The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 93

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 93: “Impossible… How Dare A Mere Rare-Grade Weapon Wound Me?”

Titan scowled in disbelief, staring at Nangong’s sword that pierced and wriggled into his wound as if refusing to comprehend the situation.

“Could it be…?”

*Scratching sounds* Despite the initial incredulity, Titan’s expression turned grim as he noticed the area around the wound blacken, a realization hitting him.

“Fairy poison?”

*Thrust* Nangong pushed the sword deeper with all his strength, eliciting a sound akin to scraping bone.


A pained scream burst from Titan as he shook his arm violently, trying to dislodge Nangong.

*Thud* – As Nangong stepped back, blood mixed with Titan’s red flesh dripped onto the ground for the first time.

“Damned… To think the fairies would dare to support a human who attacked the giant race…”

“You’ve been chewing on human flesh in your territories, staying out of the loop. Didn’t you know that my daughter is a contracted agent of the fairies?”

“I will kill you and tear the wings off those fairy pests!”

Titan’s eyes turned a deeper red.

‘It has begun.’ His skin started to turn gray as if turning to stone, not just in color but also in its hardened structure.

‘Mineralization.’ This ability, in the absence of magic or spiritual power, allowed the giants to climb to the top of all proxies.

The giant, now resembling a massive rock golem, had a voice that echoed as if it were double-layered.

“Be careful!!!”

Gyuryu shouted, witnessing the transformation.

‘For 30 seconds, he will be invulnerable, and his attack power doubles. In that time, we must avoid his attacks at all costs.’

An invincible moment, yet also the one Nangong had been eagerly anticipating.

‘One, two, three…’

He began counting to himself.

However, sensing his intentions, Titan roared and lunged.

*Rapid footsteps* – Instead of retreating, Nangong charged forward.

“What…?!!” Gyuryu exclaimed in shock as Nangong vanished with an afterimage.

The giant’s swinging punch missed its target, slicing through empty air.


Nangong reappeared, gasping for breath and staggering.

’10 seconds.’

Thanks to the 【Serpent’s Fragmented Scale】, Nangong had dodged the attack, but the sheer wind pressure from it was enough to severely impact him.

Titan, his eyes red with rage, grasped Nangong’s throat, intent on bursting his limbs.

*Crack* He squeezed with all his might.

Yet, miraculously, the human who should’ve crushed easily in his grip remained unblemished.


*spit* – A small vial dropped from Nangong’s lips, and as it rolled on the ground, its remaining contents revealed to Titan.

“Haosui…?” The alchemical potion from Jinwei that grants invulnerability for a mere five seconds upon consumption.

“30 seconds.”

Nangong stated softly as Titan’s entire body, engulfed by rocky structures, began to crumble.

“Urgh?!” The confusion in Titan’s returning normal voice was palpable.

“The rock skin of giants becomes extremely vulnerable the moment it makes contact with air after mineralization ends…” Nangong taunted.

“You bastard…!!!”

As Titan angrily tried to pull out the sword, Nangong simply remarked,

“So? You’ll try to slice my neck with such a mosquito’s needle?”

The sword snapped in Titan’s enraged grip.

“…I intended to use that for a while.”

However, Nangong remained undisturbed even as his only weapon was destroyed.

“My recollection tells me there weren’t many decent weapons among the giants.”

Nangong then looked at Titan.

“I guess I’ll take the price from the Asura clan. You get that, right?”

Suddenly from behind Titan,


Sharp claws shot through Titan’s collarbone.

*Giggling* “Of course. How could there be any other way?”

As Titan turned his head in a daze,

“Hey, big guy. Didn’t I warn you? I said let’s war. And here you are, distracted by a human. Did my words fly over your head?”

Cruelly, Gyuryu pulled back his arm, gripping the giant’s flesh.

“This… cursed bat-like creature…”

As Titan tried to shake off Gyuryu, a fountain of blood spurted from his neck.


However, before Titan’s grasp reached Gyuryu, his knees hit the ground first, and his hand went limp.

*Hysterical laughter* Gyuryu danced atop the head of the giant, his laughter echoing eerily.

“Behold! The head of the giant has fallen to Gyuryu of the Asura tribe!”

“No… oh, my king…!”


The giants cried out at Gyuryu’s announcement.

“The first proxy of the Octagon War to fall is Titan. The giant tribe must offer up their leader’s heart according to the war’s rules!”


“How cowardly…”

“We’ll avenge Titan and restore his honor!”

The giants roared in defiance; however, everything changed when the fairy queen announced herself, confirming the events as a witness.

“The giant tribe, having lost their king, will forfeit all rights in the Octagon War, condemned to only fulfill the duties required of a proxy at the Carnival. And they must obey the commands of the victorious Asura tribe.”

The giants were astounded and furious.


With a single command, all the giants reluctantly bowed in submission.

“Even now?”

Gyuryu’s victory had been recognized by the very rules they all followed.

“Now what?” Nangong asked the queen.

“It’s time to commence things—both the Octagon War and the Carnival.”

And with that, Nangong thrust his broken blade into Titan’s chest, reaching towards the still-beating heart. He took it in his hand, instructing it to be brought to Muhwi.

“Are you not going to eat it?”

It was tradition for the victor to consume the giant’s heart, but Nangong had different plans. He ordered Gyuryu to inform Muhwi that he would be asking for a price but not his heart.

Nangong then suggested they head to the storerooms of Rakanheim, where he suspected there would be tools to face the creatures of the Fourth Hell Gate.

Gyuryu, a little taken aback at the new development, laughed at the suggestion of kissing Nangong’s feet but was quickly dismissed. Nangong instead focused on what was to come, remarking, “Unlock the Tomb of Swords for me.”

Evidently, their adventure was only beginning.

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