The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 87

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Episode 87: “I expected it to be half in ruins…”

As he rode in the car with Nangong, to avoid reporters, Alec looked out at the scenery through the window. “Surprised it’s in better shape than you thought?” Nangong handed Alec a pad that had been lying in the car. Alec quickly scanned the breaking news regarding the demon invasion. ‘Buckingham Palace threatened…,’ he thought, shivering at the news of the damage in the UK, realizing he had been careless in his greed.

The conversation between Alec and Nangong heated as they discussed the handling of the reporters’ questions, and Nangong’s subtle distinction between ‘subordinates’ and ‘comrades’. Alec confronted Nangong, demanding answers, but Nangong calmly spoke of not picking fights when more invasions were expected. Their discussion took a darker turn with Nangong hinting at a trade – something about becoming a hero and a mysterious plan regarding the Summoning Night set to occur three days after the third gate’s closure. Alec’s interest piqued, sensing Nangong’s hidden agendas.

Nangong proposed preventing others from entering a certain red zone over the next few days, to which Alec could not understand why—leading to a tense and unexpected alliance cemented by threats and manipulations revolving around reporters, druids, and the machinations of royalty.

Outside, a throng of reporters awaited at the BEXCO for a press conference to hail the hero who thwarted the third gate. To their surprise, Alec appeared instead of Nangong, taking up a narrative that would define future strategies.

Meanwhile, in the red zone, Nangong communicated with Roxanne about a beast’s egg, a serpent’s egg ready to be hatched. With Leviathan’s orb in hand—a rare item offering tremendous power—they conspired to hatch it. It was Roxanne who planned to nurture the creature as a druid, even if it positioned her on the edge of villainy.

As Summoning Night loomed, the elixir of growth was introduced, promising to quickly mature any beast. Its true potential, however, laid beyond just immediate growth for the newly summoned creatures. It was a tantalizing prospect for both Nangong and Roxanne, who each had their schemes and ambitions veiled beneath the immortal game they were playing in a world where the line between hero and tyrant was as thin as a druid’s blade or a summoner’s whim.

The story continued, revealing a world where alliances were fragile, and every action could tip the balance of power, drawing the reader ever deeper into the intrigue of ‘The Return Of Apocalypse’s Tyrant Translator’.

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