The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 85

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 85: “Are You an Oracle?”

Suddenly, Park Hyo-ju was on guard as she addressed the man who had leapt out from Leviathan’s body.


As soon as the man emerged, the once-distorted space disappeared, and the gashes in Leviathan’s scales healed as if they had never been there.

‘Wasn’t it cut before?’

She widened her eyes in surprise while looking at Leviathan’s back.

“Kh… I’ll kill you.”

The man known as Michael glanced around Namgung as if indifferent to Park Hyo-ju’s caution, eying the sword in his hand.

With slicked-back blond hair, tanned skin, and athletic attire, the man in goggles had a nonchalant and flippant demeanor, completely out of place in the grave situation.

“Want this?”

“Are you giving it to me?”


At Namgung’s response, Michael looked at him as if he’d heard something preposterous.

“What, are you joking?”

“If you want it, try catching it this time. The higher the level of the gate, the more difficult the monsters become. Who knows, you might get something even better than mine, right?”

“You are sly. Is that your bait since you can’t catch it alone?”

“So? Tempted, aren’t you?”

Namgung retorted.

“You’ve been cunning, not me. I knew they give better rewards the more you anticipate.”

Namgung, holding the 【Sword of Penitent Tanyan】, spoke up, showing the weapon.

“But nowhere is it mentioned how good the rewards actually are.”

Oracles didn’t reveal themselves and hunted safely, precisely because of that reason.

“Unless you’re an attention-seeker like Alex Troman, you don’t rush into danger just because the rewards are good.”

“There’s only one life to live. It’s always the rash ones that die first.”

Michael smirked at Namgung.

“But if the rewards are of epic quality… well, that changes things.”

“Now that you’ve seen the sword, do you feel the urge to act?”

“Of course. It doesn’t matter if I can’t have it, but the pain of seeing others getting it annoys me.”


At that moment, Namgung threw the sword at him.

“Really? Let’s see if you’re worthy to have it.”


Michael, eyes glowing, gripped Namgung’s sword tightly.

“Idiot, giving away something this good. Ha, I’ll just take this and be done. You can deal with that.”


Instantly, space twisted above Michael’s head.


Michael jumped into the rift, and as it closed, he vanished without a trace.

“Wait a second!”

Park Hyo-ju shouted as she lunged forward, only to swipe at the air with her arm.

“What will we do if you give away the sword like that?!”

She cried out urgently, but—


Michael reappeared in the sky approx…

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