The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 23

Chapter 10. Now? -03(Modified)

“How significant is it?”

“We’re considering him at least a supreme-class warrior. He might even be at the peak. But, peak-class… it’s quite unbelievable.”

“Even now, he’s at an unbelievable level.”

Pang Nayeon’s expression became distant.

Not just the maturity that seemed beyond her years was notable, but her true ability was in her military art.

She knew because she had faced him directly.

Seokjinho had not yet revealed all his capabilities.

“I agree.”

“How did he become so strong?”

“I’m curious about that, too. His growth rate is preposterous. However, I’m thankful to Seok Gongja for a different reason.”

“A different reason?”

Composing herself, Pang Nayeon feigned ignorance.

Baek Sanggun then laughed meaningfully.

“I believe you know it better than anyone.”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“If that’s what you say.”

Baek Sanggun shrugged his shoulders.

It meant he did not intend to broach the subject himself.

“Can I stay here a few more days?”

“The head of the household did not specify when you should return. However, it seems he is a bit worried. After all, it’s impossible that your stay at Seok Clan won’t be noticed.”

“I’m just mingling with my peers in the late-stage martial community. We spar and share ideas.”

“You never had such dealings before.”

“How about you join us, uncle?”

A hint of mischief flashed in Pang Nayeon’s eyes.

There seemed to be some ulterior motive behind her gaze.

“You want me to join?”

“Aren’t you curious about how far Seok Gongja’s skills have reached? I’m pretty curious.”


Baek Sanggun stroked his chin.

Certainly, he was curious.

The growth he had shown was absurd.

Moreover, sparring could naturally provide an opportunity to assist Seokjinho.

“It looks like you’re somewhat interested since you didn’t immediately refuse.”

“I thought maybe I could repay the favor. After all, official titles alone are insufficient.”

“You even received advice today.”

Baek Sanggun thought positively.

For a martial artist, competitive spirit was also a factor.

Basking in the warm sunlight, Seokjinho sat idly on a wooden platform, enjoying the quiet moment after a long time.

“Young master!”

“Why is it, nursemaid?”

“I keep thinking that Heukhwi is a prodigious cat!”

Just as he was contemplating whether to lay down or not, the voice of Sohajeong came from the kitchen.

She hurried over with excitement, as if she’d discovered something amazing.

Surprisingly, Heukhwi was calmly cradled in her arms.

“A prodigy?”

“Yes! Look at this. Heukhwi, paw.”


In an instant, Sohajeong, who came rushing to the platform in front of Seokjinho, put Heukhwi down and extended her hand.

Immediately, Heukhwi placed his front paw onto her palm.


“That’s not all. Heukhwi, the other paw. Lie down. Turn around.”

Unlike the indifferent Seokjinho, Sohajeong was thrilled by how well Heukhwi understood her commands and wiggled in excitement.

It was amazing and wonderful that the untrained Heukhwi followed her directions so well.

“Cry for me.”


“Look at this. He does so well even though nobody trained him!”

“Heukhwi is not an ordinary cat.”

“He seems like a genius cat!”

Unable to hear Seokjinho’s words, Sohajeong held Heukhwi tightly with a bright smile, as if she adored him beyond measure.

Unexpectedly, Heukhwi remained calm despite her rough affection.

Although slightly uncomfortable, it was not unbearable for the one raised by the nursemaid.


Still, seemingly uncomfortable, Heukhwi cried out in a plea for rescue.

“Oh my, I’m sorry. Did it hurt a lot?”

“It wouldn’t hurt that much. He could take down a tiger.”

“No way, you’re exaggerating now.”

“It’s true. Could even catch and eat a grown male boar, you know?”

A wild-grown male boar had a ferocity comparable to a fierce beast.

Fully grown, they could even charge at tigers.

But to Heukhwi, such a boar was merely a meal.

“He’s being gentle because it’s the nursemaid. Anyone else couldn’t have touched him.”

“He’s quite shy around strangers, our Heukhwi.”

Still in disbelief, Sohajeong continued to stroke Heukhwi’s head.

Then, appearing lethargic, he yawned greatly.

“Think of it as a good thing. It’s all fine.”

“Master, after your birthday, will you go to Ha Buk Pang clan?”

“Ha Buk Pang clan?”

“Yes. I noticed something. The way Lady Pang Nayeon looks at you… her eyes are quite unusual. Like those of a woman in love.”

Sohajeong, who stroked the peacefully shut-eyed Heukhwi, inched closer to Seokjinho.

She smoothly approached his side.

“Don’t exaggerate it. Be cool about it. Could a treasure of Ha Buk Pang clan fall for me?”

“She might feel fate. You know how weak women can be to these things.”

“Marriage is about reality.”

“One can start with romance. Then it leads to marriage.”

“In clans like Ha Buk Pang or Seok House, love marriages are difficult.”

Seokjinho shook his head firmly.

Whether on the man’s or the woman’s side, it was usual for the clan leader to decide, and they had to follow along.

Plus, he was well aware he could be used for political marriage arrangements.

“You’re too pessimistic.”

“Rather, tell me that I am aware of the harsh reality.”

“That’s about the same.”

“Isn’t it better to be a realist than a dreamer? At least I don’t cause accidents.”

Sohajeong puffed up her cheeks.

She wanted to argue back, but his words made sense, so she couldn’t contend.


As Seokjinho sparred with Sohajeong, a voice came from beyond the Moon Gate.

Of course, he had sensed them coming long before but had pretended not to hear until the person spoke up, causing Seokjinho to finally turn his head.

“Oh my, Lord Seokmanho?”

“It’s been a while. Hahaha…”

At Sohajeong’s greeting, Seokmanho entered the courtyard with an awkward smile.

However, his expression was very different than when they had briefly met before.

“What’s going on?”

Seokjinho frowned as Seokmanho nonchalantly walked in, disturbed at having his rest interrupted by an unexpected arrival.

“We’re brothers, after all. Aren’t you showing too much dislike? Especially since we’re in the same situation.”

“That’s what you think.”

Seokjinho replied with a chilling face.

Memories of a brief exchange from the past surfaced.

“It’s possible our relationship could change for the better. Today might be the beginning. Take this.”


Knowing why Seokjinho disliked him, Seokmanho immediately addressed the heart of the matter.

He too felt uneasy about Seokjinho, hence he offered the letter he brought without explaining further.

“Lord Grand Elder sent this. And just so you know, I haven’t read it.”

“You seem to know what’s inside.”

“Since I strut around a bit under the Lord Grand Elder, you know.”

Displaying an obviously forced laugh, Seokmanho answered.

Then he shook the neatly folded letter as if to say to quickly take it.


However, Seokjinho did not immediately take it.

With an unfathomable expression, he just stared at the letter before him.

“Aren’t you taking it?”

“It’s not hard to read it.”

After observing the restless Seokmanho for a moment, Seokjinho snickered and took the letter.

Without hesitation, he broke the seal and reviewed its contents.


“Did you finish it already?”

“There wasn’t much to it. However, there’s something I must do before going.”

“What is it?”

“You haven’t forgotten our conversation last time, have you?”


Seokmanho shivered.

He had been reluctant to come here precisely because of that conversation.

Nevertheless, as he wasn’t the one giving orders but receiving them, he couldn’t refuse Seokjineryong’s command.

“Where did that confidence from back then go?”

“Well, you see…”

Seokmanho stammered.

If it had been the old Seokjinho, he wouldn’t have hesitated to slap him first.

But now, that was no longer an option.

Although unofficially, Seokjinho had defeated Pang Nayeon, a female warrior compared to the Six Dragons.

For him, a mere second-rate martial artist, there was no chance against such a Seokjinho.

Moreover, their status had fundamentally changed.

“You also know, right? That the Grand Elder sent you here on purpose.”


“With all that tail-wagging, is that all you got?”

Seokjinho scoffed.

But Seokmanho merely turned red without opening his mouth.

He knew it all too well, even without Seokjinho pointing it out.

And he knew what his role was.

“I’m prepared to be hit until you’re satisfied.”

“You have some pride as a martial artist, then?”

“As a second-rate martial artist, I am also a warrior.”

With his face turning scarlet, Seokmanho closed his eyes tightly.

His pride was hurt, but this was the way he lived his life.

“Pretending to be noble.”


“I’m not going to end this with just one hit. I owe more to my new mentor than he suffered. So, prepare yourself.”

Seokmanho, clutching his abdomen and kneeling down, watched Seokjinho walk past him.

Even after Seokjinho departed, Seokmanho was forced to sit on the ground for quite some time.

The energy that flowed into him with the blows now wreaked havoc through his meridians, delivering excruciating pain and kept him immobilized.

Entering a room decorated with paintings, ceramics, and all kinds of luxurious goods, Seokjinho calmly picked up a teacup.

It was his first time in Seokjineryong’s office, but Seokjinho didn’t find it particularly interesting.

He simply drank his tea.

“I didn’t expect you to come so quickly.”

“Weren’t you hoping I’d come early?”

“Of course, it’s better for you to come right away. Saves time.”

Seokjineryong responded, his gaze clearly changed from before.

Gone was the envy and resentment, replaced by a calm demeanor as he held his teacup.

“I felt the same way.”

“As brothers under the same father, we may not actually be brothers.”

The difference of being born to the legal wife and a concubine was significant.

And illegitimate children like himself could not call their father by that title.

“We’re both busy, so let’s get straight to the point. Come under my command.”

“I refuse.”

“What did you say…?”

Seokjineryong looked utterly bewildered for a moment.

He expected Seokjinho to gleefully accept the offer, but the flat refusal left him dumbfounded.

Yet, Seokjinho stood firm.

“As soon as I turn eighteen, I will leave Seok House.”

“Even though I offer to take you in? You should know what an opportunity this is.”

“My thoughts differ.”


Seokjineryong looked incredulous.

Countless distant relatives and illegitimate children were currently waiting for his support.

The opportunity he mentioned wasn’t without reason.

But Seokjinho flatly denied it.

“If there’s nothing else, I should be going.”

“You’ll regret this choice. I’m telling you because I know what you’re thinking. The world is vast.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Seokjinho did not continue the conversation.

He didn’t want to talk more, and he felt he had sufficiently expressed his opinion.

“One more thing.”

However, Seokjineryong still had something to say, reopening the conversation as Seokjinho turned to leave.

He revealed the intent in his eyes once more.

“Don’t indulge in vain dreams. This is the advice of a brother. Everyone has their place in the world. When you rise above it recklessly, you invite trouble.”

“I’ll remember that.”

End of Chapter 10. Now? -03(Modified)

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