The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 84

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 84

“Current time, 15:32! Confirmation of boss appearance 10km ahead! Major forces have been deployed at Haeundae Beach and Gwanganri Beach!”


Fighter jets were zipping through the air at high speeds above the Gimhae Airport, now transformed into a temporary forward operating base.


The rumbling sound of tank treads grinding against the asphalt filled the air as the units stationed around Daegu, Pohang, and the vicinity of Busan were moving towards the city.

Boom-! Boom-!! Clank—!!

While forces were converging from all directions, the soldiers on Gwangan Bridge, surrounding Haeundae, were busily scurrying about.

▶ Iron Barrier (Low-Grade) has been installed.

▶ Iron Barrier (Low-Grade) has been installed.

As the soldiers mounted something on the bridge’s railings, rectangular barriers, reminiscent of giant dams, started to rise one by one.

“It’s hard to say how much help this will actually be.”

Manduk-su looked at the barriers set up along the bridge, his voice tinged with worry.

“Target…!! It has started moving towards us! Please evacuate quickly!!”

Just then, amidst the hustle of erecting barriers on the bridge, a vehicle hurriedly entered the scene.


“We haven’t finished setting up all the barriers yet…”

The soldiers began to fumble in panic at the sudden report.


At that moment, the Leviathan, with its massive jaws wide open, began to cut through the sea at an incredible pace.

“Prepare to fire!!”



Upon the command, self-propelled guns and multiple rocket launchers stationed on Gwangan Bridge blazed away.

Bang-!! Kaboom-Kaboom–!!


The self-propelled guns breathed fire, and the rocket launchers emitted white smoke, launching projectiles towards the demons in front.


The wyverns summoned around Leviathan were shot down by the artillery fire, emitting screams as they fell.

“Get in quickly!!”

A jeep carrying Manduk-su sped across the bridge and fled downtown, away from the beach.


Looking at the red flames rising from the beach, Manduk-su muttered in a low voice, “I’m counting on you…”



– Helicopter’s location?

– It just passed Centum City. It will be landing at Haeundae Beach soon!

– Understood. Lure the demons there!!

– Forces deployed on Dongbaek Island should protect the landing site!


But in that moment, the radio operator’s communication was cut off.

– This is Point G-002! Numerous demons have appeared on the coastline!! There are too many…!!

– Hold them off as much as you can…!!

Including the ground forces, all the dispatched forces began to pour out their firepower to fend off the aerial assault by the demons.



Gunshots were less frequent than screams in the battle erupting on Haeundae Beach.

“Hold the line!!”

Despite the chaos, the soldiers did not retreat.

Some might have regarded their fight as a futile resistance since they were not using weapons bought from the Goblin’s Bag, and the situation was dire—it was a desperate struggle with dozens of soldiers barely managing to hunt down a single wyvern.

Nevertheless, they resisted for one reason—they had a duty to perform.


“We’ve arrived!!”

Looking up at the helicopter above them, the soldiers shouted.

To win.


Jang Gil-su, who jumped from the helicopter, lifted a capsized tank.


The soldiers gazed in awe for a moment at his incredible strength.


Like hurling a shot put, Jang Gil-su, grasping the bumper, threw the vehicle in a spin.


The car, hurled towards the Leviathan, hit the creature’s forehead precisely.

The Leviathan thrashed its head with all its might, and the vehicle that had collided with it shattered into pieces.


The Leviathan seemed to look down at Jang Gil-su with a mocking glance, as if to say, ‘Is this all you’ve got?’


But that’s when it happened.

Item Number: 946770

Name: Fragment of Serpent’s Broken Scale

Grade: Magic (Supreme)

▶ Part of the Serpent’s Scale.

▶ Reflects light and refracts the vision, blending the holder’s figure into the surrounding scenery.

▶ Limit: Once per day

It was then.

The space above the Leviathan’s head distorted, and out of it emerged the figure of Namgung.

[Kr, Krrruruk?]

When the burning pain of the sword lodged in its neck hit, the creature began to thrash to shake off Namgung.

Tak…! Tadadak…!!

Immediately, Park Hyo-ju began to run on the water’s surface. Ripples spread out with each step she took.

“How… How is that possible?”

“That’s unimaginable…”

Soldiers deployed on the beach watched in amazement as she sprinted across.


As Park Hyo-ju inhaled deeply, she pulled out an old dagger from her bosom.


A bell was tied to the end of the blunt dagger, which seemed to be for ceremonial use, as it seemed too dull to be effective.


But when she folded her hands over the dagger and closed her eyes for a moment, a fierce wind arose from somewhere, causing her hair to flutter.


As she twisted her palms together, the once dull dagger seemed to sharpen anew, as if it were brand new.

Creak… creak…

There seemed to be laughter coming from somewhere.

“I’m counting on you.”

She spoke in a low voice towards the source of that laughter.


With a light kick atop the waves, a sharp surge swept through the water.


The water surface erupted violently as her body soared into the sky as if flying.


At that moment, wyverns surrounding the Leviathan lunged at her.


As she threw the now blazing dagger with all her might,


the thrown blade, flying like a bullet, pierced through the neck of a wyvern.

As she moved her arms, the flying dagger glided through the air, following her movements.

“This is… she mastered both Chosangbi (草上飛) and Eogeom-sul (御劍術)?”

Jang Gil-su watched in awe as she maneuvered the dagger freely in the air.

“Where have you been skulking around, honing such extraordinary skills?”

Despite her reliance on the spirit of the wind and psychokinesis, to Jang Gil-su, an enthusiast of martial arts, Park Hyo-ju’s technique was truly thrilling.


Just then, as Park Hyo-ju maneuvered in mid-air, a wyvern charged at her rapidly from behind.


Upon seeing this, Jang Gil-su snatched a multiple rocket launcher from a nearby soldier.


He ground his teeth.

▶ Gluttony Activated!

▶ Increases attributes from hunting animal-like demons.

▶ Ability to use the power of the absorbed demon.

▶ Lizardman Trait: Precision Use!!

His eyes changed color, resembling the yellow of a lizardman’s gaze.


His arms, clutching the multiple rocket launcher, swelled as if they were about to burst, and Jang Gil-su threw the launcher with all his might, like a spear.


With a deafening explosion, the barrel shot forth.


The rocket launcher hit the wyvern, that was targeting Park Hyo-ju, squarely in the head. The immense force blew the creature’s head apart.


The soldiers couldn’t hide their shock at the sight of him tossing the heavy rocket launcher as if it were nothing.

‘That’s an Awakened….’

‘What impossible strength. Truly formidable.’

Jang Gil-su lightly tapped the heads of the awestruck soldiers, saying, “Don’t be shocked yet, lads. The real monster is elsewhere. If you want to see it, you must survive. Attack now!”

“Yes, sir!!!”

Prompted by his words, the soldiers began to move in unison.


As Park Hyo-ju turned her head, pieces of flesh flew from the head of the wyvern destroyed by the rocket launcher.

“Step on it and jump!”

Hearing Jang Gil-su’s shout from below, she stepped on the remains of the rocket launcher, propelling herself upward.


The launcher shot forth, and she gripped the dagger that Kuhuflan gave her, stabbing it into the wyvern’s flank.


The demon screeched in pain.

She swung her legs and vaulted up, landing atop the wyvern’s back.

Booung…! Booung…!!

The wyvern thrashed, attempting to shake her off.

She controlled the creature’s head as if holding its reins, driving the wyvern closer to Leviathan.


Leviathan convulsed and plunged its body deep into the sea.


Its massive form hitting the water’s surface caused a tremendous explosion of spray in every direction.


Park Hyo-ju shouted towards him as he disappeared into the waves alongside Leviathan.

She quickly formed hand seals.


Whirlpools appeared here and there in the sea where Leviathan had submerged.



But that was momentary; some unknown repelling force flung her arms back, throwing her off balance.

‘Did it repel my psychokinesis?’

She looked bewilderedly at the depths of the sea.


At that moment, an explosion roared.


The creature that had dived into the water soared up again. Park Hyo-ju’s eyes widened as she saw Namgung clutching the Leviathan’s scales.


Namgung, wearing the ghost mask, slowly exhaled.

He focused his energy as he reached for the scales.

Blood rushed through his veins like surging waves.


The tremendous explosion sounded.

Wyverns scattered in alarm at the noise.

‘Is that even possible?’

As the smoke cleared, Park Hyo-ju swallowed dryly while looking at the Leviathan’s back, which was emitting dark smoke.

Bang! Bang! Kwaang–!!!

Amidst the smoke, Namgung’s attacks continued unabated.

“I’ll help you.”

Park Hyo-ju landed next to Namgung on the back of Leviathan, offering her assistance.

“No. It’s better not to use natural or mental powers. Creatures like Leviathan have incredible resistance to such things.”

Namgung sounded slightly exhausted as he spoke.

“If we had the Necklace of Protection, maybe. Otherwise, you might be flung away by the counterforce.”

“Then what…?”

“The only option we have is to smash it with raw power, but…”


Interrupting himself, Namgung delivered another sword strike.

“It looks like this will be difficult.”

His sword was repelled with a resounding clamor.


Leviathan just growled lowly, unfazed by his attack.

“Indeed… it is as calamitous as its rank suggests.”

Namgung clicked his tongue as he flexed his sore wrist.

‘His attacks didn’t penetrate at all?’

Despite the tremendous barrage, Leviathan’s scales showed no sign of being broken or slashed.

“The exterior may look intact, but damage is definitely there. The Invisible Sword Art penetrates the interior after all.”

The problem lay elsewhere.

“If it were half a year later, maybe… but it’s too soon.”

Namgung frowned.

“I haven’t mastered the Invisible Sword Art well enough. I’d die before killing the beast.”

“That won’t do!” Park Hyo-ju reacted more vehemently than expected.

Namgung looked at her in surprise.

“No… you’re too important…”

Her hesitant answer left Namgung unimpressed as he glanced briefly at her before turning back to Leviathan.

“This has become a headache. If it’s that Yeor creature… creating a situation to summon Leviathan on just the third gate.”

Perhaps he had always anticipated that he couldn’t prevent the invasion of monsters.

“Suiting the owner of the seven serpents, his plans were cruel and extraordinary.”

“What should we do?” Park Hyo-ju asked, her voice filled with concern.

“The other Messengers are not in a position to come… wasn’t there one in Japan?”

“Divination takes a toll on one’s strength. After using it, you can be incapacitated for a while. Besides, she uses mental powers. Even if she comes now, she won’t be of much help.”

She sighed deeply.

“Is there no way?”

“Wait and see. I’ve already thrown out the bait.”


Namgung looked at the back of Leviathan.

“Isn’t it time you came out?”

Scrape…! Scrape…!!


Astonishingly, in that moment, the Leviathan’s hard scales wavered, and a hand burst forth.

“The rumor that catching a boss monster grants a special reward. You wouldn’t just stand by after hearing that.”

“Mister, that sword… did it really come from defeating a boss?”

“Who, who are you…?” Park Hyo-ju asked, bewildered, as she stared at the man emerging from inside the Leviathan.

“The Messenger of Yuksil (六房 Six Paths).”

The only one among the Messengers capable of bypassing physical distances.

Namgung laughed towards him.

“The Leaper, Michael.”

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