The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 96

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 96: The Gathering of the Universe Clan!!!

After the assassination of Queen Elizabeth, the Demon King Natas who stormed into London is set to be defeated by humanity’s strongest Allec Traman and twenty powerful ability-holders!

Can he save London?

The world once again is paying attention to the footsteps of this hero!

“Can’t you get rid of those drones? They’re driving me crazy… Should I just destroy them all?”

“Just leave them. This time, it’s our moment to show the world that we are the true saviors, not Nangong.”

Allec glanced at the dozens of drones, each equipped with cameras, and spoke to Johanna.

“Is this okay? Hanson is still unconscious. Plus, the healers can’t even reattach his severed arm with magic; it’s decaying more and more.”

When they had found the barely alive Hanson near the press conference venue, they were shocked.

“The poison has spread to his legs… They’re saying we might have to amputate all his limbs.”

The spreading black toxin, starting from his severed arm, was slowly consuming Hanson.

“Allec, shouldn’t we call for help from the other prophets?”

“We can’t ask for their help. Johanna, what do you think those drones are?”

Allec shook his head.

“Those are the blades pushing us onto the battleground. But that blade is double-edged. While it pressures us, if we use it well…”


He continued,

“It can excite the world. Turn England into the world center. That was mine and the Queen’s will. For the sacrificed Queen, we’ll catch the fourth monster with our own hands.”

Johanna looked at him, her face fraught with anxiety.

“And then, we will establish the World Union right here in front of him.”

“What’s the plan?”

“As before, I’ll handle the boss. You and the others protect the perimeter of the barrier.”

“Are you sure you can handle it alone?”

Unlike the worried Johanna, Allec was full of confidence.

“I’m Allec Traman. One of only eight prophets in the world. Are you doubting me now?”

“It’s not that, but…”

Johanna tried to say something more but eventually fell silent.

“I get it. Just win this.”

“Don’t worry.”

With that, Allec confidently drew his star-ocean sword and, with an easy swing towards the drones, walked into the barrier.

The solid barrier unexpectedly dispersed, accepting him as if waiting.

‘…He’s changed too much since the Red Zone. Maybe it’s because of the urgency he feels due to Nangong.’

Johanna watched him enter the barrier with a worried expression.

‘I just hope that this urgency doesn’t lead him to make a mistake…’

But knowing that unwarranted worry could be a poison, she shook her head.

“Everyone, prepare for battle. There won’t be any issues. Maintain formation as we have practiced.”


The clan members dispersed.

The silence embracing her alone was akin to the calm before the storm.

Thump- Thump- Thump-


As Allec entered the barrier, he grimaced at the overwhelming stench of blood.

“Come out… NOW!!!!”


When he swung his star-ocean sword, a sharp surge of energy exploded, illuminating the surroundings.

A white sword aura flared, with lightning crackling around him.

This blizzard of energy was incomparable to when he had captured the Serpent in Yeouido.

[A prophet chosen by the watchers of the sun and moon?]


In an instant, Allec reacted to the voice coming from behind him, hastily wielding his sword.


The lightning infused into his sword burst forth. Boom! A loud explosion followed, and dark smoke erupted around him.

“Pant, pant, pant…”

He felt a chill down his spine, and his hand gripping the sword was sweaty.

It was a kind of fear he had never felt before.

[Is this really all you’ve got?]

From within the smoke, the voice of the Demon King reached him. Allec hastily tried to retrieve his sword.

“What, what is this?”

But the sword appeared stuck as if caught in something. Struggling to wrest it free, the explosive smoke began to settle.

[That’s not enough.]

The Demon King, holding the star-ocean sword between two fingers, flicked it away as he spoke to him.


Disrupted from its center, Allec’s body swayed.

In a flash, the Demon King’s foot lashed out at Allec’s waist.


The asphalt shattered and Allec was slammed to the ground.

[Tell me, honestly.]


The Demon King held the back of Allec’s head against the asphalt and spoke.


Flesh tore from his face, and blood trickled onto the ground.

“Kuh, kugh…!!”

Allec struggled to escape the Demon King’s grip, but the more he struggled, the tighter the Demon King’s hand got.

‘This can’t be… how… me?’

The gap in power was overwhelming.

He couldn’t believe the situation he was in.

Despite being protected by his status, Allec screamed in agony within the Demon King’s grip.

[Are you truly the strongest among humans?]

Allec’s mind flashed to one man.

“Don’t make me laugh…!!”


Despite the overwhelming helplessness and pure terror, Allec refused to acknowledge it.

“I am… truly the pinnacle!!”

Perhaps having sensed his feelings,

[You’ve got quite the face now.]

The Demon King gave Allec a contemptuous smile.

* * *

“What’s going on?”

“A Demon King in London. What kind of dream is this unfolding?”

“What about you, sir?”

Returning from the Red Zone, Myunghoon and his companions were dumbfounded by the breaking news on the media.

“Could it be… are they going to fight that monster?”

People appeared uneasy at Kyungin’s question.

“Nangong went to Daejeon.”

It was then.

At the entrance to the stronghold, Hyoju approached Myunghoon, as if she had been waiting for them.


“Yes. He said he was preparing to hunt the fourth monster. He told me to gather everyone in Daejeon once you returned.”

“Why Daejeon all of a sudden?”

“What is it? There’s a monster in London, and…”

“…Could it be?”

Confused like the others, Myunghoon then seemed to catch onto Nangong’s intentions, his eyes widening.

“If he’s mentioning Daejeon, he must be planning to fortress it… Is he intending to lure the monster from England to Korea?”

Hyoju slowly nodded at Myunghoon’s query.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Silence fell upon everyone at her words.

“Once the evacuation of the citizens is complete and Daejeon is empty, Nangong will lure the monster there.”

“Ah, this is nuts. Why does the elder worry about someone else’s home like this?”

Hojoon frowned at Hyoju’s words.

“England has that Allec Traman guy. He’s always desperate to get Nangong, so let him handle it this time…”

“Right. And they always brag about having so many mighty ability holders, so why bother bringing it here? What kind of meddlesomeness?”

“Hey, be quiet. Only I get to badmouth the elder.”

“Did you forget how close we were to becoming food for the elder’s summons in the Red Zone?”

“…Shh… Be quiet. Wanna run a few laps around the field?”

Ignoring Hojoon and Sungwoo, who started bickering upon their return, Myunghoon looked at Hyoju.

“What are we supposed to do?”

“The fourth gate hasn’t opened yet. But he says it’s likely to appear in Daejeon.”

“To fend off the summoned monsters?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Hyoju took a deep breath, her voice low, then shared the message with them.

▶ The fourth festival has begun.

Just then, an announcement rang in their heads.

▶ The dimensional gate of the Demon King Natas has opened.

▶ Due to his special power, the dimensional gate focuses and opens only in one location, where the Demon King is.

▶ 666,666 demonic forces invade your world.

“Ha, haha…”

They could hardly believe the sounds that echoed in their minds.

“This can’t be. That many are going to hit Daejeon? How can we even stop that?!”

Sungwoo shouted in shock at the alert.

“We’ll handle the rest.”


“Nangong told me to relay a message to you all. Especially to Sungwoo.”

“To me?”

“That’s what he said. Next time, I’ll entrust my back to you, Sungwoo. And that time is now.”

At Hyoju’s words, Sungwoo looked as if he had been hit, staring back at her.

“What… I thought that was just an offhand remark.”

On the day they returned from the proxy auction and Nangong came back, it was a conversation they had amidst the chaos of reporters.

Sungwoo had a glimmer of hope but since they had to carry out their respective duties separated from Nangong in the Red Zone, he assumed it was just a passing comment.


Sungwoo said with a twisted expression, half crying, half laughing.

“…How can I run away when you say that?”

“Wanna bet?”

“Ah, it’s not like that!”

Sungwoo quickly wiped the corner of his eyes as Hojoon jokingly rubbed shoulders with him, trying to peek at his face.

“It’s okay to cry, but let’s not die.”

“Who’s going to die!”

Flames seemed to surround them…

▶ Survive.

“Of course. Damn monsters!!”

The sight of Sungwoo shouting toward the sky eased some of the tension in the air.

“Let’s go.”

Myunghoon patted Sungwoo on the back of the head.

“To meet the elder.”

* * *

– Here is the current situation in London 18 hours later.

– Underneath Buckingham Palace lies an unimaginable amount of corpses.

– The estimated death toll… 6 million!!!

– But what shocks everyone the most…

– Atop the mound of bodies stands the monster, blatantly stepping on Allec Traman!

As the drones captured live footage, it spread around the world, sending the viewers into a frenzy of fear.

-Save us!!!!

-I don’t want to die!! Please……!!!


The cries and pleadings flooding through the media…

“I’m quitting!”

“Right! There’s no way we can beat such a monster!”

“It was insane from the start!”

And those cries crushed not only ordinary people but also the ability-holders who were supposed to protect the city.

“Wait…!! Maintain formation!!”

Johanna shouted at the fleeing clan members, but her voice couldn’t reach them.

The ability-holders, after all, were mostly ordinary people living ordinary lives.

“What am I supposed to do…”

And Johanna was no different, trembling and barely keeping herself upright just past the barrier’s edge.


That was when it happened.

A piercing roar erupted from within the barrier.

– Did you see that?!

– Suddenly the space around the Demon King warped and white lightning poured forth!!

– Look, there! Allec Traman, who was caught by the Demon King just moments ago, is nowhere to be seen!!

– What the hell is happening?!

Johanna was as confounded as the reporters’ voices pouring in from the drones.

“Hey, take this person.”


But more surprising than her confusion was the voice of its owner.


Something dropped before her.

“Al, Allec?!”

Shocked to realize the bloodied person was Allec Traman, Johanna was beyond astonishment.

“You are… “

“I gave him a potion, but it’s touch and go. Find a healer for recovery. Your clan boasts about having the highest number of ability holders, I hope you can at least manage that?”

The tone was slightly cocky.

The wearer of the six-fold Coat of Arms, the Prophet Micahel.

“Th-thank you.”

Johanna nodded and shouted to him.

“Save your thanks. They’re not for me.”


-Look there!!

-Beyond the smoke, there’s someone confronting the Demon King!!!

-Who is that?

-That person is…!!!

At the moment she heard the reporters’ voices, Johanna realized who was standing there.

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