The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 80

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 80: “Damn it all…! Son of a… I knew it; if I leave that bastard alone, he goes too far! Way too far!”

Kim Chang-hwan cursed at Namgung, who pushed him towards the Iron Golem, and started running through the port with all his might.

‘Damn it, first I need to find somewhere to hide…!’

Swearing wasn’t going to make the pursuing Iron Golem disappear, and Chang-hwan swiftly scanned the area.

Lucky, or maybe not so much.

Thanks to the eyes of the owl, he could see a small crevice at a distance clearly visible to him.


While sprinting at full speed, Chang-hwan twisted his body and slid into an area piled with container boxes.


He pulled the pin of a smoke grenade and threw it behind him.


White smoke filled the spaces between the container boxes, and the Iron Golem, losing its target, hesitated for a moment.

Bang! Bang-Bang—!!!

At that moment, the sound of bullets ricocheting off metal resounded.

“This tough bastard… Even armor-piercing bullets developed for tanks can’t take it down?”

Chang-hwan wasn’t in a position to complain, but the golem’s resilience was simply beyond competition.


The golem tracked the trajectory of the bullets and started moving through the smoke towards the source.

That’s when it happened.


As came through the smoke, Ast’s axe struck the Iron Golem right in the forehead.


The golem’s body reeled from the impact.


Simultaneously, three soul warriors began to thrust their swords into the golem’s limbs repeatedly.


Despite the flurry of attacks, the golem, seemingly indifferent to the soul warriors, kept walking towards Chang-hwan, its initial target.

“Ah, brother! Please do something about that thing!!!”

Chang-hwan shouted into the air while watching the golem approaching him.

But there was no sight of Namgung.


As the shadow loomed over him, Chang-hwan screamed in terror and covered his face with his arms.

Crash! Bang! Crackle!!!

But at that moment, a red light lit up on the controller he was holding.

At the same time, the ground under the Iron Golem exploded, creating a large pit.

Kuong…! Ku-gung!!!

The Iron Golem, caught by the pit, lost its balance and tumbled forward.

“Ha, haha! Not a big deal after all, you big slowpoke!”

As if nothing had happened, Chang-hwan tossed the controller aside and shouted.

Bang! Bang! Bang-Bang!!

In an instant, he climbed a ladder on the container boxes and pulled a pistol from his waistband, beginning to shoot at the golem.


However, the sparks that flew were barely effective.

The fallen golem was slowly starting to rise despite the few hits.


Click…! Clack-clack-clack…!!

Chang-hwan threw the useless pistol away, took a deep breath, and started running again.

[Wow… Not even affected by a rune, but a human can fight this much? The potential of humans is impressive.]

Kyu-ryu applauded as he watched Chang-hwan, who had broken out of the container maze and was now racing towards the docks.

“Why are you here?”

Namgung suddenly emerged from the smoke.

[Why? When one of my clan’s contractors participates in the Carnival, of course, I should come to watch.]

“Are you actually any help?”

[Um… Moral support?]

Kyu-ryu grinned at Namgung, who was standing behind him.

[But are you sure this is alright? Isn’t that person in danger? From what I see, he hasn’t bought anything from the market, if he gets caught by the golem even once, it’s instant death.]

“Do you actually think he’s in danger? If so, you have a lot to learn.”

Namgung spoke as he watched Chang-hwan escaping.

“Among the remaining seven of Squad 711, excluding me, no one can beat Ho-Jun if it comes to personal combat.”

[That size? Well, even at a glance, a monster indeed…]

“The only one he couldn’t defeat was that guy.”

[Eh, really?]

Kyu-ryu seemed incredulous at Namgung’s statement.

“Combat isn’t just about strength.”


At that moment, Chang-hwan had reached the docks and jumped into the sea. The Iron Golem, having lost its target, hesitated for a moment when suddenly a shell fell onto its head.


The golem staggered more than ever due to the violent explosion and eventually collapsed.

[Fire the cannons!!!]

Boom—! Boom! Boooom—!!!

Guns of two Gwanggaeto the Great-class ships of Navy’s 1st Fleet began to roar.

One shell after another fell upon the toppled golem.

[Whoa… Crazy! There’s someone there!]

Kyu-ryu exclaimed in disbelief at the sight of the partially destroyed dock.


But then, a speedboat burst through the crumbling dock and started speeding towards the strait.


Two Super Lynx helicopters from the ships fired their machine guns at the golem.

Chang-hwan had already left the speedboat and was climbing the helicopter ladder, making his escape from the dock.

[Wow… When did you hide a boat?]

“A plan was set in place as soon as the battle location was determined. He wouldn’t fight on a stage he didn’t craft himself.”

Namgung reflected on how exceptional not only his sniping skills were but more significantly, his tactical acumen—creating a situation you cannot lose.

Namgung didn’t simply use Chang-hwan as bait. He wanted to see Chang-hwan’s plan on fighting the golem.


As ship bombardments ceased, the cratered dock floor began to crack under the golem’s weight.

Crunch… Crackle…! Booooom!!!

Eventually, the dock collapsed, and the golem, lying there, fell into the sea.


The golem was heavy, and once it hit the water, it thrashed wildly before starting to sink.


With Chang-hwan’s cue, torpedoes were launched from the ships.

Bang! Booom!!!


A powerful explosion occurred beneath the water surface, and black oily substances—like the golem’s blood—began to surface.

[Darn… He really knows how to fight.]

Kyu-ryu couldn’t help but admire the smoothly interlocking series of attacks.

[Honestly, I thought humanity would perish when the third gate opened…]

As he said that, Kyu-ryu glanced at Namgung.

[No. That’s not what I meant. I also believed in the potential of humans.]

Kyu-ryu hastily corrected himself as Namgung smirked wryly.

“Just put away your armor skill. Don’t be nervous. Honestly, I thought the same.”


‘In fact, it was worse. When the red zone opened and four gates simultaneously appeared as attention diverted…’

It was like hell on earth.

Of course, the future had changed due to his influence, and the powers of various nations hadn’t suffered as they did in his past life. However, the way they drove the Iron Golem to its limits couldn’t be credited solely to their survival.

‘The shift of momentum.’

Namgung recalled the Master Sergeant who led them just moments ago. In the past, the man would’ve lost his will to fight and tried to flee.

But now, he overcame the fear of death and even fought alongside Namgung.

‘Yet they are helpless.’

Since the Carnival began, people like So-min and Kyung-in awoke their potentials, but the majority couldn’t awaken special abilities.

They had to become stronger through runes or gear purchased with heads from hunting magical creatures.

However, an inevitable gap would form between those who awakened their potentials and those who did not.

Those who fell behind were treated as nothing and, in turn, would lose even the opportunity to hunt, widening the gap further.

Eventually, as time passed, they would lose the very will to fight.

‘Only a very few awaken their potential.’

If many battles lie ahead, perhaps it’s not the few with powers but the ordinary people who need to be led.

‘A leader as an ordinary human.’

Namgung considered assigning this role to Myeong-hoon.

However, if his memories served right, given time, even Myeong-hoon would awaken his potential.

‘Myeong-hoon as the leader of Armored Guards may be better suited to lead those with awakened powers.’

Then what about…

He thought of Chang-hwan.

Maybe due to his twisted personality, Chang-hwan showed no interest in the rewards of the other world, such as runes.

He was bound to fight in his true nature.

‘A slight change of plan may be necessary.’

In an ordinary world, Kim Chang-hwan might be the one with the most perverse abilities, but in this world full of supernatural occurrences, ironically, his ability might be the most human.

“Kim Chang-hwan, a madman for a leader… This will be interesting.”

A mischievous smile crossed his face.

“So. What about Mu-hwi’s response? You came here for that, right?”

Namgung asked Kyu-ryu.

Before leaving the Yacha clan, he had asked the clan member for something as a contractor.

It wasn’t a decision to be rushed, so even Mu-hwi, with his hearty nature, asked for time.

[He said to proceed. But are you sure about this? As a clan’s proxy contractor, you only have three chances to receive benefits before the Carnival ends.]

One of those chances was used up upon becoming a contractor.

For So-min, it was the 【World Tree Staff】, and for Namgung, it was the 【Mu-Ah Mirror】.

[There’s still much of the Carnival left. Are you sure you want to use one of your remaining two chances now?]


Namgung slowly pulled out his sword as he exhaled deeply.

“Chances are useless if you’re not alive to use them. Dead, they’re worth nothing.”

[I expected as much from you.]


At that moment, a column of water rose up as if a pillar was emerging, and the seawater that soared with it scattered back onto the dock.

Thump…! Thump…!!

The Iron Golem, which had collapsed from the ship’s shelling, slowly rose to its feet.

[How is this possible…?]

[What’s happening?]

The helmsman and soldiers in the ship’s wheelhouse were astonished by the sight of the unscathed golem.

Tsshh…! Ssh…

The golem began to stride across the sea towards the coast where the ships were.

“Evacuate to the docks! It’s after me. Lure it so the ships can maneuver!”

Chang-hwan’s shout directed the helicopter back towards the docks.

“Damn that monster…”

Jumping from the helicopter, he breathed raggedly and started running once again.

“What now? Even the cannons don’t work… We need more firepower… Damn!! Isn’t there anything?!”


The golem, having reached the dock, took a massive step towards Chang-hwan.

Immediately, a shadow loomed over him.

“Damn it!!!”

Running over the broken dock, Chang-hwan cursed loudly.


That’s when it happened.


A giant gash appeared across the golem’s waist and, as if an explosion had occurred inside it, its armor visibly shuddered.



“There is stronger firepower.”

The chilling sound of a blade slicing through the air was heard, and astonishingly, the leg of the golem that had stood the test of bombardment and aimed to crush Chang-hwan was cleanly severed.


Namgung reached out his hand towards Chang-hwan.

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