The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 92

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 92


With a blunt roar like a massive hammer striking down, the surrounding mountains of rocks crumbled and collapsed.

“Who dares to cause such insolence in the land of the giants?”

When Nangong raised his head, a vast shadow engulfed him, akin to facing an endless mountain.

“You… Yes, I recognize that face. The harbinger of the Seven Snakes and the contractor of the Yaksha tribe.”

The giant’s single eye perched atop his huge frame was cold, icy gray.

Behind him, an entourage of hundreds of giants stood in line.

Just the sight of them made breathing difficult due to their overwhelming presence.

“It is unlikely that a human would come here alone, and it doesn’t seem like a being of high standing would concern themselves with such a disturbance. Therefore, the one who opened the door is obvious. Gyu-ryu, if you do not wish to be crushed, show yourself.”

“Ha, haha… Long time no see, Titan.”

Gyu-ryu appeared behind Nangong, scratching his head awkwardly.

“Even though the Yaksha and our giants are of different make, why would you do something like this?”

Titan gazed down at the fallen giants at Nangong’s feet.

‘Even if he holds the power of both a harbinger and a contractor, he is but a human… and yet he has defeated three gatekeepers of Lakhanheim.’

He looked at Nangong with interest.

“Not bad. I didn’t think you were just an ordinary guy, but I didn’t expect this much.”

“I think so too. Your people enlightened me. Being a regent and being one of the Yaksha… they are all the same, responsible for destroying our daily lives.”

“We were not… involved….”

Ignoring Gyu-ryu’s voice, which was as faint as a mosquito, Titan and Nangong looked at each other.

“Your giants’ contractor. Where is he?”


Just then, Titan’s brows twitched.

“Diego from Venezuela. He’s the contractor your people chose, right? The actions of other contractors have been confirmed, but he was nowhere to be found.”

“…He is in training to receive the power of the giants. It doesn’t seem necessary to inform you of that.”

“Well. Would he really have been training when the Third Gate opened and his own country was threatened?”

“Don’t view the world through the lens of humanity. The nations you divide are nothing more than a game of sides. To save more humans, some sacrifices are necessary.”

“Aha? So is this spectacle the proof of those ‘small sacrifices’?”

Nangong pointed to the human corpses scattered over the rocky mountains.

“Gyu-ryu told me. Did you claim a contractor as soon as the proxy auction began?”

“What about you and the Yaksha?”

“True. But we’re different.”

Crossing his arms, he addressed Titan.

“Before I came here, I did some research and found out something interesting. When the Third Gate opened and the invasion of demons occurred, the continent that suffered the least damage was not Asia, but South America, which your tribe oversees.”

“And why is that? Unlike other tribes, who are only for show, our tribe fought for humanity with all their might.”


But Nangong sneered at Titan’s response.

“Yes. Your tribe was the only regent tribe that actively engaged in battle.”

“…So what?”

“Neither regents nor their tribes can directly interfere with humans. That’s why there are harbingers and contractors.”

“Yet the giants fought directly. Very enthusiastically at that.”

Gyu-ryu joined in Nangong’s point.

“Nobody suspected them up till now.”

“Hmph, what’s so suspicious? Are you questioning why a regent tribe directly intervened instead of the contractor? We stood for humanity…”


Suddenly, Nangong cut him off.

“The question is, how were you able to fight directly?”



Nangong threw a human bone fragment found on the ground before Titan.

“Because it was not as a tribe, but as participants, that you were able to hunt demons.”

A chill ran through his voice.

“Because you consumed humans. It was the souls of humans swallowed by your bellies that applied to the Carnival.”


Immediately after, four spectral soldiers appeared behind Nangong.

“And surely, you would’ve repeated the same act several times until others caught on. To pack the surviving humans into your bellies.”


“You didn’t step in to protect humans; you did it to keep your prey away from the demons.”

With a cry, Titan lifted a huge fist over his head.


A thick hammer materialized above his hand.

“So what?”


In an unimaginably rapid motion, Titan lunged towards Nangong.

“You’ve noticed, but what are you going to do about it? Planning to start a war or something?”

The spectral soldiers, along with Asu, intercepted Titan.

Thud—!! Kakagang!!


The soldiers’ weapons flew in from all directions, but they failed to even scratch the thick skin of Titan, said to be the strongest among the regent tribes.

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