The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 89

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 89: The World is Struck by a Demonic Invasion!! Two Heroes Save the World from the Brink of Destruction!

-The combined efforts of Alec Traman from England and Namgung from South Korea thwart the third invasion!

-Who is Namgung?

-A contractor of the Yacha clan, one of the eight representative clans!

-Suspicions about being a contractor?!

With massive articles, the internet was flooded with questions about Namgung.

“Wow… Brother, did you see this? The main page of the search site is completely plastered with articles about you!”

Myunghoon, holding his phone, showed Namgung the screen, speaking with amazement.

“So many cities destroyed, so many lives lost… and here they are, writing these unnecessary articles. We should have left the internet in a state of ruin as well.”

Namgung shook his head while responding to the phone article Myunghoon showed him.

“Come on, what are you saying? Thanks to you, we can now use the internet even inside the fortress.”

Tap- Taptap- Tap-

As if responding to Myunghoon’s words, the sound of typing on a keyboard followed.

“Somin, play games in moderation and study.”


“…Just don’t answer with words alone.”

Their daughter’s response from across the room was brief.

Namgung let out a sigh, but on one hand, he couldn’t help feeling glad that their daily life wasn’t completely shattered.

“I guess Somin is happy to have her room. It’s all thanks to Uncle Deoksoo.”

Myunghoon smiled broadly.

“It was nothing.”

“It’s not nothing at all. It’s really amazing. With Uncle’s workshop skills, we have been able to grow the fortress like this.”

True to Myunghoon’s words, what was once a dingy room used like a basement had transformed into a majestic fortress with Deoksoo’s power within days.

It wasn’t about manually constructing the fortress piece by piece.

Deoksoo could create design blueprints like some kind of skill and then materialize them.

“It’s a shame the number of times I can produce and apply blueprints is limited, but for now, this is as far as we can go.”

“It’s already amazing as it is.”

“That’s the truth. The fortress, which seemed like a small storage room, has quickly expanded into five rooms.”

And it wasn’t just that.

The muddy walls and floor, which seemed to have been roughly dug out, had transformed into clean wooden panels and walls, and there seemed to be ventilation systems in place, making it surprisingly pleasant despite being underground.

“It’s nothing. If my workshop ability improves, I’ll be able to repair the fortress even further… I’ll try fixing it up more when it comes to that.”

“Thank you.”

Namgung nodded, though internally feeling proud of the transformation he had wrought over three days.

“A hero who saved the country surely deserves at least this much.”

Namgung smiled faintly at Deoksoo’s words.

“It’s really amazing actually. To think that you can make an underground dwelling with an item… If something like this is possible…”

“Considering making bunkers, I see.”

“Yeah. You probably chose this place as a base because you thought the same as me, rather than a house above ground.”


“Of course, it’d be great if we can hold off the demonic forces like now… but seeing the cities turned to ruins by the recent demonic invasion, it’s clear that danger could strike at any moment.”

“Yes. It seems less likely to find an item that allows us to make bases than it is to fortify the remaining cities.”

“Umm… Like that large-scale war?”


“I saw Daejeon from the air while on my way to Busan. It was so well-fortified that it really lived up to the name of a fortress. It’s beyond my ability to do something like that with my workshop skills.”

“If we could recruit that person you mentioned before, Jinsuhyeok, then we could defend other cities too.”

Myunghoon nodded, listening to their conversation.

“But it wouldn’t be easy. Fortifying cities brings many constraints. Instead, it might be faster to find others with such abilities through Jinsuhyeok and teach them.”

That was also why Namgung did not oppose the creation of the ability-user base called Nest.

‘The Nest itself is not a bad idea. It’s just that the leaders were trying to use it as a tool for the wrong purposes.’

If they could actively use the Nest themselves, then it could present an opportunity to significantly bolster their forces.

Not just for the sake of survival against the demonic attacks, but as a preparatory step for a true frontal battle against the demons.

“Damn it! Lost again!! I won’t play! I won’t!! Uncle, you let your daughter do nothing but play games and skip studies?”

“Funny, coming from someone who can’t win. By the way, I’m popular in my whole school, you know?”

While Namgung engaged in conversation, the voices of a boisterous argument reached him from the side.

“Calm down. Bro, you’re doing pretty well for a beginner.”

Michael, followed by the flustered Kyung-in, awkwardly smiled to console him.

“Bro, watch Flame’s videos. You’ll see it’s all in there.”


“Yeah. A really famous player, you don’t know him?”

“…Nope. This is my first time playing that game. But it’s really fun. Do you guys do this every day?”

“No, not every day… After school, we have after-school activities, and we also have to go to the academy. There’s hardly any time for games.”

“School? Academy? I haven’t tried any of those things.”

Michael clicked his tongue as he listened to Somin’s words, scratching his head.

“Did you never go to school, bro?”


At his response, Somin looked even more baffled.

“A twenty-year-old guy coming to whine about losing to a kid in a game… When are you going home?”

“I don’t have a home. It was destroyed when the first gate opened. Everyone I lived with is dead too.”


Myunghoon coughed awkwardly upon Michael’s reply.

“Common in the slums. Drugs, human trafficking… There wasn’t really a family to speak of. Just a bunch of us stuck together because we couldn’t die.”

“If you’re a contractor, you must have known about the carnival and… could have escaped.”

“I asked. To the five I was with. But every single one of them said they’d rather die than escape, so I did what they wanted.”

“Bro, we’ll be going first.”

Myunghoon lightly pushed Somin and Kyung-in’s shoulders to leave the room.

“Of course, it wasn’t just those five. The ones who treated us like animals deserve no mercy so I took care of them together.”

“And then?”

“Wiped out the cartel that claimed that territory.”

Though he tried to conceal it, a bitter anger could be felt in his voice.

“So I have nowhere to go back to. Actually.”

The mood in the room became subdued at Michael’s words.

“Since there’s a room left, use it. But you’d better clean it properly.”

Namgung spoke to him in a calm voice.

“Don’t worry. I’m pretty good at cleaning. I buried all the cartel bastards without leaving a trace.”

A slightly spiteful reply.

Perhaps it was because Namgung’s reaction to Michael’s horrible life experiences was too composed.

“Well then, that’s good.”

But what Michael didn’t know was that the horrors Namgung survived might have been even more terrible than his own life.

“Let’s go. There are rooms to clean.”

Namgung lightly brushed the back of Michael’s head.

* * *

“Where are you going? We have to watch that guy Flame’s videos.”

“Don’t bother. Better find him and ask him to teach you directly.”

“Woah… would that be alright?”

Drawn by Namgung’s hand, Michael boarded the car and his eyes sparkled as if he had made a tremendous discovery.

“You’re consistent, aren’t you?”


“Nothing. Forget it.”

Michael tilted his head at Namgung’s enigmatic response.

‘The dirtiest yet most pure life is his.’

Perhaps that’s why the master of the Six Rooms chose him.

‘The master of the Six Rooms said it’s their role to provide direction at the crossroads of all lives.’

The power to connect the numerous forks of life’s paths.

To not be swept away by the waves of these choices, one must have a firm sense of direction.

‘His life is straightforward.’

To simply survive.

His life, which was all about struggling to stay alive, wasn’t so different from the past or present in his perspective.

“Bro, we’re here.”

Kang Ho-Jun, who was driving, called out to him. Park Hyo-Ju was also in the car.

“You two wait here and let me know if anything happens.”



Namgung exited the car.

They had arrived in front of a shabby meat restaurant in Samgakji.


Inside the half-demolished restaurant, the sound of grilling meat echoed over the homemade drum can firepit.

“Hmm! Delicious.”

“Haha, young lady. You know what’s good. No wonder. These are cuts I’ve selected myself.”

Erika grinned with satisfaction, raising her thumb, while Jang Gil-Su catered to her remarks.

Seeing the Princess of Biyul sitting at a simple restaurant eating meat was an incongruous sight.

And next to her sat Roxanne, as well as Alec and Ayla, who both crossed their arms, not touching anything.

Who would have imagined seeing this group together in a barbeque joint?

“Thank you for your hard work.”

As Namgung arrived, Jang Gil-Su set aside his tongs and acknowledged him with a nod.

“Then I shall take my leave. Young lady, there is plenty of meat, so eat to your heart’s content. And you others, don’t just stare. Fight on a full stomach.”

After Jang Gil-Su left, Namgung took a seat.

Michael, with a puzzled expression, followed suit.

“It seems Korea has a remarkable person of skill. I would love to invite him to Biyul.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Only Erika, who had friendly relations with Namgung, smiled at him.

“Finally, all eight contractors have gathered.”

Ignoring her greeting, Namgung scanned everyone from his seat to the two standing in the back.

Den Haul, cloaked, and Jin Wei, dressed in a suit and sitting cross-legged.

“Now we can seriously discuss the future of humanity.”

“The future of humanity? You’re going to discuss that in this smelly barbeque place? You’re insane.”

“Indeed, I find this situation a bit inconvenient. Forcing such a gathering without proper protocol is troublesome.”

Alec and Ayla expressed their wariness towards Namgung.

“Hmm, I don’t see a problem with it? The meat is good too.”

“Wow…! This is really delicious?”

“Don’t you think?”

In response to them, Michael wolfed down the meat, seemingly mocking the pair with his delight in the food.

“Ah, seeing the grand star’s expression, even I’m starting to get hungry.”

Jin Wei, who had been quietly observing, chuckled at Alec’s contorted face and sat down, reaching for the chopsticks.

“Do you want to try? Even I admit Jang Gil-Su’s skills.”

Despite looking neat, Jin Wei crammed meat into his mouth and retrieved a small bottle from his pocket, placing it on the table.

“Haowushui (Lower Five Waters). It was what you requested before.”

“It’s completed then.”

“Thanks to you.”

Namgung received the potion.

‘What? Is this guy connected with Biyul as well as the Triad?’

Alec bit his lip lightly.

Biyul was the strongest known assassin group and the Triad was also one of the powerhouses of the dark world.

‘As for me…’

He could only boast of running a relief organization with Ayla Michelle as his ally.

Not only in terms of the contractor’s abilities but even when considering the power of their respective forces, it was clear he was at a disadvantage.

‘Only Den Haul might hold any hope…’

The only contractor who returned from the Red Zone. However, since Den Haul knew about Alec and Ayla’s greed for rewards in the Red Zone, he was unlikely to favor them. Being neutral was something to be thankful for.

‘On the other hand, Namgung has brought one more contractor…’

No matter what he compared, he was at a disadvantage.

“The World Alliance. That was an interesting topic. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Let it happen.”

“…Nest’s founding is a consensus to protect humanity, it’s not something I’m doing with your permission.”

“That may be true. But you should know that without my permission, it can’t be established.”



Namgung pressed the meat firmly onto the grill.

“As I’ve sent in the official documents, the World Alliance will start in Korea. Then we’ll gradually expand the bases.”

“Don’t make me laugh!”


Alec smashed his hand on the table, shouting.

“Sit down.”

“Namgung…!! You think everything will go your way? There are already hundreds of ability users in the Universe Clan. Do you think you can face us alone?!”

In that moment, something hot touched Alec’s neck.

“Uncle. This is the cleaning you mentioned, right?”


Before anyone noticed, Michael, who had been picking up meat with his chopsticks, had pushed Alec’s collarbone firmly down.

‘Is that the ability of the leaper?’

‘It seems like he’s piercing through space.’

‘When did he…?’

The contractors rapidly speculated about Michael’s ability.

“Calm down. I made that proposal for your sake.”


Namgung shoved meat into Alec’s mouth.

Chew- Chew-

Despite being hot enough to burn his palate, Alec swallowed the meat pushed by Namgung, determined to maintain his dignity.

“A proposal for our sake? You’re just trying to use us at your will.”

“The opposite is true. I’m offering myself as bait.”


“The fourth hellgate. Only one person is targeted by the demons that come from there. That means Korea will become the battlefield.”

Chew- Chew-

Namgung continued to eat without shifting his gaze from Alec.

“Paying such a sacrifice, you’d have to at least give me a base for the alliance, right?”

“Tsk, speaking as if you know everything.”

“I know. As all contractors should be aware of the task given to them by the Exalted.”



At his words, reactions varied among the contractors; some astonished, others appeared knowledgeable.

“It really is something. Always surprising us till the end. Shouldn’t you have given me a heads up instead of just using Erika? Now I’ve been played all along.”

Despite his complaints, Jin Wei’s expression revealed he was more amused than upset.

“If you dislike it, feel free to refuse. But as you know, the contractors, in the end, must compete in a deadly game. It’s only about survival.”

Namgung spoke to them.

“However… Better to face death in a peaceful world later, whether to kill or to give life, rather than becoming food for wretched monsters in hell…”

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