The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 27

Chapter 12. Making a Name -02

As soon as Baek Sanggeon and Paeng Nayeon decided to join, the Seokpung Express Agency proceeded with the preparations swiftly.

Since the retrieval of the goods robbed by the Black Crow Bandits was of utmost importance, they immediately summoned the couriers as soon as the two decided to join.

Among those couriers was Seok Jinho.

“What could their relationship be?”

“I wonder too. He’s said to be a bastard son of the Seok family head.”

The couriers murmured among themselves as they sneakily glanced forward, specifically switching their gaze between Seok Jinho and Paeng Nayeon, and Baek Sanggeon who were riding at the front.

Especially when looking at Seok Jinho, who was riding his horse next to Paeng Nayeon, they appeared envious.

Everyone was jealous that Seok Jinho, despite being a direct descendant, was so closely acquainted with Paeng Nayeon, known as the Peerless Beauty.

“Should we just let them be?”

“Things are only going to escalate from here, and we can’t afford to deal with the fuss every time.”


Paeng Nayeon showed a peculiarly satisfied expression at Seok Jinho’s casual response despite the murmurs he must have heard.

It was because she could tell he thought differently from others.

Just then, Paeng Nayeon’s gaze drifted to Seok Jinho’s shoulder.


Originally sprawling over the horse’s neck and sniffing around, it seemed Black Whirl had grown bored and now lay draped on Seok Jinho’s shoulder, looking boneless.

Yet, in Paeng Nayeon’s eyes, this sight was endlessly cute.

She had allowed embracing and petting before, but never had Black Whirl shown such affection, so she looked at Black Whirl with eyes full of longing.


Sensing Paeng Nayeon’s gaze, Black Whirl glanced at her briefly but then soon closed its eyes, letting its head droop, as if the clopping of the horse’s hooves were a lullaby, gradually lulling it to sleep.

“Thank you once again for readily agreeing to join, Elder Baek.”

The master of the Seokpung Express Agency, who had joined late due to some personal business, greeted with a genial smile.

Despite his white, age-revealing hair, his exposed physique was surprisingly robust.

It seemed he still maintained considerable muscle, showing off his old man’s strength.

“It seems your gratitude should be directed at young master Seok. It was all because of him that the lady and I decided to join.”

“Of course, I plan to thank him. But, Elder Baek.”

“Please, speak freely.”

“Well… Can we perhaps prepare the contract later?”

It was the Seokpung Express Agency who had sought help.

Normally, Baek Sanggeon would have been expected to mention the contract first, but he remained silent.

He had simply agreed upon hearing the terms offered by Seok Deokwal for joining.

Thus, the master of the Seokpung Express Agency carefully broached the subject first.

“Do you plan not to adhere to the agreement mentioned by President Seok Deokwal?”

“Not at all. We will follow through just as President Seok Deokwal described. Our express agency values faith and trust above all.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to write it. Given the urgency of the situation with the Black Crow Bandits, I thought we could draft it after handling the matter first.”


The master of the Seokpung Express Agency nodded, his expression lightening.

At the same time, he was curious about the relationship between Seok Jinho and Baek Sanggeon.

Being from the Seok family lineage himself, he had thoroughly investigated Seok Jinho.

‘He seemed to pop up from out of nowhere.’

The overlooked and completely forgotten bastard had suddenly become the center of attention, and all by his own strength, without anyone’s help.

Even more intriguing was the rumor that the supreme clan leader himself was taking an interest in him, prompting the master of the Seokpung Express Agency to sneak a glance at Seok Jinho.

But upon looking at him, nothing particularly remarkable caught his eye.

‘They say he’s a martial arts genius…’

He did appear to have an outstanding build at a glance.

However, a true martial artist was not created merely from having an outstanding build.

One needed a conducive environment for a master to be forged.

“You seem quite curious.”

“Hah. Although I too am of Seok lineage, this is my first time seeing him in person.”

“Is that so?”

“It looks like you two have a rather extensive relationship.”

He mentioned this as he casually glanced at the two who were riding almost side by side—their curious bond intrigued him as well.

“There are bound reasons behind it.”

“Hah, is that so.”

Baek Sanggeon’s tone, as if he couldn’t disclose more, made the master of the Seokpung Express Agency feel inwardly frustrated, his curiosity growing even more. But soon, this curiosity was replaced with thoughts of the Black Crow Bandits—a reminder that their domain was close and the stolen goods and the moneybags awaited retrieval.

‘I’ll not only retrieve the goods, but find concrete evidence too.’

With Baek Sanggeon’s involvement, retrieving the goods was given, but the master had his eyes set on securing more substantial proof for rightful punishment.

‘Turning a crisis into an opportunity…’

If they managed to obtain solid evidence, then the Seokpung Express Agency could once again have the chance to soar.

Contemplating this, he didn’t see the situation in a wholly negative light, even though all they could see around were mountain peaks and bushes.

A black-caped figure entering the territory of the Black Crow Bandits licked his lips in anticipation.

“Have you arrived?”

“As promised.”

Upon reaching the carefully concealed entrance of the bandit stronghold, a hairy, yawning bandit approached laid-back whether he was actually on guard duty or just dozing off.

The black-caped figure frowned openly at his sight.

If it were not for the mission at hand, he would rather not deal with such men.

“Come in. The Chieftain’s waiting. But you came empty-handed?”

“I haven’t received anything specific.”

The bandit scrutinized the black-caped figure who frowned in response.

However, the bandit wouldn’t relent either, having voiced just what he wanted to say.

“Even so, guests usually bring gifts.”

“We’ve already given quite a lot as far as I understand.”

“Aren’t we being a bit too sparing for our relationship?”

The bandit shook his head.

Nevertheless, he didn’t grumble any further, for the black-caped figure’s emanating aura grew chilling, prompting him to silence himself.

Trudging footsteps were the only sound in the broken conversation.

Soon, the black-caped figure arrived at the dwelling of the wealthy Chieftain, hidden deepest within the stronghold.

“Are you here?”


Entering the crudely fashioned room, the eyebrows of the black-caped figure twitched.

Even in broad daylight and as the guest arrived, the Black Crow Chieftain shamelessly continued indulging his lust, not ceasing his actions with three naked women surrounding him.

“Want one?”

“I’m fine.”

“Of course, those girls were brought by you, so I suppose the thrill’s gone, huh? Hahaha!”

The Chieftain ridiculed, immersed in his debauchery with the mountain beauties, nonplussed even at a guest’s presence.

The black-caped figure’s face hardened at his brazenness.



After more than a quarter-hour of indulgence which only ceased at the peak of ecstasy, everyone within was forced to witness the entire act until its culmination.

“Dismiss them.”

“Yes, sir.”

Pleased with the intimate affair, the Black Crow Chieftain now looking rejuvenated, dismissed the women and took his seat, ready to converse, and eyed the black-caped figure.

“You called for me.”

“Yes, yes. It’s about time we got a bit extra, you see.”


The black-caped figure’s eyes narrowed.

The Chieftain had already received over 500 silver coins worth of goods from them. Hearing him insinuate wanting more, the black-caped figure laughed sardonically.

“There are maintenance costs, aren’t there? We’re taking care of it, so it’s only right to pay up.”

“That wasn’t in the contract.”

“Huh. Contracts can be rewritten. Frankly, wouldn’t it be worse for you if we returned the goods to Seokpung Express Agency for the money?”

His words, concealing a blatant threat behind a smiling facade, hardened the face of the black-caped figure.

“…What more do you desire?”

“Liquor. The finest quality. It’s not like we can freely walk into towns or cities. With women and first-rate chefs, all we need is fine liquor to create paradise.”


“Those famous ones, right? Jian Nan Chun, Du Kang, Xi Feng Jiu. The kind too expensive for scum like us.”

The Chieftain grinned insidiously, acting as though his request should be expected. The black-caped figure, under the guise of his mask, clenched his teeth.

It was an absurd demand, but aggravatingly, they had no choice but to acquiesce for now.

“It won’t be possible right away.”

“That’s expected. Can’t just materialize something I just mentioned. I’m duly aware and understanding. But surely, you could quickly provide some high-grade Xiao Hong Wine? The lads do have their hopes up. Hahaha!”

Knowing too well the black-caped figure couldn’t refuse, the Chieftain reveled in his request.

Disgusted by his loathsome demeanor, the black-caped figure yearned to strike but, regrettably, had no chance straight-on. Though brutish in demeanor, the Chieftain’s martial arts prowess was genuine.

Moreover, the sly wit behind his brutish visage meant the black-caped figure had to grit his teeth.

“I’ll make haste in preparing it.”

“Big-hearted as always. That’s why I did the trade! I had a good feeling, right from the start! Just knew we’d get along!”

“…Thank you.”


Just as the black-caped figure was about to bow with gritted teeth, an explosion suddenly rang out.

Both the Black Crow Chieftain and black-caped figure turned hastily toward the sound coming from the stronghold’s entrance.

“What filthy sod’s doing this…!”

As smoke and a subtle rumble pervaded, the Chieftain, face flushing red, grabbed his weapon and dashed out of the room—a clear assault prompted his urgent movement.

The black-caped figure followed suit.

‘Could it be?’

The unexpected explosion brought forth an ominous guess in the black-caped figure’s mind, though he quickly turned away, knowing all too well how treacherous and remote the Black Crow Mountain stronghold was.

Even if by luck it was found, it was still the Black Crow Bandits’ front yard.

‘Rather, this could be an opportunity. If both sides suffer, it couldn’t be better for us.’

The black-caped figure’s eyes sparkled cunningly, ready to turn a crisis into a chance.


Then, a fountain of blood erupted in the distance.

Somebody’s head had burst, and blood spurted out like a fountain.

End of Chapter 12. Making a Name -02

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