The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 82

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 82: Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom.

“What do you mean by that!”

“We need to evacuate for now…”

“Is that something a Prime Minister should say? Countless people are fighting to protect our nation right now.”

The Queen’s scolding made the Prime Minister bow his head in sorrow.

“The first line of defense has been breached. We are constructing a second line, but with the wyverns already seizing control of our airspace, the monsters will flood into the city before we can finish the defenses.”

“The city…”

“The damage radius will be at least 200 kilometers. If things go wrong, this place might be in danger too.”

The Queen’s face turned pale at the Prime Minister’s words.

Her usual composure crumbled before the desperate situation unfolding before her eyes.

“What about the evacuation of the citizens…?”

“We are doing our best, but…”

The Queen covered her face with her hands at his hopeless response.

That’s when it happened.

▶ You have defeated the Iron Golem!

▶ All summoned golems have ceased functioning.

Notifications rang in their heads, and it wasn’t just the two of them hearing it.

“The wyverns are retreating…!!”

“…We’re alive. We’ve survived!!”

Soldiers at various city frontlines started cheering in relief as the wyverns began to retreat and the golems halted in their tracks.

“This is…”

The usually composed Prime Minister hurriedly turned on the monitor. Unlike the joy seen at the frontlines, the representatives from various nations, including the Prime Minister, stared at the monitor in disbelief.

“Are… Are we alive?”

The Prime Minister sighed in relief.

“What about Alec Trahern?”

“He should have reported in by now, but there’s been no answer. He’s currently out of contact.”

The Prime Minister’s report hardened Queen Elizabeth’s face.

“In the midst of a crisis for Britain’s survival, he’s gone acting alone without royal orders?”

“Nothing confirmed. Among the three Revelators, only Den Howell has returned from the red zone.”

At the Queen’s inquiry, the Prime Minister showed his concern.

“Eira Michelle of STW, known for her healing abilities, is also out of contact.”

“Does that mean there could be trouble in the red zone as well?”

“Yes. We can’t pin all the blame on him recklessly. Of course, that’s something we can only discuss after they return.”

“Phew… Understood. After all, Alec is the only hope for England. We must hope for his safe return.”

Despite her words, the Queen bit her lip, a subdued anger visible in her demeanor.

“India appears to have called off their nuclear strike at the last moment.”

The Prime Minister checked the reports coming in on his tablet in real-time.

“It seems other nations, who had given up on their cities and were retreating, are regrouping as well.”

He clicked his tongue.

“…In the end, Korea has outmaneuvered us again.”

“Is that important right now? We should be grateful to have survived.”

At the Queen’s words, the Prime Minister could only agree.

“The whole world will start paying even closer attention to Korea now.”

“No. Not Korea, but that man.”

She looked towards Nangong standing atop the ruins of the dock littered with golem corpses, speaking in a low voice.

-Korea’s Hero Repels the Monstrous Invasion Alone!

-The hero who hunted the golems revealed to be Nangong, one of the eight clan contractors of the Proxy…

-The world praises Korea’s achievement in defending against the invasion!

-Contrastingly, the silent Revelators are met with intense criticism…

“It seems the drones flying around were not from the government but belonged to reporters. They sure do have a nose for news. Should have shot them down.”

Changhwan, who was inside a tactical vehicle, checked the breaking news and commented as he watched Nangong.

“Oh c’mon, can they just upload anything they want without permission? Who was the first to distribute it?”

The articles were not just about the incident but also included videos of him fighting, which were uploaded online.

“Kookyeong Daily’s Han Jihee? Where’s Kookyeong Daily? Some unknown local paper… should we have it banned immediately?”

‘…Han Jihee?’

While Changhwan raised his voice, Nangong’s eyebrows twitched upon hearing the name.

“That name sounds familiar.”

He recalled it was the name of the reporter who had written an article about himself while he was headed to meet Mandalshu before.

“Ah. Right.”

Among the news flooded with stories of the other three Revelators, she was the only journalist to have written about him.


At that time, he did not pay much attention to the name. But mentioned again in this context, the name etched itself in his mind.

“Don’t do anything pointless. What’s wrong with a reporter writing an article? It actually worked out for us. It brought us attention.”

The United States and the UK, who had been constantly reporting, could not release any other articles. Den Howell, who had returned from the red zone, had accomplished nothing, and the whereabouts of the others were unknown.

They had ended up like a dog chasing chickens.

‘As expected Alec didn’t return from the red zone. He must have joined forces with Eira Michelle to tackle the red zone.’

Nangong, who had lived through all this before, found this an obvious outcome.

‘A charity organization, a saint? More like a woman who could swallow a snake by the truck load.’

Even as the world faced threats, she did not care about anything except becoming stronger herself.

‘She’ll probably use the excuse that she trusted the remaining Revelators.’

From that perspective, his news coverage had been unexpected, but it had tarnished Alec and Eira’s reputations, which was quite a gain.

“It’s not over yet. Like I’ve said before, golems are just sentinels.”

Nangong glanced at his watch.


Three minutes remained.

It was a close call, but fortunately, he had managed to defeat the golem before the Serpent was summoned.

‘Even if Alec and Eira don’t return, Den Howell’s return is a blessing. If new monsters appear, at least they won’t lose hope.’


The 3 minutes passed, and the blue portals scattered around began to disappear.


The sky turned red and black clouds signifying the arrival of the red zone’s boss monster spread across the sky.

‘…I’m counting on you.’

Nangong stared out the window, looking in the direction where the red zone lay unseen, and thought.

‘Once the Serpent is summoned, and an hour passes, the deactivated golems will decompose into materials, and the real boss monster for the continent will appear.’

That’s why he had not taken the still-open portal after destroying the golem.

‘The Serpents have been experienced by all… I have no choice but to trust the kids. The Orcs that will be summoned next will be a whole different level of difficulty.’

And before that…

He had to kill the boss monster being summoned here.

Toot… Toot…

-Yes, this is Park Hyoju.

She responded over the satellite phone.

“Are you ready?”


While the world was shouting with relief for surviving the monster invasion, he had already been planning the next move.

* * *

“Have you arrived?”

Commanders at the temporary operations control room set up in Pohang City Hall stood and saluted at Nangong’s entrance.

“Never mind. I’m not your superior.”

“Saluting to Mr. Nangong isn’t something anyone could argue with. It’s not out of respect for a superior but gratitude.”

A solid-looking man in the center extended his hand towards Nangong.

“I’m Major General Kim Daesung, in charge of commanding this operation. Honestly, I would prefer to salute you.”

“It’s fine.”

Nangong felt a strength beyond mere muscular power in the hand that he shook.

‘He seems to have an attribute for physical strength. At least intermediate level, if not higher… Looks like Changhwan was right; he isn’t just bearing the rank insignia.’

Nangong observed Major General Kim Daesung.

After his own unit, the 711th Battalion, was disbanded, he was the one who had taken in Kim Changhwan, the only one who remained in active duty.

‘If he claims to be competent, then he must be robust in real combat.’

For this monster wave’s boss fight, unlike other times, establishing a command structure was necessary.

‘It could seem like a reckless battle to anyone. I had permission from the Prime Minister, but the military is a separate matter.’

It was important to ascertain if Kim Daesung could fight alongside him.

“I don’t want to dampen the mood, but it’s too early to celebrate. The golems ceasing to function is merely buying us time.”

At Nangong’s words, the control room’s leadership, including the Major General, tensed up.

“Does that mean the monsters will attack again? Is it because the red zone remains?”

“In order to eradicate the third hellgate, we must defeat the boss monster of the red zone.”

Nangong replied.

“But regardless of that, even if the portal closes, the monsters that have been summoned globally will remain and continue to attack our territory.”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to quickly conquer the red zone and bring back the capable fighters who are there?”

“That’s impossible. The monster invasion will start again before the boss of the red zone is defeated.”


The Major General exhaled a low sigh at his response.

“Don’t be discouraged. There’s reliable force present in the red zone. What we need to do starts 1 hour from now.”

Nangong looked at his watch.

“No, in 53 minutes, we need to discuss how to hunt the boss monster that will be summoned again.”

He asked his aide.

“The map.”

The aide nodded, and as the screen turned on, a satellite map was displayed.

“Whenever one of the summoned golems anywhere in the world is destroyed, all the golems stop functioning and serve as materials for a new golem to be summoned. That is the real boss monster of this monster wave.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes. It’s information given only to the person who destroyed a golem.”

Of course, it was information from his past life.

It was a lie, but by now, people had no choice but to trust Nangong’s words because he alone had destroyed a golem.

“Then… do you know where it will be summoned?”

Nangong shook his head.

“I don’t know where it will be summoned.”

In his previous life, it had been the United States where a nuclear bomb had been dropped and a golem had been destroyed.

The altered future was beyond what Nangong could recall.

“Then… what do we do?”

“Though humans can’t see a step ahead, sometimes among us, there are those who can see the future.”



Just then.

The satellite phone on the table rang.

Everyone’s gaze turned to the phone, looking at Nangong with tension.

-Ninomiya Erika speakin.

A soft voice came from the other end of the phone.

She was the Revelator with the unique ability to see the future.

“The prophecy?”

-I saw it. However…

“Only tell me the location.”

Nangong interrupted her.

That powerful of an enemy.

A situation where victory couldn’t be expected; perhaps she even saw Nangong’s defeat in her prophecy.

“The future you see isn’t absolute.”

-…I understand.

As always, Nangong had been the only one who had ever bent the future he had seen.

-The last battlefield is…

Erika answered.


At that moment, Nangong slowly lifted his head.

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