the banquet wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

“But you should still go. He’s your grandfather.”

“I will. For the sake of propriety if nothing else. The family is large; he may not even remember me.”

Seok Jinho recalled the memories.

More precisely, the memories of the deceased Seok Jinho.

“I’ll prepare the gift.”

“Do you have the money?”

Seok Jinho’s eyebrows twitched.

Feeding three people thrice a day was already a strain on their finances.

All the more so, as Seok Jinho’s intense martial arts training meant he ate more than usual.

This made Seok Jinho wonder.

“Not all gifts need to be bought.”

So Hajung confidently held up her arms, adding a confident smile.

“Planning to make it with your own hands?”

“Yes. The clothes you’re wearing right now were made by me.”

“I’m aware of your skills. But material costs money.”

“That I’m not worried about. I have ways to procure them. You just make sure to greet properly and come back.”

“It seems too much depends on you.”

Seok Jinho looked apologetic.

Yet, even now, he couldn’t get used to it.

He had never received such unconditional and one-sided affection from anyone else, so Seok Jinho felt strange in such moments.

“I’m doing it on behalf of the Young Master. Tak Yun and I are practically one and the same with you.”

“That’s true. Though not by blood, we’re practically family.”

“Oh my.”

So Hajung looked touched.

She knew his affection all along but was surprised by his direct expression since he has never said it so openly before.

Still, Seok Jinho himself seemed nonchalant.

“So, don’t worry from now on. I’ll definitely take care of you and Tak Yun.”

“Just hearing that gives me strength. Ho ho. But it’s too early for that; you still seem like a boy to me.”

“A boy? The year has changed, and I’m over six feet tall.”

Seok Jinho snorted.

His face and body were past the point of being seen as a boy’s.

“By the way! At the Grand Elder’s seventieth birthday celebration, celebrities from the Nine Martial Schools will attend. If the Young Master catches their eyes, you might become their disciple. Since you have been practicing hard since last winter.”

“The Nine Martial Schools? Heh. That’s nothing.”

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