The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 99

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 99 – Dimensional Gate Appears Over Daejeon

“The dimensional gate that had appeared over London skies has now manifested above Daejeon.

– However, surprisingly, as if this situation had been anticipated, the evacuation of Daejeon’s citizens was already complete.

– Yet, not just the evacuated citizens of Daejeon, but also the people of South Korea who were aware of the horrific situation in London were extremely anxious.

– Consequently, the government…”

After the dimensional gate that had appeared over London appeared in Daejeon, the gate started to grumble lowly as if it would open at any moment.

“It feels like the calm before the storm,”

Park Hyo-ju mentioned to Namgung, who was gazing out the window.

“Are the preparations complete?”

“We’ve done everything we can under the current circumstances. We’ve deployed and positioned 80% of the newly formed Charak Brigade here.”

She answered.

“Using the defensive skills of Mr. Manduksoo, we’ve outfitted the triple-layered barriers surrounding Daejeon with ki cannons.”

“He’s already able to make cannons?”

“I didn’t know about this either. It was the first thing he mentioned when he came to Daejeon.”

“Hmm… I see.”

Namgung nodded at the unexpected good news.

‘After the Busan incident, he didn’t say anything like this… Maybe reinforcing the Goblin fortress was more help to him?’

While it had to be confirmed with Manduksoo, the information that the fortress had been more helpful than fighting in Busan was unexpected.

‘Rather than making several of something I’m already capable of, scrutinizing never before experienced creations might be a shortcut to power enhancement…’

The unique fortress in Busan might have had significant effects compared to simply erecting multiple barriers.

“Good to hear. The ki cannons should be effective against the demons.”

“And about 30 ability users under the command of Jang Gil-soo’s Majangdong Alliance, and those following Jin Su-hyuk, have been deployed.”

“The numbers?”

“With everyone… it should be approximately 150.”

Park Hyo-ju mentioned this knowing full well that the number was woefully insufficient to oppose the over 600,000 demons.

“Brother, don’t worry. Even if the ability users take the lead, the war ultimately falls to the soldiers.”

Changhwan, standing beside them, spoke.

“That’s right. Unlike the previous occasion where the monsters were scattered, since it’s limited to Daejeon this time, the Prime Minister has authorized the mobilization of all available troops.”

“Does available troops mean those guys?”

As she spoke, fighter jets flying over Daejeon skies and tanks positioned at the fortress entrance could be seen.

“Park Hyo-ju.”


Startled instinctively by Namgung calling her name, she flinched.

“As seen in the third invasion, the military’s weapons become less effective against the monsters with each stage.”

“But we’re doing the best we can right now…”

“Best? I’m not sure.”

Hearing Namgung’s response, Park Hyo-ju hesitated.

“Having a military is better than not, but at best, they’re only buying time. Did you call them here to use as human shields?”

“Of course not!”

“In the end, the strength of the ability users is key to hunting demons.”

“That’s why we have the Charak Brigade and Jang Gil-soo’s…”

“This dimensional gate has only opened in one place. I might have drawn the gate here, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely our duty to stop it.”

He looked at her.

“I’m not saying that you should pressure other countries to mobilize their forces by holding them accountable for this event. I just want you to think about whether you’ve really done your best.”


“Have you tried contacting the remaining Seers? If even one of those among them comes to support us, we can avoid the sacrifice of these many soldiers.”

In that moment, regret washed over Park Hyo-ju’s face as she was unable to respond to Namgung’s question.


“The Charak Brigade must represent South Korea externally in the future. You, leading them, should become a bridge that not only includes other countries but also connects Seers and ability users.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Park Hyo-ju felt as though she’d been hit over the head by Namgung’s words.

More than just hunting monsters, he was pointing out what they had to do to maintain the nation’s existence in this terrible apocalypse.

“Indeed, Mr. Namgung should’ve been leading the team.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Park Hyo-ju’s words made Namgung chuckle.

“Allow the Triads led by Jinwei and the Ninagawa clan’s Biyue group to enter through Incheon and Busan.”


“Yes. They’re unpleasant fellows, but with Jinwei’s buffs, they’re going to be the most useful in combat among those present here.”


“If Korea falls, the neighboring countries are naturally next. They are the only two Seers remaining in Asia, so they will fight desperately.”

‘If two more Seers enter the country, along with Michael, that would make four Seers gathered here alone.’

It was an unprecedented event for four out of eight Seers to come together.

“But even so, the battlefield isn’t their country, it’s here. They will constantly watch our military power with covetous eyes. Don’t underestimate them. You’re strong enough.”

With his last words, her face slightly flushed, and instead of replying, she nodded.

“I’ll prepare.”

After she left the room, Changhwan, who had remained, crossed his arms and smiled enigmatically.

“It’s the first time. To see you teaching someone like that, brother.”

“Kid, I’ve been teaching all of you since you were rookies at 711.”

“Well, we’ll leave it at that.”

“Go prepare.”

Namgung said, gently thumping the back of Changhwan’s head who was smirking as he left.

“Ha ha, got it.”

Squeak –

Changhwan turned the doorknob.

“Big brother. But will you really do it?”

Only moments passed from his warm smile, but now he asked with a stern face, unseen by Namgung.

▶ The dimensional gate of the Demon King Natas has fully opened.

▶ From now on, demons will appear before you through the gate.

▶ Survive.


The brief calm that felt like the calm before the storm was over; fear echoed inside the heads of everyone in Daejeon.

“Of course.”

Even under the pressure of fear, Namgung’s answer to Changhwan’s question came without a hint of hesitation.

“…This time, we might really die.”

Changhwan looked at him with concerned eyes and said.

“We have a duty to perform.”

* * *

“To your positions, all units!!”

“Everyone ready!!”

Soldiers took their positions at the ki cannons erected on the fortress walls encircling Daejeon.



Boom! Boom! Boom! Kaboom!!!

The ki cannon’s barrages emitted extraordinary blue flames, and the cannonballs exploded with a roar as they headed towards the opened gate in the skies.



The demons trying to cross the dimensional gate screamed at the impact of the ki cannon’s projectiles.


“This could work…”

The soldiers, energized after witnessing the power of their cannons, shook off the anxiety that had weighed them down and found the courage to fight.


Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

The morale boosted almost instantly, and soldiers fired missiles from tanks towards the skies.


However, the success was short-lived; the countless descending demons filled the sky.


The leading demons formed seals with their hands, and a vibrating barrier emerged around them.



While the tanks’ missiles were repelled by the demons’ shield, producing only black smoke, other demons had effortlessly begun to overrun the tanks arrayed in Daejeon.

[No need for us to fight such insect-like beings!!]

[…find him!!!]

[Revenge…!! Drag him to the demon realm, for eternal suffering worse than death!!]

The tanks crushed, demons voices roared as they swarmed into Daejeon.


At that moment.

As the fortress doors broke down and demons pressed in,


Jin Su-hyuk whispered, lowering his hand.

Click…!! Thud! Thud!!

Fortress barriers closed amidst the demon hordes.

▶ The Defense Order of the Armed Fortress Lv2 has begun.

▶ All entrances are sealed, and a special plasma forms overhead.

▶ The barriers and the plasma repel all attacks up to grade 4.

[This is…!!]

The demons, attacking the barrier that blocked them, found that unlike the broken door, the barrier remained intact without a scratch.

[It’s a trap.]

Realizing that the broken door was intentionally left weak, an unpleasant feeling set in, and they muttered in low voices.


At Jang Gil-soo’s command, the Majangdong Alliance began to assault the demons unable to enter the fortress.


Simultaneously, Park Hyo-ju’s dagger soared, and the Charak Brigade swiftly ambushed the demons from a hidden door in the barriers.

“Open fire!!”


At Jeon Tae-ho’s order, people on the barrier unleashed a volley of arrows and bullets.

“Hey, don’t get killed.”

“…you too.”

Seongwoo, firing arrows non-stop, passed by the smiling Kyungin.


Seongwoo, who had jumped down below the fortress wall, slammed his fists onto the ground with all his might.


With blue circles surrounding his fists, a white light scattered around him like vibrating waves.

▶ Martial God Invocation Lv3 activated.

▶ Boosts the physical abilities of all friendly entities within a 300-meter radius.

▶ You may refuse the effects of Martial God Invocation.

“This is…?”

Soldiers fighting within the ring of the barrier felt empowered and looked at each other, astonished.

But no explanation was required.

They soon turned to face the demons and pulled their triggers with all their might.

Clang!! Bang—!!!

The clamor of clashing weapons echoed as the retreating military forces began to reorganize their front lines.

[You filth… how dare you resort to such low tricks?]

[What are you doing?! Break down the door now!!!]

With the double-layered gate closing in, demons trapped within Daejeon pounded the barrier furiously.

[Calm down. They’ve played this trick to separate us. Then surely, there ought to be others outside as well.]

[Surely they wouldn’t leave us in the city to fend for ourselves. There must be armed forces here too.]

[Trying to be clever, but in the end, they’ve only split their own forces.]

[Yes. Let’s find them. Stack the bodies of these insolent humans and climb over this wall!!]

The demons shouted with an air of triumph.

But at that moment,


Before he could finish his sentence, the leader’s head flew off.

“The idea of piling up bodies to get over the wall is doomed.”

Suddenly struck and with the headless body trembling on the ground, the close to 300,000 demons all turned their attention to the site.

“I’m alone.”

Namgung kicked the shattered head of the dead demon away while speaking towards them.

“But I’ll stack your corpses instead.”

The demons lost words for a moment as they witnessed the scene unfold.

“Come on in.”

To the startled demons, Namgung gestured, sitting atop the body of the demon whose head had just exploded.

[…Kill him!!!!!!]


That instant, Namgung’s chains moved.

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