The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 95

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Click-! Click-! Click-!!!

“Is it true that you have designated Buckingham Palace as the headquarters of the World Union?”

“That must have been no easy decision!!”

“There are talks that Nest will delegate operations to the UN from this point on!”

The press conference room was without a moment’s respite from the barrage of camera flashes as numerous reporters hurled their questions towards the stage.

“Everyone, please be silent.”

At the moderately dignified and not too rapid voice emanating from the stage, the previously noisy conference hall fell quiet.

‘Yes, this is it.’

The person looking at the reporters was none other than the Queen of England, Elizabeth, who nodded in satisfaction.

‘The media from all over the world are paying attention to Britain. This is truly the best opportunity to step forward into the lead.’

During the moment when monstrous invasions threatened, and Alex Trahman had not returned, she thought everything had ended.

However, after the third gate closed, and during Alex’s press conference, she could not help but be astonished.

Everything had been planned.

For a moment, she had resented Alex Trahman but decided to forget it.

Now, it no longer mattered.

‘From now on.’

The Queen slowly began to speak.

“Buckingham Palace is a living piece of history itself. It is indeed a meaningful event for the palace that the World Union is to be established there.”

Click! Click! Click!!

The world would revolve around Britain.

She had no doubts about it.

“The royal family has been actively searching for powerful individuals since the first gate opened. And now, with the revelation of Alex Trahman, we have recruited more than a hundred powerful individuals, boasting the Universe Clan, the largest in the world.”

She continued her speech.

“I believe this has greatly contributed to the creation of the World Union. However, not resting on this alone, we will continue to uncover and nurture many yet unknown individuals around the world, sparing no effort for peace.”

Her voice resonated in the hall.

“Come to the Nest.”

And with her voice, her ambitions also echoed.

“We await you, Britain, and all of you….”




With a dull thud, reporters and cameramen watching the stage could not respond or say anything to the sudden event.


Blood flowed down from the stage.

When they realized that the blood belonged to the Queen, who had been ambitiously addressing the journalists just moments ago, the conference hall descended into uncontrollable panic.

“Th-the Queen… the Queen is dead!!”

“It’s a monster!!”


Screaming at the dark figure standing over the dead Queen’s body, the crowd scattered in search of exits.

“Wh-who are you?!”

The royal guards quickly aimed their firearms at the dark figure amidst the unexpected situation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!!

Gunshots echoed in the conference hall.


But the target of the bullets, the dark figure, looked at them with disdain.

[Strange. Weren’t you the ones who survived until the third gate? And yet, you resort to this pathetic weaponry?]


The dark hand grabbed the neck of a guard in front.

‘Wh-what speed… ‘

‘I didn’t even see it.’

The guards were horrified by how the figure managed to close dozens of meters instantly and appear before them.

[What are you?]


When the grip tightened, the neck of the guard held in the hand snapped effortlessly like breaking a matchstick.

[You appear to be as fragile as flowers in a greenhouse, life forces so easily snuffed out.]

The dark figure tossed the body of the guard it held, speaking as if entertained.

Thud- Thud- Thud-

“How, how can this be…”

“We haven’t even finished the Night of Summoning… Why are monsters appearing when the sky gate hasn’t even opened yet?”


The quivering voice of the guard prompted a twisted smile from the dark figure.

[Naive words. Do you think we’re here to play house with you? Since when has the carnival begun by considering your circumstances?]


The body of the guard folded at a right angle, and his heart, impaled on the shadowy figure’s hand, was lifted up.


The body of the guard, from which the heart was torn, fell to the ground.

“Ah, Aaahhhhh!!”

The last remaining guard, having lost the will to fight at the sight of his comrades’ deaths, attempted to flee like the journalists.


Just then, the dark figure flung the heart it held.

Boom-!!! Zzzt!!

“Pant, Pant….”

The heart, thrown like a shell, exploded, scattering debris in every direction.

“Get out of here now.”

“Th-thank you!!”

The guard recognized the large black man blocking his path and nodded his head repeatedly in thanks.

It was Hanson Martio, Alex’s right-hand man and sub-master of the Universe Clan.


As Hanson prepared himself, sharp metallic sounds were heard from his gauntlet.


The intruder’s eyes gleamed.



And Hanson’s head was smashed into the ground.

The dark figure didn’t stop there, lifting the crumpled Hanson’s legs and throwing him against the building’s wall again.


Hanson, who managed to glide through the air, saw the chairs in the auditorium shatter mercilessly upon impact.


Just as the wall crumbled, Hanson barely managed to avoid being crushed by the debris.


But he couldn’t help but scream as intense pain surged through him.

“Guh, Gahh….”

The white bones protruding from his side.

Hanson could tell they were his own ribs, broken and thrust through the flesh.

‘I invested all I could in stamina and defensive runes gained from the Red Zone, and yet one hit…?’

With each breath, the broken bones writhed.

I can’t fight any longer.

Hanson realized that the enemy before him was not someone he could handle.

[Hmm. Among humans, how strong are you?]

“……What? Aaaahhh!!”

[Don’t make me ask twice. It’s only because you have the strength of an ant that I’m giving you this opportunity.]

The figure twisted his hand, ripping off one of Hanson’s arms completely.

Squelch- Squelch-

The figure chewed nonchalantly on the dripping arm of Hanson, cleaning the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Ch, Choke… There are many stronger than me.”

[I do hope so. I’m not like the low-grade monsters you’ve faced before. I’ll wait with a bit of amusement. Bring me the strongest among your human race.]

“Who… who are you?”

Hanson’s vision blurred from the blood loss. Was it because of this?

Or had he seen incorrectly?

Strangely, it seemed like there were goat-like horns on the figure’s forehead that hadn’t been visible before.


The dark figure finished eating the arm and wiped the blood from his mouth with his forearm, saying,



It casually toyed with Hanson’s protruding ribs, speaking with apparent delight.

[I am the boss of the fourth gate… no, a Demon King.]

* * *

-Press Conference Assault!!! Queen Elizabeth of Britain Assassinated!!!

-The fourth gate starts without warning?

-The first boss monster to declare war on humanity!!

-Is he truly a Demon King?!

The world was thrown into chaos following the event that took place on the day the Nest’s founding press conference was held.

“How could this have happened?”

On a train headed to Daejeon, Changhwan showed his phone screen filled with breaking news and spoke.

“Perhaps he crossed dimensions before the gates opened.”

“Is that even possible? I thought monsters were supposed to come through the gates?”

“When the hellgate opens, monsters are summoned. That’s certainly not wrong, as it’s part of the Carnival’s rules. But there’s no rule that monsters can only come through gates.”

Namgoong’s words turned Changhwan’s face pale.

“The Demon King is a monster with the highest abilities among the magic class monsters. Dimensional travel isn’t impossible for him. And we may continue to see such incidents.”

“Even with the gates closed, it doesn’t mean we’re absolutely safe. Not a single day of peace. What a truly crappy… world we live in.”

‘This is faster than thought.’

While Changhwan was filled with rage, Namgoong gazed out of the window, deep in thought.

‘Demon King…’

Namgoong recalled his face.

The one creature he had failed to hunt, despite exterminating 666,666 of the Great Demon race.

This being was clearly on a different level from any monster encountered so far; they possessed an entire line and immense military force.

‘He must have been eagerly waiting for this moment. He must have sensed my return.’

If it was a monster of the status of a proxy race, it could certainly be aware of his return.

‘He’s definitely looking for me.’

Someone must have convinced him that the regressor would be the strongest, hence why he made that proposition.

-Br, Breaking News!!!

-The monster that killed Queen Elizabeth has appeared in front of Buckingham Palace, at the Victoria Memorial!!

-What… what is he doing?!

-The monster is hanging the Queen’s corpse on top of the memorial!!

Murmur- Murmur-

The reporters and the audience screamed.

Everyone seemed to be watching the same footage as the train became noisy.

The dead Queen, hanging from the arm of the Britania statue symbolizing victory atop the memorial.


And below, the Demon King broke the eagle statue symbolizing the British Empire and threw it to the ground, giving a sardonic smile to the many drones pointed at him.



Then he swiped his arm, and together with Buckingham Palace, the surrounding area was decimated.

[Hear me. The joy of sport is not long-lasting.]


Raising his hand, astoundingly, the severed heads of the people who had fallen in the vicinity began rising into the air, one by one.

There must have been at least a hundred.

[You have 22 hours.]

The Demon King, standing before the burning Buckingham Palace, spoke to the camera.

[Within that time, you will need to bring forth someone to fight with me.]


Now his tail moved.

As the tail, which extended for hundreds of meters, swept in a circle, buildings were cleanly sliced away.

[From now on, I’ll be stacking the humans’ heads neatly in the square.]

London’s nightmare had begun.



As the Demon King left the palace, walking slowly, heads dripping with blood continued to soar into the sky.


-Sa, save us!!!

People’s screams echoed from the phone.


Namgoong watched the scene, involuntarily grinding his teeth.

London’s population was about 8 million.

The 22 hours of grace the Demon King had given to humanity.

Every second, 100 people.

As each brief moment passed, the Demon King continued to snatch away London’s lives.

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