The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 98

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 98: The Victims of London Mingle with You

▶ You have absorbed the maximum number of souls. You can absorb no more.

▶ The remaining spirits wish to be absorbed by you.

▶ Soul Absorption Lv2 → Lv3

▶ Absorbing spirits.

▶ You can absorb no more.

▶ Soul Absorption Lv3 → Lv4

▶ Soul Absorption Lv4 → Lv5

Blue spirits began to rush into Namgung’s body ceaselessly. Astonishingly, despite already being at his limit, the souls forced their way into him, seemingly increasing his skill level forcibly.

“What is this…?”

The Demon King could not hide his astonishment at Namgung’s appearance. In his hundreds, even thousands of years of living, he had never witnessed such a spectacle. Absorbed souls face complete annihilation; even those already dead would not wish for it. This is why, unless forced, absorbing souls was no easy task. Namgung himself had never used human souls except once since the war memorial.


The Demon King sensed something going terribly wrong. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event, unfolding at impossible odds.

▶ Your power is in an imbalanced state.

▶ The Rules of Carnival are applied.

Despite his urgency, a number of victims’ souls now flooded toward Namgung, overwhelming him.

▶ You have experienced a number of spirits that is too much to handle.

▶ If you absorb any more, your physical body may be destroyed.

▶ The resentment of the remaining spirits rains down upon you.

▶ The desires of the souls are replaced by the effects of a title.

▶ You have achieved a feat!!

▶ Title: Monarch of Spirits

A title that can be obtained when one commands spirits worthy of a monarch. Those who acquire the title gain greatly enhanced necromantic powers.


Breathless from the intense power flooding into him, Namgung held his breath without realizing it. The memories of absorbed souls hit him like a tidal wave. If the spirits of the war memorial were memories of the war itself, the victims’ memories were disparate. Yet, amid those varied memories, there was a singular, unanimous desire: Vengeance.

Namgung slowly opened his eyes.

“I understand.”

The force of millions, united by that intense single emotion, was pushing him mightily from behind.


He advanced toward the Demon King.


The Demon King instinctively raised his magical power, feeling the pressure of those souls.


A dark flame, emanating from a magic circle, rushed toward Namgung. Boom!!!

But in an instant, with a sweep of his sword, the flame targeting Namgung burst like a balloon, dissipated with a tumultuous noise.


Namgung took another step toward the Demon King.



In an instant, he vanished, and the Demon King frantically turned his head.

Zzzzzt…! Zzzzzzzzt…!!

Where Namgung had stood, only purple flames remained like debris.

“Damn it!”

Unable to catch Namgung’s speed, the Demon King abandoned dodging and spread his large wings to shield himself.


Grimacing, he realized his wings, which blocked his vision, began to disappear.


His wings had been slashed off.


Blood spurted from the Demon King’s wings, once thought nearly impossible to damage.


The wingless Demon King roared in rage, lashing his tail toward Namgung.


But to his dismay, Namgung easily caught it in his hand.


With a squeeze, the Demon King’s tail exploded from the force of a single strike.


The Demon King flailed in pain.

Bang! Bang!! Boom!!!

However, his blows were perfectly blocked by Namgung.


Blood from the Demon King’s own fists sprayed as he stumbled backward.


Staggering, the Demon King gritted his teeth and glared at Namgung.

“The malice of the dead can sometimes be of help. The undying rage screaming in my head fuels me with relentless power.”

Namgung traced his Blue Comet Sword through the air.


The blood staining the blade sprinkled to the floor.

“You’re mad… Let’s see you continue to wield that power. When the vessel overflows, the water spills and breaks. Do you think your little vessel can bear all those souls?”

The Demon King shouted with a hardened face.


At that moment, the Blue Comet Sword’s blade shifted from purple to pitch black.

“Let’s see about that.”


The distance between them closed.


Red blood surged from the Demon King’s severed wings, spreading into a net trying to ensnare Namgung.

Muogeong (No Self Scripture) – Book 3

The final technique of Muogeong, mastered in the realm of Yaksha.

Namgung launched his body towards the blood net, flipped, and with one hand planted on the ground, he rolled forward.


Pushing off with his hand, his body sprung in the opposite direction, rotating to thrust his sword at the Demon King’s face.


But unlike before, the Demon King’s net didn’t break under Namgung’s attack.


It wrapped around the Blue Comet Sword, pulsating as if absorbing his life force.


However, the net touching the sword burst in unison.

The Demon King’s blood scattered, hissing and sizzling as it bored holes in the floor.

“Yaksha’s techniques… once disruptive but thought to be extinct…”

The Demon King muttered as he witnessed his blood net getting destroyed by Namgung’s absorbed power.

“You’re a regressed one.”

“So what if I am?” Namgung retorted.

“The slaughterer of 666,666 Demonkind… I will tear off your head and distribute it to them!!”

With all his might, Namgung pushed his sword.

The Demon King’s third eye on his forehead barely avoided the tip of the sword, and a tense, seesaw battle of strength ensued.


Looking at the shouting Demon King’s face, Namgung sneered coldly.

“A mere million or so. In less than a day since your descent to the human realm, you took ten times as many lives. And yet…”

Creak, creak, creak…!!!

“How dare you utter such nonsensical words!!”

Namgung lunged at the Demon King.

“It’s over.”

But the reeling Demon King laughed oddly in response.

“Heh, heh… Think so?”


Blood poured from Namgung’s nose, unexpected since he had no significant injuries before, unlike now.

The Demon King’s bitter laugh echoed.

“Pitiable. That’s the limit of a human. Your vessel has broken due to overflow.”

Namgung’s cheek twitched at his words.

“You think you could handle all those spirits suddenly!?”

The force of the specters in the Blue Comet Sword faded.


The Demon King seized the moment.

“You’re the one who will die.”


Suddenly, space warped between them, and a hand reached out.


Mikael gripped Namgung’s arm and pulled.

“Get back!!!”

However, the Demon King placed a binding curse on Mikael, trying to flee with Namgung.

Crackle…! Crackle crackle…!!

A magic circle formed on the ground, and red tendrils, like those from the wings, sprang forth, catching Mikael’s ankles.


“Damn messengers… I’ll rip you all to shreds!!!”

The Demon King’s venomous claws lashed out at them.

Just as the nail aimed for Namgung’s neck,


Astonishingly, the chains wrapped around Namgung’s wrist ensnared the Demon King’s arm that was targeting his heart.


The confident look on the Demon King’s face stiffened as he saw Namgung’s chains.

“The Chains of Emptiness…?”

The Demon King hurriedly withdrew his arm from the chains.


But remarkably, even after a brief contact with the chains, his arm was charred black.


Groaning, the Demon King hesitated not a moment before cleaving off his scorched arm.

Thud! Fade to ash…

The severed arm crumbled to dust as soon as it hit the floor.


The Demon King growled, swaying, as he faced Namgung.

“You’ve stepped into a realm that you should never have crossed!!”


In his body, magical power began to stir violently.

A massive lump of magical force broke through the London sky.

▶ The fourth festival has commenced.

As his magic touched the heavens, a gate slowly manifested.

“You’re not supposed to exist in this world!”

‘Hasn’t the offering been fully collected yet… Could it be that he’s using his magic to forcibly summon the gate?’ Namgung thought.

Despite his wings and tail severed, the overwhelming magic power made it almost impossible for him to breathe.


The sky fractured, and roars akin to demons’ wails began to emerge.

“You’re going to die here…!!”

However, at that moment,


Black fumes billowing around Namgung blasted the Demon King away with a thunderous noise.

▶ The exploding spirits have replaced the title effect.

▶ You have lost the effects of the title.


Caught off guard by the explosion, the Demon King, who was opening a dimensional gate, was sent flying.


As the vines trapping his legs vanished, Mikael embraced Namgung’s waist and summoned his strength.


The Demon King desperately reached for the crack in space created by Mikael, trying to flee with Namgung.

However, with his hand severed by the chains, he couldn’t catch them as they disappeared.


The leap through space vanished, and the Demon King, left alone, stood dumbfounded.


Then, a whisper from the spirits that exploded moments ago reached the Demon King’s ears.

Come to Korea.

“Do you think you can escape me!!!”


Listening to the spirit’s words, the Demon King struck the ground irritably.

“Soldiers…!! Leave not a nail of that man; tear him to pieces!!!!”

Glaring in the direction where Namgung disappeared, he spat venomously.

“I’ll commence the revenge I couldn’t complete in my previous life.”

* * *

Crackle…! Crackle crackle…!!!

Space ripped apart, ejecting two individuals.


Unable to counter the momentum, Mikael rolled several meters upon impact before collapsing on the ground.


Mikael, who had barely stopped himself by crashing into a wall, winced as he got up.



Hearing Myeonghoon’s cry, everyone inside shouted toward the two newcomers.

“Are you all right?”

Myeonghoon yelled, helping Namgung, who had collapsed weakly by Mikael’s side.

“Quick, lay brother down!”

“……Why are you all here already?”

“Are you conscious? After Mikael brought us here, we went to London. It saved us time.”

Leaning against the wall, Mikael flashed a V-sign and grinned.

“Hojoon, bring as many potions as you can find!! And tell Hyoju to find any healer capable of recovery!!!”

“Ah, I got it!!”

“Forget it. The potions we have now are useless. Even if Eira Michelle comes, she won’t be able to drive out this poison.”

Namgung held his throbbing chest.


A faint purple glow emanated from his palm.

‘The insides are a mess… Well, absorbing that many spirits at once…’

It was a gamble.

‘Rather, they saved me by exploding themselves and thus annihilating their presence.’

As a result, he lost the effects of the title, but it was still better than losing his life.

“Just look after Mikael. If he brought you here… he must have leaped between London and Korea multiple times.”

Namgung waved off Myeonghoon, who was ordering Hojoon, and spoke.

“Don’t worry. I won’t die so easily.”

From a corner, Mikael waved a V-sign, reassuring them.

“No, what about you? What were you thinking, going there alone? What if something had happened…!!”

Myeonghoon rebuked him.

“Call Jinsuhyeok.”

Ignoring Myeonghoon’s scolding, Namgung simply smiled faintly, reassuring him by roughly tousling his hair.

“……He’s already waiting.”


Myeonghoon, although disgruntled, clicked his tongue reluctantly and gestured toward the door.

The door opened, and Jinsuhyeok appeared.

“You looked fine this morning, but in just one day, you’ve turned into a rag.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. What’s the status?”

“Evacuation of the citizens of Daejeon is over 80% complete. It will take time to move the rest…”

Jinsuhyeok trailed off.

“It’s okay. We’ve got time. The Demon King forced the hellgate open using his own magic power, but it was an incomplete state.”

The notification of the 4th Carnival rang, but it would take at least a day for the demon army to fully cross over.

“Got it. We should be able to finish evacuating the remaining people.”

Jinsuhyeok nodded.

“So much has changed too quickly. When you suddenly came to me this morning, I thought your plan was absurd…”

He smirked, remembering that moment.

“Let’s prepare.”

Unlike Jinsuhyeok, Namgung’s mind was already on the next steps.


At that moment, the sound of chains on his wrist resonated.

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