The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 8

**Episode 8**

▶ Remaining Heads: 20,020

‘Did it increase by about 20?’

He compared the remaining heads while recalling that he had killed five goblins.

‘The rest must have been caught by the soul soldiers. Even if I don’t get credit for their achievements, it seems that the heads I hunt are being accumulated.’

Indeed, the fact that one could collect heads while ensuring the safety of their life was an incredible benefit.

“Brother!! Look over there!!”

That’s when it happened.

Boom-! Boom-! Booom–!!

An uproarious noise accompanied by tremors, as if an earthquake had struck, resounded.

Around the cenotaph in the center, past the Heroes’ Memorial Gate, massive monsters that one would hesitate to simply call goblins were loitering around as if searching for prey.

“Goblin warriors…”

They were almost one and a half times the size of an adult male.

Their bulk would not be out of place even compared to orcs from the second Hellgate.

“You don’t mean we have to fight those, do you?”

Myunghoon’s voice carried tension as he watched the three warriors roam around the plaza.

“We’re not going after those.”

“That’s a relief…”

“But we do have to take those down.”


At Namgoong’s words, Myunghoon let out a resigned sigh.

“See that one in the back?”

“The one wearing a robe?”

“Yes. That’s a Goblin Lord.”

“Such a small creature?”

Despite being insignificant in size compared to the warrior, to the point where it seemed even smaller than the ordinary goblins they had faced before, Myunghoon appeared slightly less tense.

“The bastard uses magic. It’s not an easy opponent. There’s a reason those much larger warriors follow him.”

“Of course… but what now? There’s no way we can face all those massive things…”

“Don’t worry too much. Those warriors will scatter soon.”

“They will? How so?”

“Yes. They are going to construct a stronghold here. They’ll leave to gather materials.”

“A stronghold…”

“This place is essentially a goblin stronghold. It might be called a stronghold, but it’s more like a tower. A tower created for goblins to offer tribute to their Lord.”

“Wow, they really go all out. Do they build a stronghold to stack treasures or something?”

“There are treasures, yes. And corpses as well.”


Myunghoon tightened his grip on his sword.

“Desecrating the Heroes’ Cenotaph… Damned bastards.”

“Half the people who came here have been killed by them. Those who are alive also fall prey to them, those already dead mean nothing to these creatures.”

Namgoong continued with a story that tested Myunghoon’s patience.

“We shall not leave them be.”

He knew well, after all, that Myunghoon was different from the others.

A sense of justice.

That was what fueled his fighting spirit.

‘Right. That’s the way. You were even recognized by Alek Tramanzo, the Sword Saint known as the Star of the Eight Martial Saints.’

Owner of the Star Sword, and the Revelator of the Sun and the Moon.

He was the strongest of the Eight Martial Saints and the most praised as the world’s savior.

The first to request assistance when the fifteenth Hellgate opened was none other than Myunghoon, leading the Armed Guardians.

‘Alek Tramanzo wanted to take Myunghoon as his disciple.’

Although he had refused, this alone was enough to gauge Myunghoon’s talent.

“When they start building the stronghold, warriors will begin destroying nearby buildings to move materials.”

Namgoong pointed to the central goblin warrior, explaining.

“We need to deal with that one quickly and then head straight for the Goblin Lord. We are at a disadvantage in terms of power. A quick and decisive action is crucial.”


“Even if the other two warriors come for us, don’t pay them any mind and focus on taking down the Lord. I’ll block the rest.”


As if responding to his command, the soul soldiers behind nodded in unison.

“I know it’s not the right time to say this, but no matter how I look at it, it’s amazing.”

Myunghoon commented while glancing at the soldiers surrounding them.

“There’s plenty more to be surprised about.”

“…It seems so.”

“Get ready.”

“This reminds me of when I went on deployment with the captain. I thought I hated the battlefield so I gave up… but that seems better than having to fight these monsters.”

Myunghoon chuckled bitterly.

“How about Soomin? Is she alright?”

He looked at the child strapped to Namgoong’s back, who appeared deeply asleep despite the commotion, likely affected by Namgoong’s intervention.

“She will be fine.”

Namgoong set his daughter down carefully against the wall. One of the three soul soldiers stood guard by her side.

“I warned her, but… better than panicking and causing an accident. It’s better she adapts slowly.”


“Let’s move.”

Once the warriors dispersed each to their own direction, the two of them stealthily charged through the plaza.


Perhaps it was thanks to their successful goblin hunt.

Myunghoon gave chase, surprisingly keeping up with Namgoong.

Whoosh! Boommmm……!!

Namgoong hurled his blade with all his might.



The thrown blade lodged itself into the warrior’s thigh in a flash.



In the instant the warrior staggered due to the unexpected attack, Myunghoon leapt out from behind Namgoong, brandishing his beheading sword sideways.


It was a forceful strike aimed at cutting the warrior’s waist in one stroke, but Myunghoon’s blade was intercepted by the warrior’s giant sword as it staggered.


He bared down with all his might but wasn’t able to cut through the thick blade.

[Kyak! Kyakkyak!!]

The warrior roared in response to blocking Myunghoon’s blade.

[ΩϪφχ!!! φγ……!!]

As the goblin lord standing behind yelled in an unknown language, the warriors, which had scattered, began to regroup again.

“Block them.”

At Namgoong’s command, the soul soldiers spread out to cover either side, engaging the rest of the warriors.

Though the soul soldiers were holding their own against the goblin warriors, it was tough due to their lower growth. Time was not on their side.


The goblin lord raised its staff overhead.


Namgoong seized the moment, hoisting the fallen goblin warrior’s sword and hurling it upwards.



The lord’s lightning, set to strike the duo, deviated its course to hit the thrown sword instead.


The blade, now scorched black, thudded to the ground as if signaling the next move, Myunghoon pivoted and surged towards the lord.


His beheading sword sliced through the air.

[Kak! Kagak!!]

The goblin lord made a strange noise, witnessing its head about to be severed by the descending blade.


The blade, just above the lord’s head, was repelled as if hitting something solid.


Thrown off by the sudden recoil, Myunghoon’s blade flew upwards, and his waist folded in.

[Krik! Kirik!!]

The lord shrugged its shoulder, almost mocking Myunghoon.

“What the—?”

His sword dropped, and as he stumbled back several meters, Myunghoon scowled at the lord.

Around the lord shimmered a hemispherical barrier, sparkling in the light.

A shield.

Although its surface appeared rough and the sphere imperfect, the magic was strong enough to rival any second-rank Magic-grade shield—strong enough to be considered nearly unbreakable in the current state following the opening of the first Hellgate.

“… How do we break that?”

Rubbing his sore wrist, Myunghoon retrieved his sword from the ground.

“There’s a way. Just need to exceed the shield’s power and smash through.”

“…With what strength?”

His full-force blow hadn’t even made a scratch. He couldn’t imagine what he could do next.

“You’re holding it right now.”

Namgoong told him.


Myunghoon gestured with the sword in his hand, puzzled. While discernibly a powerful weapon, could it truly deliver a stronger blow than his previous strike?

“Your current strength is lacking. You haven’t acquired a profession, nor have you received any blessings or special privileges.”

“So then…?”

“You leave it to the sword itself.”

“What do you mean…?”

Myunghoon didn’t grasp what he meant.

“Cursed items usually bond with a soul.”

Namgoong placed a hand on his back.

“Whatever happens, do not let go of the sword.”

That moment, the dark red blood clotted on the sword’s edge turned a vivid crimson.

▶ Soul’s Eye Lv2 is activated.


Myunghoon was taken aback.

His vision flipped, and within the enveloping darkness, only the sword’s blood gleamed clearly.


Satisfy the beheading swordsman’s soul craving for blood.


Accompanied by a fierce gust, the soul delved into Myunghoon’s body.


Flaming with heat as if molten metal were poured into his veins, Myunghoon screamed unwittingly.


Catapulted forward, he struck the Goblin Lord’s shield with his sword.


With a deafening blast, the shield shattered, and with a sound akin to a beheading, the lord’s body tumbled to the ground.

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