The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 88

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 88: Leviathan’s Elixir Accelerates the Hatching of the Serpent’s Egg

▶ Leviathan’s elixir promotes the hatching of the serpent’s egg.

▶ The effect of the elixir is amplified through a Leap of Growth.

▶ The serpent’s egg absorbs the Leap of Growth.

▶ The amplified elixir changes the nature of the serpent.

Crack… Crackle…

Cracks slowly began to form on the serpent’s egg.


Roxanne watched with trembling eyes as the egg started to break apart.


A white snake’s head burst forth from the gigantic egg.


The creature shook off the shell pieces on its head and looked toward Nangong.

▶ A new attribute is added to the serpent.

▶ A new species of serpent previously unknown has been discovered.


The creature tilted its head, puzzled, with golden eyes shining as it gazed at Nangong.

‘It’s definitely different.’

Compared to the serpent that was the boss monster when the second gate opened, its scales were so white they felt almost transparent, resembling Leviathan more.

However, the scales sprouting all over like thorns were similar to those of the serpent, and as the notifications suggested, this was a new species Nangong had never seen before.

▶ You have achieved the first of its kind feat.

▶ Title: Monster Researcher has been acquired.

When the serpent’s eyes met Nangong’s, a white light enveloped him.


The long snake tongue gently brushed Nangong’s cheek.

The sticky saliva wasn’t a pleasant feeling, but the creature, seeming to take a liking to Nangong, began to rub its face against his.

It felt as cold as if ice was placed against his skin.

“Right, right.”

Nangong nodded, stroking the serpent’s head.

“It seems you don’t dislike me either.”

▶ Title: Monster Researcher effect activated!

▶ All abilities of your summoned creatures will permanently increase by 1.2 times.

▶ The lifespan of your summoned creatures will permanently increase by 1.2 times.


Nangong gazed at the serpent’s fangs.

The light-green liquid collected at the tips was evidently lethal by instinct alone.


The moment the fang’s liquid touched the ground, white smoke erupted as if acid had been poured.


The venom on the serpent’s fangs solidified, eventually dropping in front of Nangong as a jelly-like orb.

[Thump…! Thump…!!]

The serpent pointed its tongue toward it, then pointed at Nangong.

“Are you saying I should eat this?”

[Thump! Thump!!]

The creature nodded.

“Be careful, that…!”

Despite Roxanne’s urgent warning, Nangong pushed the green orb into his mouth without hesitation.


The orb traveled down his esophagus and began to merge with his body instantly.


He coughed, and red blood tinged his fingers.

“What are you doing?! Are you crazy?!”

Roxanne cried out in panic as she rushed toward him.

▶ You have absorbed the venom crystal of Leviathan.

▶ Your blood vessels are purified.

▶ Your resistance to various status anomalies increases.

But in an instant, white steam began to curl from the slumped Nangong’s back, and sweat formed on his forehead as if he had been in a sauna.


Nangong breathed out a low sigh, his face fresh and clear as if nothing had happened.

“How did this…?”

“It appears the serpent has given me a gift upon our meeting.”

Nangong nodded contentedly, feeling a gentle power within him.

“Can you make another?”

To his question, the serpent shook its head.

“Too bad. I would have given you one if possible.”

“…It’s alright. If someone not bound by a contract ate that, they would likely die immediately.”

Roxanne shrugged off the offer with a shake of her head.

“In some ways, I’m sorry. The creature has no way of knowing that it’s because of me that its parents are dead.”

Nangong cast a bitter smile at the serpent bowing its head in front of him.

“What’s this? Getting sentimental all of a sudden?”


She shrugged at his words.

“It doesn’t matter. Monsters don’t care much about who their parents are. They’re drawn to strength more than anything. It’s not an imprinting effect that makes this one follow you.”

“Then why?”

“Because you’re strong. Had I been stronger than you, the creature might have changed its allegiance.”

[Squeal…! Hack!!!]

As Roxanne reached out toward the serpent, it bared its sharp teeth in warning, opening its mouth.

“It’s not the concept of parentage, rather a subordinate led by a stronger leader. You don’t need to feel too sorry.”

She said.

“You can trust me, even before being a druid, I’m a tamer.”

“Thank you.”

Nangong replied, and she pursed her lips as if surprised by the gratitude.

“Still, it’s good to give it a name. Calling by a name is the best way to form a bond.”


Nangong stroked the serpent’s forehead, speaking softly.

“You will hunt many foes with me. As I grow stronger, so will you.”


“The apex among all scaled species is without a doubt the dragon.”

Yet now you shall even tear at the throat of that dragon.

“Ryong-ah (Dragon Fang).”

The one and only serpent inheriting the power of Leviathan, called a disaster.

“That’s your name.”

Nangong spoke in a low voice.

* * *

“Welcome back.”

Returning to the red zone, Nangong headed to the Blue House after receiving a call from Park Hyo-ju.

Jang Gil-soo, who had joined him in hunting Leviathan, was waiting for him there.

“Let’s go.”

Park Hyo-ju smiled inwardly at his response and opened the door to the reception room.

“You’ve worked hard. Thanks to you, not only was damage minimized, but Korea has risen to an unparalleled position on the international stage.”

As the doors opened, Prime Minister Seo Jae-wook rushed forward to extend a hand to Nangong’s party.

“It seems you’ve been steadfast in your training.”

“Ha… Even in such a situation, that’s all you see in me.”

“I can hunt monsters, but politics isn’t my field. I dislike the idea of losing someone I can trust and entrust.”

“Hey, what are you talking about?”

Jang Gil-soo was taken aback by Nangong’s nonchalant attitude and poked him in the ribs.

“Ha, it’s fine. His frank opinion actually saves me trouble. Please sit down.”

The prime minister playfully tugged Jang Gil-soo’s stout arm, guiding them to sit.

“What’s the urgent matter?”

“It’s a dispatch from the UN. It seems like something you should see.”

He handed Nangong a document.

“It looks like Alec has been spinning some wheels. He hasn’t been back in England long, and he’s already… He’s quick at handling issues.”

“Take a read.”

After Nangong returned to the red zone and forcefully put Alec on the spot during the press conference, Alec had been busy making things align.

“The news you jointly blocked the third gate with Alec has the UN and various organizations considering forming a union consolidating all awakeners and ability users from each country during this opportunity.”

“European nations supporting Alec Traman’s Universe Clan, including the United States, Canada, China, and Russia… Quite a number have agreed.”

“That’s right. The UN intends to grant Korea the final decision-making authority, given your contributions to closing all three gates. If this is agreed upon, we might see the birth of a true world union surpassing the UN.”

“A world union?”

Jang Gil-soo widened his eyes in surprise at the prime minister’s words.

“As you know, the invasion of monsters isn’t just an individual problem anymore.”

From Alec Traman’s Universe Clan supported by Europe to America’s Den Howl and even Aera Michelle.

Although they differ in size, it’s true they are receiving substantial support with backing from their respective countries.

“And already, beneath them, awakeners recognizing their talents are numerous.”

“What’s your opinion, Prime Minister?”

“To be honest… It’s not a bad proposal. The whole world needs to come together to escape this terrible hell.”

The prime minister continued.

“Naturally, the union will have Seers. They plan to establish training camps in four places: the main hubs in the US and the UK, and branches in Australia and China.”


Nangong murmured to himself, quietly reading the proposal.

‘Sure. Something like that was created in my past life. The problem was most capable people were gone by then…’

“It’s not easy to find unawakened ability users, nor to train them.”

“Maybe. Is it really training or simply raising them as cannon fodder?”


“That… what do you mean…”

The prime minister and others within the hall were shocked by Nangong’s unexpected statement.

“How can you trust them and hand over your citizens, no, send people abroad? On what basis?”


“On the idea that global opinion is leaning that way? Must we follow the trend? Why be led around?”

Nangong challenged him.

“Korea had the biggest influence in closing the three gates. In this situation, they talk of a world union amongst themselves? If anything, they should be on their knees begging us.”

The prime minister looked taken aback by Nangong’s bold statement.

“The red zone has ended and Alec Traman’s press conference hasn’t even been a day.”

In such a short time, many countries agreed to a union and sent proposals?

If they truly cared about the world, they would proceed step by step.

Too hurried. Too quick.

“It seems more like an action to distract from a bigger incident.”

“Is something being hidden…”

“It’s obvious. Alec Traman’s mistake. He had to stand at a press conference in the red zone, knowing his errors. And now, to avoid being ensnared by me, hastily constructs this union front.”

Nangong laughed coldly.

“He did think it through.”

“But if we refuse, it could escalate to a diplomatic issue. While I know of your power… being politically isolated carries various problems…”

The prime minister looked at him, concern coloring his gaze.

“Accept it.”


The prime minister asked in surprise, given Nangong’s ready agreement.

“But use the card that is me. The Seers within the union? Even a whole bunch of them can’t do what someone far stronger than any Seer, resident in Korea, has done.”

Nangong told the prime minister.

“Tell them. England? America? Don’t make me laugh.”

His voice began to fill the hall.

“Korea will be the center of the world union.”

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