The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 26

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The meaning of Baek Sanggeon’s words was clear.

Nevertheless, Seok Jinho smiled in response.

“That’s why I told you. I can satisfy your curiosity.”

“Are you confident about that?”

Seok Jinho did not answer immediately.

He simply lifted the teacup with the same leisurely composure as when he first sat down.

“Shall we check it out then?”

Having accepted his reincarnation, Seok Jinho resolved to live a different life from his past ones.

However, this did not mean he intended to live quietly, in seclusion.

It was foolish not to use power if one possessed it.

‘To live as I wish, it’s only natural to reach a position that’s worthy of it.’

His quiet existence up to this point was partly because he wasn’t fully prepared and there was no need to reveal himself or to act, given the situation.

By character, he was not one to show off.

But now, things had changed.

“I was wondering how to approach Seok Gongsanim about your capabilities.”

“Now’s a good chance to find out. It seems Peng Sojeo is curious as well.”

“That’s right!”

Holding Heukhwi in her arms, Peng Nayeon’s eyes twinkled with anticipation.

With someone like Baek Sanggeon present, she could surely witness Seok Jinho’s true strength, hence her excitement.

“Huh? What?!”

In contrast, Seok Deokweol, who had been quietly observing the situation, couldn’t quite grasp what was happening.

“This way.”


But Seok Jinho took the lead with an unfazed expression, and Seok Deokweol followed suit, albeit confusedly, towards the back yard.

“What’s happening?”


Jeong Maryeong and Tak Yoon were caught by surprise by the sudden appearance of the four, while working in the backyard.

They were not only surprised by Seok Deokweol’s arrival but also felt an unusual atmosphere indicating that something significant was about to occur.

“Stand aside. Yoon, please explain the situation to your mother.”

“A sparring match?”


Without further questions, Tak Yoon headed to the kitchen, while Jeong Maryeong asked again before eagerly running towards where Peng Nayeon and Seok Deokweol were.

“Is it alright?”

“Yes. It won’t be as easy as Daebyungdunim thinks. Seok Gongsanim is not to be underestimated.”

“Even if it’s against Bungsan Cheolgwon Baek Daehyeop…”

Seok Deokweol looked incredulous.

Seok Jinho displayed a hint of genius, but the real issue was the lack of training time.

Limited time implied limited internal energy.

If the Seok family provided him with spiritual medicines, that would be one thing, but if he trained on his own, the amount of power he accumulated would surely be negligible.

“Just watch.”


Influenced by Peng Nayeon’s confident assertion, Seok Deokweol tilted her head and glanced at Jeong Maryeong standing beside her.

Interestingly, Jeong Maryeong had the same expression as Peng Nayeon, full of curiosity and anticipation, which left Seok Deokweol baffled.

To harbor expectations for an outcome that seemed obvious.

‘But it’s a fine spectacle, seeing the movements of a great master called Bungsan Cheolgwon up close.’

It was said that one’s understanding is limited by their knowledge, but even if he couldn’t grasp much, remembering the encounter could prove useful later.

Therefore, Seok Deokweol decided to abandon his worries and focus solely on Baek Sanggeon, as if trying to imprint every single movement into his memory.

“When you’re ready, just let me know.”

“I am ready.”

Baek Sanggeon, who stood at a fair distance, narrowed his eyes slightly.

He expected to see a sword drawn, and it puzzled him that was not the case.

“Aren’t you going to use a sword?”

“I’m quite skilled with my hands and feet. They’re actually what I’m most comfortable with.”

“I see.”

Baek Sanggeon asked no more questions. He was aware of the basic competency.

It was just slightly intriguing because, in reality, wielding a weapon usually offered an advantage over barehanded techniques.

“Shall we begin then?”

“Come at me.”

As a senior in the martial arts world, Baek Sanggeon offered Seok Jinho the first move.

And Seok Jinho didn’t turn down the gesture.


No sooner had Seok Jinho kicked off the ground than his figure vanished.

The speed was so extreme it was as if he had disappeared.

However, to Baek Sanggeon, who had been through many battles, the movements weren’t completely invisible.

He was able to catch a faint glimpse of Seok Jinho’s maneuvers.

‘Fast, so fast!’

Yet, the shock was mutual.

Baek Sanggeon knew Seok Jinho was an exceptional martial artist but the performance on display was beyond his expectations.

Consequently, Baek Sanggeon instinctively tapped into his Geongonpaeryeokshingong (乾坤覇力神功 – Heavenly Tyrant Divine Strength).

The sheer presence emitted by Seok Jinho prompted him to take the duel seriously.

‘I need to restrain his movements first.’

Baek Sanggeon was well aware of his own strengths and weaknesses.

His large build granted him great strength but at the cost of agility and speed.

Therefore, he focused first on containing the elusive speed of Seok Jinho.


The moment his thoughts reached this point, his fists were already striking the air.

Geongonshinjeol (乾坤神掌 – Heavenly Palm Technique), an advanced skill from the Pung family of Habeok, had been reinterpreted and transformed into a unique technique tailored specifically for him: Geongonshinjeon (乾坤神拳 – Divine Fist Technique). This unleashed a tremendous air pressure that pressed down in all directions.

The heavy fist wind blew fiercely out from his dual fists.


Baek Sanggeon hadn’t aimed to hit Seok Jinho, rather he aimed to restrict his free movement, but to his surprise, Seok Jinho was navigating smoothly even within the tumultuous fist pressure.

Seok Jinho’s movements were so fluid, it was as if he could see the eye of the storm, causing Baek Sanggeon to look on in disbelief.


Despite being surprised, Baek Sanggeon’s fists continued to launch a barrage aimed at Seok Jinho.

Diminished by the fist wind, his speed had dropped significantly from the start, allowing Baek Sanggeon to now read his movements with more ease.

He didn’t miss this opportunity.

‘Still, he’s no match for me in terms of strength.’

Heavy blows resonated as Seok Jinho deftly redirected the succession of ferocious strikes targeting his vital points.

His body had become more attuned to martial arts with practice, though it still wasn’t perfect.

After all, he was still growing.

Of course, he could counter if he wanted to—the difference in physique didn’t matter since Seok Jinho had the techniques to bridge that gap.

But it would be far too inefficient, so he chose not to.

‘It’s not necessary to win at all costs.’


In the blink of an eye, Seok Jinho closed the distance between him and Baek Sanggeon, spreading his hands.

With every part and technique at his disposal—fist, palm, and sword hand—he hammered Baek Sanggeon’s body relentlessly.


Baek Sanggeon’s face flushed red as he took the brunt of the attacks that didn’t even bother to target his vitals or critical points.

It was frustrating to be seriously engaging in a spar only to find himself on the receiving end.

Yet, no matter how sophisticated his moves were, Seok Jinho slipped away like a wily eel.

‘Does this make any sense?’

Once the excitement subsided, what remained was deep doubt.

He had arrived at a conclusion, but it was baffling.

Overpowering himself—a veteran who was as good as any seasoned warrior—in terms of experience was the implication.

But there was no other explanation that came to mind.

‘If I use my full strength, could I learn the truth?’


As if resonating with Baek Sanggeon’s resolve, a harmonious hum emanated from his entire body.

His energy followed his intent naturally the moment the thought crossed his mind.

The suppressing air pressure that engulfed the surroundings became even more formidable.

‘Once should be fine, I guess.’

Though Seok Jinho’s level of internal energy wasn’t precisely quantifiable, based on the movements and capabilities he had shown so far, it seemed likely that he would easily block a mere force of energy.

As a result, Baek Sanggeon raised the essence of his Geongonpaeryeokshingong to an even higher degree.

“You may use more strength if you like. Only then are we likely to see some of your curiosity satisfied.”

“In that case.”

Seok Jinho, replying as if he could read Baek Sanggeon’s inner thoughts, caused Baek Sanggeon to shine his eyes with recognition.

And at the same time, a dazzling light flashed from his fist.


A powerful strike erupted, and for the first time, it created a thundering noise.

This time, Seok Jinho did not dodge.


“Ho-ho! Hahaha!”

Baek Sanggeon broke into loud laughter.

Seeing Seok Jinho withstand his punch unscathed, he suddenly began to laugh heartily.

Conversely, Peng Nayeon, who had been sitting calmly, leaped to her feet.

Her face was a picture of shock.

“Internal energy…”


Seok Deokweol responded to Peng Nayeon, who was muttering to herself.

Unlike her, Seok Deokweol didn’t fully understand the current situation, only that Seok Jinho was more skilled than he had imagined.


“Ahh, okay.”

Peng Nayeon’s eyes, transfixed on Seok Jinho, sparkled even brighter as she walked towards him.


“Surely, it’s Gongsanim.”

“To stand equally against Bungsan Cheolgwon Daehyeop! My judgment was correct!”

Meanwhile, Jeong Maryeong’s expression was one of deep emotion, as if he might shed tears of joy.

He was reassured once again of Seok Jinho’s tremendous skills as the one teaching him martial arts.

Moreover, he believed that as long as he worked hard, he could achieve greatness.

“I will master Honkwaesipsamsik! Then, with a first-rate martial art…!”

As Jeong Maryeong was lost in his daydreams, Tak Yoon laughed and shook his head.

But even he had to admit Jeong Maryeong’s passion for martial arts, which was quite inspiring.

“This should be enough, don’t you think?”

“Are you still holding back?”

“Show-off isn’t really my style.”

“As I see it, you’ll be known to the world soon enough.”

Straightening his clothes, Baek Sanggeon spoke.

Yet his attitude was distinctly different from before the match. He no longer treated Seok Jinho merely as a benefactor but rather as a fellow martial artist and a master in his own right.

“I have no plans to prevent that.”

“May I ask you a question?”

“Will you go if I answer?”

“Did you receive a request?”

Baek Sanggeon glanced at Seok Deokweol, who still seemed lost.

Though a great master, Seok Deokweol’s potential seemed capped; further growth was unlikely.

Of course, becoming a peak master was no simple feat, but to Baek Sanggeon, it seemed that Seok Deokweol had reached his limit.

“Yes. The person in question took great care of me since I was young.”

“If I don’t accompany you, you intend to proceed alone, correct?”

Seok Jinho didn’t reply.

However, his smile alone was enough for Baek Sanggeon to consider it an answer.


In the midst of a brief silence, Heukhwi, who had been nestled in Peng Nayeon’s arms, leaped and gracefully landed on her shoulder.

Showing incredible agility, he then continued to affectionately lick Seok Jinho’s cheek.

“My judgment was certainly not wrong. Right, uncle?”

“It appears to be even better than mine. Hahahaha.”

Baek Sanggeon chuckled warmly in response to Peng Nayeon’s comment, bearing no semblance of disappointment in his demeanor.

Instead, he glanced at Seok Jinho with a significant look in his eyes.

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