The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 14

The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 14

Chapter 7. The Two-colored Ghost -02

As the Two-colored Ghost gathered more of his internal energy, the pain intensified, but he endured it. He thought that it was more important to defeat the annoying foe before him.

A vortex of energy raged around the Two-colored Ghost, and his ferocious twin palms cleaved through the air. It was an attack that sought to overpower with sheer strength.

‘I’ll finish him with one blow!’

The simple yet overwhelmingly powerful strike surged towards Seok Jinho in an instant.

However, seeing the attack, Seok Jinho only smiled.

He found it laughable that the Two-colored Ghost had such an arrogant attitude after executing such a rudimentary attack.

With a swift movement, Seok Jinho deflected the approaching twin palms of the Two-colored Ghost.

It wouldn’t be difficult to block, but there was no need to play into the opponent’s intentions.

Therefore, with a few steps, Seok Jinho easily evaded the strike and swiftly closed in on the Two-colored Ghost.

Moreover, having faced foes stronger than himself, Seok Jinho had more experience than anyone else in Jianghu.


The Two-colored Ghost was taken aback by his movements.

It was astonishing to witness such an unimaginable feat.

Intellectually, the movements made sense.

But the Two-colored Ghost knew that such execution in reality was nearly impossible, his eyes widening in disbelief.


Regardless of the Two-colored Ghost’s reaction, Seok Jinho quickly penetrated his guard and attacked vital points on his upper body, including his dantian, with his fingers, just as he had at Seokga Temple, locking the Two-colored Ghost’s Qi flow.

The difference was that while at Seokga Temple he was lacking in martial energy, at this moment he possessed a power that far exceeded one full cycle of martial energy.


It was not just a blockade.

Seok Jinho had never let anyone who bared their teeth to him get away easily.


The strike that burst forth from below sent the Two-colored Ghost’s body soaring into the air.

Defenseless against the direct blow, he fell to the ground in a heap.

Yet, he was not dead.

“You and I still have matters to discuss.”

It was a blow dealt with pure physical strength, painful but not lethal.

As such, Seok Jinho grabbed the Two-colored Ghost’s hair, still paralyzed from Divine Primordial Thunder Energy, and dragged him along like a lump of baggage.

“Thank you! Thank you so much, my savior!”

“Do the finishing touches yourselves. That way, there will be no second-guessing, and no remnants will be left.”


Suddenly, Heukhwi appeared at Seok Jinho’s side and meowed loudly as if to claim victory, likening to a general returning from a successful battle, causing Seok Jinho to smirk.


But Peng Nayeon’s reaction was different.

She did not show fear at Heukhwi’s sudden arrival; instead, her eyes sparkled.

Having a strong affinity for cute things, her attention was immediately captivated.

However, despite her fascination, she did not act recklessly.

Instead, she simply emitted an overwhelming gaze towards Heukhwi.


Had it not been for the groaning of the Two-colored Ghost, Peng Nayeon might have forgotten the current situation and kept her eyes fixated on Heukhwi alone, reaching out and then withdrawing her hand repeatedly.


Another figure then revealed itself.

Along with an urgent voice, a bulky middle-aged man appeared.


“Are, are you unharmed? Ahem.”

He had rushed over so quickly that his disheveled appearance went unnoticed.

Seeing Peng Nayeon safe and sound, the middle-aged man’s eyes brimmed with tears, an unexpected sight for his large stature.

“I’m alright. This person here helped me.”

“I’m sorry, Miss. I should have been more careful…”

“It’s not your fault! If anything, I should apologize. I’m the one who ran off by myself.”

Peng Nayeon deeply bowed to the middle-aged man.

In a sense, the entire mishap had resulted from her decision to secretly leave for an adventure alone.

Realizing the consequences of her rash actions, she sincerely apologized.

“No, not at all. At your age, it’s perfectly understandable. I was the same. It’s my failure to be vigilant that’s to blame.”

“It’s my fault. I worried you for no reason…”

As Peng Nayeon’s voice began to quiver, Baek Sanggun didn’t know how to react.

Despite his size, he was clueless about women, fidgeting awkwardly.


Heukhwi looked on at this scene, somewhat puzzled.


But at that sound, both refocused their attention on Seok Jinho.

Their gazes simultaneously turned towards him.

“We heard that you saved the miss.”

“Rather than saying I saved her, I merely provided a bit of assistance.”

“Thank you, truly, thank you. The miss was able to stay safe because of you.”

Despite his age, Baek Sanggun bowed deeply towards Seok Jinho without hesitation.

If Seok Jinho hadn’t appeared when he did, Baek Sanggun knew he wouldn’t have had the chance to stand here with Peng Nayeon, so he continued bowing his head repeatedly.

“Thank you, my savior.”

Next to Baek Sanggun, Peng Nayeon straightened her clothes and then bowed deeply. Yet, there was an unusual glint in her eyes. It was not just a look of gratitude.

‘I’m in the presence of an incredible martial artist, one tempered by real combat.’

Although she was better known by her name Peng Nayeon, and one of the Five Beauties of Wulin as the Knife Flower, in truth, she was a typical martial artist.

While she appreciated her beauty, if she had to choose between martial arts and her looks, she would choose martial arts without a second thought—hence her standing as the greatest prospective talent of the North Hebei Peng.

She recognized Seok Jinho’s exceptional nature at a glance.

Especially the sight of the last blow that he effortlessly deflected had firmly imprinted itself on her mind.

‘Theory is something anyone can talk and explain about. But those who actualize it are rare.’

What seemed achievable by anyone was something she herself hadn’t dared attempt. This was what Seok Jinho had accomplished.

Thus, her interest in Seok Jinho was piqued.

“I’ve been so preoccupied, I haven’t even introduced myself. I am Baek Sanggun from the North Hebei Peng family. This lady here is…”

“I should properly introduce myself. I am Peng Nayeon from the North Hebei Peng family.”

Baek Sanggun blinked in surprise.

Peng Nayeon was known to be as boisterous and direct as her brothers.

Yet now, her voice held the softness of a young girl as she greeted him, making Baek Sanggun wonder if he was dreaming.

“Perhaps we should deal with this one first.”

“The Two-colored Ghost!”

“This one was the Two-colored Ghost?”

Looking for a chance to change the subject, Seok Jinho presented the still-lifeless Two-colored Ghost to the two in front of him.

Peng Nayeon’s eyes shone with a chilly resolve.

If Seok Jinho hadn’t appeared in time, she would have suffered every possible humiliation.

That’s why she glared at the Two-colored Ghost as if she wanted to tear him apart.

“Yes. He made it quite clear to me.”

“It seems we’ll have to take care of him lightly before we take him back to our family.”

Crunch! Crunch!

Without changing expression, Baek Sanggun ruthlessly crushed the Two-colored Ghost’s ankles.

He didn’t stop there. He even shattered the Two-colored Ghost’s dantian, leaving him alive but completely destroying his abilities as a martial artist.

Despite this, he looked as if his anger hasn’t been fully vented as he glared murderously at the Two-colored Ghost.

“I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Of course, that would be proper.”

“Then, I shall take my leave.”

Making a person into a semi-invalid in an instant didn’t faze Seok Jinho.

Such occurrences were not uncommon in the martial world.

Especially since he had a legitimate reason, Seok Jinho made a brief farewell and soared away.

He preferred not to be further involved.


“Savior! Savior!”

As Seok Jinho disappeared in the blink of an eye, Baek Sanggun’s eyes widened in shock.

He had surmised that Seok Jinho must possess considerable skills to have subdued the Two-colored Ghost without a scratch.

However, he was indeed a skilled martial artist, acknowledged even by the head of the Peng.

Yet before him, Seok Jinho had vanished into thin air.

‘He looked like he hasn’t even reached full maturity…’

Baek Sanggun wore a dumbfounded expression.

He hadn’t felt such shock in a long time, not since the day he first took Peng Nayeon into his arms.

“The last time I was this shocked was when I first held Nayeon.”

“Where could he have gone?”

“There’s no sign of him nearby. His Lightness Skill is incredible.”

“His martial arts are even more extraordinary. He deflected the Two-colored Ghost’s Yin-Yang palms head-on and counterattacked.”


Baek Sanggun marveled sincerely.

The Two-colored Ghost may only be considered top-tier but he had a history of murdering even peak masters—a refuse whose skill couldn’t be underestimated.

Learning that such a man had been directly defeated and subdued by Seok Jinho made Baek Sanggun exclaim in amazement.

“We didn’t even exchange names…”

Peng Nayeon’s expression quickly turned sullen.

Sad to have parted ways without even learning his name and unable to repay his kindness, her spirits fell.

“I’ll seek him out. It’s impossible that such a skilled person is without a known name.”

“That must be true, he could even be stronger than the Six Dragons.”

“I agree. Plus, we have his description, and he carries a black cat. With the power of our family, we should be able to find him soon.”

“Let’s go now!”

Peng Nayeon grabbed the unconscious Two-colored Ghost by the back of his neck, as if conveying haste to leave.

Baek Sanggun smiled and took over, believing it better for him to carry the man than for her.

“First take the antidote to the Mountain Spirit Poison.”

“North Hebei Peng Family doesn’t forget a kindness. I want to find our savior quickly.”

“I will do my best.”

Baek Sanggun hurried on, grabbing all of the Two-colored Ghost’s belongings before leaving.

He was just as eager to learn about their savior.


Arriving at their destination, Heukhwi kept glancing around.

With graceful steps, the cat who had been walking beside Seok Jinho leaped onto the wall using its unique agility and surveyed the surroundings.

“Is this your territory now?”

Seok Jinho chuckled at the sight.

He found amusement in the territorial behavior of Heukhwi, who checked around its new environment as soon as it arrived.


“I don’t know how long we’ll stay here, but for now, it looks like we will be here at least until the end of this year.”

“My lord!”

“Oh my! If only I had been informed earlier, I could have come to greet you!”

The voices came from inside, as Tak Yun and Jung Ma-ryong hurried out, their movements appearing quite nimble.

It seems they had been diligently training even while he was away, their movements having noticeably improved.

“What’s there to greet? I know the way; it’s my own house.”

“Did you attend to your business well, sir?”

“Of course. The time was well spent.”


Heukhwi, having silently approached Seok Jinho’s side, proudly raised its head, making its presence known.

However, Tak Yun and Jung Ma-ryong just stared at the cat in wonder.

“What cat is this?”

“Exactly. In our estate, we only have a few dogs and messenger hawks.”

“Yet, this cat looks rather well-bred.”

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