The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 94

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 94: [Hey, Sword Tomb?! Wait, just a moment. Brother…!!]

Gyuryu was flustered by Nangong’s words, scrambling for a reply before falling silent.

“No matter the contract, having a representative of one clan call a human ‘brother’ is unheard of. That will get you in trouble with the influential ones.”

[Ah, no, not brother… Anyway, the Sword Tomb is absolutely out of the question!! Do you know what kind of place that is?]

“That’s precisely why I mention it.”

[If Tongcheon Tower (通天樓) is a sacred place where the treasures of the Yaksha clan are stored, then the Sword Tomb (劍墓) is off-limits! Even Yakshas absolutely do not enter there.]

“I am human after all.”

[That’s not what I mean.]

Gyuryu pressed his forehead in frustration at Nangong’s reply and shook his head.

“I understand that the place is off-limits and one of the most dangerous places.”


“But I also know that it’s where the most powerful weapons are located.”

Nangong walked deeper into Lakanheim, looking back at Gyuryu.

“The Evil Spirit Sword.”

Among Epic rank weapons, it was top-tier, even higher than the Star Annihilating Sword given by an influential figure like Alex.

[Wow… are you crazy?! You know about that place?]

Gyuryu looked at him in disbelief.

[So it’s like that. Aha, I get it. You must have visited there before your regression?]

Instead of answering, Nangong simply nodded.

[Did you ever wield the Evil Spirit Sword?]

“No. Didn’t manage to obtain it.”

[So you did go there. Then it’s quite an achievement that you returned alive. When did you go? 5 years after the Carnival started? Or 10 years? At least that time would be required to withstand the Sword Tomb’s malevolent energy.]

Gyuryu’s face turned skeptical at his response.

[Well, what does that matter? I don’t know how long after it was that you visited the Sword Tomb, but you were certainly stronger back then. What I am boldly advising is not to trust your past self.]

“What do you mean by that?”

Crossing his arms, Gyuryu spoke as if teaching a lesson.

[If you go there now, you would definitely not return alive.]

“How kind of you. You really are a good guy.”

[Ah, no, I’m not?]

“But you talk too much.”

While Gyuryu worried, Nangong showed a strange confidence.

“The Sword Tomb is indeed a challenge that I failed in a past life. I plan to take it on now because I have prepared things that my former self could not.”

[You have things to prepare?]


Nangong watched the doors of Lakanheim’s storeroom slowly open.

“For instance, treasures of the giant clan that were not available back then.”

Looking at Lakanheim’s storage, which was different from the Yaksha clan’s Tongcheon Tower and hard to open due to the glittering piles of treasures, he spoke.


At that moment, an inexplicable thrill enveloped him.

It was time for rewards.

* * *

[Wow… Have I really become the king of the giants? Insane. Crazy. Kekeke.]

Gyuryu grabbed the handle of Lakanheim’s storage, disbelieving, looking back and forth at his own hand multiple times.

-You haven’t properly assumed the position of patriarch yet, so it’d be better not to get ahead of yourself.

[Ahem, anyway, now I’m on equal footing. If not me, then who else to take the place of leader of the giants?]

-We’ll see.

The queen shrugged at Gyuryu, who was puffing himself up.

“Gyuryu, instead of bragging to your father, inspect the inside of the storeroom. There must be a secret place that only the leader can open.”

[Ugh… okay. But just so you don’t misunderstand, I’m not the type to cling to my father, you know?]

“Sure. I got it, so don’t come bragging to me, go do it there.”

[No, what I mean is…]

Gyuryu sighed and bowed his head with a pensive look.


As he reached out his hand, treasures piled up inside the storeroom began to react one by one.

[Arrgh, giants, clean up a little, will you? This looks just like a pile of trash.]

Gyuryu murmured as he focused his mind further.


Then, as the treasures stacked up like a mountain cascaded down, a rough boulder suddenly appeared that didn’t seem to fit in with the sparkling treasures.

“Oh, there it is.”

Nangong was pleased, finding the most seemingly useless rock among the treasures.

Number 3.

Name: Seed of Antiquity

Rank: Legendary (First)

▷ It is a treasure of the giants that constructs the giant system.

▷ Although it’s called a seed, it resembles a huge rock.

▷ It is known that Golia, the first leader of the giant clan, was born from this place.

▷ Increases the possessor’s physical defense.

▷ When activated, surrounds the entire body with ore that nullifies all attacks for 30 seconds.

▷ Possesses tenacious vitality.

▷ It seems to hide more power within.

“A treasure of the giants that’s a boulder… No, I guess that’s typical of the giant clan?”

Gyuryu tapped the seed and spoke.

“I’d like to take this with me. Can it be downsized?”

[Not a difficult task.]

Confident at Nangong’s words, Gyuryu responded.


He spread his hand over the seed, and in an instant, the huge rock turned into a pebble about the size of a hand.

[Here it is.]

-That’s impressive. No leader would casually hand over a clan’s treasure to a human like that.

[It’s all about mutual assistance.]

Despite the queen’s taunting, Gyuryu nonchalantly twitched his lips.

[Need anything else?]

“This is enough. All the armaments of the giants are heavy and not something I can use right now. In fact, it’s hard enough just to possess this.”

In truth, even though the size of the seed shrank, its weight remained the same. Looking at it, it appeared like Nangong was casually holding it, but if you observed closely, you’d see black smoke wrapping around his arm holding the seed, indicating that he was supporting its weight by mobilizing all the powers of a necromancer.

-What about the lake?

The queen cautiously inquired.

With the giant clan’s matters settled, she was now expecting Nangong to fulfill her objective.

‘The great Fairy Queen bowing down to a human. This indeed is an extraordinary sight.’

As if forgetting his own predicament, Gyuryu watched the queen with a sly smile.

“Wait on the lake. We can deal with that after handling the fourth gate. It won’t be too late.”


“Gyuryu, instead of Dongah, place the giants as guardians of the lake. The queen also won’t rashly try to wrest the lake from us while dealing with the giants.”

[Understood. I’ll pick out the useful ones and take care of it.]


Pleased, Nangong clutched the seed and left the storeroom.


That’s when it happened.

Nangong, who was about to exit the storage, collided with an invisible wall and fell backwards.


As Nangong lay sprawled on the ground, a silent shock settled over the faces of the shocked Yaksha and the fairy.

“What’s this?”

[Uh, wait… what the? Wait a minute!]

Gyuryu quickly rummaged through something, touching his throbbing nose and looking at Nangong with panic.

[Ah, here it is!! New king’s rules. A delegate of one clan that becomes the leader of another must see their authority reduced for at least 50 years……]

He held up the thick rulebook he had summoned and hastily responded with trembling voice.

[During the restraint period, the artifacts that can be taken out of the conquered clan’s treasury are limited to Epic rank……]

“……You’re quick with your words.”

Nangong hit Gyuryu in the forehead.

[Ha, haha. Sorry.]

“Hmmm… what to do. I need this to catch him… is there no way to take it out?”

Nangong fidgeted with the Seed of Antiquity he was holding.

-There’s not exactly no way.

At that moment, the queen, who had been listening to their conversation, intervened.

-The limitation on using the artifacts and powers of a conquered clan was established so that the Eight-Point War wouldn’t tilt too quickly to one side.

“It’s an annoying rule but I understand it.”

The Seed of Antiquity in Nangong’s hand, like the World Tree Staff of the fairy clan, meant that each delegate clan had one Legendary-grade treasure. Moreover, the rest of the treasures were so powerful that, depending on their use, they could overturn the tide of war.

Rules laid out by superior beings to prevent the Eight-Point War from ending easily. Surely, it was because of the rewards expected by the winner of the war.

‘The winner of the Eight-Point War can ascend as a superior being. In other words, they don’t want to share their meal.’

For those superior beings, it would be better if the Eight-Point War continued without a winner for a long time.

Truly a behavior more human than humans themselves.

“So, the method?”

-If more than one clan is conquered, proving the strength of the clan will nullify the restraint period as a reward.


The queen spoke as if she had been waiting.

-If you need the seed to defeat the boss of the fourth gate, you must conquer another delegate clan. How about it? Would you rather conquer the Naga Clan…?

“There seems no need to do so.”


“Don’t be sneaky. You know too. That’s not the only way.”

Nangong pinched the queen’s small chin with his fingers, bringing her face close to his.

-Wha, what do you mean…

The queen’s voice trembled.

Nine out of ten, or rather ten out of ten, she surely knew what Nangong was going to say.

“I’ll make sure to secure the lake.”

Nangong looked at her.

“In exchange, hand over the fairy clan.”

* * *

“Your coffee is ready.”

Nangong, back from the land of the giants, was now at a cafe in Seoul Station.

Somin had not yet returned from the fairy world, and the rest of the personnel were in the Red Zone, so Nangong, who was waiting alone, was checking his phone.

– The Establishment of the Global Alliance Nest!!

– The alliance headquarters is set in London, England…

– Under the leadership of Alex Traumann, with the support of Saint Eira Michelle, a massive gathering of ability users is taking place!!

– British authorities announced their top priority is the safety of citizens in cooperation with the world’s nations…!!

“…Oh? What do we have here?”

As various media outlets blared the breaking news loudly, Nangong chuckled ruefully.

“Nest established in England? Alex, you idiot, I warned you…”

But there was no sign of annoyance or disbelief in the laughter as he read the article.

“While I was gone, they’ve finally done it.”

Rather, Nangong seemed to be reacting as if he had expected it.

Doo… Doo… Doon-

The signal went dead.

“Damn it.”

After several attempts to call, only to be continuously cut off, Nangong clicked his tongue in frustration.

‘Alex Traumann. I don’t care if you die, I just hate the horrific events that your shallow desire for honor will cause.’

– It is now 9:30. The KTX train to Seoul has arrived…

Announcements echoed. Nangong, who seemed unaffected by the heat, gulped down the coffee in his cup.


Stepping out of the cafe, Nangong shouted at one of the passengers alighting from the train onto the platform.


“That’s right. You must’ve had a tough journey.”

The man who bowed to Nangong was none other than Kim Changhwan, the sniper who had helped him in Pohang.

“How about the others?”

“They’re in the Red Zone. It’s the Night of Summoning. They’ll return after acquiring summoning beasts. Why didn’t you go to the Red Zone?”

“I prefer to move alone.”

“You might need it, though.”

“It’s better for me to hide perfectly without needing protection from a summoning beast.”

“That’s like you. The Night of Summoning continues, so if you think it’s necessary, it’s fine to go later.”

Nangong nodded in agreement to Changhwan’s words.

“What’s the rush? I was planning to come up after sorting out the troops, but you called me.”

“Do you know Jinsuhyuk?”

Changhwan’s expression became rigid at once.

“Jinsuhyuk? Are you referring to that mad dog from the intelligence service?”

In Nangong’s memory, he was only known as an armed Taoist, but to Changhwan, the situation was different.

“Surely you remember. How much did that bastard mess things up after the 711th was disbanded?”

“I know. Hyoju Park told me about it. He blamed you for the disbandment, right?”

“…Damn it. Why am I to blame for the disbandment of 711? Isn’t it because of that day’s events? Am I not right?”

“I’m sorry it turned out that way for you.”

Seemingly unwilling to recall that day, Nangong replied with a hint of bitterness.

“All because you disappeared, brother. Since you didn’t give orders, I couldn’t even kill that bastard.”

“…You’re focusing on the wrong point.”

“You waited though. You kept in touch with only Myunghoon, didn’t you? Well, I know you went into hiding because of my sister-in-law…”

Changhwan scratched his nose awkwardly.

“But you should’ve at least looked after the remaining brothers. They waited for you.”

Nangong smiled wryly at his words.

“But why bring up that guy all of a sudden?”

“I have a favor to ask.”

“That guy’s so stubborn, I doubt he’d do anyone a favor…”

“It’s a matter of life and death.”

Nangong spread out his fingers.

“Seventy million.”


“Population of the UK.”

Changhwan looked at him as if to ask what he meant.

“They’re all going to die.”


When the fourth hell gate opened, there was no Nest, but the savior of humanity, Alex Traumann, became the boss’s target together with his followers.

The outcome was tragic.


Not only that.

The UK, the battlefield, was completely wiped from the map, and only Alex Traumann narrowly survived.

Humanity did not want to remember that day.

‘London’s Nightmare.’


Nangong clenched his fist.

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