The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 90

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 90: The Summoner’s Night Begins

“Ha… Haha!! Did you all hear? No one here can stop the monster coming from the 4th door. The ones chosen by the prophet are the strongest!” Alex roared at Nangong.

“It’s true that you’ve blocked many monsters so far, but to say you can hunt the next one alone is nothing but pure arrogance, don’t you think?”

“Think what you want.”


Despite his provocations, Nangong remained calm.

“If you’re so confident, why don’t you deal with the 4th monster yourself? I won’t stop you. Make sure you eat up. Next time we meet, you might be dead.”

“Get rid of this!!”

Alex furiously swatted away the meat Nangong had offered him.

“What a waste of good meat.”

Nangong commented nonchalantly as he watched the meat hit the floor.

“Why throw it? It’s not even dirty. Just pick it up and eat it.”

To everyone’s surprise, Mikael quickly scooped up and ate the discarded meat, breaking the tense atmosphere between the Palmo Sect.

“Where did you bring such a beggar from?”

Alex muttered disdainfully to Mikael, who was squatting on the floor, then Mikael poked his neck gleefully with his chopsticks.

“I’ve lived a bit hungry, that’s all. Do you all have your bellies full, leaving meat in front of you? Maybe I should skewer that thick neck of yours?”

“What? You little—!!”


Enraged, Alex stood up and kicked a drum barrel with a hot plate hanging over it towards Mikael.

Bang, crash, bang…!

As the barrel hit the ground and wall, the wall of the nearly-empty store crumbled.

“You really want to fight, huh?”


Alex almost drew his Star Sea Sword, but just before he could:

Ssshh-click… Ssshh-click…

“Let’s stop this, both of you.”


The scabbard of the Star Sea Sword and Mikael’s legs were suddenly encased in ice.

‘5th tier ice magic? They’re growing faster than I thought… It might turn out that Alex isn’t the strongest among them but Den Howl.’

Although everyone was startled by this sudden occurrence, Nangong observed the scene unfazed.

“Let’s not cause a scene. We didn’t come here to argue like children.”

“Den Howl… Release the magic immediately. You saw it. This brat provoked first.”

“Well, if we’re placing blame, I believe I should hold you responsible as well. Didn’t we all agree to return when we heard of the monster invasion?”

Alex’s shoulder twitched.

“But you did not return. Instead, you went off to hunt the Serpent.”

“That, that was…”

Den’s words darkened Alex’s expression.

“That was already explained in the press conference. It was all planned. I had to hunt the boss of the red zone too, not just stop the invasion.”

At Nangong’s signal, Alex nodded hurriedly.

“Yes! If I hadn’t finished the monsters in the red zone, we would still be struggling with the 3rd door!”

“Was it really planned? You don’t seem to be on the same page right now.”

“Ultimately, we Seers are forced to compete and kill each other. But when our interests align, we can join hands at any time. This meeting is also for that purpose.”

Den Howl looked hard at Nangong.

“Mr. Nangong, it’s difficult to gauge your motives. I don’t understand why you would reveal yourself as a regressor.”


“If you had kept it a secret to the end, you could have caused suspicion among us.”

But Nangong just grinned and shook his head at Den’s words.

“Do you really think we’d doubt who the regressor is? God leaves me alone because he doesn’t know, and you don’t try to kill me because you don’t know?”


“It’s just that there’s no definitive proof yet. Everyone could see it was me, and I no longer have any intention of hiding it.”


“Only by revealing the truth can we have sincere conversations.”

“Hmph, you’re out of your mind with a death wish.” Alex Traman sneered at his statement.

“Like the prophets commanded you to kill the regressor, someday, we will inevitably fight each other.”

Nangong glanced at him then turned back to Den.

“I don’t know what rewards the prophets offered you… but a Seer’s fight only happens if we’re alive.”

Nangong declared.

“What good is it if the world falls apart?”

“I don’t understand why someone like you would gather us against the monster from the 4th door.”

It was a clear departure from the unshakable general he had seemed to be.

Everyone’s gaze shifted to Nangong at Den’s question.

“The Demons.”

Contrary to the tense atmosphere, he spoke calmly.

“Are you sure?”

If they knew his past life, they would never dare to ask him that question.

The Demon Hunter who had defeated 666,666 Great Demons before regressing in time.

“Of course.”

That was Nangong.

* * *

▶ The Night of Summoning has begun.

▶ Participants are advised to acquire a summon that suits them from the red zone.

▶ The summon is a companion for the rough carnival ahead.

▶ Choose wisely.

▶ Warning: If the contract fails, the summon might attack you.

“Oh… It starts now?”

It would have been a monumental issue if the meeting of the Seers held in the shabby shop of the triangle region had been known.


Before the world could monitor the Seers’ movements, the Night of Summoning had already begun, stirring the world in another sense.

“The red zone will be busy for a while.”

Nangong nodded as if waiting for the notification ringing in his mind.

“Mynghoon, take the kids and go to the red zone. I’ve already asked Roxanne for help, so follow her advice.”


Roxanne had agreed to assist with the summon contracts in exchange for the knowledge Nangong shared about how to evolve monsters during Yonga’s contract process.

“Isn’t Somi going?”

“Yes. The night before the Night of Summoning began, the fairy kingdom contacted her.”

“……Fairy kingdom?”

As Mynghoon turned his gaze, Somi standing behind him flashed a two-finger ‘V’ sign.

“Yes. Fairyfolk contract their own kind instead of summoning beasts.”

“Oh…? Fairies? That’s impressive. It fits you as the contractor of the fairyfolk. I’m looking forward to this.”

“Right? Hehe.”

Mynghoon nodded at Somi’s words.

“A summon isn’t something you contract simply because you like. The process of building a bond is important. Open your heart and reach out. Then you’ll surely find a partner who suits you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Following Nangong’s advice, Mynghoon responded and quickly set off.

“Take care.”


As Mynghoon and the others all left for the red zone through a portal, the once-busy fortress quieted down.

“It’s been a while since it’s just been the two of us, right Dad?”

“Indeed. It’s been quite lively lately.”

Nangong gently patted his daughter’s head.

“You’ve worked hard.”

Though brief, Somi realized that her father’s sentiment was packed into those words.

“No, I’m just glad you’re safe.”

She snuggled into Nangong’s chest and hugged him tightly.

“No, Daddy’s sorry for putting such a heavy burden on you.”

“Don’t say that. Mom would be sad. She told me to tell you that you shouldn’t regret what happened that day and to rely on us a little.”


“Dad, I know what you’re worrying about. It’s about the 4th door opening, right?”

“That, that’s…”

“Mom said, when she became ethereal through your necromancy, she saw your memories.”


Nangong was genuinely shocked by her words.


He asked with a trembling voice.

“Can you hear your mother’s voice?”

* * *


As a pleasant herbal fragrance filled the air, Nangong witnessed not the bleak cityscape but a vibrant forest with a clear sky.

-I’ve been waiting for you, contractor of the World Tree.

Accompanied by the Fairy Queen, the fairies greeted Somi, bowing before her.

-The Night of Summoning has begun. We have prepared an unborn fairy to contract with you.


Following Somi’s gesture, the noble elves, led by Nelya, walked in carrying a large palanquin with three giant flower buds, yet to open within.

“What kind of fairies are they?”

-I do not know. Fairies continuously change their form countless times within the bud until they hatch.

“Um… So it’s down to luck?”

-If you are the World Tree’s contractor, your intuition will guide you. Trust your feeling.

Somi looked at the buds in front of her and nodded, slightly tense.

-You have plenty of time. Take it slowly and commune.

“Yes, I understand.”

-Nelya, take the buds to the eastern garden.

-Right this way.

Upon the Queen’s command, Nelya respectfully bowed and led Somi away.

-Mr. Nangong, what brings you here? It’s not to make a fairy contract… I’ve been told you made a contract with a new type of serpent…

“Yes, I’ve come for something unrelated to the Night of Summoning.”

-I can hardly guess now. The advice I gave you about the red zone became meaningless when you stopped the third door.

The Queen spoke to Nangong with a faint smile, her expression somewhat perplexed.

“It helped. Eight Seers, but only three strongholds. In essence, you were warning about the struggle for control.”

-You knew already, though.

“It turned my suspicions into certainties.”

-Thank you.

The Queen bowed her head at his response.


She sensed Nangong was about to state the real reason for his visit.

“Inter-factional strife among humans may have paused, but there seems to be another fight yet to start.”

-A fight yet to begin?

“How about we start one now? Yaksa needs the Giant’s heart, and the fairies need to reclaim the lake stolen by the Naga.”


The Queen’s expression hardened at his words.

-The Octo-War, a battle for the throne among the representative races.

-Are you already planning to start the war, even though the contractors have just been chosen? Aren’t you tired of it?

With a resigned shake of her head, the Queen addressed Nangong.

“The Yaksa’s Muhwi is sick. The heart of the Titan, leader of the Giants, is needed to heal him.”

-Muhwi is ill? Even the creature that seems like it could easily live another thousand years has finally succumbed to sickness. I understand now why you came to me.

“Right. I need the fairies’ power to hunt the Giants. In return, if you help me, both the Giant and Yaksa will support the fairies in their war against the Nagas.”

-You are already promising victory?

“If the fairies help.”

-How can we help you?

“I need fairy poison.”

-I must refuse, I’m sorry.

Though it sounded like a fair offer, the Queen swiftly declined.


-Fairy poison is one of the highest-level fairy secret techniques. The likelihood of success even with the power of the World Tree is low. To enhance our odds, we’d need to gather all of the fairies’ magical essence…

The Queen sighed.

-…which would include the magical essence of the fairy army safeguarding the lake. If we were to act, the Nagas wouldn’t just stand idly by.

“Don’t worry about that.”



Nangong raised his palm, and a small sphere emerged from his embrace.


The sphere burst like a water balloon, releasing a small water dragon.


And as the water dragon raised its head and stuck out its tongue, it suddenly grew into a colossal serpent, tens of meters long.


[Rumble, rumble, rumble…!!!]

“The Nagas won’t even get close to fairy territory now.”

Nangong patted Yonga’s waist and spoke with confidence.

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