The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 28

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“What on earth!”

The sight of Seok Jin-ho brazenly breaking through the fortress’s stone gate and entering caused Seokpung Express Carrier Master to freeze in utter shock.

He had come prepared for a fight, but he had never intended to storm in so brashly, hence his astonishment.

But Baek Sang-gun and Paeng Na-yeon, who followed at the front with Seok Jin-ho, were actually smiling as if it was all to be expected.

“Don’t worry, Guild Master.”

“Worry? How could I not, given the situation?”

“Speaking coldly, this is not a loss for us, isn’t it?”

“That’s not the issue. Can’t you see Jin-ho leading the charge?!”

Seokpung Express Carrier Master yelled with his face turning pale.

He was not close to Seok Jin-ho, but to him, Seok Jin-ho was like a nephew.

Yet there he was, exploding with rage at Seok Deok-wol who, far from worrying, seemed even eager for the unfolding events.

“It is really okay. Jin-ho is stronger than me.”

“What did you say?”

The eyes of Seokpung Express Carrier Master widened in disbelief.

The incredible claim staggered him.

And swiftly, the statement spread among the express carriers and messengers.

Of course, nobody took Seok Deok-wol’s words at face value.

Boom! Bang!

Their disbelief, however, was short-lived.

Seok Jin-ho casually sent the rushing bandits’ heads flying with each strike.


“How is this possible…”

Shocked by how effortlessly Seok Jin-ho was beheading the bandits, the messengers, including even the more experienced carriers, gaped openly.

These weren’t ordinary bandits, but ones belonging to the Noklim Eighteen Strongholds.

And there they were, falling before Seok Jin-ho like autumn leaves.

Snap. Thud.

Bandits, enshrouded in murderous intent and charging at him, fell pathetically undone.

They met their end before they could even swing their weapons, all to Seok Jin-ho’s single blow.


Even then, the bandits of the Heuk Oh Stronghold did not hesitate to attack.

Only three, and their youngest member, with blood barely dried on his forehead, they blindly swung their weapons, confident.

Yet no one hit their mark.


The flying Nangabong staff was easily dodged by Seok Jin-ho, who then jabbed his finger into the bandit’s forehead.

That was the end.

As the bandit with the hole in his forehead collapsed, Seok Jin-ho lunged at the next targets.


With unstoppable momentum—aptly described as an unrivaled force—Seok Jin-ho proved his worth as a vanguard.

Paeng Na-yeon’s eyes grew distant as she watched everything he overcame, pushing forward.

“That’s no ordinary cat.”

However, what surprised Baek Sang-gun was different.

He chuckled at the sight of the cat, Heukhwi, clinging snugly to Seok Jin-ho’s shoulder.

“Heukhwi is no common cat, after all.”

“Die, wench!”

As Paeng Na-yeon drew her oversized sword, one bandit foolishly rushing in was bifurcated.

“From the looks of it, there seems no need for me to step forward?”

Despite seeing almost a hundred bandits pouring out like a tide from within, Baek Sang-gun showed no sign of jumping into the fray.

He knew well that the qi from Seok Jin-ho in front of him would be more than enough to cover the approaching bandits.


Proving that point, Seok Jin-ho dealt with the assailants without ever needing to strike twice.

Whether they were second-rate or first-rate, each fell to a single hit from him.


“Where did such a person come from?”

As roughly half of their comrades were swiftly slaughtered, the remaining bandits hesitated, their ferocity fading.

Realizing the futility of attacking, they flinched, and fear took a deep hold of their minds and bodies.



The shock was just as palpable on the side of the Seokpung Express Carrier Group.

Except for Seok Deok-wol, each face registered horror at the sight of Seok Jin-ho’s back.

Those who had been sneering in the back or speaking ill of him were now gone pale, vividly recalling their own errors.


Some even hiccupped from the shock.

Especially the messengers, the second and third-grade express carriers, their reactions were grave.

“What’s the matter? Not coming?”


Seok Jin-ho, who had just relished a rare, blood-tainted battle, smirked and spoke.

Feeling a pleasant thrill coursing through him, he longed to fight more.

No matter how much training sparred like a real fight, it could never be as spine-chilling as true combat.

“To be scared by this. How did you even join the Noklim Eighteen Strongholds? You seriously lack guts.”

Seok Jin-ho frowned at the sight of the bandits hesitating.

Just as his excitement was rising, the interruption spoiled his mood.

But that only made the bandits shiver more.

The realization they were not in a battle but a one-sided massacre sank in again.

“Enough of this, bring me your boss. The one called Mighty Force.”

“Y-you fools!”

Before Seok Jin-ho’s words even finished, an enormous roar and a burst of blood came from behind the bandits.

The Mighty Force had just crushed the head of one of his own terrified minions, revealing himself with sheer brute force.


The gigantic figure, nearly eight feet tall, holding an enormous axe, marched forward, causing the ground to tremble slightly with each step.

The bandits of Heuk Oh Stronghold parted like waves, clearing a path for their imposing leader.


But it was not him that Seok Jin-ho’s gaze fell upon; rather, it shifted to the black-masked figure following behind.

“It must be one,” thought Seok Jin-ho, his attention naturally diverting to the suspicious figure.

Both Baek Sang-gun and Paeng Na-yeon from behind took note of this as well.


The chief of the Heuk Oh Stronghold, with a flushed face and barely clothed, widened his eyes in shock.

A stunningly beautiful woman holding a massive sword was not something he expected.

As his gaze fixated on her, the panic that had faltered began to stir.

“My lady.”

“Don’t look. Not interested either.”

As Baek Sang-gun briskly shielded Paeng Na-yeon, he believed one need not observe what was dirty and depraved when beauty itself was scarce in life.

But Paeng Na-yeon seemed unfazed, for a woman who had seen limbs severed and countless corpses was not startled by the sight of a man’s flesh.

“It seems we’ve garnered quite an unexpected bounty!”

“That’s your view.”


As the leering chief of the Heuk Oh Stronghold eyed Paeng Na-yeon, obscured by Baek Sang-gun’s large frame, a voice he didn’t like answered, and he turned his head.

Seok Jin-ho, the man who terrified his men, now entered his sight.

“Don’t get distracted. Come quickly. Let’s finish this.”


Being treated as if he were nothing more than a post-dinner snack, the chief roared with laughter at Seok Jin-ho’s audacity.

An under-aged youngling daring to spout such nonsense was laughably absurd.

But as the chief scornfully laughed, Seok Jin-ho wasn’t fazed.

Rather, with a slight chuckle, he lunged forward.


The bandit chief’s hearty laugh cut short as a chill ran down his spine from the oppressive aura enveloping him from behind.

His instincts were clear—a threat presented itself.

‘Feeling threatened by this brat?’

As his intuitive alarm bells rang, the face of the bandit chief contorted.

No matter how he reasoned it, feeling threatened was ludicrous. 

He had risen the once-insignificant bandits of Heuk Oh Mountain to the status of Noklimdao within the Noklim Eighteen Strongholds.

With such esteem, he refused to believe he could feel threatened.

‘I shall cleave those two and devour the wench!’

Ignoring his instincts over the implausible, the chief swung his beloved axe.

He planned to halve the boy as usual, along with the middle-aged giant, before taking the ravishing beauty for himself.


But his scheme went awry from the start.

The youth, who should have been split at the head, effortlessly dodged his fatal blow.

“Quite a warrior, ruining your eyes first. Or, did you survive thus far by being cautious?”

“You son of a—”

The bandit chief, significantly larger than Baek Sang-gun, bared his yellow teeth and glared as if he would devour Seok Jin-ho whole.

However, his words were never fully spoken.


Seok Jin-ho’s kick sent the bandit chief’s axe flying, shattering into pieces.

The sight of the once cherished weapon, now reduced to only its handle, made the chief’s eyes bulge.

And an alarming thought crossed his mind.


But he couldn’t process further.

The palm of Seok Jin-ho immediately grasped his face.


And then, the chief’s head was smashed against the ground.

No sooner had Seok Jin-ho gripped him when he struck the chief’s head on the ground hard.

“Chief, Chief!”


To the dismay of those who had pinned their hopes on their leader, he was flattened on the ground with just one hit.

“Let your guard down and this is the result. Right?”


The chief of Heuk Oh, easily subdued, screamed in agony.

Seok Jin-ho’s palm, covering his face and pouring vitality, mercilessly tore through his meridians.

The electric shock from the qi ripped through his body, robbing the bandit chief of his senses.

“Well, it’s fine by me that it ended so quickly. But it’s a bit of a letdown. I thought I could stretch myself a bit in a real fight.”

Seok Jin-ho licked his lips, somewhat disappointed.

He had hoped for a challenge from someone with over a decade of infamy, but it turned out to be just an empty-headed brute.

Of course, the chief didn’t go down without a fight.

It’s just that his opponent was the wrong one.

“Hey, you there.”


Releasing the trembling bandit chief, Seok Jin-ho called out in an eerily calm voice.

The black-masked person, who showed no signs of rising, had been planning an escape, but Seok Jin-ho wasn’t about to let that happen.

Already on the move, the figure felt a burning sensation behind his shin. Before he could react, he was sent tumbling forward.

“Where do you think you’re running off to?”


Hearing the chilling voice behind, the black-masked figure hurriedly tried to get back up.

However, his right leg, punctured by qi, refused to obey.


“People really want to see you, you know. So, what do you say we have a little chat? No games.”

Seok Jin-ho grasped the retreating black-masked figure’s nape and squeezed both cheeks, immobilizing the mouth and tongue.

He then checked for any potential concealed poisons.

“Hehehe, you really cover all the bases.”

“It’s all about being thorough in whatever you do.”

Baek Sang-gun, who had followed behind, shook his head at the sight.

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