The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 83

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 83

▶ In 5 minutes, the second summon in the Red Zone will be called forth.

▶ The location is Sunset Canyon.

▶ If all participants successfully hunt the second summoned creature, a special reward will be given to everyone in the Red Zone.

▶ Please be prepared.

“Is this really… okay?” Aleks Traman said as he fastened the Star Sea Sword to his waist. “Eira Michelle contacted us. Not just the reported wyverns, but it looks like a field boss has been summoned. You’ve seen the state of the city, right? With how things are now, we can’t take them down.”

Neither Hanson nor Johanna responded to his words, but the evidence of their reward was the rare items they now sported—gear they had never had before.

“The weapons dropped in the Red Zone are of a completely different tier from what we’ve had before. If the Goblin Lord dropped rare items, imagine what the Serpent would provide,” Aleks told the two.

“We haven’t given up on those left behind. It’s a decision we’ve taken to hunt the Serpent, become stronger, and then properly fend off those demons,” he continued.

“That’s right. We’re not saying we should keep hunting here. Only until the Serpent. After that, the danger increases with creatures we’ve never experienced before. The goal is to strengthen ourselves in safety and save more lives,” Johanna appealed in her delicate voice as Hanson and Johanna turned to her at the sound of her voice. Her long lemon-colored hair and eyes of a near turquoise hue seemed almost holy.

‘This person…’


Just by looking at her, Hanson and Johanna strangely felt their previous concerns melt away like snow.

‘Yes. This is the right thing to do.’

‘After all, becoming stronger is to save even more people.’

It was a curious turn of events. Somehow, an absolute faith in Eira had taken root in their hearts.

“Were you present when the Serpent was summoned after the second door was opened last time?” Eira inquired.

“That’s correct. All three of us were there. We’ve experienced it firsthand and know how to hunt it,” they replied with assurance.

“That’s reassuring,” said Eira with a satisfied smile, nodding her head.

“Let’s go.”

With her command, the three readied themselves.

‘Everyone has left.’

And the watchful eyes observing them…


The moment Aleks and his party left the safe zone, Hojun removed the cloak’s hood he was wearing. Surprisingly, his face appeared as if floating, emerging from the vegetation.

“Ah, my back.”

As he straightened up from his crouched position, flexing his back as if now he could finally live, Hojun grinned wryly.

“The boss left the head with us, but I never imagined it’d be used like this, not for hunting anyway.”

Turning his head, Hojun saw Myeong-Hoon and others, including Kyung-in, So-min, Seoung-woo, and Jeon Tae-Ho, except for Namgung, who had been hiding in this location for days.

Numbering 520910.

Item: Cloak of the Red Hunter (Red Zone exclusive)

Grade: Magic (Supreme)

▶ Price: 1,000 heads

▶ A cloak once worn by a proficient hunter who hunted in the Red Zone.

▶ When worn, the cloak can hide one’s presence.

▶ The cloak will be destroyed the moment one leaves the Red Zone.

As Hojun removed the cloak, his complete form came into full view.

“Initially it was bustling when the portal first opened… But now that monsters are being summoned across the continent, even the Red Zone has quieted.”

“It’s finally our opportunity,” Jeon Tae-Ho remarked somewhat wearied but with anticipation. They grasped their weapons, determined now was the time to act.

“Would anyone have imagined…”

They silently pondered as they looked towards the now empty Aleks Traman’s safe zone,

“…that the real boss of the Red Zone would, in fact, be so close by.”

* * *

▶ The dismantled golems have now all been disassembled.

▶ The materials of the disassembled golems will be used for new creations.

▶ Soon, a new creation will be summoned near the first place the golems were destroyed.

The sky grew dark.

Namgung braces himself as a terrifying notification echoes in his mind. After about an hour’s breather resembling the calm before the storm, it was time for hell to unfold once more.

Thump, thump, thump, thump…

The thundering noise of propellers from the modified Chinook transport helicopter, the specialized aircraft GL-8821, filled the air.

“The chaos is about to start again,” Jang Gil-Soo stated as he gazed at the darkening sky from his seat.

“But we’ve sent documents to other countries, so there won’t be panic as there was initially.”

It was different this time. They had endured the onslaught of monsters, and it was Korea that had fended them off. Though belated, warnings of a secondary onslaught this time could not be ignored.

“Your face seems reliable,” Namgung remarked.

“There’s no longer a need to huddle and protect our homes, not when the location of the monster outbreak is specific,” Jang Gil-Soo replied, glancing across to Namgung and Park Hyo-Joo, seated opposite him.

“Is it just the three of us then?”

“That’s… Jin Sook-Hyuk also denied our request,” Park Hyo-Joo answered Jang Gil-Soo’s inquiry with a troublesome look.

“And of the people you told us to check on before, there’s no one ready for real action yet,” she added.

Namgung nodded in response to her statement.

“It’s okay. Just having Jin Sook-Hyuk protect Daejeon is enough.”

The lack of surprise showed he somewhat expected this reply.

“But… What about the ‘visualizers’ or whatever they’re called?” Namgung asked. “You mentioned there are still those hiding in shadows?”

However, unlike Namgung, Jang Gil-Soo’s expression revealed dissatisfaction with the current situation.

“In times like these, when the world might be ending… What are they doing? Dan Howell? Isn’t he the one who returned from the Red Zone?”

“We sent a request… but it was denied. They claim it’s for their nation’s protection but…”

“Ha, they think they’re safe because it’s not happening on their soil? Damnable cowards,” Jang Gil-Soo sneered in response to Park Hyo-Joo’s words.

“Anyway, time is running short. Even if Dan Howell wanted to come, there’s no way he could make it from the United States to here within an hour after the golems are destroyed.”

Namgung faced Park Hyo-Joo.

“What about what I asked you?”

“You mean to post the information about the sword? We spread the news through broadcasters and online mediums, anywhere we could utilize.”

Park Hyo-Joo indicated his sword.

“After posting that hunting the boss could yield such a weapon, the comments went wild,” she mentioned.

The 【Sword of the Penitent – Taniyan】 wasn’t actually an item dropped by a boss monster, but its epic rank was enticing enough to provoke greed.

“That’s enough then. If we had just posted it, people might have considered it a rumor, but now that the Goblin Lord has been hunted in the Red Zone, there are many eyewitnesses.”

“Now there are more returnees from the Red Zone, more who’ve seen the item drops firsthand.”

“But will that help our current situation?”

“We’ll see. Maybe some greedy guy will make a move.”

“…?” Namgung offered a mysterious smile.

“It’s a lonely battle we fight. People are unaware. They don’t realize their turn is next.”

“No one wants to die. You can’t blame them for running or turning away. Not everyone can be brave.”

“And yet, how can you be so courageous? Were you special forces? Is that the difference?”

“Do I look brave to you?” Namgung replied with a faint smirk.

“I’m not brave.”

He stated softly.

“I’m tormented by this world more than anyone else, so I’m simply struggling with all I’ve got.”

Jang Gil-Soo had no words to respond to Namgung’s reply, which seemed to come from a deep, certain place very different from the cool, solution-finding demeanor he was accustomed to.


The anxiety that they might genuinely fail was tangible.

Believing in Namgung as much as he did, Jang Gil-Soo sensed that the upcoming battle would be truly difficult.

[A returner is but that much after all.]

That’s when it happened.

[To be scared by just a third door’s boss…]

Suddenly, the previously loud helicopter noise was gone.

A ponderous, sinking feeling settled in.


Within the dark void, Namgung faced the boy standing before him.

“What is the meaning of this abrupt behavior?”

[Would I need your permission to appear, I wonder, being a Phantasm and you a Visualizer?]

“Stop playing around. Being scared is a natural human emotion. Just because I have memories from a past life doesn’t mean I know everything.”

[Hmm. Still, it’s strange – a guy who’s lived for 25 years… Maybe?]

Yor gazed at Namgung with round eyes.

[Did you not manage to capture the third door in your past life?]


Namgung’s face tensed at that question.

The blinded greed for items dropped in the Red Zone led humans to clash over safe zones. At that moment, monsters invaded, the difficulty rose in the Red Zone, and the fourth door opened as well…

The true beginning of hell.

That was exactly why Namgung so desperately aimed to capture the third door this time around.

[Judging by that look, I’m correct, eh? Heh… Maybe I should feel proud. After all, it is my plan. Unlike the half-baked Phantasms, I managed to efficiently deal with humans.]

“…What are you trying to say?”

[You weren’t aware, I see. Although you made your return, that doesn’t change the end. Only time was reversed for you. The festival of the next 25 years must still be ongoing over there. Well… it’s a world that has ended since you disappeared.]

“What do you mean?”

Anger growled within Namgung’s voice directed at Yor.

[You know the Night of the Summonings is about to start. It’s the chance for the survivors to acquire their Summons, a favor granted by Phantasms to their humans.]


[During the festival, each Phantasm plans their benefits in their own way.]

“So, the invasions of the monsters, each time a door opens, are also orchestrated by the Phantasms?”

[Correct. Particularly this monster invasion was specially designed by me…]

A roaring explosion interrupted him—

In that instant, Namgung lunged forward, throwing a punch at Yor.


Namgung’s fist stopped a paper’s thickness away from Yor’s face, frozen before it could connect.

[You’ve grown complacent…]

“Shut up.”

[What were you expecting? Phantasms may want their visualizers to survive, but only to win the festival, not to save humanity. Even you should know that.]

“I know, all too well.”

With all his strength, Namgung tensed his fist.

Yet the shapeless force protecting Yor was something not even he could break through with his might.

[We started from different lines. Since our positions were different from the start, it’s meaningless to argue about right and wrong now.]

“So you came just to tell me that? To boast that you planned the third hellish door, the one that killed the most humans?”

Yor simply chuckled at his question.

[No. Your fear piqued my curiosity. Instead, I think you should rejoice.]

“Rejoice? In this time where countless are dying?”

Namgung snarled back at him.

[If you capture the third door, which you couldn’t in your past life, then you will prevent further disasters. Isn’t that a reason to feel happiness? Your efforts, your struggles, they wouldn’t have been in vain.]


[There’s no reason for you to be afraid.]

“What do you mean…?”

Yor whispered into Namgung’s ear.

“Namgung, Sir!”

That’s when it occurred.


As the black space vanished, Namgung was greeted by the face of Park Hyo-Joo. It was as if he had been jolted awake from a dream, and he looked dazed for a moment.

The helicopter’s propellers echoed again.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I must have just been a bit tired.”

‘Unnecessarily showing up…’

Yor’s sudden arrival troubled Namgung, who sighed and shook his head slightly.

“We’ve arrived.”

At Park Hyo-Joo’s words, Namgung looked out the window.

Below them were Centum City and BEXCO, along with other towering buildings. Yet, what captivated their gaze was a golden magic circle in the sky.

▶ The materials from the destroyed golems have summoned a new creation.

White light divided into several strands and flew toward the circle that looked like a gigantic pot, entering it.

A thunderous sound emanated as the magic circle began to rotate.

‘What’s coming forth?’

Namgung felt tense watching the magic circle shake as if it would explode any second.


A sharp roar burst from within the circle.


As the magic circle vanished, revealing the monster, Namgung couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief.

A white-silver scaled water dragon stared back at him from the helicopter.

A familiar beast.

Annoyingly so for 25 years.

One of the foremost terrifying monsters from seven disasters, known as the first calamity.

Having devoured 97 out of a force of 100 determined warriors, including visualizers and strong individuals from various countries.

“It’s a bit early for you to show up, isn’t it? The carnival has barely been half a year…”

That’s when a thought crossed Namgung’s mind.

“Damn it, Yor… I now realize why you appeared.”

Yor had claimed he planned the opening of the third door.

“Could it be… that you’re not the first disaster, but actually the boss of the third door?”

In his previous life, Namgung had never succeeded in closing the third door. Perhaps as time elapsed without closing it, the creature was automatically summoned.

This might mean that during the 25 long years…

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