The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 91

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 91: Nangong’s Proposal. What Do You Think?

On the plane returning from Korea, Eira Michels asked Alex.

“Becoming the bait for the monsters summoned from the fourth gate in exchange for setting up the headquarters of the coalition in Korea…”

She nodded her head.

“Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a bad proposal. Many countries suffered from the third Demonic Invasion. It would be terrible to sustain more damage at a time when recovery is necessary.”

Eira looked out at the clouds flowing by the window and spoke in a subdued voice.

“But, if we follow Nangong’s words and the fourth boss targets only one objective, the battlefield will be limited to Korea. We could buy ourselves some time to recover during that period.”

“What if Nangong really manages to capture the monster?”


“The worst-case scenario isn’t about whether we establish the coalition’s headquarters in Korea. It’s the attention that Nangong gets from the people. That’s the real problem.”


Alex clenched his fist.

“Nobody knows if the fourth monster is really that powerful.”

“But he is a regressor…”

“What if we’re just being played by his lies? If we surrender to him because of his deceit, a monster that we could have captured, the gap will become insurmountable.”

He stated.

“You know as well. The rewards we get after capturing the boss. We’d be handing them over to Nangong on a silver platter.”

“Then… what do you plan to do?”

“The World Coalition will proceed as planned. We’ve already reached agreements with the UN and heads of states.”

“…Is that really okay?”

Eira looked at Alex worriedly.

“What if it’s not?”

“… Pardon?”

Shivers ran down her spine as she caught the look in Alex’s eyes.

“Are you considering backing out now?”

‘What… what is this look?’

She couldn’t say anything under the murderous gaze that seemed inhuman.

“From the moment we decided to stay in the Red Zone, we were in the same boat. If it is revealed in this shitty situation where the world is hailing Nangong as a hero, would your image as a saint really remain safe?”

“That… that’s…”

“It was you who proposed it, but from now on, I’ll be the one suggesting things to you. Got it?”


With the sound of swallowing dry saliva, she instinctively nodded her head.

“So keep your mouth shut and do as you’re told.”

* * *

“Shall we begin the Octagon War?!!!”

“My ears are going to fall off. Kyuryu.”

“No? This is not something to be quiet about. After a long absence, suddenly calling for war… how long has it been since the third gate closed and you are fighting again?”

“That’s how it’s happened.”

Nangong shook his head toward Kyuryu, who was ranting in a cluttered store underground in Euljiro.

“Are you an addict for fighting? I mean, we set up a night for summons to rest, so why do you want to start a war? Do you think the Aspects made this time just because they are kind?”

Kyuryu yelled at Nangong.

“Terrible things will happen when the fourth gate opens! Don’t you know, being a regressor? Who will come!”

“I know.”


Nangong drank from his can.

“But you also know. Before my regression, what kind of quest there was.”

[I know, indeed. The chance of regression obtained by hunting 666,666 demons.]

“That’s right. 666,666. That’s the number of demons I’ve killed.”

[But it’s different! Those common demons can’t be compared to the ones from the fourth gate!! Ugh? Ugh!!]

But before Kyuryu could finish speaking, a can sealed his mouth.

“Unless a human is lying, if a Proxy race reveals future events, it would violate the rules?”

[Ugh!! Ugh!!]

Kyuryu nodded with the can still in his mouth.

[Are you sure about this?]

“If I face him now, I’m 100% sure I’ll lose.”

[Then why do you want to start an Octagon War? You should be finding a way to face the next demon!]

“That’s why I’m doing it.”


“There is no confidence in facing it now, but that doesn’t mean I have no confidence in hunting the fourth demon. I need the power of the Titan.”


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