The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 1

The warrior’s Rebirth Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Damn! Reincarnated Again?!

The world, once as dark as pitch, began to brighten.

No, it was more accurate to say that light started to become visible.

Slowly, the world was growing brighter.

And with that realization, he couldn’t help but cry out.

“Again?! Is it happening again?!”

“My lord?”


A boy, who had just opened his eyes to the brightening surroundings, lifted his fist and shouted out loud. His bellowing roar and the force behind it seemed impossible to come from his sickly face and emaciated frame.

Perhaps that’s why the man and woman, who had been attending to him near the bed, jumped up in surprise.

“Why are you doing this to me?! Huh?! What’s your grievance? Speak up, tell me! I died content!”

“My lord! What’s wrong with you?”

Accustomed to seeing the boy lying around as if dead, the middle-aged woman in maid’s clothing grabbed his arm with tears streaming down her face. To anyone’s eyes, he seemed like a madman.

Beside her stood another boy, similar in age but with a frame comparable to an adult’s; if not bigger. He looked on with teary eyes.


The boy shook his head as he met the gaze of the middle-aged woman, her eyes filled with sorrow and empathy while clutching at his outstretched arm. In just a few moments, he’d shown a range of emotions from one extreme to another.

‘I must look mad to anyone else.’

The boy, now named Seok Jinho after having received another’s life, let out another deep sigh.

Memories of this boy named Seok Jinho were slowly coming to him. The relatively brief life of 17 years had flashed before him like a passing horse lantern, as if it was helping him to adjust.

“My lord? Should I call the physician? Perhaps you should be examined…”

“It’s alright, nanny. It was just a nightmare.”

“A nightmare?”

Worry etched deeply on the nanny’s face upon hearing Seok Jinho’s response. Lately, he had hardly slept at night. Even when awake, he did not act like a living person.

“Yes. It will be better once I lie down.”

“…You plan to lie down again?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t sleep. Really.”

“You mean it? You truly won’t sleep again?”

“Yes. I just need some time to think. So, I’d like you both to leave.”

Seok Jinho’s gaze settled on the nanny and Tak Yun, the servant who was like a brother to him, having grown up together despite not sharing a drop of blood.

However, neither moved at his hint to leave, their familial concern making them hesitant.

Instead, their eyes just rolled around.


“Truly, I am fine. Do I look like a madman to you?”

“Well… a little?”


Seok Jinho chuckled, even though the nanny avoided his gaze as she responded honestly. But he understood her reaction. He couldn’t fault them for their concern, given his recent behavior.

“How about eating something first? You haven’t eaten anything for two days. You haven’t even drunk water.”

“Bring it in an hour. I need some time to think.”


Seok Jinho finally agreed to eat something after two days, and the nanny could hardly contain her smile as she rose from her seat. Tak Yun then slowly stood up to follow her.

“Thank you.”

“I’ll make something delicious!”

Taking Seok Jinho’s request to heart, the nanny led Tak Yun out of the room to give him some privacy.

But even as he was pulled away, Tak Yun kept glancing back at Seok Jinho with a worried look. However, Seok Jinho, absorbed in his thoughts, didn’t notice.


With their departure, silence filled the space. The room had been sealed tight against the draft, leaving a stifled silence, lest the frail Seok Jinho catch cold.

“I thought it was all over.”

Seok Jinho stroked his chin as he laid back comfortably on the bed. Death had been so familiar that he felt at peace as his life came to an end.

Having achieved all his dreams and ambitions, for the first time, he had closed his eyes without any lingering attachments.

And yet, this damned cycle of reincarnation continued.

“But why the hell…”

He had always thought that he kept being reborn due to his lingering regrets.

He wanted to be a warrior. He wanted to be strong. Ultimately, he wanted to stand at the pinnacle of the world.

It was a natural dream for a man, the ambition he held before his first reincarnation.

But the world was never so easy. Born with nothing but “two balls” as the saying went, the chances of him becoming a martial arts master were virtually nonexistent.

After dying to bandits in his first life, having clumsily learned the Three Talents Sword Skill and Three Talents Breathing Technique, he realized that he could retain memories of past lives.

Yet oddly, he never found himself reborn as an infant; always as a teenager, somewhere between early and late adolescence.

“This one ended in suicide due to self-hatred?”

He felt the lifeless body, so weak that lifting his arms was a struggle. Muscle had wasted away to almost nothing.

Despite this, he did not curse Seok Jinho.

“There is no ailment more fearsome than one of the mind.”

Every disease has its remedy, and every poison its antidote. But a troubled mind was different—it had no solution unless resolved from within.

“But at least this time, the family is in good standing. Previously, I was always alone.”

Seok Jinho indulged in aimless

muttering—a luxury he had as the outcast of the family, tucked away in a distant annex, far from the main estate. His words fell on no ears.

“So what’s to come now, even with these better circumstances, why am I alive again? What is lacking?”

Seok Jinho furrowed his brow.

He had counted the reincarnations up to one hundred. Was there a cap, a limit to reincarnation?

During his ninety-ninth and one-hundredth lives, he lived earnestly, truly giving his all.

“But the number meant nothing.”

He had never lived a life carelessly. With burning ambitions, he always did his utmost. Yet things did not always go as planned. All too often, he met an untimely end soon after reincarnating.

“Killed by pirates, bandits, brigands… in the North by barbarians.”

Compared to the daily struggle for survival, his current situation was far more comfortable.

While his family disdained and nearly disowned him, it wasn’t to the point where his survival was at risk.

Moreover, unlike in his previous lives fraught with solitude, Seok Jinho now had what could truly be called family in the form of two close companions.

“Yet why did he choose despair? This is an excess of riches by most standards. But, I suppose, everyone’s thresholds differ.”

Seok Jinho respected and accepted the decision of the boy whose life had ended. But he could not understand it. He would never have made such a choice.

“Why not live as a rogue instead? If life is already ruined. Well, fortunate for me.”

Seok Jinho wasn’t just lying around. He sorted through his thoughts, assessing his new body meticulously. After countless reincarnations, he had grown quite adept at understanding the physical form.

“Perfectly ordinary. Not bad.”

Neglect and malnutrition had left his body in a sorry state, but there were no other significant injuries or anomalies. There was nothing to hinder martial arts training.

However, there was still one glaring issue.

“I just can’t seem to muster the will to start all over.”

Seok Jinho had lived countless lives. Life anew in a new body upon death. Beginning training in the martial arts from scratch every time.

Sure, with the goal of becoming the greatest under heaven, he never hesitated to start over, but now things felt different.

“I’ve already achieved it all. The greatest under heaven? Martial world emperor? I’ve done everything a martial artist could do. What more could I want?”

He had burnt himself out chasing his ambitions; now only ashes remained.

That’s why he wondered. Why was he blessed—or cursed—with this? What did it want from him?

“What’s the reason? Everything has a cause, doesn’t it? Every result has its source.”

When he achieved his dreams, reached his goals, he had not a single regret.

He had expected his last blink to be just that—final.

Yet here he was, reincarnated once more.

“Utter madness.”

Despite his pondering, Seok Jinho could not find an answer. Frustrated, he closed his eyes. He decided to rest for now—it had been too much to think about.

His memories still mingled with those of Seok Jinho.

“Living carelessly doesn’t seem so bad…”

He had always run towards being the greatest under heaven. So the thought occurred to Seok Jinho—maybe living freely and at ease for once wouldn’t be so bad.

For three days, Seok Jinho did nothing. He ate what the nanny brought him, and his daily routine consisted merely of eating, sleeping, and defecating. If you were to elaborate, you could add idly staring into space.

“I thought at least the Seok family wouldn’t have to worry about money.”

Seok Jinho’s plan to live idly and carelessly had been thwarted. Whether a disowned member of the master’s household or not, by the age of 18 you were expected to work. Finding work or being assigned tasks was a rule of the Seok family.

Meaning, by next year, he would have to find some form of employment.

“Is it because it’s a commercial household?”

Seok Jinho frowned. Life seemed harder than he had anticipated, even though he had hoped for something straightforward. But now he faced a different problem: he had nothing he particularly wanted to do.

“Even wasting time as it passes can be difficult.”

He had nothing he wanted to do, but doing nothing was also boring.

Always sprinting towards a singular goal, standing still now felt strangely suffocating, like addiction withdrawal.

Crack! Chop!

Amidst the slow-falling snow, Tak Yun, with his dark skin, was splitting firewood topless, unbothered by the chill of winter or the snowflakes, swinging his axe with steady focus.

“Such a waste. A body ideally suited for martial arts.”

Seok Jinho smacked his lips as he watched Tak Yun, unable to resist the feeling.

The age was a downside, but it wasn’t too late. Physical martial arts didn’t have as strict age requirements as the internal arts.

Yet, regrettably, physical forms of martial arts were in decline in the current martial world.

“If perfected, physical martial arts are not much different from the skills of internal martial arts masters. Learning physical martial arts doesn’t mean you’re incapable of mastering internal martial arts.”

Watching Tak Yun prompted several suitable martial arts teachings to come to mind. Yet, it wasn’t something to push on someone.

For Seok Jinho, Tak Yun was not merely a servant, but a brother.

“So, what do you want?”

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