The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 13

The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 13

Chapter 7. The Two-colored Ghost -01

The woman with a rugged physique swung her sword mightily.

Her imposing height was notable, but what stood out even more was her massive sword.

She wielded it as easily as one might handle a reed, although it appeared too burdensome for even an ordinary man to swing.

However, as vibrant as her swordplay was, her complexion betrayed her poor condition.

“Keke! It’s about time you start feeling weak. The mountain-collapse poison I unleashed earlier is my very own special concoction. Its effects might be delayed, but once it ignites, it swiftly devours and binds your inner strength. The duration might be short, but a half shichen is more than enough to finish the job.”

“Shut up, you fiend!”

“Kikiki! You’re even more charming when you’re all red in the face!”


Slicing through the air like a slippery loach, the woman amped up her energy to provoke the middle-aged man who incited her wrath.

If she was going to lose her strength anyway, she might as well use it all up—this was her plan.

In her mind, killing this man would be more than worth it.

“Oops, you should’ve warned me if you were going to make a desperate last stand! I could have prepared for it!”


The ferocious sword qi ripped through the air, yet the middle-aged man was no easy target.

He expertly dodged her relentless onslaught, remaining unscathed—not even his collar was torn. The woman bit her lip in frustration.

‘This is dangerous.’

Her stamina was still ample.

But the real problem was her inner strength.

The mountain-collapse poison she had scattered like a sneak attack was swiftly solidifying her meridians.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before she became fully immobilized.

‘I must do something before that…!’

Gritting her teeth, the woman swung her sword fiercely.

She unleashed her family’s ultimate techniques as if she were dueling with her father, with all her might.

Yet the middle-aged man infuriatingly dodged all her attacks with ease.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for a moment like this. Especially on a day when you’re alone. Your bodyguard is quite terrifying, so I’ve waited and waited. Given your temperament, I knew you’d move alone eventually. And indeed, here we are. Kekeke!”

“It will not go your way!”

“So you prefer death? That’s not bad either. I have a wide range of tastes, after all. Alive is best, but dead works too—as long as I take care of business before the blood cools.”


With each vile word from the man’s mouth, the woman unleashed a more furious assault with her massive sword.

Her swordplay was sharp enough to cut through heaven and earth.

“Wow. To still have this much strength left… Indeed, the rumors of the Peng family having the region’s finest warrior were not unfounded.”

Though not as skilled with the sword as he was, the middle-aged man genuinely admired her imposing aura.

His tone may have been mocking, but he did not underestimate Peng Nayeon.

Known to possess talent exceeding even that of her two older brothers, Peng Nayeon was the prominent junior martial artist of the family.

Thus, the middle-aged man toyed with her psyche, biding his time.

‘After all, a living woman is much more to my liking, especially since I initially wanted Peng Nayeon alive.’

Despite being the least regarded among the five beauties of martial arts due to her larger frame, there was no denying that Peng Nayeon was one of them.

Her beauty was undeniable, and the middle-aged man personally preferred taller women.

“It might be in your best interest to yield. They say a gentleman’s revenge is not too late even after ten years have passed. One must live first to be able to seek revenge.”

“I’d rather die than be defiled by the likes of you!”

“The end result is the same whether you die or not, isn’t it? Moreover, your body won’t even remain. I’ll dissolve everything with the Fire Bone Corrosive. Just imagine how the head of the Peng will burn with rage.”


Peng Nayeon ground her teeth.

Her fury amplified not only because he taunted her but also her father.

What frustrated her even more was her inability to act despite her rage fueling her.

Lustful eyes surveyed her body, yet her attacks could not touch him.


With time, her swordplay weakened further.

Her inner strength solidified, dampening the power she imbued in her massive sword.

‘I just need one hit. Even if it doesn’t kill him, one critical strike would give me a chance.’

Peng Nayeon’s eyes blazed fiercely.

Despite the worsening situation, she refused to give up.

Until death, she intended to try everything she could.


As a start, she might have unleashed the Heaven-Earth Chain-Linking Soul-Seizing Slash for the last time.

Countless sword shadows burst forth from her hands, rushing toward the middle-aged man.

“So this is your final struggle.”

Despite the mighty barrage, the middle-aged man smiled, knowing well that this would be her last attack.

Crafting the mountain-collapse poison himself, he had precisely calculated the timing.

“You too could die in this struggle!”

“That’s what you hope, Miss Peng. Hohoho! Sorry, but there’s no death in my plans—only elopement and delightful intimacy.”

“Shut up!”

With a voice as intense as a spit of blood, Peng Nayeon thundered her words.

Contrary to her forceful spirit, the Heaven-Earth Chain-Linking Soul-Seizing Slash gradually lost its strength.


The previously evasive middle-aged man suddenly pushed forward, striking with both hands.

His left hand targeted her massive sword, while his right viciously aimed for her abdomen.

Despite the impact, Peng Nayeon refused to let go of her massive sword.

Even as she hurled blood from her mouth, her eyes still gleamed with lethal intent.

“Even spitting blood, you still look beautiful. Hehehehe! Well then, shall we start our escape of love?”

The middle-aged man swiftly moved closer.

Although he flickered a show of ease, he didn’t have much time.

His bodyguard was already tracking their whereabouts, and he had to act quickly.

“It will not go your way.”

“Without the use of your inner strength, you can’t handle me with your mere physical strength. Although, I won’t dissuade you from trying. Nonetheless, I wish you’d give up about now. Then we could relish the delights of heaven together. You might not know this, but I’m a grandmaster who understands the pleasure of both men and women. Unlike those who know only half the story, I am a true artisan who knows the joy between men. Keke!”

“Damn, the bicolor ghost!”

“Correct. That is indeed who I am.”

Peng Nayeon’s eyes widened as much as they possibly could.

Such was the shock of realizing the middle-aged man’s identity as the infamous Two-colored Ghost, whose notoriety spread throughout the central plains.

Her complexion turned deathly pale at the revelation.

“So give it up already.”

Running out of time, the Two-colored Ghost reached out.

His intention was to press a vital point to disable her movement before indulging in his notion of fun.


But in that moment, Peng Nayeon’s left hand surged like lightning.


“My apologies, but I’m quite the specialist when it comes to these matters. Did you think you were the only one here capable of trickery and a devastating surprise attack?”


Peng Nayeon, with a stature rivalling that of a man’s, was still a woman, always carrying her hairpin. She had secretly prepared to strike with a jade hairpin, yet her effort collapsed in failure.

As if anticipating it, the Two-colored Ghost casually blocked her surprise attack.


“But truth be told, I find this even more enticing. There’s no fun in being with a woman who has given up completely, as there’s no reaction; too doll-like, you see. Warm blood pulsates through us. That feeling… quite nauseating indeed. The joy of intimacy is something both partners should actively engage in. Haha!”

As the Two-colored Ghost tightened his grip, Peng Nayeon’s expression twisted and reddened more with each passing moment. The ghost felt a surge of excitement, eager to enjoy this delightful opportunity right there. But it was too risky.

‘After finally capturing such an exquisite prize, I can’t just indulge for a brief moment. Considering the time invested, I should have my fill until I grow weary of the sport.’

Smirking malevolently, the Two-colored Ghost extended his hand.

He planned to seal her acupoints swiftly and escape the scene.


Yet, he failed to fulfill his intention.

A sharp breaking of the air signalled that something was flying toward him.

“Who is it!”

The Two-colored Ghost dodged with a lightning-fast reflex, searching around with a stony face.

Realizing that the thrown rock had expertly targeted the space between him and the woman, he tensely surveyed his surroundings.

But despite his keen senses that were second to none, he could detect no trace of anyone nearby.

“Ah, this is what makes the jianghu so thrilling. But I would’ve never expected a brazen criminal to target a woman from the great Peng in the North.”

“It’s you.”

The eyes of the Two-colored Ghost flashed.

As he did so, a young man leisurely walked out from the forest, prompting the ghost to discreetly unleash his earth-shattering force.

While engaging him with his voice, he aimed for a stealthy blow to the back of the head.

Soon after, the Two-colored Ghost’s finger released a powerful gust of wind that curved dramatically towards the youth.


“As expected of a lascivious man, your moves reflect your vile nature. But how unfortunate for you, it seems we’re utterly incompatible.”

“Curse you, brat!”

As the pain intensified rather than subsided, spreading even more ferociously throughout his body, the Two-colored Ghost contorted his face in anger, striking out with both palms in desperation.

Realizing that any delay would only disadvantage him, he no longer underestimated the situation and mustered all his strength.


Emitting an ominous sound, the Two-colored Ghost, a notorious man of wicked skill, lunged using his exceptional speed, attacking with a deadly hand technique that could disrupt energy flow with a single touch. His Yin-Yang Palms contained opposing forces, guaranteeing superiority upon contact.


As the Two-colored Ghost believed he succeeded by deflecting the youth’s arm with a palm strike, he smirked victoriously, certain that this would twist the meridians of this young man, Seok Jin-Ho.

However, it was the Two-colored Ghost who felt the effects.


The tingling sensation that started in his arm instantly spread throughout his body, turning into an overwhelming numbness even he—a seasoned warrior of the martial world—found challenging to suppress.

“You look the part, but your martial arts are filthy, aren’t they? However, it seems we’re quite the mismatch.”

“How dare you!”

Anguish was now amplifying; the ghost’s face twisted as he launched another series of palm strikes. Instinctively realizing that dragging this out further would only work against him, especially since he had already planned his escape, the Two-colored Ghost drew upon every ounce of his power.

Humming sound!

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