The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 81

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 81

“Ugh… Just standing by with your hands in your pockets watching, and now you show up trying to look all cool.”

Chang-hwan grumbled as he helped Namgung stand up.

“I was watching because you barged in so confidently. You did quite well, though. Even coordinating with the navy.”

“It’s a necessity if I don’t want to die. Can’t get air support because of the wyverns. Thought the cannons would be enough… but that damned monster.”

He spoke while looking at the sword Namgung was holding.

“Well, the one who cut it down is even more of a monster. I heard from Ho-jun. You took down both the first and second gate’s bosses.”

“Spreading all sorts of stories, huh?”

“What do you mean? I’m still pissed when I think about it. I heard about your identity through Ho-jun. Even if it’s understandable for Myunghoon, I should be more recognized than that bear-like guy.”

“That’s why you guys growl at each other whenever you meet.”

Chang-hwan flicked his lips as he got to his feet.

“The wyverns are starting to gather around us. Can I trust you with my back?”

“Of course.”

At his words, Chang-hwan nodded.


In an instant, Namgung had disappeared.


An incredible speed that couldn’t be followed by the naked eye.

Chang-hwan couldn’t help but gasp as he witnessed this sight he had only heard of in stories.


Namgung kicked the severed leg of the golem with all his might.



The leg of the creature flew off and stuck in a face.

Not missing the opportunity, Namgung increased his speed and dove straight into the golem’s embrace.


Wyverns flying overhead swooped down towards Namgung.

But Namgung focused solely on the golem.


As if knowing this, Chang-hwan’s gun spit fire.

Boom!! Crackle!!!

Namgung didn’t look back as he charged at the golem, and wyverns began to fall lifelessly from the sky, crashing to the ground.


Namgung glanced at his watch.

‘Maybe I’ve afforded myself too much time.’

With just over an hour left before the serpent is summoned in the red zone, the unexpected arrival of Chang-hwan had Namgung contemplating speeding up the battle.


Just then, the golem’s fist came crashing down towards Namgung’s head.


Chang-hwan, watching through his scope, inadvertently cried out.

But astonishingly, the place where the golem’s fist had fallen was devoid of Namgung.

Confounded by what seemed like an illusion, he was at a loss.

Tap tap tap!!

The sound of light footsteps came from the golem’s arm.


Namgung’s ethereal figure, which had scattered like smoke, was now atop the golem’s arm.


In a flash, the golem’s eyes glowed.

“Get down!!”

Namgung yelled, and Chang-hwan hurriedly ducked behind some broken concrete debris.


A sharp shockwave erupted from the golem’s mouth, tearing apart nearby container boxes as if they were mere pieces of paper and scattering them in all directions.


Blood splattered from Chang-hwan’s mouth.


Wiping his mouth while feeling a heavy pain, he looked down at his thigh to see a broken rebar protruding through it.


Staggering to his feet, he exhaled heavily while dragging his numb leg, and lifted his gun barrel once more.


The gun spat flames, unfaltering like his will to fight.

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