The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 97

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 97: [Was that just now the revelation of the Six-Pathed Leg’s Revealer? Still a slimy ability. I didn’t expect him to come to the rescue of the Observer’s Revealer. That was unexpected.]

The demon lord brushed off the soot-blackened back of his hand while looking ahead.

‘And that power is….’

The look in his eyes as he observed Namgung was distinctly different from when he looked at Alek; it was as if he had seen something distasteful.

[Moreover, the Revealer of the Seven Serpents as well? Weren’t the Revealers supposed to compete against each other? It seems the participants of this carnival get along quite well, helping each other like children playing in the dirt.]

“You seem to be in quite a hurry yourself, breaking through the dimensional gate before the Night of the Summoning Beasts had even ended.”

Despite the oppressive aura exuding from the demon lord, Namgung nonchalantly crossed his arms and spoke.

“Because you know about the returner, right?”


“That return was completed by the severed necks of your own subordinates.”

The demon lord’s face hardened.

“Be wary. Once the fourth door closes and vanishes, the Widow of Thorns will not let you be.”


“She’s eager to kill you. It’s the first event prepared by the Hierarchy. You crawled out before even finishing it.”


Instead, Namgung took another step closer.

“I bet it’s infuriating. A mere monster ruining the event you prepared.”


At that moment, a loud explosion erupted around Namgung, coinciding with the twisted face of the demon lord.

[A monster…? Dare you call me a monster?!!]

“So what then? You all wouldn’t even be able to venture into the outside world without the restriction of the fourth door, as set by the Hierarchy.”

[Shut up!!!]

As the demon lord’s wings unfurled, darkness seemed to descend upon Namgung, sending shivers down his spine.


The thrill that enveloped his entire body.

Crash!! Kaang-! Crack!!!

The demon lord’s fist, now adorned with sharp claws, targeted Namgung, and every block sent his body reeling.

Kaang!! Kaang!!

Sparks flew.


When the demon lord’s tail aimed at Namgung,


The sword he held spun out of his hand and clattered to the ground.


The moment it touched the ground, Namgung’s sword crumbled into dust.

“Pathetic. To think you’d confront me with a mere sword. You’ve got some nerve.”

The demon lord chuckled while looking at the shattered blade.

An ornately plain long sword.

At best, it was of Magic grade.

[It’s a pity about your weapon. Had it been decent, you’d have flailed a bit longer. I feel nothing from it.]

“I feel the same. If you hadn’t jumped the gun, I could have visited the Sword Dancer.”

Namgung clenched and unclenched his now empty hand, regretfully remarking,

“Tch… Though I spent all my head coins on it. Thanks to you, I’ve thrown them all away.”

[You needn’t fret. You won’t be needing heads any longer anyway.]

“We’ll see about that.”

[What can you possibly do without a weapon?]

Then, Namgung looked at the demon lord.

“Who says I don’t have a weapon?”


Black smoke rose before him, and a sword appeared in the hands of the summoned As.


Only then did the demon lord wear a look of realization.

“Though it’s just a diversion, a weapon of common grade wouldn’t withstand your blow. Think of it as an investment.”

Namgung grasped the Star Sea Sword left behind by Alek.


The blade seemed to resist his touch, trembling as if refusing him.

“You’ll net me more heads when I hunt you down, won’t you?”


Yet as he gripped the handle more firmly, the rebellious sword calmed.


In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two closed.


Only the sound of slicing air could be heard.

-The clash between the demon lord and Namgung!!!

-Not even drones equipped with high-speed cameras could capture anything!!

-It was truly…

Bang! Bang!! Brrr…!!

In that moment, the drones exploded simultaneously.

[Buzzing like flies, these annoying…!]

The demon lord shifted his wings as if to focus on his fight with Namgung.

There were no longer any eyes observing them.


The demon lord’s tail whipped around like a lash, targeting all corners.

Crackle… Fzzzt…

The blade of the Star Sea Sword emitted an amethyst lightning, not white, through Namgung’s necromancy.


As Namgung parried the demon lord’s tail with his sword, he closed in.

Formless Sutra – Book 1

The blade aimed for the demon lord’s chest.

The lightning of the necromancer dispersed in all directions, encircling the demon lord.

Instinctively, Namgung knew.

He couldn’t afford to give time.

He had to settle it with one strike.

[You not only use the magic of the Seven Serpents but the arts of a Yaksha too? Quite the tasty morsel you are!!!]


Despite his all-out assault, the demon lord seemed to have pre-empted Namgung’s move, closing the distance even further and throwing his fist forward just as the sword reached out.


A loud noise accompanied the burst of demonic power below his chest.

[Kuh, kuhuk…]

A huge hole opened in the ground where he stood, and the palace and the corpses that had been in front of it vanished without a trace.

It was a blast of tremendous force.

[Kruuk… rukruk…]


When the smoke of the explosion cleared, instead of Namgung, the figure of As on the verge of annihilation caught the demon lord’s eye.

“Got you.”

A low, murderous intent emanated from behind.


The demon lord swiftly reached out with both hands.


However, sharp lacerations appeared on his wrist.


For the first time.

A wound had been inflicted on his body, which had never received a single attack since coming to the human realm.


A magic circle appeared behind the demon lord.

From one circle came two, and from two it multiplied to four; their numbers expanding beyond count.

‘Chain magic circles.’

Namgung’s face hardened a bit as he beheld countless magic circles unfurling like the plume of an artisan from the black wings above.

Even a dragon might not be capable of conjuring so many magic circles simultaneously.

‘One of the highest echelons of the illusionist races.’

An unfavorable matchup for Namgung who, though he used necromancy, fundamentally hunted with his martial prowess.

It was why, in his previous life, he eventually failed to hunt down the demon lord.



Countless bundles of black spikes emerged from the magic circles.



Namgung quickly drew back and dodged the brutal onslaught of spikes, tracking him despite his incredible speed.

Bang! Bang!! Boom…!!!

Soul soldiers appeared to shield him.

[Kruk…! Kuk!!!]

But once touched by the spikes, they rapidly overran the soldiers’ bodies.

Amidst agonized screams, they vanished as easily as hedgehogs with quills stuck in them, utterly defeated.


Namgung’s head hit the ground.


Chunks of asphalt sprung up from the shock, scattering onto the ground.

[Quite the surprise you gave me, making me use my power. Indeed, more useful than that Observer’s Revealer filth.]


The demon lord grabbed Namgung’s forehead and smashed him back into the ground, speaking as he did so.

[Kekeke… But this is the end.]

“Your breathing’s ragged.”


“You weren’t coerced into using magic; you were forced into a situation where you had no choice but to.”

[What nonsense…]

“You seem tense. Tell me, did you get a little scared just now?”

Amidst the tightly gripped fingers, Namgung’s eyes carried a subtly mocking laugh.

[You wretch…!!!]

The demon lord lifted Namgung’s head in a surge of rage.


The thud was heavy, like being beaten with a mallet.

Each time the demon lord slammed Namgung’s head, the ground fractured like a spider web into hundreds, thousands of cracks.

Crackle… Fzzzt…

The energy of necromancy that enshrouded the Star Sea Sword that Namgung held faded.

[How dare a mere human…!! Mock me? Why do you wretches get to participate in the Carnival and have a chance at reward…!! Something even we demons haven’t received!!]


Once more, magic circles appeared behind the demon lord.


At that moment, Namgung activated 【Serpent’s Shattered Scale Fragment】.

[Where do you think you’re going!!!]

As his figure blurred to escape, the demon lord’s eyes narrowed, and his arm shot out.


His hand firmly grasped Namgung’s neck, bringing the blurred figure back into focus.

[Using such lowly tricks before me!!]


The struggling Namgung was again crushed to the ground by the demon lord.


Blood clots spurted from Namgung’s mouth due to the impact.

[I’ll twist your neck and offer you as a sacrifice. Right at the top of that pile of corpses. So my army can watch you being tormented most clearly.]

The demon lord twisted Namgung’s neck with a smile, or so he attempted to.

“…Those piles of corpses? You may see it that way. But I see it differently.”



Namgung snapped the wrist that grasped his neck.


Shockingly, the previously unbreakable wrist of the demon lord grotesquely twisted.


Feeling something wrong amidst the unexpected pain, the demon lord screamed and hastily shoved Namgung away.


He flew meters away and crashed into a wall.

[This… what’s…]

For a brief moment, the demon lord felt a spreading chill and looked at him in astonishment.

‘That was…’

Namgung staggered from the ruins of the collapsed building.

Just then, the demon lord narrowed his eyes at the sight.

“…What a pity.”

He wiped the blood dripping from his mouth with the back of his hand, but surprisingly, the wounds inflicted by the demon lord had healed cleanly.

“I could have torn off your arm.”

▶ Soul Perception Lv2 has been activated.

▶ Friendly souls in the vicinity resonate with you.

“To my eyes, they are not sacrifices…”

▶ The surrounding souls wish to join you.

“They just seem like people gnashing their teeth, wanting to kill you.”

▶ You can absorb unsummoned souls.

▶ You can use Soul Absorption Lv2.

▶ Friendly souls have a greater effect on you.


At that moment, the demon lord’s pupils dilated.


The ground began to shake as if struck by an earthquake.

▶ The sacrifices of London merge with you.

Current estimated death toll: 6.7 million.

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