The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 86

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 86: “Capture it!!”

At Alec Traman’s shout, Hanson and Yohanna hurled the chains of the Serpent, attempting to halt the beast’s movements. But it seemed too much for the pair to fully restrain the massive Serpent.


Proof of their difficulty came as the Serpent writhed to release its body from the chains wrapping around it.


Even the massive frame of Hanson rocked and swayed from the creature’s rebellion.

“Blessed be. Agnus.”

▶ The stats of friendly characters are increased.

Suddenly, a shimmering aura surrounded the pair, and as the light was absorbed into their bodies…


…the chains yanked tightly on the Serpent’s thrashing form. Unlike before, it could not fight back but instead shivered uncontrollably.

“Transcend the standards. Ipsissimus.”

▶ Attributes are granted to friendly characters.

Flames ignited in Hanson’s and Yohanna’s hands, and the fire spread along the chains, transferring to the Serpent.


The Serpent screamed in agony. Normal flames wouldn’t have affected a water-attribute creature like it, but these flames were extraordinary.

▶ For one minute, the power of Holy attributes is conferred.

▶ The effects of Holy Power are activated!!

▶ The sacred power of a deity ignores all resistance, dealing an effective blow to those most susceptible.


As Eira Michel’s cry echoed, Alec Traman unsheathed his Star Sea Sword.


Sparks flew off the blade, emitting a radiant white aura.

The aura, tinged with gold from Eira’s holy power, enveloped the sword.


With a single strike from the sword’s scabbard, a fierce sword aura pierced the neck of the Serpent precisely.

▶ The Serpent has been vanquished!

“Good job!!!”

As the colossal beast’s head fell, Alec raised his fist in triumph, liberating the frustration he could not dispel even at Yeouido.

“That’s impressive. How many can behead a Serpent in one strike?”

“I was the one surprised. Not only an outstanding recovery ability but also such a tremendous buff. We have some Awakened in the clan who specialize in support, but truly, an Oracle is different.”

Alec looked at Eira, offering a proposition.

“How about joining our clan? If not as a member, an alliance is also an option.”

“We’ll see about that. First, shouldn’t we check the rewards?”

Her deferral, though politely spoken, was a clear refusal.

‘As expected, not an easy one to sway.’

Alec observed her closely, his predatory gaze hidden.

‘If she joins us, excellent. But if an enemy… she becomes a thorn in my side, together with that damned Nangong.’

Yet he wasn’t too worried.

The unmistakable scent of a kindred spirit was emanating from Eira Michel.

“Now then…”

While considering this, Alec reached for the loot box dropped by the Serpent.

That moment…

▶ The boss monster of the Red Zone has been defeated.

▶ The boss monster of the continental invasion has been defeated.

▶ All boss monsters have been defeated.

The sudden red alert clouded the sky.

Everyone present stopped and looked upwards.

▶ The third test has concluded.

“The third gate is over? That can’t be…”

Alec exchanged confused looks with Eira. After hunting the Serpent, an Orc should have been summoned next.

▶ All survivors receive a reward.

▶ 2,000 Heads have been awarded.

Receiving the Heads, it became clear the third gate’s challenge had indeed ended.

“Eira, who defeated the bosses of the continental monster invasion?”

She inquired urgently.

“I have no idea…”

As Alec tried to deflect, a voice called out from behind him.


The expression on Alec’s face twisted as he recognized the man walking out of the forest.

“Choi Myunghoon? You…since when…”

“Since when? As soon as the Red Zone portal opened. Unlike some people who waste time gathering media attention with press conferences and such.”

The ground beneath Alec erupted with a sudden thunderous crack.

“Say it again. What about my father?”

The scorched earth, with red sparks dancing tirelessly over it, silenced Alec.

‘Red lightning… It must have been that kid who blasted away the Serpent’s scales at Yeouido. Nangong’s daughter.’

He scrutinized Somine with a keen eye.

‘Not ordinary magic. A special quality, and the weapon she wielded is unusual.’

Alec remembered hearing that Somine had made a contract with the fairy race.

‘Becoming annoying.’

For a fleeting moment, he considered wiping them all out then and there.

“Alec. We have ambushes around.”

Alerted by Hanson’s words, Alec scanned the surroundings silently.

‘Two of them?’

He could faintly perceive the presence of someone trained, but not professionally, aiming arrows at him.

“What are you staring at?”

“The bastards…”

At Hojun’s interjection, Hanson stepped forward with a growl toward Alec.

“Enough, Hanson.”

Alec shook his head, whispering low.

“We could deal with them now, but we have too many eyes on us.”

“Because of Eira? We’ve already joined forces by hunting the Serpent.”

“That’s exactly why.”

Hanson knitted his brows, confused by Alec’s reasoning.

‘It’s different if we’re enemies. Kill them and it’s done. But allies? That’s another matter.’

The familiar scent from her suggested a kinship.

If they handled this here, inevitably, Eira Michel would use it as leverage against them one day.

▶ Due to the boss’s death, the Red Zone’s difficulty has been frozen at this moment.

▶ In three days, only Goblins and Lizardmen will be summoned to the Red Zone.

Along with the notification, a blue portal opened before them, leading back to the continent.

▶ Congratulations!!

▶ A special benefit starts for all participants who survived through the third gate.

▶ In three days, 【The Night of Familiars】 begins in the Red Zone. Participants, do not miss the opportunity to gain a trustworthy partner who will follow you.

‘Damnation, to lose control over the Red Zone and the outside bosses… I’ve become the dog that chased chickens but caught none.’

Alec grimaced, unable to leave with empty hands, and stared at the portal, grinding his teeth.

“See? By hunting bosses on your own, you’ve ensured that no more high-level monsters will appear in the Red Zone.”

‘Now, I have no choice but to pin it all on them.’

He shouted at Choi Myunghoon’s group.

“We hadn’t returned yet and were hunting the Serpent to prepare for the fight against the Orc that would be summoned next. But all that is ruined because of you!”

But Hojun just sneered at his words.

“Hey. Even you don’t believe the nonsense you’re spewing. You’ve let people die of greed without a care. Who are you to talk? Get off your high horse!”

He pointed his fingers at Alec in a scolding gesture.

“Once we return, you’ll pay the price for your incompetence.”

“Really? Will that happen?”

On the verge of stepping through the portal, Myunghoon retorted.

“You never know with people’s affairs. Maybe we’ll be laughing arm in arm?”

“You’re spouting insane nonsense.”

Ready to flip Alec the middle finger, he glanced at Eira and then shoved his way into the portal.



Emerging from the portal, Alec was greeted by blinding light which soon dissipated.

Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash!!!!

Despite the portal’s glow fading, the light still stung his eyes.

And then…

A cacophony of cheers pierced his eardrums as Alec opened his eyes.


Seeing the vast crowd surrounding him, Alec blinked in disbelief.

“Alec Traman! Welcome back! TMC journalist here! A word, please!”

“I’m Jung Tae-young from Central News!! They say Alec Traman hunted the Red Zone’s boss, is that true?”

“What… what’s this?”

Hanson and Yohanna shared Alec’s confusion.

‘…Where is this?’

They were not just dealing with swarming journalists, but the unfamiliar scene also had Alec seeking out their location first.

“According to Nangong’s interview, there was a prearranged plan to counter the monster invasion!”


“The whole thing was a coordinated strategem. How does it feel to have executed this plan perfectly?”

As the journalists pressed him, Alec instinctively gulped down dryly.

At that moment, another thunder of cheers erupted.

A hand settled onto Alec’s shoulder.

‘Could it be….?’

He turned around with a scowl.

“Yes, Alec Traman has successfully overcome the Red Zone challenge. Without his remarkable skills, the operation wouldn’t have been possible.”

“….Who are you?”

“Blue House Secretary of Staff, Ham Mansu.”

“But what…?”

Alec looked at the smiling Secretary extending his hand, visibly struggling to grasp the situation.

‘Choi Myunghoon. What are you playing at?’

Alec muttered, hiding his words from the crowd.

“I was unaware as well. It seems the Red Zone portal linked to where the invading monster’s boss was slain.”

“So then….”

At Myunghoon’s reply, Alec furrowed his brows.

“Yes. This is Korea, Alec.”

The words that followed hushed the noisy throng.

“It’s Nangong!”

“Turn the cameras! Quickly, capture this!”

Prompted by a distant shout, the crowd’s hubbub began anew.

“Please step back! Clear some space!”

Parting like the Red Sea, the path cleared for Nangong who now approached Alec.

“You’ve worked hard.”

Alec ignored Nangong’s hand and glared at him.

“What have you done…?”

He couldn’t make sense of what was happening.

But without answering, Nangong squeezed Alec’s hand tightly, causing him to start but then hesitate.

Click! Click!!!

Cameras flashed incessantly towards them.

“There are many eyes watching.”

Nangong’s voice whispered in Alec’s ear.

“Smile for now.”

Alec realized at that moment.

Something had gone terribly wrong, indeed.

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